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Assuming that the circuit was correctly assembled as well as you have not problem in hardware ( e.g contrast pin of lcd not properly biased ), the next step should you add directives to preset on code the configuration bits exactly as you defined on Proteus.
Hi all fellow electronics engineers. We are currently working on a two-display ARM processor solution and have finished our PCB but seems to be having some issues with the cabling. Our current configuration consists of a single SSD1963 lcd display connected by a 1 meter long 40-pin flat ribbon cable. The display doesn't work being (...)
Your code looks good. Are you using led0 in your code for clearing the lcd ? Please upload your circuit.
If the CRT monitor is a TV then you would likely need a lcd TV with a composite input, not a PC monitor, which generally don't have composite inputs.
hi, I am using PIC18f46J11 and PIC18f24j11 (both are same) pic micro controller , I write a code in Both C & Assembly language to interface a lcd. I am using local lcd and other is FOR DATA lcd . But it not Initialized or display anything on lcd Display Both lcd pin (...)
i need d whole procedure to connect Keypad and lcd with microcontroller 8051..progrmmin and d pin configuration..n if u know to connect d V2DIP chip wit dis microcontroller...plsss helppp
anyone could explain the pin configuration of 3310 lcd? how can can i connect them with pic? is it possible with port D?and can anyone provide schematic interface in pic18f4620. thank you. Can you please read the links provided by bigdogguru? you can connect t
I don't see, that you setup the pin configuration according to the mikroC manual. Apparently you're not using the default pin assignments for the expander interface, then the assignment expected to be specified with the SPI_lcd8_Config() command.
this figure is of no use to help you,, as the program depends on port pin configuration,, to which port keyboard is connected, and to which pin lcd is connected... you should have basic information of circuit diagram....
Hello, I have connected 16x2 lcd module to PIC18F4520. pin configuration-> EN - RA1 RW- RA2 RS - RA3 D4-D7 - RD4-RD7 I have written this code... void InitialiseDisplay(void) { ResetDisplay(); SendCommandTolcd(0x28); //4 bit interface 2 line First Initialise Delay(1); (...)
hi all i am interfacing an lcd and a keypad with pic 16F877; my programming language is pic c compiler i want to know how to define connections between the PIC and the lcd in the C code in mikroC it is done as shown below / lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at RB2_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RB3_bit; (...)
Hi all I want to design custom lcd "2 line*16 char" using Hd44780U & HD44100 any reference schematic :idea: Thanks S 8O RAT
hi Labcenter model for this chip has wrong pin configuration and also segment out are not as per data sheet both things are fixed and added test stuff for LED display and lcd Display (required V7 proteus to simulate lcd
hi all , I've put down the following code in mega 8 using the following pin configuration , pin config: PD4...PD7 connected to pins 11 to 14 of lcd(16*2 ) (used in 4 bits mode ) PB4---- Enable (6 pin no. of lcd) gnd---- pin 5 of lcd (...)
I'd like use a msp430fg438 to drive a 8-digits 16-segments lcd panel, the use of a particular configuration ram-bank (that mean a particular bit represente a particular segment) depends just of the pin out ? I couldnt get information about why in the different aplication notes use so extrange distribution of the bank ram. I should do (...)
I need pin configuration for cable hard wired into KDS Rad 5, 15" color lcd monitor just obtained from "used" market without cable or plug connection. Any help, thanks,
I want 6600 lcd pin configuration & datasheet
I have DM-62M lcd monitor (Black/white, 640x480), this is from users`s manual: 44 pin TTL with 5V and 12V. I need this lcd to use with PC/104 (PC/104 have 44 pin lcd connector), PC/104 name is PCM5820. At first lcd turning on it didn`t worked (the same situation today :( ) When i (...)
Hi there, I have 1 lcd Driver with controller HD44780A00. My problem is I do not have the data sheet for it. I need the pin configuration and Instruction set used by the microcontroller. Need help. thanks The archive also contains example C++ source co