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can anyone provide me with some codes for lcd interface with 89s52 using C language?
Hi all, I want to interface 8X8 keypad to an micro-controller(8051). Just like 64 INPUTS. Column P1.0-P1.7 Row P3.0-P3.7 16*2 lcd interface should be done in order to display the numeric value of the switch assigned. Can anyone help me out. lcd DATA P.0-P0.7 RS: P2.7 RW:P2.6 EN: P2.5 Thanks (...)
These may helpful, sir - - or go to for more info.
which mobiles I can use for GSM interface with 8051 which mobiles i can connect to 8051 to send and recieve SMS using AT commands no mbus or fbus protocol and no usb interface it should be RS232 or USART TTL
i need a code on spi eeprom interface with 8051 using 8255
hello everyone can you plzzz me out i need to interface lcd n 4*4 matrix keypad with 8051 so that wat ever is the interupt on INT0 or INT1 pin of 8051 is been measured and displayed on lcd n whatever is the changes to be made in other device connected to 8051 in my case (...)
how to interface lcd with 8051?............... ---------- Post added at 12:46 ---------- Previous post was at 12:46 ---------- #include sbit rs=P3^5; sbit rw=P3^6; sbit en=P3^7; delay(unsigned int i) { while(i--); } lcd_cmd(unsigned char c) { P1=c; rs=0; rw=0; en=1; delay(150);
I need transceiver circuit for interfacing with 8051 based microcontroller for a minimum distance of 1Km. Thanks in advance
Dear all, I am trying to use PC RAM card ( of ram NT56V6610C0T) with 8051 derivatives. Is there any idea to interface with this ram or generalised inerfacing with PCI bus? Thanks in advance. Regards John
you can check this site!!
Sir I need to interface AT PC keyboard with my 8051 microcontroller with two i/0 pins only eg: P3.4 and P3.5 . Simply i need to scan the 6x7 keypad and i need to send the scan codes to the PC correspondingly any one help me .Its very urgent...
hey all guyes can any one help me to nec remote interface to 8051 in c i tired but i can't interface please help me i wrote some code cpu FQ 12MHz when event occur by pressing remote key i start interrupt 0(P3^2) isr isr_()interrupr 0 EX0=0; TR0=1; while(ir pin); TR0=0; compare TH0>>8|TL0 to 9000 count after this TH0=0 (...)
How can we interface three wire serial EEPROM 93c46 with 8051. Just give me an idea about the protocol used. Thanks in advance;
hello mates; I have written the code for displaying characters on 16*2 lcd with 8051 in C language (in 8 bit mode); however i could not see any output on my Proteus simulator. I checked my code again and again, can i have your expert looks please... thanks & regards, Pravin B here is code::::::::: #include sbi
i want to design gesture based output control(output can be stepper motor, DC motor etc). like, i can make straight line or L shape or square on touch screen and depending upon the shape output will be controlled. NO GRAPHIC lcd, i am using simply touch screen.
Typically in the C language character strings are terminated with a NULL (\0) which has a byte value of 0x00. The pointer to type char s, which is initialized to the first character of the character string, is first dereferenced using the * operator, then checked by the while loop to ensure it is not the
Hello, Try to add a big delay before the lcd_ini(); 100mS or more.. lcd need some time after power be ready for ...
I want to interface five 7segment displays with 8051 each display is of 6 digit. It is possible using only one 8051 ? if yes then how? Total 30 digits to interface or glow using one microcontroller 8051.
Below is a link to a microcontroller based clock: Although it is based on the AT892051 the hardware + software are 8051-compatibile .. And here is a link on how to interface a lcd display:
please help me out to do this interfacing...
dear friends, what is accelerometer. what is the use of it. how can we interface with 8051 micro controller(serial or adc). regards kj
hi, did anybody interfaced mcp3202 12bit adc with 8051 and used assembly language. pls share ur experience. regards kj
Hi, I m trying to do a simple lcd interface. controller is PIC18f4550, running on 20MHz crystal, lcd is JHD 162A, c18 compiler. Port B is used as data port, and port A as control. 10k pot for contrast setting of lcd. When I run the program, the first array of lcd lights up, and nothing else happens, no (...)
hello... i am interfacing lcd with 89c51 and and this uc1 recive data by serial connection... another uc2 send data to uc1 which display on lcd.... but the problem is that when i send data from uc2 to uc1 in this format like "" senddata('A') ''' it display on the lcd connected with uc1 but if i send some (...)
Can we call Soap /XML call using wiznet module interface with 8051. Please advice. Thanks in advance.
Hi, I need your piece of advice. I am kind of novice to programming C. I am trying to create a Generic lcd_printf function, that can print decimals, string, characters. The following is the code i am trying #include // declaration void lcd_printf (const char *,...); //definition void lcd_printf(const ch
hi doing a project regarding zigbee and 8051. but im struck in some ways when i send a interrupt on zigbee the 8051 is able to receive and its unable to transmit the data back to hyperterminal. the source code link is here . thank you.
Hi All, I tried to use IO expansion chip that can controls up to 16 output by just using 2 wires (SDA and SCL). I'm using PCF8575 and interface with 8051 microcontroller (P89C51RD2HBA). I've connected 16 LED at the output side to see the result for the testing purpose. However, I'm stuck in the writing to the slave process, where i need (...)
You can see in many lcd interface with 8051 here.
plz help me out and tell me how this can be done..........
Hi, Here is a lcd library you can use. It was written for K*il, but I assume it's not much of a deal to adapt it to your needs. First, you have to configure the resources you use for the lcd. This is done from the #defines in the header file. Than, call lcd_init() and the lcd is ready to go. It's not recommended that (...)
please if any one know how i can make interface of 3310nokia lcd with(microcontoller LPC2138 or by pic 16f877) please send your code by( C languge) and send conection to it tanks for any help
I am using LM032L with 89C55 microcontroller. I have to interface the lcd without using any of the i/o ports of the 89C55. I have to interface the lcd at a memory address (say F000). I am facing a problem in generating the Enable, R/W, signals of the lcd. I connected (...)
hi, where is your circuit.....? in this case we need adc to convert analog signal to digital. connect the buzzer to any port pin usnig transistor as switch. 82100 Thnx for the info.. My circuit is the normal temperature controller where sensor is LM35,after that there is a signal condition
I am working on a data logger project where huge amount of time stamped data is to be stored. For economical reason storage into compact flash is required. Can somebody provide me C Code interface Library Thanks Zastereo
Dear 2000 PM me i will send u total source code of GPS interface with 8051 microcontroller and Graphics lcd
Here is the site where u get GPS with 8051 microcontroller integrated with lcd, Keypad. with Scheatic & Source code For futher more information mail me
Can anyone help me how to interface keyboard with 8051 ?
moved to Microcontrollers Hello I need documents related to 8051 interface with usb 2.0 and also possible give attachment of following book to mail id or some part of that book which is related to usb . book: 8051 microcontroller and embedded system Muhammad
i want to interface adc to 8051 to sample voltage and current and calculate power is it better to start off with serial or parallel adc. please suggest some adc
Hello can any one help me to interface PC keyboard with 8051 Microcontroller?
hi guys. this is the project i want to do. using an 8051 i want to build a system where when u want to enter, u press a "start" button. then, the the system displays on the lcd asking you to enter your password/code, and after you code is verified, the next step is to use a "barcode" that was given to u. the system scans it and access is gr
please how to interface an usb keyboard with 8051 microcontroller or any microcontroller
Hi I am working on eZdsp F2808. I need to interface this board with lcd display. Or if possible with touch screen. Can anyone suggest any product for this purpose, I am little confused with compatibility. Any help would be great thanks Viks
Can i interface Sony Ericsson J200 with 8051 Microcontroler plz help
HOW TO interface 4*4 KEYBOARD with 8051
dear friends I need to interface a 8051 with pc thru bluetooth. I have read the t7024 manual. but I am not sure about it. any help would be wellcommed . If any body has any experience please let me know. thanx alot
how to interface rtc with 8051
Hi folks, We have a ASIC support CCIR656 lcd interface. Now I want to use a lcd with the 8080 Bus interface. I want to use a CPLD to implement the interface in-between. Is there any related source code can be provided? Thank you very much. BRs, ANSON