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Hi... I have interfaced the lcd with pic18f4520 as... EN - RA1 RW- RA2 RS - RA3 D4-D7 - RD0-RD3 The code I wrote, goes as follows... #define PIN_ENABLE_lcd PORTAbits.RA5 #define PIN_RW_lcd PORTAbits.RA2 #define PIN_RS_lcd PORTAbits.RA3 #define DATA_lcd (...)
I have an lcd-display 4*20. With one HD44105 and two HD44102 Controllers. I can't find a Datasheet for these controllers. Does anybody now how to programm them, i don't understand the function of the two CS Pins. so far Dominik
I'm looking for an black & white lcd display with the following specs. display size 256x128 minimum Price Range : $10 ~ $30 please give any
Hi, I need to use in my project an extra I/O port chips, a real time clock and if possible a lcd display (I know this was available in past from Philips and production stoped) Any advice for a low cost widely used lcd didplay is welcome. I have no problem to find those chips but would like to use components that are widely used on and (...)
Generally lcds are operated at about 30Hz
Does anyone know of any small color lcd display similar to the ones used in digital cameras and cellphones? MrEd
Anyone knows how a Cypress PSoC microprocesser can control a graphics lcd display/modules? Thx in advance~~~
Try something like this You can control it with only 3 wires by useing a 74LS595 latchable shift register for more info check the datasheet www.repairfaq.or
I have got some experience with noritake's dot-matrix VFD. 1. VFD is quite reliable. 2. Temperature range is better than with lcd. 3. VFD is subject to aging. please ask if you need more detailed questions.
ho there, Did you all know where to get second hand lcd display 2x16 or cheaper supplier. I might need a lot. send info to my Thanks
Hi, What's the size of the lcd display? 2x16 4x16 4x20 2x40? Write a small routine that writes an X to all of the positions slowly (wait 1 sec between them) and you will see how the lcd screen is aligned. (First it'll fill the first line than the second (or on 4x20 for example the third line) etc. And then u can write your (...)
Have anyone datashet of this lcd display
hi...i need some lcd display to show the asynchronous output of a device...that device may send out a continuous words to my microcontroller upon the i wish to have my lcd to display those words in scrolling manner...from right to left...must b slow enough for user to b able to read...i wil make use of my microcontroller (...)
Hi all, This time I need to interface 16x2 lcd display with Spartan 3 FPGA. I basically need schematic for the lcd interface circuit. Let there be a feature of controlling the backlight of lcd. Also need to put a Trim Pot to control the contrast of lcd. If anyone have readymade VHDL/Verilog code also (...)
Any one have assign pin of Dot matrix lcd display 2004A, 24 char x 4 row. Can I use an other with different size. And can I use HD 44100 for 2004 and how to. Pls advise me Many thanks
where can i find good lcd display (alphanumeric/graphics)? Regards
Hello ! I'm traying to build volt and ampere meter based on PIC12F675. AD converstion is no problem but I have a problem to display A and V on the standard lcd display via PCF8574 I2C 8 port I/O expander. The software for the PIC is coded in PicBasic Pro. Have anyone some solution how to doit ? Any help is apriciated ! Cheers
Hi: I got some difficulities about character lcd display. Although I write the right DDRAM address to the lcd, but the character doesn't display in the right place. For example, I write 8'h80 to the DDRAM address, it doesn't display in the first position of the upper line. but displays (...)
Are you sure your lcd and CPLD have same VCC? ie 3.3V or 5V Can you please more specific with the problem?
PMP means Performance monitoring protocol. For general lcd display related information check out
Hi, I have a product that uses a graphic monocrome lcd display, the model is WMG2406B, from Wintek. The problem that I have, is that in some boards it works ok. But in others after many hours, it changes the contrast, some times it was impossible to read anything. And, some times, the display "tilts", or it puts trash in the (...)
I have committed the whole project for the 640x480 lcd display. It should still be available on the Elektroda Forum. Take a look there: . Regards, yego P.S. Don't forget to use the Magic Word when you "Want" something. It is missing in your post, but hopefully you know it.
hi ppl....i just wanna discuss this problem im facing rite now...i made a circuit on a breadboard which included a lcd display (16x2) and it worked perfectly with some the circuit gre bigger (other components were added) the breadboard got a mess so i decided to make a new circuit neatly while retaining this old in the new and
Hello everybody, I have bought a lcd display but I don't know how to connect it to the PIC. The display is EI62585 ,C20408tr-08 ,050316 (i don't know which number is the moduls' number). Does anybody has the datasheet of this display or a circuit with PIC16f84? Thank.
I have a QY-1604A lcd display, made in china, text based lcd display. Do any one of you have one? (I'll post more if I get a reply)
In my design i am using9x14 segment lcd. The microcontroller used for this particular application has reserved memory location for lcd display,40H-4FH. How do i do the coding , or is their any site where i can get help on this. Also what is twidle table for lcd , can twidle table be helpful in my application
Can anyone give me an example for interfacing graphic controller Ic ti lcd display???
How to initialize lcd display(connected as shown below) and the program. I'm using 68HC11A1P with boostrap mode. i just wanted to show any word on the lcd.
Anyone know where i can find Verilog code for an lcd display controller. I am suing xilinx, and i have to test it using Xilinx's Spartan-3E FPGA thats on the Basys board.
hi, I want all technical information of sharp lcd display "LQ9P16G" also want information of display driver ic. thanks.
Dear Sir, I am using 16x2 lcd module (HY-1602F6 printed on lcd MODULE PCB) with PIC16F876A.I am using connection is as follows: EN -> RB3 RS -> RB2 R/W - > gnd(i want only write operation) DB7......DB4(lcd data pin 11 to 14) -> PB7...PB4 Other lcd pins are as usual. Crystal : 20MHz After executing (...)
Yes, TFT-lcd are colored lcd and dot matrix is monochrome lcd.
i search plan for voltmeter and ampmeter on lcd display thanks
hi everybody! i am using pic 16f877a for my project. i am using 2*16 type of lcd display. I have written the pgm for that. but i didnt get any any display in my lcd. can anyone plz check the codings??\ #include<lcd.c> vod main() { icd _init (); (...)
I had a new motorola cell phone but unfortunately it is now dead because my wife throw it and missed my head :) , I wonder how I can use its color lcd display for some project. So how to run big color cellular lcd displays, any info is appriciated...
Hello All, Anyone happen to know the make and model of the lcd display for the Spartan3A DDR2 Dev Kit? I require the datasheet, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything in the Xilinx documenntation.
i had wrote a lcd display code as below using c18; but it is not function, can anyone check for me: code: #include #include #include lcd.h> #include void DelayFor18TCY( void ) { Nop(); Nop(); Nop(); Nop(); Nop(); Nop(); Nop(); Nop(); Nop(); Nop(); Nop(); Nop(); } (...)
Hello guys, I want to program an lcd display which has 14 lines, 11 of them are control lines. My microcontroller works on 3.3V. The logic output is: low 0.8V and Hi 2.2V The lcd has a digital low of 0.7V (this is ok) but has an high of 2.4V. So i need some kind of driver to do this, with 11 lines. I can find an analog switch which is (...)
please provide me any notes on HTN lcd display
HELLO I am searching for cheapest, low power Image Sensor, and lcd display for the camera. Kindly provide me name of supplier. Thanks
Assuming that the lcd is a character type and that you are programming in C simply use the spfrinf or fprintf constructs to convert the floating point number to a string. Cheers Slayer
Hello... I just to ask regarding to the subject. is there anyone please give me some simple code to display numeric when pressing 4x4 numeric keypad. the lcd displays is 2x20 module and using pic 16f877.
Hello guys... I am working on my project using a Pic 16F887. I am doing ADC on an input signal at 50 HZ . I need to display the result on lcd (LM162ABC-1 ) but I can't. my problems are as follow: - After connecting the lcd what message are we suppose to see on screen? - can somebody help me with the drivers for that (...)
Hi everyone, i'm a new guy for this forum, and i looking for a sample and simple lcd VHDL codes for display characters on Altera UP3 board! this several days, i just exposed to the VHDL and the UP3 board. i not familiar about the codes as well, hopefully someone willing to give me a hand. thanks a lot..........
what specific PIC should i use in my transmitter and receiver side on transmitting letters from the PC to an lcd display?...i'm going to use it on my project and i don't have any idea about it..thanks
Hi, anyone knows an unicode lcd display that I may use to get European and Chinese characters on my lcd? kind regards
what specific PIC should i use in my transmitter and receiver side on transmitting letters from the PC to an lcd display?...i'm going to use it on my project and i don't have any idea about it..thanks
have a look at the projects listed in You will get an idea looking at the keypad and the lcd controller cores. You may have to customize for the lcd/Kaypad and the CPU you are planning to use.
basically, showing text on lcd from MikroC consist of two commands (if we talk about 2x16 char lcd). lcd_Init(&PORTB); //for example use port B as lcd output port and lcd_Out(1, 1, "Test"); //output text on line 1 pos 1 In newer version of MikroC i think there is lcd_Config instead (...)
Which standard define the lcd display in computer system VESA CVT, DMT, GTF or someone else? thanks!

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