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Hi, Could anyone help to upload this great article ? "Partitioning and layout of a Mixed Signal PCB" from Printed Circuit Design Magazine, June 2001 Thank you :)
I am having trouble designing the layout of rat-race mixer(up-converter,IF= 2GHz). Has anyone worked on these kind of mixers.
Anyone has info on actual design and layout of classical DFF to be used in high perfromance PLL ? I'm mainly interested in actual layout tips ... if any. Thnx, nathan
Hi, 1. I am designing a LC VCO using TMSC 0.18 and I noticed there are no pads in the library. I need to submit the design for fabrication. I want to know is there any way I can do the layout of the pads and I will be thankful if there is any tutorial for doing layout of pads. 2. The minimum value of inductor I am using is 2.3nH in TSMC 0.18
I get a design of bandgap in 0.25um process, including schematic and layout. I want to use it in my design. But it is using 0.18 process. I have simulated the schematic in .18 process model. The performance is good. Can I ues the layout of .25 process to a .18 process design? I have finished the other parts of blocks in .18 process. Of course, I
Does any one have the schematics and PCB layout of a transistor tester Thanks
jason try to get your hands on"The art of Analod layou" by Allen Hastings or any layout book. They will explain very well about fingers, matching when to use and what to use depending on your application Added after 36 seconds: correction the book name is Art of analog layout
Hi All, I am doing the layout of 6T SRAM, In the books and as well as on the internet I am not able to find the circuit diagrams of 1. Row Decoder Circuit 2. Cloumn Decoder Circuit 3. WordLine driver Circiut I shall be great If some one can able to give me some hints or send me some links where I can find the circiut diagrams of the ab
hello i want pcb layout of the ckt n your comment on the efficiency n gain of this ckt
HI ALL I am designing a inverter driver to drive a 20-50pf capcitance. i use the cascade of inverter structure (each is two times than the last one). But the delay is too large to damage the timing. So is there other method to do this things? thanks! Added after 1 hours 16 minutes: no
Please be more explicit . What I understand from your post have a scan dff circuit and you want to make the layout for this ? Can you post a picture ? :)
can some one tell me about making the layout of tunnel diode which i have to use in my layout as a capacitor...
what are the precuations should i take during the layout of poly resistors and poly1-poly2 capacitors.
hello, can any one please answer what is the use of select layer in layout of ciruits? its urgent pls reply soon if any one knows. thanks in advance. Prasad
art of analog layout is a good reference for layout...
Take layout job, do a good job there and always be interested in design. When they see you do good layout, ask for some easy designs, then you can move up.
CAN someone give the information on pcb layout of radio frequency power amplifier tutorial, please. I am looking for the tutorial or application note that can help us on the flowing of return current when we design about medium power of rf amplifier at 800-1800Mhz. Thanks,
Hi all, In which case the layout of a resistor needs to be tapped. Thanks, bollu.
u can use @DS layout ,but u must have the design kit from the foundary many MMIC foundaries support @DS design kits for layout , DRC , Em simulation and device models khouly
Does anyone by anychance have the layout of a 3 stage comparator on L_edit. PLs send it to my email address or post it. Thanks This comparator consists of a Preamplification stage, Positive feedback(decision stage) and Postamplification stage.
Hey, Have u checked it in the layout.B,cos I feel with so less width u can't connect the contact for the out put with the diffusion b'cos the minimum contact width would be greater than that.And further only one contact is not also very reliable.If u really want o push equal rise and fall time u can try with the length of the NMOS little higher
The layout seems to be fine but add some vias under the case to connect ground of the SAW filter.Add at least 6-8 small vias under the package..( if you're using double or multiple layer PCB) In addition to, increase just a little bit the copper pour pattern around input and output pads to prevent the parallel capacitors which aren't wanted..
Hi all, I want to ask 2 question about layout of transistors 1- which is preferable in layout of transistor to increase number of fingers or to make multiplier from the transistor. 2- why there is a pplus layer in the PMOS and nplus in NMOS thanks for your help
you only can get IBIS format ADC model for pcb simulation, the model can be download from vendor's website. best regards Hello, I want to get models for simulation and PCB layout of ADC, how can i get them, and what is the best tool you suggest to simulate? (Rem. They're Discrete component i.e. ADC ready IC, i
Hi all, I design a LC VCO, I use spiral inductor in my design (in passiveLib ). But I only use its symbol in schematic, I cannot use its layout. Cadence show that it cannot calculate the maximun number of turn (if I use 'icfb' or 'icms'). If I start 'msfb', Cadence can calculate maximun number of but I cannot find the valid value for path w
Hi I'd like to know Principle of inverter( convert of frequency) from 3 phase to 1 phase. thanks
I have a pcb layout of protel, I would like to import it to momentum for EM calculation, how to do it?
Hello ashi, Try AWR Microwave Office it has good layout editor with tight integration to Circuit simulation / Schematic editor... It has good/ accurate models of surface mount components (Spice & sparameter files) of all the vendors Easy to model board parasitics Their are lot of tools which helps in quick RF PCB layout design such a
Kindly find this layout guidelines you can take some of them according to your case 1. CP Matching the current mirrors 2.Filter Common centroid layout for the Capacitors & resistors Use Resistors Dummies 3.VCO Keep it away from any nose source like Dividers and clock trees matching for the diff pair (if any) but not to use inter-digitized
how the layout of a micrprocessor is done?
some of the ieee papers intro the layout
What would be the best way to layout a complementary cross-coupled pair avoiding the crossing of metals and keeping the connections as short as possible...?? The layout of the transistor and circuit schematic is attached.. Regards
Hi All I need to do a layout for a mim capacitor in a TSMC process. Can anybody help me out with it. Please be specific about all the marker layers required for the layout. Also if possible, please provide with a snapshot of the layout of a mim cap. I have no idea how it looks as I have never done it before. Thanks for your help (...)
I want to layout the 8:1 pnp bipolar pair,and arrange them in 3X3 square,since all of the bipolars' collector and base are connnected to ground,I use metal 1 to connect them all,and I use metal 2 to connect the emitter of the outer 8 bipolar in a circle,also use metal2 to connect the central bipolar. I wonder whether I can use metal 1 in four di
hi i need to draw the layout of an LNA . plz guide me , where should i start ??? are there any good layout books?? deepak
Who has used SMIC 0.18um Mixed Signal process? And now, I use a high poly resistor(hrppro). The layout of this type resistor can not be extracted, and the LVS cannot be made.Because the nets about the two terminals of the resistor is short circuit.That is ,the risitor volume is zero. But it is what happened it is?Who can help me?thank
Hi, Have you any E-book help me for design and layout of up-down counter .
Can anyone tell me the details of drawing the layout of half adder? Added after 45 seconds: I need to know the details without taking the spice levelnetlist I mean with the help of boolean expression how can we draw the layout
hi everyone......... (1) What are the specifications provided by a circuit design engineer to a layout engineer to draw the layout of passive elements (R, L and C)??? (2) For suppose to draw the layout of resistor (R), he will provide length(L), width(W) and type of the resistor to be drawn (polyres or diffusion res ). Like that what (...)
plz suggest me how to draw the layout of 10pF capacitor?? thank you
I am starting using Ocean Script to calculate power (for start) of inverter. I have made testbench and prepared simulation in Analog Environment than generated script with save script. I have started script with command load "oceanScript.ocn" and it is working but the results are different then those from simulator run "traditionally" both current
hi, I am doing CMOS based 2 stage opamp, I want to draw the layout of compensation capacitor. can any one help to me to draw the layout.. with regards, Ramana no need to have special care on the layout of this capacitor. Just use the available space after layout the transistors to draw the capacitor. Its value is
I want to use an inverter as an sense amplifier. In order to have larger gain, I want to work the NMOS and PMOS in subthreshold region. But I don't want to lower the vdd voltage, since it would affect the output range directly. My question is how can I achieve this while still not changing vdd level? Thanks!
Hi all, can somebody give details regarding the CMOS layout of DC DC switched converters, and where can i find details regarding the same..
hi there, I have difficulty in understanding the layout of MIM capacitor Pcell provided by the SMIC PDK. From the layout , the MIM capacitor is composed of m5, mim and m6 layers. m6 is the top layer in the process. my question is if m5 is the bottom layer of the cap, which layer is the top layer of the cap, mim or m6? Is mim layer a physical l
I have a question on the PCB layout of a 2.4GHz tunable combline BPF filter, It is tunable by changing the voltage of varactor diodes. see the attached picture. There are two possible implementations, Fig.A and Fig.B since the tuning voltage Vtun can not shorted to GND, I need a DC blocking capacitor between the varactor diode and Microst
I would like to know how to do the rough estimate of the required area to fabricate the layout of a inductor. Requesting to attach some materials regarding this. thanks in advance.
Hello, my friends, is attached a layout of the zif socket for recording in PICkit2. hugs. I hope that is what you want?
definitly matching techniques A only............... No compromise for Diff pair of an amplifier even it is related to layout area
i m making layout in umc 90nm i m having these DRC errors ... plz help me in rectifying these errors..... and tell me that can we use switches related to metal density and poly density....... i m attaching the screenshot of layout of inverter......... 1) 6A.ME1_SR: Die corner rule 1, ME1 must draw with 135 angle 2) (...)