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Whats your budget for designing and building a PCB? they are not cheap (?1000s or ?10000s to get the layout and manufacture done on a single board), plus the licence costs for the expensive tools. I would stick with FPGA design.
hi I want to learn and design professional High Speed PCB Boards for FPGA etc. I have a work experience on Orcad 16 layout 16 and have designed RF Power Amplifier PCB's up-to 2GHz using ADS. What are the leaning steps involved and which tool is required (Altium, PCB Editor etc)? Do i need to follow any book on Signal Integrity? Regards
Greetings, I'm new to this forum but already find it a wealth of knowledge. I'm teaching myself Capture Orcad with the free demo version, Lite. I'm working thru the Mitzner book and in the example laying out a simple op amp circuit, with a 6 pin connector, I cannot place the conn6. The error I get is "Pin numbers do not match between s
Hey ppl, I have started learning SKILL by my self and I have three questions regarding my project. I converted symbol in to schematic (layout XL: connectivity->Generate->copy all from source). The layout has instance of pcell which is nfet without nwell. I wanted to place nwell somwhere near this instance, create pin for the nwell and (...)
Hi, I'm in the middle of a steep learning curve with Designer 8.0 and need some clarifications. Im trying to simulate a power amplifier input match network that contains lumped elements and copper. I want to simulate the copper with the 2D+ EM simlulator and attach the lumped components accordingly - except I can not figure out the types of po
The memory locations are apparently assigned in the linker script (or whatever defines the memory layout) and can't be used at will.
hi , thanks for the reply . I hav tool installed. but for pre layout and post layout which one is used and any help doc pls thanks
Hello, What is the hardest types of PCB to lay out in the world of PCB design? (not including microwave type circuits) As far as I know, one of the hardest things to "program" the PCB layout package to do is to handle multiple differential pair routes. Is this true? From a physics viewpoint, routing a differential pair obviously requires on
Hell all, I have a problem regarding PADS PCB. I am running PADS v9.0 in Windows 7 with Win XP compatibility mode enabled. I have recently installed PADS for developing PCB. Before I used Eagle for that, so I am totally new to PADs and learning to use PADS. There is no any problem running PADS logic and layout by running in compati
Hi, Here is my question of a analog comparator with its input differential pair of different single width but of the same total width (different fingers). And there is no symmetry of the differential pair on the layout. so why does it happen? I am learning this circuit from an experienced designer. Please anyone be kind to help to give me a h
I'm learning how to make an inverter, and need help figuring out what is normal and what is not, and fixing the latter. The basic layout is - make 320V from 12V, using a high frequency, small size ferrite transformer, rectify the 320V, turn them into AC with a full bridge. It splits nicely into two parts, and i want to debug them separately.
At lower nodes below 32nm, the traditional layout schemes provided in Neil West or Rabaey textbooks are no longer valid and are outdated. The most recent technology nodes use a regular SRAM layout since lithography limitations at sub 45nm nodes. I found an interesting picture online which gives both, the layout as well as the corresponding (...)
hello! I am trying to test the following scripts "basiclayout.tcl" set L set my_cell $L create cell $my_cell $L create layer [set layer1 set first_coord 2 set last_coord set coords $L create polygon $my_cell $layer1 $coords $L
I have moved this to a more appropriate forum. You need to say what PCB package this is for. Even so, with PCB layout you need to get used to creating your own symbols and footprints - you will not be able to avoid learning how to do it. Keith
I created the schematic in orcad and i want to move to the layout. Is anyone with information/tutorials how to move from schematic to layout ????
for ls-alarm also, for small projects is useful "Sprint-layout 5.0" software.
Hi guys, could u please clarify my droughts i am in learning stage now. why decoder is in big size ?? what is pitch matching in Memory ? and what are the portions available in decoder??? what is critical thing in decoder while drawing the layout ?? why decoder will not align with bitcell( i mean decoder size is big when we do pitch matching)
IC Mask Design: Essential layout Techniques
Hi All, Can anybody tell me good websites to learn digital ic layout from the begining. I want to learn on my own. Any help/guidence is really appreciated. -novice
Hi, There are free tools for Analog layout Design. They are MicroWind and Magic. These tools come with the document "how to draw a inverter". Rgds, JK
Can anybody tell me how to make the layout of an inductor in nano henry range? What are the initial design considerations while designing the layout of the inductor? Which all free softwares are available for the layout designing??? Is magic ok for inductor layout design? Thanks in advance
Hi I learning cadence SiP layout and i want create SiP in QFN, how i can do it?
Hi All, I am an analog layout designer (Beginner) and want to built my career in the field of Analog Design. It will be helpful if anyone tell me how to start and what should be the step-by-step procedure to make myself comfortable with the design issues. Thanks in Advance Sorabh
can anybody help me with the learning of the design of coms image sensor? Escpeically simulation and layout. I'm do researching on this, I have done a lot of paper reading,but when thing come to design a test chip,I find I'm still a beginner... so Is there any SIMPLE EXAMPLE of the FULL design/layout? A good example makes everything clear (...)
Hi everybody! I am learning to use Synopsys HSPICE. I would like to do a transient analysis on a circuit including the parasitic data contained in a .spef file. I have read on the user guide about the possibility of invoking the post-layout back-annotation with the options BA_FILE, BA_TERMINAL, etc. In the guide there are no examples and I did n
I think you are trying to place 'free' tracks which are off grid. That is really not the best way to use Eagle, or any PCB packages. You would be better learning Eagle through the tutorials first. Then you would have a schematic with connections which will show up as a rats nest on the layout, Eagle will then automatically finish off the wires if t
Hi everyone, I just started learning layout.And I came across these jargons like metal layer tapeout and base layer tape out.I understand about the metal layer where we do interconnections among different cells.But what does base layer mean?And when taping out a chip which layer is taped out first,is there a priority? Please help me in knowin
learning curve for Allegro will be shortened/lengthened based on the following: 1. Do you have practical experience using other layout tools? If so it should not be to difficult to pick up Allegro. You could even setup your .env file to mimic the shortcuts and keystrokes of familiar tool. 2. If not, you should do the tutorials and ask alot
what software do you use to design cmos image sensor? 1. I am learning cmos image sensor. and want to design a sensor, but I don't know what software is much easy to use. 2. the sensor have many pixels, so when layout , just copy a pixel and pasete to form the array, is this right? and the schematic also need draw many photodiode, so do the L
Does anyone have any good suggestions on reading material for learning the intricacies of modern high speed PCB design? I have experience with laying out relatively simple low speed boards but would like to learn the more advanced techniques for boards in the >50MHz range with tightly packed components.
have any bod made a layout or RF transformer or Balun (on chip) ??? please guide me I have done many transformers and baluns on silicon... How can I guide you ??? Please read some documents,papers,books,app.notes before directly asking your questions. The best learning method starts with some reading.. Doesn't
Hello all, I'm learning layout in Cadence Virtuoso with IBM CMOS9RF. Now, when I create an NFET using pcell and run DRC with Assura, then I get error report informing that, the CA vias are too close to the device edges, as shown in Fig1, attached herewith. I could neither increase the areas of the drain and source regions nor could I stretch the r
hi any reader know any ace tutorials for leaning Eagle PCB layout? I have just spent a few days creating a part in the library -but have forgotten how i did it. I am clicking away like somebody not right.
The new vlsi learning and development center is openend in bangalore on NOV 3rd 2008. This company manily concentrate on analog/mixed signal design and layout . Once the learning phase is completed, depending on the performance of the candidate ,they will be hired for the development works in the same company.We refer the remaining (...)
I am learning full customer analog/RF IC layout and was wondering if anyone has any TDB files to share that help understand better the intricacies (tips/tricks/rules_of_thumb/etc.) of analog IC design. Any technology, any circuit will do! Many thanks in advance.
I am now learning CADENCE and i want to design a simple "MIXED SIGNAL CIRCUIT". I have done only simple digital circuits using icfb. so please help me to give a simple mixed signal circuit and the step wise procedure to how to do the analysis. plz give any tutorial site where i can get the procedure, schematic and layout. plz help me plz.:|:D
Hello, I´m learning to use Circad but I don´t find a function that finds a component (by the name, description, etc...) in a PCB layout. I have been searching in the help files but I can´t find anything. Anybody knows something? Thanks for all!!
If you are looking to see examples how to use the tool and post layout simulation take a look at . There are many examples there.
I am new in this field ,so i am learning the ic5141 while doing the layout I am facing a problem with virtuoso XL it is giving me the error "pin/Label is on a net with different name" when i attach the substrate to the ground in simple invertor ckt
Hai madhumita, ur r new for ORCAD, U need help for which lib.s, for Schematic entries or layout Libs.
hello all respected members i m from india and i m indulging in layout designing for every types of remotes control and double sided pcb layout now i would like to design multylayer pcb i m using proteldxp is there any one who gives me some important tips for designing multylayer pcb . is there any book for learning multylayer pcb (...)
OrCAD layout > Help > learning layout... Do the tutorials - it will get you started. You'll have the answers to your questions.
An excellent step-by-step tutorials comes with OrCAD software itself Menu: Help -> learning Capture... and: Help -> learning layout.. There are also some OrCAD tutorials in this group: links and files sections. Links are public, for files you need to join the group.
Whats the best software for IC design/layout ? Thanks :)
Hello Friends, Basically I am into FPGA Design. I want to learn layouts of my own using Tanner's L_EDIT. I have no other tool available except L-EDIT. I have the PDFs for L-EDIT but I am not able to understand anything out of it.:cry: First I want to make the layouts of all basic gates. Please help me to understand the Tool Flow and how to st
An excellent step-by-step tutorials comes with OrCAD. Menu: Help -> learning Capture... and: Help -> learning layout.. There are also some OrCAD tutorials in this group: (links and files sections)
Hi, I am learning hyperlynx tools for si/EMI analysis.I have gone through the tutorial given with this package.I have also done few sample exercise given with this.Now i want to use this tool on some real life PCB layout file.If some body can provide me the PCB layout file or .hyp file of the PCB board along with the results for this (...)
Look for a book named: "Art of Analog layout" here on the board. BTW, it's "anybody" not "any bady" as you wrote above! Regards, Ahmad,
Where should I start learning PCB design? Any good references and books...or commnets, please. How about this book? Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and layout (By Kraig Mitzner) The reviews on this book are good. What do you think? I was first planning to buy this book, but what makes me hesitate buying this book is the review
Hey there... I am a second year EE student and I have always been interested in knowing FPGA,ASIC,HDl's....etc but I never had a chance to sit down and start learning them.Fortunately a design contest has been prepared for college students by a very well known company in EDA and I want to join this contest but I need to know what I should start