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Actullay I have got STK502 starter kit (extension for lcd avr ) . I don't have STK500 board . The kit has a atmega 169 microcontroller . Can I programm it with this kit .
plz send header file 16 x 2 monochrome lcd in atmega 16 (code vision avr)
Dear Forum, I need your suggestion and solution. I have problem with my semester project, I make data acquisition using avr atmega 8535 and Delphi 5. This data acquisition use for measure voltage (ADC 10 bits) and the result will be display at lcd Graphic and Delphi Chart. I use four channel ADC from atmega and I use (...)
Sorry I worked with C. Many sample codes available for lcd for avr in assembly.
The main goal was to increase the frequency range but maintaining the cheapest cost. Large and inexpensive color display has been used. Drzasiek wanted build a mobile device, so he was looking for small elements.
What is the response given by your modem for the command "AT+CMGR=1\r\n"? #include <avr/io.h> #include <lcd.h> #include <avr/interrupt.h> #include #include "uart.h" #include #define UART_BAUD_RATE 9600 /* 9600 baud */ #define xtalCpu 7372800 unsigned char CtrlZ=0x1A; unsigned char msg
It depends on what language you use. - avr assembler is quite simple and well structured so you can write your program with ease. Anyway I didn't use I2C/TWI interface before, but the datasheet is comprehensive so you need to read it carefully. - If you want to finish the project rapidly and with full features you can program it in C, using
i have made a small web server using wiznet NM7010A. i can syccessfully run the demo web server program given by wiznet. i can send data to my lcd and turn on and off some LED as per the web page. i want to control port0, PORT1 AND port3 using web server. when i try to expand the html code the web server dose not responds. i have individually te
I want to interface a USB based Keyboard to a 8051 microcontroller. Data from the Keyboard (thru the USB) must be sent to the microcontroller (whenever user presses keys) and will get displayed on lcd. Can anyone please let me know how to start with this?
Hello! Your question is to vague to be answered. Even with the code. 1. Can you read something from your transducer? (do you have any menans of tracing whet the GetADC reads?) 2. Does the value you read seem to be correct? Try to move something for instance by 100 mm / second, try to make a measure 3. Does your lcd work? Is there something
Hello! It's difficult to tell you how to do without knowing the detail. What kind of lcd do you use? What kind of interface do you have? A mouse? A keyboard? Just a few pushbuttons? Is it something like this: ? Well, as you use an atmega, I think the above link should be close
Hello friendz!!!my project on DAS.M using avr for that.the output is displayed on Glcd320*240.I have a problem in interfacin that lcd with atmega16.Please guide me to interface glcd with atmega16.....please i need your help!!!!!
I have the same problem. But I am using the atmega16. The porta is connected to the lcd1602 dataport and it works fine. When I connect the dataport to PORTC, the lcd display nothing. I've already set PORTC = 0x00; DDRC = 0xff; but nothing change.... I hope someone can help us!!!! p.s. I am using the Codevision (...)
Just check it out Regards Chanchal Added after 2 minutes: check this also out ww
I am using atmega32 to display something in a 16x2 lcd screen. The problem is, I have used PORT C for lcd connection and is not working. Later I erased the micro-controller and wrote a very basic program to alternatively make PORT C high and low with some delay (1 second) in between. Now, only 4 bits of PORT C is working as I expected. (...)
hi all,i need c programming using atmega 128 avr to display lcd,to display spwm,and analog to digital converter,who can help me please?.see you
Firstly, I havent worked on Glcd's yet so I dont really know how are they operated. Secondly, take things slow and step by step when you get stuck. I suggest you disconnect the lcd for now and place LED's at some port. Such that, the number you press gets output at that LED port. In this way you ll break down a much complicated problem in to a simp
If you ignore the lcd display part, which is for informational purposes only, you'll see, that the code is mainly reacting on the level changes of the DTMF outputs. The coding style isn't applying for a brilliancy prize, but understandable though. You need to get familiar with common methods of masking port bits and similar stuff.
Recently I bought a USB ISP for ATMEL avr serires controller. (somewhat Similar to picture attached). I attached the programmer with atmega128A chip with crystal & other basic components, the chip is being written & read, now I want to know for running the hardware which will include a 16x2 lcd I need to detach the ISP & then provide the (...)
Guys, I want some opinions from you guys picking right Atmel/atmega controller for my project purpose which following specifications: 1. UART connections 2. lcd display 3. Keypad 4x4 4. SD card write/read data Regards Linspire
thank you ,by using above refrences i prepare the following code but the problem is that when i run it for first time it should display '0' on lcd but it display '1' i don't know where the things goes wrong the time of programming i clear both memory and first write hex file followed by eep file.please help me
hi.I have question which is :write a program (with C) which can read a number from a keypad that connected to the D port of micro avr.(atmega 16) and show the sin & cos of that number according degree on lcd.pleas help me regard pesarirouni
I want to make an mp3 player using avr but I have some questions . I have seen many on the internet using some mp3 decoder ICs. Can the decoding be done on software (16Mhz atmega) aside with controlling a graphical lcd and keypad or pushbuttons (is the processing speed sufficient)? Also do I have to use a RTOS ?? generally how to (...)
just wanna share this. i got it working but the problem is that its not *that* precise, but its okay for a start, i guess.. the code #define F_CPU 8000000UL #include <avr/interrupt.h> #define USART_BAUDRATE 9600 #define BAUD_PRESCALE (((F_CPU / (USART_BAUDRATE * 16UL))) - 1) #include #include<avr/io.h> #include
Here's some code extracted from the following the code: ;******************************************************************************* ; File: m8_lcd_4bit.asm ; Title: atmega8 driver for
hi i am using DS1307 (RTC) with atmega 16 ,complier is code vision avr. i am using proteus simulation software. In my code i need to read the date/time from DS1307 to display in 2x16 lcd. i have given option of time/date change that my problem is start, when i made any change in date/time ,the value to be changed in
i have interface ad7796 chip to atmega 16 using SPI. The input is taken from two strain gauges and connected to the ad7796 chip and the output is viewing through lcd. But i am getting zero value as output. i am attaching the code. I need help. The code is given below. #include <avr/io.h> (...)
Couple of simple observations -- 1) your ADC isr is way too long in terms of execution time. You have float operations as well as lcd outputs going on inside which take a long time. 2) the line -- tenBitValue = ADCH<<2 | theLow>>6; is incorrect. It should be :: tenBitValue = ADCH<<2 | theLow ;
i wrote a code to capture a pwm signal using codevision it works but i want more accuracy any suggestions!?!??! /***************************************************** This program was produced by the CodeWizardavr V2.05.3 Standard Automatic Program Generator ? Copyright 1998-2011 Pavel Haiduc, HP InfoTech s.r.l. www.hpinfotech.
Hi, Is there any way to connect multiple SHT11/SHT7x to a single Mega8 or Mega32?? They are using the SCLK and Data pin. So for 3 sensors, do i need three datapins, or one only?? Also i need the same SCLK and DATA pins for lcd display. So any ideas????
hellooooo we r making a project on lcd THERMOMETER using LM35. we r using ic atmega 8. PLZ HELP ME ABOUT C PROGRAMING FOR THIS PROJECT. PLZ SEND ME PROGRAM IF U KNOW.
I have been studying about atmega16 from Engineers Garage site but the site is not opening now. I had planned to do RFID based project. I have finished lcd interfacing. The next step is serial interfacing which I am going to do with the Hyperterminal software but the problem is Engineers Garage site is not opening right now. So I need the code for
Another one but with cheaper nokia 3310 display lcd Nokia 3310 (PCD8544) Driver in Winavr(avr-gcc) ? root@fandigunawan
My counter is displaying random values. Can anyone guide me ..i need to know where i am going wrong?reply asap. #ifndef F_CPU //defining CPU clock #define F_CPU 16000000UL // setting clock frequency for atmega 16 #endif #include<avr/io.h> #include<avr/interrupt.h> #include #include"lcd_mega16.h" (...)
hello Guys I am using the proteus for the embedded developement with the avr microcontrollers with the peripherals like lcd , ADC , stepper motor and others in the Proteus and I compile my program code in the Winavr and than run it in the virtual atmega microcontroller of the proteus . But Now I have moved to the ARM (...)
i use atmega 128 proteus simulation uart1 problem with receiving.i want to receive a string and print to lcd but it is not work.but it is working on development transmit string correctly. 77458 my code is given below- #include<avr/io.h> #include #include"UART.h" #include"lcd.h" #
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Few examples atmega-LM35: Interfacing Temperature Sensor ? LM35 Interface LM35 with atmega16 atmega16 Microcontroller Digital LM35 lcd Thermometer w