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plz, can anyone pls post a simple lcd code for me? I just need to know how to show a word in a 2x16 lcd. I'm using Microchip PIC16F877A at the same time i want get signal via RF modul Preferably PIC C language! I try the routine provided by them but still doesnt work. Thanks for help
how to interface lpc2148 graphics lcd code to 4*4 keypad scanning base program ??? i needed help in this...
This project was not working. Fixed project is
hello, i hav worked on character lcd (16*2). now i want to work with a graphic lcd of nokia 3310. can u help in using it !!! i try to read its datasheet but i dont understand any thing !!! lcd has only 8 pins !!! (i dont know about the programming in C, so please provide some codes in assembly) please help !!!
Hi, 1. The document you shared contains code for PIC microcontroller as (TRISB TRISA all happens in PIC). 2. Bit banging is easy, follow rickeys world website on 8051 , so many examples for the same, use keil uvision or RIDE to compile interface lcd over I2C you either need a another MCU as I2C slave or I2C IO expander, another MCU wo
What type interface does your lcd have? There are many different kinds. If the lcd is on a pre-built FPGA development board, what type board is it? The manufacturer probably has design examples that you can download.
In order to simulate your code for lcd you need to write lcd behavioural model and then test it.
Hi, can anyone please post a simple lcd code for me? I just need to know how to show a word in a 2x16 lcd. I'm using ATmega16 and IAR Workbench for AVR compiletor need C code
Hi, I need some lcd codes for 8051 and AVR microcontrollers in C. The code should be very portable, and the delays should also be independent of oscillator frequency to ensure portability. and the library should have all standard C functions like printf, puts, gotoxy, as well as additional functions like cursor on . . . N.B. I actually (...)
dear this is source code of developed program used for lcd 16*1 ;lcd interface 89s52 ;lcd 8952 ;D7 14 p1.7 ;D6 13 p1.6 ;D5 12 P1.5 ;D4 11 p1.4 ;EN 6 p1.3 ;RS 4 p1.2 ;GND 1,3,5 ;VCC 2 #INCLUDE "8051EQU.INC" lcd_DATA_4 .equ P1.4 lcd_DATA_5 (...)
did you see the dark lcd characters if not please check your wiring. and if your controller of your lcd is overheating stop the power supply because it may damage your lcd.
Hello guys, I am need of your help guys... I posted my coding here for 16*2 lcd display.. also am using LPC2148 Microcontroller.... We can display anything in that lcd display.... Please give some ideas.. so that i can rework my code here.... Thank you...
Hi friends I wrote this simple code. the codeVision compiles it without error but it can't make it: #include #asm .equ __lcd_port=0x18 #endasm #include <lcd.h> void main (void) { lcd_init(16); lcd_clear(); (...)
Hey all, From what I see there is nothing wrong with this code. It is for a hd44780 lcd, and this should initialize for 4 bit mode and then turn on the display/cursor. I get a bunch of warning for parameters without init value having a constant value of zero or something. Aren't initial values for register types always zero? [/quot
hi, i have problem in changing 4 bit lcd module to 8 bit lcd module. i have source code of temperature sensor using ds1820 which display temperature on 4 bit lcd module. however, my lcd can only run on 8 bit module. can anybody show me how to change it? i am using ccs c compiler. i attach here with (...)
Why do not u use C code. It is more handy. Check the code of picnote . It contains lcd code in C. You can download MikroC evaluation and it will work with the code.
dear friends, i've got a code for my 20 X 4 lcd for my project using LPC2368 microcontroller.and it is working fine but the below portion is not clear to me...please give some light on it.. code1: //Initialization: void lcdInit (void) { lcd_IO_init(); //pin configuration DelayMs(15) ; (...)
Hi, can anyone pls post a simple lcd code for me? I just need to know how to show a word in a 2x16 lcd. BTW, I'm using Microchip PIC18F452! My Data Pins go to PortB and the command ports of Enable (E) and Register Select (RS) goes to PortD So, E = RD7 Rs = RD6 Preferably in Hi-tech PIC C language! I try the routine provided by (...)
hi all, my first post, im having issues with lcd on pic 18f1320, have ported the code from 16f84 sample and can place the cursor on the lcd with ease, but just cant get a character to appear. my code is below, any help would be greatly appreciated ; lcd routine, testing delay routines for 5ms (...)
Hello, Please check the following HiTech C code for 16x2 lcd interfacing. The 1st line of lcd shows blocks.The code is taken from the Samples and only the connection bits are changed. But,its not working. However,if I write similar code in microC,it the connections are right. Please help. Thank You. (...)
hello I'm very new with FPGA and now I'm trying to display any thing on lcd ,I have spartan -3AN kit . please let me to say thank you to help me with this code ,this code is correctly working but there are some details in it I can'nt understand it like the delay for( stCharDelay) is about(integer=65536(2^16),and why the counter (...)
Hi, I'm trying to display a word on the lcd (Spartan 3E VHDL) depends on the condition inputted by the user through switch. Sample if I press 011 on the switch, I will display the word BLINK, can anyone guide me on whats wrong with the code below. library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_ARITH.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LO
can anyone let me know the diagram and code for it
Hi, Please has any one the code or program that can be used in a standard 16 x 1 or 16 x 2 display, only displaying V_Bat, Curr, V_out and volt and also a logo many thanks Hi. You don't even mention MCU, compiler, hardware, nothing. You also say that you would like to display a logo? Do you think this could
im using a pic development board..with a 20mhz using pic16f877a and mikroC compiler and a top 2005 universal programmer... wrote a code to display a string on 16x2 lcd ...but nothing is being displayed........the development board is fine...thers some prob either in my code or m missing something while creating the hex file.....i read
In my circuit LM35 is connected to ADC0804 and o/p of ADC 0804 (D0-D7) is connected to P0 of 89s52. WR of 0804 is connected to P3.6, RD of 0804 to P3.7 and INTR of 0804 to P3.2. The following code is giving some 13.9999 as the output. What is wrong in the code. I'm trying to read LM35 into ADC 0804 and then place the o/p of 0804 @ P0 of (...)
how can i send text to the lcd in the mikroc i use mikroc pro // lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at RB0_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RB1_bit; sbit lcd_D4 at RB2_bit; sbit lcd_D5 at RB3_bit; sbit lcd_D6 at RB4_bit; sbit lcd_D7 at RB5_bit; sbit (...)
HI i want to interface PIC24F16KA102 AND LCM-S01602DTR M. The code runs on proteus simulation but not on hardware. i want to use port b for 8 bit data and control pins. what is the correct way of writing data and control signals on same 16 bit port. ////////////////////////////////main.c////////////////////////////////////// #inclu
Hai I iam also getting difficulties in the lcd code, if you solved the code,and with you have a working file for 16*2 lcd, please post...
A problem throughout this thread is that it's cheerfully mixing example codes for different processors and compilers without showing the exact IO library definitions. We experienced a similar problem in another recent thread. Of course, the lcd handling as such can be easily ported between processors.
Hello friends, I am sharing a code for driving 16x2 lcd. The MCU Uses only two pins for lcd. Full code, Hex file and Proteus simulation are attached. I got it from internet but i made small changes for better operation. CD4094 Shift register will plays the main roll..Hope it will help you...:-)
Hi, I need some help to fix code issues on lcd 16X2 which I have implemented for MSP430F5132 controller.(see the attachment ) . And it is seem to be working only while debugging, i.e it is displaying characters while debugging not after coming out from debugging. I guess the issue is related to either the clock or with delays in the program.
hai all i am doing a project using 89c51,adc0804,lm35d and 16x1 lcd now my problem is that how can i convert the hexadecimal value from the adc to ascii code so that i can display that on the reads from 0'c to 150'c.i made te connection in such a way that i will get the exat value,ie.for 30'c i will get the output as 00011110 (1Eh) = the h
You do need to initialize the lcd first. There are a few commands you have to execute before you send the actual data to the lcd. Check this page out. It has a lot of information. Hope it helps.
Hi mariale442 I was wondering why you are not migrating to the recommended 18F4520 which is virtually the same chip - perhaps you require larger flash of the 4620? Migration to the 4620 requires a little more care. Check ADCON0 and ADCON1 - they are not indentical on the 452 & 4620 I think your problem may be in the lcd initalisation area
Hi, Here is a lcd library you can use. It was written for K*il, but I assume it's not much of a deal to adapt it to your needs. First, you have to configure the resources you use for the lcd. This is done from the #defines in the header file. Than, call lcd_init() and the lcd is ready to go. It's not recommended that (...)
void lcd_CONTROL(void){ lcd_EN = 1; asm("nop"); asm("nop"); asm("nop"); asm("nop"); lcd_EN = 0; } for 4Mhz signal EN = 4uS for 20Mhz signal EN = 0.8uS
i was playing with ks0108 lcd on proteus using 89c51. i am able to write data,fonts and images to lcd . but i cant read data from display RAM. here is code for reading data from lcd code: #include sbit rs=P3^3; sbit rw=P3^2; sbit en=P3^1; sbit cs1=P3^5; sbit cs2=P3^4; void (...)
hi this is my entity of program.... entity UT16 is Port ( INA : in std_logic_vector(15 downto 0); INB : in std_logic_vector(15 downto 0); OUTPUT : out std_logic_vector(31 downto 0)); end UT16; can anyone help me to display these output on lcd , SPARTAN 3E KIT or provide me the lcd code for these in (...)
This is for 16x1 (8x2 electrical) in Ke*l. Written for AT89S8252/3. Possibly may be of some use to you. lcd.H /* * lcd interface header file * See lcd.c for more info */ /* write a byte to the lcd in 4 bit mode */ extern void lcd_write(unsigned char); /* Clear and home the (...)
I am having the PIC dem 2 plus board. The lcd is Ocular make OM16214 and connected in 4-bit mode. Can any provide me the datasheet of the lcd or the interface code/technique, as i have tried a lot but not successful.
Hi, This is my 20*4 lcd code library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.std_logic_arith.all; use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; Entity lcd is Port( clk,rst: in std_logic; data_in: in std_logic_vector(7 downto 0); start: in std_logic; lcd_en: out std_logic; (...)
I recently got a pikit 2, its the 1st time that im using push button switches. im using 4 pushbuttons. All i want for now is: when i power the circuit The lcd displays "infrared liquid level detector", so the lcd code and initialising is working. BUT when i press ENTER/Settings button....i want "enter/settings" to display on th
I agree with wp100 and this in your code, May be connect PIN1 to GND PIN2 to VDD and PIN5 to GND on your lcd ' Define lcd registers and bits Define lcd_DREG PORTB Define lcd_DBIT 4 Define lcd_RSREG PORTE Define lcd_RSBIT 0 Define lcd_EREG PORTB (...)
what Glcd controller u are using? KS0107/8 or T6963C? here is sample program from mikroelektronika in BASIC pro using KS0107/8 controller Graphic lcd program Glcd_Test ' Glcd module connections dim Glcd_DataPort as byte at PORTD dim Glcd_CS1 as sbit at RB0_bit (...)
Hi, Regarding the 5v, the lcd pin3 shares the same rail as the pic chip. However the +5v to the lcd backlight at the right hand side is not what I would do. If its a standard black on green display you do not actually need the b/l, but if you do want it on, around 4v is more suitable so use a dropper resistor - try 100ohms but you might ne
Hello forum :-) I am working on a project, I am currently trying to get some lcd code attached to drive my lcd, the lcd is HD44780 compatible and the driver is written for it. However, my circuit has a 20Mhz crystal so I think the delays that are defined at the beginning of the code must be incorrect. (...)
help me develop assembly code that will received ascii charater from PC and save them temperaly in internal RAM then write messages on 5x7 leds, scrolling left to right, right to left up and down. the components intending to used are 74LS138, and AT89s52. with PNP transistors.
This is initialisation problem. You have to initialize the lcd before sending data Nandhu
There is an example of building a digital clock using this chip. You can take the lcd part from there and compare it to yours. Check the code of picnote . It contains lcd code in C. You can download MikroC evaluation and it will work with the code. -- Amr