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HI all, I am making a small project in which i am using a 3.7v li-ion 2600mah Battery, 20x4 lcd, step up converter, mosfet, 89s52 and a keypad. my concept is to just print a command on lcd. so for that i wrote a command like... printscreen("HELLO WORLD, HOW ARE YOU"); i prints absolutely fine. but the problem is it prints giving s
i have problem interfacing lcd and keypad with 89s52 Microcontroller it display 1234567 but not displaying ABCD my progam is: help me plz its an urgent rs equ P3.5 rw equ P3.4 en equ P3.3 ORG 00H BACK: MOV R7,#0H MOV A,#38H ACALL COMNWRT ACALL DELAY1
Check this link This is full tutorial about interfacing lcd with 8051 with c source code in keil
Hello, I am a beginner with 8051 family. I am trying to implement serial communication using 89s52 with PC. The string (rather a singel chracter at this stage) will be transmitted through Hyperterminal and after reception the received text (what ever it be) has to be displayed on lcd. The problem is when I am debugging the code in (...)
i interfaced the 2*16 lcd(Winstar PC-001 94V-) with 89s52 controller, i got the displaying output while using the 8bit data transfer between them, but im trying to reduce to 4bit, it getting problem and displaying some different data. I send "ABCD" to lcd but it displaying 4T$ and so on... i attached my program here, please (...)
Please someone give me details of using LM35 with 89s52 and lcd. (with code and diagram)
Please someone give me details of using LM35 with 89s52 and lcd. (with code and diagram)
can anyone let me know the diagram and code for it
This is a program of a digital clock using 89s52 #include "REGX52.H" #include "delay.h" #include "lcd.h" void main(void) { int hr=0; /*initiate hour=0 */ int min=0; /*initiate minutes=0 */ int sec=0; /*initiate seconds=0 */ P1=0xff; /*set port 1 as input port */ P2=0x00; /*set port 2 as output port*/ while(1) { lcd_INIT(); (...)
Well, At very first instance before executing code, check if you can see the black boxes in the first row of the lcd. If yes, h/w connection is fine. Then simply send a command to blink the cursor and see if it's there.
I have written a C code for 89s52 16*2 lcd. The lcd is displaying same garbage everytime i connect to it. Upon hitting my keyboard buttons, the display changes but the pattern of changes is the same. Also, lcd starts displaying from the 9th character of first row. I'm putting my code below (...)
My 16*2 lcd prints the data in a fashion like it increments the ASCII value by eight so when i write 1 it prints 8,fr 2 its 9,for 3 its equivalent ASCII value of 10 while interfacing with 89s52.The code runs sucessfully well in the PROTEUS.Pls suggest something.......... ---------- Post added at 14:57 ---------- Previous po
Hi, 1. The document you shared contains code for PIC microcontroller as (TRISB TRISA all happens in PIC). 2. Bit banging is easy, follow rickeys world website on 8051 , so many examples for the same, use keil uvision or RIDE to compile interface lcd over I2C you either need a another MCU as I2C slave or I2C IO expander, another MCU wo
yar please help me im doin project on displaying real time temperater on lcd components are: LM35 ADC0804 89C51 (code must be in assembly) lcd
i am interfacing the DS1621 with 89s52 and displaying it on the hitachi based hd44780 ...16X2 lcd Problem with code i have is not display the value of the temperature .. instead it is showing helloword || %d%s|| centigarde and garbage value .... i want helloworld 30 centigrades so please help me ... i will be so thnkful
I have a 320x240 (B&W) TFT lcd purchased from topwaydisplay (china supplyer). Its lcd controller is epson s1d13700 chip. it's source code is attached as file1 ( use 89s52 chip). file 1 is working well in 89s52. As I want to use pic18f452 to display this lcd , so I translate this (...)
Here is a Nokia 3310 lcd library in C Even though its for AVR microcontrollers...its pretty easy to port it for 89s52.
Hi my frind There is no problem for 89s52 with lcd nither with port 0 ,nor with any port port1,2,3 I test all ports of AT89s52 with lcd with no problem port 0,may be not working with some lcd's if the lcd itself dose't have a pull up resistors ..... note that i said may be ... (...)
dear this is source code of developed program used for lcd 16*1 ;lcd interface 89s52 ;lcd 8952 ;D7 14 p1.7 ;D6 13 p1.6 ;D5 12 P1.5 ;D4 11 p1.4 ;EN 6 p1.3 ;RS 4 p1.2 ;GND 1,3,5 ;VCC 2 #INCLUDE "8051EQU.INC" lcd_DATA_4 .equ P1.4 lcd_DATA_5 (...)