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Dears I am trying to do calibre extraction for inverter but i am facing this problem ERROR: Could not find cell mapping for device nch. Ignoring instance M0. ERROR: Could not find cell mapping for device pch. Ignoring instance M1. However the LVS passed successfully, could you please help me in that. I am using TSMC65n
I'd need more details to recommend the best way (see the section "Best Way to Resize Designs" in the xrc_user manual) but you could try adding "layout USE DATABASE PRECISION YES" to the SVRF rule file. (That is supposed to be the default for xRC and xL if it isn't specified in the rule file. It is possible the foundry has reasons for wanting you t
Hi guys, When we do the extraction using Calibre the file generated has "*.pex" extension. I have been reading some manuals for post layout simulation and all they say is to use ".spf/dspf". My question is what "*.dspf" or "*.spf" is? How can I extract it using Caliber? Can somebody please elaborate more about this and tell me if there is
Hi everybody; I am somehow new to ADS 2015.01 and I need some guidance; 1) Do I need a technology file (design kit) for ADS 2015.01 in order to start an RF LC-VCO design? 2)How can I get RF 0.18um CMOS design kit for ADS 2015.01? 3)Is ADS 2015.01 capable of layout and post layout simulation? 4)What is the difference between MOSFET models in A
Can I edit in the Synthesised RTL (got from Design Compiler) in cadence virtuoso ? adding some new cells/pins manually and then go to encounter for P&R ? Another question, Can I simulate an imported layout in cadence virtuoso without schematic (netlist) ?
I have a designed a layout in SoC encounter based on NangateOpenCellLibrary 45nm. I want to modify the minimum spacing between only two wires of Metal4 to be from 0.14um to 0.07um, so I modified the minimum spacing of Metal 4 layer in LEF tech. file of the used library. If I want to do RC extraction after this modification, should I also modify min
Hello, When designing a layout in SoC encounter, can the presence or absence of power stripes affect the timing delay of the circuit ?
Hello, I have a layout design in SoC encounter to which I want to add manually some extra wires to the layout (these are EXTRA and don't have anything to do with the design netlist) and modify the gap between another some wires (to measure coupling capacitance and crosstalk effects between wires). I'm using NanGate 45nm Open Cell Library.
How can I make an inductor in cadence layout and simulate it ??? Do you have any guides ? 1) I know how to make inductor but I dont know how to simulate. 2) I am not talking about inductors in library. I want to make my own inductor. Thank you.
You might need to do some extra work such as adding whatever recognition / special layers the foundry PDK uses to drive recognition & param extraction of drawn inductors. These would be absent from an externally sourced layout since that's all "housekeeping" inside the Cadence setup. I'd begin with making an intra-Cadence spiral inductor (...)
This is a standard DSPF (Detailed Standard Parasitic Format) file format. It is usually generated by extraction tools (StarRC, QRC, Calibre PEX, F3D, etc.), and contains parasitic elements (R, C, L. K,...) and design elements/instances (transistors, capacitors, etc.) along with their layout-dependent parameters. DSPF (also sometimes called SPF) fi
RCbest, RCworst, Cbest, Cmin... corner analyses use the corresponding values from possible process variations. Together with min. and max. supply voltage and temperature you can use these values to analyze the PVT limits of your circuit behavior before layout (pre-layout simulations). Post-layout extraction will addi
Hi I am doing a post-layout extraction and i have noticed my GBW drops significantly from 200kHz to 100kHz due to large amount of parasitic caps coming from my >2k distributed poly resistor segments. I partially chop my error amplifier (structure: nmos input pair, folded cascode and miller-compensated 2nd stage). I only chop the current sou
Hello, I am having trouble running QRC. I am currently using Cadence Virtuoso 6.1.6 with FreePDK3D45. I am trying to do the extraction from the layout. I got the following error: *Error* eval: undefined function - _vfoIsAdvancedNodeEnabled *WARNING* Technology must be specified! ERROR (LBRCXM-644): Bad return status from RCX script gener
Make a trivial schematic with at least one pin and one wire. There's your metal schematic. Put the same pin name on your 1-square layout. See if you can get the analog extraction to complete with such a trivial case, you may need to work with pruning of useless nets and so on. Or, make a slightly more real layout & schematic with (...)
Hi, I am using clibre for pex. I want to avoid double extraction of rf models e.g. nfet_rf I have declared xcell file as follows: nfet_rf* nfet_rf The problem is when I use Outputs>Get net names from schematic, this does not work and double extraction happens. When I use get names from layout, it works but my cellmap gives me (...)
I think inductance will come in picture when metal winding is more , meance round shape metal for ex. M1 to M5. In layout will draw metal as straight for routing purpose, there inductance is negligible.
I'm a rtl engineer. I'm confused between the difference of sdf and spf back annotation. As I know sdf came from STA( PT) and SPF came from STAR-RC. So In my experiance, the sdf used to timing close the netlist without RC elements. then this netlist to send a PNR team. After extraction RC elements in layout team by starRC. Then finally we once again
Going by the name RCmin : means minimum C and corresponding R. Once you set Cmin extraction the tool gets the corresponding data for R. You can also have extraction RmaxC where R is maximum and the corresponding R. This is coded up in the tech files provided by the foundry. The spf numbers are dependant on the layout, metal width and cap (...)
Hi everyone, I am new on this forum and relatively new on analog design. I finished layout design of my low-voltage current mirror (100:1). I used 2D common centroid for better matching. After extraction spectre gave me Vth=335mV (346mV in schematic) for my unity MOSFET TN3. Everything else is same. What is mechanism behind this lowering?
I have drawn the layout checked DRC and LVS while extracting the layout the reisitors are not getting extracted pls help this is the error showing in cadence viruoso Delete psf data in /root/simulation/PMOSTEST/spectre/schematic/psf. generate netlist... Begin Incremental Netlisting Jul 6 05:33:48 2015 WARNING (OSSHNL-160): Th
I have designed a capacitor using Tanner L-Edit v13. There is only one type of poly in the library. I designed it using poly and poly_cap. But after the extraction, i got zero capacitance. How to get the capacitance value? here is the extraction result 117516
In your virtuoso go to the FILE>Export> and ther you can see LEF by using this you can extract the LEF file of the layout done.The LEF file contains usually the layers and coordinates of the layout drawn.
Hi all, In the post layout extraction ( pex extraction ), if there's any problem occurs in pex means, we need to vary ( increase or decrease the resistance & capacitance ) in some signal lines.. I think we can reduce the resistance by using an higher metal instead of using metal 1 or 2.. Likewise, I need to know that " How to (...)
It should be a n-well ring connected to the deep n-well, not just a single contact as in your layout. In Cadence, I remember there is a switch in the parameter file to turn on the extraction of the well diode, you don't need to add the diodes on your schematics if the switch is not on (default setting off).
They made me quit using Diva a few years before I left my last straight job, but I believe there was in the LVS forms somewhere, a place to forcibly join nets by name. But if you can't pass LVS, to me it means that your schematic does not express the reality of layout, and it should. If you intend the vssa! and vssd! to be distinct all the way o
Hi I have an old tdb file(cub.tdb) to create layout from tpr in Tanner Ledit. I made layout with this library but I don't have it's extraction file to extract spice netlist. If you have this file or you know a website to download it,please introduce it. Thanks
Hi I want to extract spice netlist from layout with L-edit.the layout is made from a tpr file.but when I try to extract spice netlist, I receive following error: --------------- ERROR: Incorrect connection definition syntax on line 12 in file: MHP_N05.EXT Layer "n well wire" does not exist. *Comments are included in the line number count.
Hi Everyone, I am designing an NCO using Tanner EDA. After simulating & verifying the design in S-Edit, i have generated the TPR file and completed the SPR also. is it possible to do post layout simulation after SPR. if so, kindly give me the steps regarding the same... with thanx, u&me
Hello, I am facing a problem while doing a post layout simulation of a simple inverter chain.I ran a transient analysis on current through voltage supply node(minus terminal) with an intention to know the current flowing through the circuit at different instant of time. Below is my Test Bench circuit. 110156 Unf
Hi all, The problem described in this post is about work in Cadence tools (Virtuoso, Spectre, Assura and QRC). I am facing a problem when trying to extract the substrate parasitics (substrate only!) with QRC from a layout, the technology being used is Cadence gpdk090. The system is a simple inverter, and I am able to do all the steps up to
Hi, I want to extract the parasitics of high frequency PCB. Can you tell any software which can be used for this purpose. regards
Hello colleagues We are a small startup company needing an EDA environment to design an RFIC at 10 GHz on an RFCMOS process. The toolset we need is: Schematic capture, layout editor, parasitic extraction, LCS and DRC. We have Agilent ADS and would like to use it as the simulation engine. Momentum EM extraction support would be nice (...)
Hello, I have been trying to characterise some IDCs using HFSS, but I haven't got any luck confirming my results, in a way that I don't understand which is the correct way to extract the capacitance. What I have been doing is to draw a layout mentioned on a paper with the dimension and circuit expression as follow, and they calculated the ser
Hi just make layout and perform extraction operations with assura or calibre :) Or, perhaps you have RFmos in your technology library and, in that case all parasitic capacitances of mos already included in model.
Extract comes before LVS, it's how LVS gets layout data (connectivity) to chew on. Now, getting to the analog_extracted view with parasitics, that probably needs clean LVS to get the pcapacitors on the right nets and so on.
1-Some EM simulators ( Sonnet, ADS,MWOffice) can supply "socket" for Cadence ADE to able to simulate the layouts.All you need to install a proper simulator which can work under Cadence Design Environment.After extraction of active parts, you can use these simulators to get Passive Microwave Response of the layout. 2-For RFIC circuits, (...)
Depending on modeling philosophy (and particularly important to things like RF switches and CMOS PA antenna-matching) the metallization - gate poly fringing capacitance may be separately, specially treated (de-lumped from the gate-source, gate- drain silicon-thinOx-gatePoly plate and fringe) in the layout parasitic extraction and the SPICE / Spectr
I have the skill file for the layout of a simple inverter chain. Do anybody have any idea how to do the DRC, LVS checks for the layout and thereby do the extraction followed by post layout simulation to get the AC response through a script?? There are ways to get the ac responses for schematics from OCEAN scripts. So is it (...)
As I don't know the junction depth of these diodes, I just can advice to don't take a deeply lying diode like, probably, dio_dnwpsub, if your photodiode should also detect blue light. Drawing its correspondent layout shouldn't be too difficult, and if your extraction rule set is fine, also the LVS should run without problems
I can't give you any reference, the process documents should be your reference (other than layout textbooks), but maybe I can help you with how extraction works. First of all, DRC doesn't care about layout dependent effects. It just checks that if everything is allright according to the rules defined in documents. So it doesn't care about (...)
Hi, I added a new device to a TSMC extraction rule which actually copied and modified from other existed device. I found my layout and schematic can be correctly netlisted. My problem is the LVS report showed the device in layout can't be found in "Filtered" and "Reduced" statistics. Problem is fixed. Thanks!
Are all fingers supposed to be conducting current uniformly? The layout shown seems to be incomplete - I assume that RED is metal1 - then where is metal2, via1, etc? For example, if only that finger (with high current) is connected by via1 to metal2 - that would explain your problem (assuming that parasitic R extraction is done properly). Very of
In extracted layout select the transistor corresponding to MP3 and see its properties ("q" in Cādence tools). So you should be able to print its drain current.
when using starRC do extraction, I found that the port location presents after *|I (M2 ...) are not match the port on the layout, what is a possible issue caused this ? Is there some setting i need to set ? many thnaks
when using starRC do extraction, I found that the port location presents after *|I (M2 ...) are not match the port on the layout, what is a possible issue caused this ? Is there some setting i need to set ? many thnaks
Hi everybody, I'm trying to simulate the effects of my layout routing from the pads to the core of a mixed-signal ASIC. My idea was to hierarchical extract the whole layout and then simulate the connection parasitics with the subcells at schematic/functional level to make the process faster. (For some reasons the pads are few millimeters aw
Can any one of you tell how to extract RC parameter after designing the layout to check the post layout simulation in virtuoso editor
With which software you made your layout. Maybe this software has the option of parasitic extraction?
Hi all, What is the full form of LAFF? LEF_>layout extraction Format What is the difference between them?

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