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hello, Give more details.. what is your full scale of milliamp for 5V on RA3 ADC input ? with ADC 10 bits => you will get 1024 pts for the full scale... How do you display the result ? UART -> RS232 -> terminal or on lcd 2x16 car or ?
Hi all, I'm new to writing code I am trying to interface a 4 row by 3 column keypad to display which buttons are being pressed on the lcd and its being used in a security/password scenario. the lcd is a hitachi HD44780U I am using the c18 compiler on MPLAB and the microcontroller that has been (...)
Im using micro chip c18 compiler. im sensing the oxygen level of the person using pulse oxymeter sensor and tranmitting the sensed value as the input to the PIc18F4520. now i want to display the output in lcd with respective to sensed values of sensor..plzz send me the coding
Does the lcd display anything at all, black boxes perhaps? 80600 BigDog
Hello here is my program #include #include #include #include #include #include "lcd.h" #pragma config OSC=HS #pragma config WDT=OFF #pragma config PWRT=ON #pragma config LVP=OFF unsigned char x; void babys(){ SWStartI2C(); SWPutcI2C(0xd0); SWPutcI2C(0); SWPutcI2C(0)
how to interface t6963 based lcd in c18 Compiler, first i tried to port another codes (CSS and GCC-AVR) and it did not work, now im wondering if there are anybody faced this problem before and how did he solve it(library, code, xlcd.h , port....etc) Thank you max
Hello everyone I just started learning programming PIC microcontroller, and I am trying to display a string on an lcd from PIc18F4550, using I2C protocol. I wrote the code and compiled, programmed it using ICD3. But it doesnt work. I use a USB demoboard. I am using c18 compiler (...)
Hi all I am working on source code to display Characters on a 16x2 lcd using a PIc18F4550 microcontroller. I am using MPLAB IDE with c18 compiler. I am writing my source code and on compiling I get the Error struct or union object designator expected. When I looked up the error in the MPLAB CI8 users guide I (...)
Where is your buffer table declared? I generally use this code sprintf(buffer,"%d",time4_lectures); lcd_write_string(buffer); with success under c18 and C30, lcd functions i have written myself. Can you actually print anything (like lcd_write_string("blablabla"); )?
lcd Initialization needs proper timing. I cant see delay between the commands. Refer lcd datasheet for proper timings.
Using The lcd Screen Of The PICDEM 2+ Demoboard - C++ Tutorials | Dream.In.Code
I want to interface the graphic lcd module with the pic 18f452 and to display waveforms in the lcd module. I am doing this in C program and not in assembly language. The software used is mplab c18. while I am writing this program , , unable to locate t6963c.h is found . Whether any driver is there for (...)
Hi, I use a PIc18F452k0 in c18 and i want to display a result of CAN in lcd en Decimal I need your help, !!!
With Optrex lcd Display,if you have a garbage,is because you write too fast on your lcd,you need some delay,but your lcd is defect,try to remove metal case,with rubber pad under and clean wtih alcohol,some time work for me
Hello My project is working partially. I have designed a temperature display on lcd project that involves the following components... PIc18F4423 ceramic 20Mhz c18 compiler Thermistor: MCP9701A lcd: 16X2 Im using full 12bit ADC and +Vref == VDD and -Vref == VSS. Im displaying (...)
Hello Im using PIc18F4220, 20MHz ceramic, c18 compiler. I have a running project where im taking temperature readings after every 300ms intervals and display on 16x2 lcd. Im using thermistor MCP9701A. I have 8bit ADC enabled on my PIC and im only reading the high byte ADRESH. My V+ref == Vdd (...)
Hi, For microcontroller use AVR or PIC or anything else. I suggest AVR. For display, you can use Glcd with controller KS108/KS107/T6963 or you can use alphanumeric lcd with controller HD44780. Tahmid.
Hi everyone, somebody got a working initialization routine for 16x1 lcd (KS0076B)? I appreciate your help. Regards Kabanga
Its not the most used lcd driver, but if you look around on google, you will find several libraries for different kind of microcontrollers. For example for PIC16F: or for avr: Since these are written in C, and you also use C, it should be easy to port these librar
Hi all I'm implementing lcd interface using PIc18F452 MCU and c18 compiler, but nothing work at all and couldn't find the problem. I modified the xlcd.h and created the delays needed for lcd functions, I'm using an 8 MHz oscillator. this is the code: (...)
Hi, I'm using PIC and PIC c18 compler from Hi-tech. I had little problem with lcd in 8 bit mode. When i want print number it's ok, but when i want print some char i had problem. This is library which i use: #include #include "lcd8.h" #define lcd_RS RC0 #define lcd_RW RB5 (...)
I have been googling for a long time, I found almost all other libraries (for AVR, non-graphic lcd, Basic, ...) but couldn't find one for Microchip c18 (with 18F4550). Can you please tell me a way to find them or simply send them to me. I only need two files like "glcd.h" and "glcd.c". If you want to send (...)
Check this out
I am tring to make a program for my PIC board PICDEM4 I am programming in C using the c18 compiler for MPLAB.. I am having a little trouble getting anything displayed on the lcd... I actually do not know where to start and need a little "p
hi can anyone help me to do a sample cprogram in pic18f452 to light up LED and display something on lcd. we are using MPLABv6.4
hi all i have an 320x240 lcd that has a builtin sed1335 controller and i have to control it with pic18f6520 mplab c18. I want to write its program with c but can be assembly i cannot manage the initialization code that lcd displays nothing anyone has a sample code for that ? Thanx MeCeX