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hi everyone, i tried interfacing at89c51 with 20X2 lcd display(ODM-20216S). i have connected port1 to lcd and P3.0 to RS, P3.1 to R/W, P3.2 to E. but the lcd is not showing any output. this is the code: ;communicating with lcd ;checking busy flag before sending data, command to (...)
hello, i hav worked on character lcd (16*2). now i want to work with a graphic lcd of nokia 3310. can u help in using it !!! i try to read its datasheet but i dont understand any thing !!! lcd has only 8 pins !!! (i dont know about the programming in C, so please provide some codes in assembly) please help !!!
I'm doing a project named "Implementation of I2C Protocol" I'm required to show the working of I2C protocol using a micro controller (say AT89s52) as a master and two slave-devices. Slave Device #1: lcd Slave Device #2: Not decided yet I did some research on the internet and learned that 89s52 doesn't have hardware I2C interface. (...)
can anyone let me know the diagram and code for it
In my circuit LM35 is connected to ADC0804 and o/p of ADC 0804 (D0-D7) is connected to P0 of 89s52. WR of 0804 is connected to P3.6, RD of 0804 to P3.7 and INTR of 0804 to P3.2. The following code is giving some 13.9999 as the output. What is wrong in the code. I'm trying to read LM35 into ADC 0804 and then place the o/p of 0804 @ P0 of (...)
Hi all, i am doing a project which needs to control the text lcd with AT89s52. i got scuuess in initializing the lcd by connecting the 8 data pin to port 0 without using external pull-up resistor. However, when i try to connect to port 1 instead and make appropritate changes in programme, it can;t work. can anyone explain the reason (...)
i have two variables float number (may be 1.28 and 15.9, note the position of decimal point), can anyone tell me how to display to lcd using keil c ??? the only one way is to convert above two float number to array of ascii and then output to lcd, more trouble is how to determine the position of decimal point, the exact method i don't know !!!! m
I have a 320x240 (B&W) TFT lcd purchased from topwaydisplay (china supplyer). Its lcd controller is epson s1d13700 chip. it's source code is attached as file1 ( use 89s52 chip). file 1 is working well in 89s52. As I want to use pic18f452 to display this lcd , so I translate this (...)
i am interfacing the DS1621 with 89s52 and displaying it on the hitachi based hd44780 ...16X2 lcd Problem with code i have is not display the value of the temperature .. instead it is showing helloword || %d%s|| centigarde and garbage value .... i want helloworld 30 centigrades so please help me ... i will be so thnkful
yar please help me im doin project on displaying real time temperater on lcd components are: LM35 ADC0804 89C51 (code must be in assembly) lcd
hi all, I had a problem compiling my code using keil4 compiler. It was giving error but when i changed my memory model to large xdata I m able to compile my code.But now when I m programming my 89s52 controller with this hex file it gives write error when i change my memory model to it problem with low flash memory in (...)
Hi Sharath411, Kindly check this up... SPI Graphic lcd Library (mP PRO for 8051) - Support Center -- this is by Mikroelectronica, provides builtin routines for graphic lcds and more tools for interfacing them.
My 16*2 lcd prints the data in a fashion like it increments the ASCII value by eight so when i write 1 it prints 8,fr 2 its 9,for 3 its equivalent ASCII value of 10 while interfacing with 89s52.The code runs sucessfully well in the PROTEUS.Pls suggest something.......... ---------- Post added at 14:57 ---------- Previous po
I have written a C code for 89s52 16*2 lcd. The lcd is displaying same garbage everytime i connect to it. Upon hitting my keyboard buttons, the display changes but the pattern of changes is the same. Also, lcd starts displaying from the 9th character of first row. I'm putting my code below (...)
Well, At very first instance before executing code, check if you can see the black boxes in the first row of the lcd. If yes, h/w connection is fine. Then simply send a command to blink the cursor and see if it's there.
This is a program of a digital clock using 89s52 #include "REGX52.H" #include "delay.h" #include "lcd.h" void main(void) { int hr=0; /*initiate hour=0 */ int min=0; /*initiate minutes=0 */ int sec=0; /*initiate seconds=0 */ P1=0xff; /*set port 1 as input port */ P2=0x00; /*set port 2 as output port*/ while(1) { lcd_INIT(); (...)
Hi guys, here is a simple project I have done in 89s52 IC of 8051 series. Making a Digital Clock. Components required: 1 microcontroller 89C52(89s52 will also do) 2 ceramic capacitors-22pF 1 switch(button for reset purpose) 1 electrolytic capacitor-10uF,25V 1 crystal oscillator-11.0592MHz 16x2 lcd display 1 resistor-10k (...)
Hi Pallavi, It is a figure print sytem with SM630 as a module used for finger print indentification and ateml 89s52 processor.....for detection and lcd display system.....
hellow experts,, kindly help me(i think i have gt confused..) My program: org 0023h jb ti,transmit jb ri,recieve then doing mov sbuf,#'A' acall delay mainloop: sjmp mainloop transmit: mov a,sbuf acall senddata acall sdelay clr ti reti recieve: mov a,sbuf acall senddata acall sdelay clr ri reti the mome
see this code,this is for 89s52. this code print ABCD and shift it. you didn't initialize your Ports to which lcd are connected. ORG 0000H JMP MAIN MAIN: MOV P1,0 CLR P2.0 CLR P2.1 CLR P2.2 ACALL DELAY ACALL DELAY MOV A,#0x38 ACALL COMWRT ACALL DELAY MOV A,#0x0C ACALL COMWRT ACALL DELAY MOV A,#0x01 ACALL COMWRT ACALL (...)
I put 1,28 V to pin 9 in ADC. I didn't realise that Vref/2 really means that Vref value has to be divided...I found correct value for Vref through testing and datasheets, where 2,56 and 1,28 V were mentioned as Vref (or Vref/2) values. But bigger problem is that I don't know assembler language and I can't write the pice of code f
Friend of mine is having problem with interfacing 89s52 and ds1621 temperature sensors. He took this diagram and changed LED segments to lcd. Added programming port (but that is not relevant). He got lcd showing text and numbers, that he wrote (he took
send me the code for lm35 interfacing with 89s52 from 0809adc and to display corresponding temperature on lcd..plz help me plz
please specify the lcd product number.
I want to build a countdown timer using 89s52 set by 3x4 keypad and display it in lcd, but I don't have idea how to build so that the timer will decrement every 1second.. I already can anyone help me in to program in C code especially with Keil.. thanks..
i interfaced the 2*16 lcd(Winstar PC-001 94V-) with 89s52 controller, i got the displaying output while using the 8bit data transfer between them, but im trying to reduce to 4bit, it getting problem and displaying some different data. I send "ABCD" to lcd but it displaying 4T$ and so on... i attached my program here, please (...)
what have you done till now? what error are you getting???? without any information what help can we do??? I have tried to interface lcd JHD 162A to 89s52. but nothing is being displayed on lcd. only square boxes are being displayed on the 2nd row of lcd. when i checked the programmer, it is showing that 153 by
Can anyone help? We need to use special function of the microcontroller like watchdog timer, timer, and interrupt for our project. We are using assembly language, we are going to use those in LED, 7 segment and lcd. I have here a sample program of our running lights of LED. ORG 0H ; Start at address 00H JMP START_MAIN
Hello guys, At 89s52 chip can I use P0 as a port, data and address at once ? I need P0 for addressing, receive data from Flash and use it as data port to TFT lcd, Is it possible ? Thanks
Hello everybody, I have been using assembly language to program 8051/52 microcontrollers. I am trying to switch to C programming. I absolutely have no knowledge of C programming. Can somebody guide me in this process. Will the same knowledge be applicable to PIC controllers as well? Also suggest the IDE / compiler to use. I will prefer free t
Please someone give me details of using LM35 with 89s52 and lcd. (with code and diagram)
Please someone give me details of using LM35 with 89s52 and lcd. (with code and diagram)

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