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plz send header file 16 x 2 monochrome lcd in atmega 16 (code vision avr)
Actullay I have got STK502 starter kit (extension for lcd avr ) . I don't have STK500 board . The kit has a atmega 169 microcontroller . Can I programm it with this kit .
MP3 embedd harddisk plyer - sch + source code for avr atmega enjoy bobi
can anybody tell me a sample project with Atmel avr atmega 64? I need circuit diagram.
how can i program flash ic(at45db161)with avr(atmega 32)?
//====================================================== //====================================================== #include #include bit f=0; #define LED PORTA.7 #define sw1 PINA.0 #define sw2 PINA.1 void main(void) { PORTA=0x03; DDRA=0x80; WDTCR = 0x0e; while (1) {
HI................................................................................................................................................. What is the maximum current which any output pin of avr atmega 128 can be provided and if I want to drive 35 LEDs (smd) together directly from the output ports , is it normal or i must use driver ci
Hi , which registers to configure for setting PWM for timer 0 or 1 in avr atmega 32? Where can i find some example code?
I want the program for making simple calculator adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing only digits from 0 to 9. Rest connections I know for atmega 16 - - - Updated - - - I want the avr atmega 16 program for simple calculator
The main goal was to increase the frequency range but maintaining the cheapest cost. Large and inexpensive color display has been used. Drzasiek wanted build a mobile device, so he was looking for small elements.
Please share me a low cost easy atmega 128 Programmer or Jtag schematic with Programming Software.
Hi Every Body Do you know how to build simple atmega 128 Programmer. I Have tried STK200/300 Schematic (Interfaced with LPT ) But I had Used 74LS244 instead of 74HC244 .But It Doesn't work. Can STK200/300 Support atmega? Which Voltage is used for Programming FLASH MEM And EEPROM (5 Or 12)? What is the Latest avr Studio Version (...)
Dear Forum, I need your suggestion and solution. I have problem with my semester project, I make data acquisition using avr atmega 8535 and Delphi 5. This data acquisition use for measure voltage (ADC 10 bits) and the result will be display at lcd Graphic and Delphi Chart. I use four channel ADC from atmega and I use (...)
Sorry I worked with C. Many sample codes available for lcd for avr in assembly.
Hi all, I need Assembly to Hex converter for avr atmega8, atmega16, atmega32. I am very much familiar with 8051 and now I want to start with avr I am writing avr programs ONLY in assembly language. Please help me in this regard. Waiting for your replies :) __________________ (...)
Here are the details: 1)MCU : atmega 128L 2)Gsm Module: Sim900 module from simcom 3)lcd module: JHD 204A The code used is: #include <avr/io.h> #include <lcd.h> #include <avr/interrupt.h> #include #include "uart.h" #include #define UART_BAUD_RATE 9600 /* 9600 (...)
Hello I have one sensor themperature DS18B20 I need example in MikroC for atmega8 how to show in lcd serial number of DS18B20 using MikroC OneWire library. Result should be on 4x20 lcd. avr atmega8 is microcontroller. Thanks Alvarofun
I am able to execute commands on my lcd when I use delay instead of checking the busy flag but when I check the busy flag,it appears as if an infinite loop has started.Here's the connections for my 4 bit lcd with the avr atmega 16.Thanks a lot in advance :) (...)
My appliaction on avr atmega uses ucos and can have 2 operation modes : - gui mode where text based widget alike menu is running - and traffic mode where all port scanning connectivity .. are executing These 2 moduloes are not executing at the same time - when gui active traffic module does not work and vice versa . These modules are commun
Hi, I need help with avr uC(microcontroller). I am using atmega16 for my project , but in a very simple circuit for this uC , it doesn't work , I power it on , it has a reset circuit(R-C) , it has a crystall , (also i tested R-C oscillator) , and i have written a simple program , complementing one output pin , but nothing happens , I don
Hi everybody, I want some C-codes (example) in order to get the concept of Timer, interrupt and working of counter for avr atmega. I have STK300 and WINavr C-compiler .................... I wrote some of the routines (but those are very basics) ............ I really need some professional stuff to learn. Any clue?? --X--
hi all how r u i have finished an 8051 cource but as you know it is a dummy microcontroller i want to learn a powerfull microcontroller should i learn pic or avr and where can i get the tutorials thanks
Hello everybody , thanks to this forum i could successfully complete my ISP for AT89s52 and hence my project. Now I would like to explore the avr ; atmega 32 and PIC 18F452 Can someone please give me a simple,reliable and a tested atmega 32 ISP and PIC 18F452 ISP? Thank you.
hey everybody ! i wanna build a ISP for avr atmega 128L , can anybody suggest me a good hardware circuitary (and the corresponding software ) for in system programming of the uC atmega 128. Also i wld like to know how to use the avr in built ADC ? for eg i hv a sensor that give 0.8 when low and 2.5+ when high .... (...)
i have made a small web server using wiznet NM7010A. i can syccessfully run the demo web server program given by wiznet. i can send data to my lcd and turn on and off some LED as per the web page. i want to control port0, PORT1 AND port3 using web server. when i try to expand the html code the web server dose not responds. i have individually te
Hi How to access the lcd from atmega depend on type of lcd controller used - see data sheet of lcd display Try to do search for lcd controller name using google -- you will probebly find some project who use this type of lcd All the best Bobi
I want to interface a USB based Keyboard to a 8051 microcontroller. Data from the Keyboard (thru the USB) must be sent to the microcontroller (whenever user presses keys) and will get displayed on lcd. Can anyone please let me know how to start with this?
hi I want to connect 3 avr (atmega 32) one master and the other is slave to exchange data ,what protocol i should use ,i want to use i2c so if any one could help me because i try searching but every post deal with linking avr with eprom. and what is the different between i2c and i2c(2 wire) because at codevision they are two different (...)
Hello everybody, I want to develop a gprs+gps application with avr atmega16/32 AND SIMCOM SIM548C and SIM340E modules. I'm buying the SIM548 EVBs and MCU control board to develop the application. I would want to know if someone has gone this road. Is enough to use 16kB of flash for program with the atmega16 or I need more memory?. (...)
I have got a serial programmer for 8051 and it works fine. I have worked with it atleast a couple of thousand times and it has never ever malfunctioned. My present project involves avr atmega 16. Both chips are from ATMEL and have the same programming pins exactly at same spot. My question is "can atmega 16 be programmed from that 8051 (...)
Hey guys, Are the ground pins on avr atmegas usually connected internally or do you have to make sure that each one is connected to ground on the PCB? Particularly the atmega128. Thanks for any help, Jeremy
hello everybody i used atmega 8535 and gsm modem that i inserted some numbers through message in atmega. and stored in eeprom via prograamming.and that time and mostly it shows that same number but sometimes it forget these memory that numbers which stored in eeprom. and shows blank and corrupted data. so what is the reason behind that and
How to Interface Microcontroller(avr Mega Series) with Camera
Hello, All Atmels atmega processors have USI(Universal Serial Interface). Then there are TWI(Two Wire Interface), which I guess is just an option in the USI. Among some processors, I have noticed some have a so-called TWI-Module. Could someone tell what is the difference between this TWI-module and the standard TWI? Hope someone understand a
Can anybody plz give me the circuit diagram and code for interfacing 16x2 lcd with atmega16. I think that the following tutorial will be helpful. The lcd is in 4bit mode, thus you need less pins for interface. 2×16 lcd with atmega 8 | Schematic Circuits A
hi.I have question which is :write a program (with C) which can read a number from a keypad that connected to the D port of micro avr.(atmega 16) and show the sin & cos of that number according degree on lcd.pleas help me regard pesarirouni
i need lcd library for JHD161A 16*1 lcd
Hello folks, my objective is to generate a playable audio which should sound "thank you" and "sorry" using atmega32 micro-controller and a 2Watts 8 Ohms speaker with an RC filter in between controller and speaker. i referred the following link and followed the procedure.
lcd lcd, I2C, UART SPI, NRF24L01 All it takes is a google search and then select the ones you like. There is also a big library collection www.procyonengineering.
hi anyone can help with C code which can be used in avr(atmega 16) thanks.
I am trying to use Interrupts in atmega16/32. 8051 family has fixed place for interrupt vectors, I dont know this about avr. Please provide a link to resource giving details on this, preferably with some example. Also in assembly ORG instruction is used to specify starting location of code, in avr GCC what is the equivalent of this and do (...)
Hi, "For interrupt driven USART operation, the Global Interrupt Flag should be cleared (and interrupts globally disabled) when doing the initialization." I don't understand the topics why it is necessary to clear interrupt flag. If anyone deal with this matter pls provide the clarification and if possible provide necessary links or pdf.
hello friends I am new user of avr atmega 16 microcontroller and i have locked my controller any one can help me? how i can reset lock bit when i programmed with usbasp programmer it shows avrdude: warning:-E option not supported bye this programmer and rc=-1 device signature =0x000000 and i have changed my controller and (...)
Hi Can anybody please guide me that how to write c code for PS/2 keyboard interfacing with avr atmega 32. I am using mikroC PRO for avr compiler and EASY avr5 developement kit. It doesn't have PS/2 socket so I bought one socket connected to keyboard connector and wires from PS/2 socket to respective pins of PORT (...)
Hello, I wrote code in C for communication between AD5933 and avr atmega 128 (please see attachemt). After mcu and lcd initialization, calibrating is performing with known impedance of 22 kOhms as Z while Rfb is 20 kOhms. With that parameters the Gain factor is calculated and in next steps I am performing only measuring with GF (...)
I am finding it very difficult to write basic programs in oshonsoft compiler for reading/writing four different numbers into the EEPROM of avr (atmega 16L) microcontrollers.... pls, i need urgent help. thank you. The codes are added below ( basic program for oshonsoft compiler)... Define SIMULATION_WAITMS_VALUE = 1 DDRA = 0 'setting porta as
If i want to design my new project and I'll need to use that micro for long future time ( ie at least 2-3 year) which micro that I should used. My project is about controlling.. some easy robot .. some Led matrix display charactor controll and some fast calculation ie.. robot with ccd eye.. maybe more on internet/network micro project..
Does anyone knows the free RTOS for the avr atmega 128 which implements Robin round type of scheduling (If I am not wrong - Implicite task scheduling based on quantum time slice and task priority ) Rtos's I knwo do not implement that : MuCOS and NUT/OS
hello everyone i am planning a project on an embedded server for applications like temperature monitoring and interdevice communication and want to interface a ethernet controller with a 8051 based microcontroller. searching on the net i found certains options as : 1. c58900A ethernet LAN controller 2.RTL 8029AS/ RTL 8139C 3.using the Z
hi i m using AT89c52. it has only 8k flash memory. i m doing programming for graphic display. is there any microcontroller available from same family with same pin configuration with large flash memory like 16k. i dont want to use EPROM as it will increase the size of PCB. thanx