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I need pin configuration for cable hard wired into KDS Rad 5, 15" color lcd monitor just obtained from "used" market without cable or plug connection. Any help, thanks,
hi, I am using PIC18f46J11 and PIC18f24j11 (both are same) pic micro controller , I write a code in Both C & Assembly language to interface a lcd. I am using local lcd and other is FOR DATA lcd . But it not Initialized or display anything on lcd Display Both lcd pin (...)
Hi there, I have 1 lcd Driver with controller HD44780A00. My problem is I do not have the data sheet for it. I need the pin configuration and Instruction set used by the microcontroller. Need help. thanks The archive also contains example C++ source co
I want 6600 lcd pin configuration & datasheet
hi all , I've put down the following code in mega 8 using the following pin configuration , pin config: PD4...PD7 connected to pins 11 to 14 of lcd(16*2 ) (used in 4 bits mode ) PB4---- Enable (6 pin no. of lcd) gnd---- pin 5 of lcd (...)
Hi all I want to design custom lcd "2 line*16 char" using Hd44780U & HD44100 any reference schematic :idea: Thanks S 8O RAT
hello sir, i am learning pic microcontroller i am using pic 18f4520 controller if any body known lcd programing plz forward my mail
; i have set RB7:RB4 for D7:D4 and RS RB1 RW RB2 EN RB3 using general PIC. ;but it just come out as 2 rows of black blocks ;jhd162a is the lcd module i am using. ;i have read some tutorials on 4 bit config, that it unfortunately makes me confused a lot. can someone point out any of my mistake? thanks. ; all the what pin EQU pin no (...)
You can include flexlcd.c driver file, all the parameters are defined in this file you dont need to define it seperately in your code.You can also change pin configuration as you want.
dear friends, i've got a code for my 20 X 4 lcd for my project using LPC2368 microcontroller.and it is working fine but the below portion is not clear to me...please give some light on it.. code1: //Initialization: void lcdInit (void) { lcd_IO_init(); //pin configuration DelayMs(15) ; (...)
Hi, I am using the PICDEM PIC18 Explorer with the PIC18f8722 micro. It connects to its LCM-S01602 DTR/m display via the MCP23S17 port expander. I am using the mikroC PRO compiler for programming. Here is my code: // Port Expander module connections sbit SPExpanderRST at RF6_bit; sbit SPExpanderCS at RA2_bit; sbit SPExpanderRST_
Here are a few examples: Nokia 3310 lcd Driver JAL PIC Library Interfacing Nokia 3310 lcd with PIC 18F2520 Is this for your ZigBee Project? BigDog
i need d whole procedure to connect Keypad and lcd with microcontroller 8051..progrmmin and d pin configuration..n if u know to connect d V2DIP chip wit dis microcontroller...plsss helppp
If the CRT monitor is a TV then you would likely need a lcd TV with a composite input, not a PC monitor, which generally don't have composite inputs.
Hello!! Everyone i am new to ARM Micro-controller's, few months back purchased a Development Board having LPC2148 Micro-Controller. I did lcd Interfacing, UART and led also, but having some problem with ADC Interfacing. Here is the Circuit for that. 87262 But its not working, lcd is working fine, please help me,
I have DM-62M lcd monitor (Black/white, 640x480), this is from users`s manual: 44 pin TTL with 5V and 12V. I need this lcd to use with PC/104 (PC/104 have 44 pin lcd connector), PC/104 name is PCM5820. At first lcd turning on it didn`t worked (the same situation today :( ) When i (...)
hi i am trying to make a system including frequency meter. for frequency measurement method:- measuring time between two consequtive pulses. i'm feeding the frequency at external interrupt pin. i'm facing a small problem. when i start the system lcd displays the correct frequency value. (i've added 5 seconds delay for refreshing t
Take a look at this example: Instead of displaying the result on an lcd panel it sends it out in ASCII format through the serial port .. Regards, IanP
Anyone thought of doing a generalized 40 pin PIC Carrier board ? What I mean is this : The basic components like ICSP Header, MAX232/USB, lcd Connector, Power supply etc are present as (pluggable) modules on the protoboard and they can be connected to the correct pins when a certain PIC is inserted via jumpers. I am also looking out (...)
hi Labcenter model for this chip has wrong pin configuration and also segment out are not as per data sheet both things are fixed and added test stuff for LED display and lcd Display (required V7 proteus to simulate lcd
Hello! I have a little problem with controlling the lcd: with PIC24HJ128GP502. I tried different configurations and programms, it still doesn't work. The lcd is connected in the correct way, because I can see something on the screen, problem i
Hello, I have connected 16x2 lcd module to PIC18F4520. pin configuration-> EN - RA1 RW- RA2 RS - RA3 D4-D7 - RD4-RD7 I have written this code... void InitialiseDisplay(void) { ResetDisplay(); SendCommandTolcd(0x28); //4 bit interface 2 line First Initialise Delay(1); (...)
To develop code in Embedded 1st of all we should know the circuit EX: to write the code lcd, what are the pins that connected to lcd device similarly for keypad also
hello all, im trying to interface an 16x2 lcd with a pic16f819. i've already succeeded to interface an lcd w/ a pic16f877a, using header files given by hi-tech in c language. the header was written for picdem2 and therefor used port D. the 819 doesn't have port D and so i changed the header file to read port B where ever it read port D, yet it did
Hi , Can any one explain how we can drive 16 lcd digits by using hef4543 IC from at89c51 controller.(each hef ic for each digit). (In one of the existing designs we checked and extracted the information that,it is driving with hef4543 IC for each between he used a 74hc4514 decoder and CD 4054). thanks and regards Amarnadh.
Hello, I'm working on a project that uses RTC PCF8583 and a 2x16 lcd and I'm testing it in EasyPic5 development board. Both of them will need PortB to be able to work because the lcd is automatically connected to portB and RTC PCF8583 SCL and SDA are at RB0 and RB1. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Any help will be greatly appreci
Hello,friends Recently I got a STN lcd from an old PDA (Sagem).Its product type number is G3246H-FE and there's no datasheet on the Internet. So I used an oscilloscope to test waveshape on each pin and identifed the digital interface pins. But its bias was different from STN lcd I ever met.I have used many (...)
If you apply power to the lcd, with the contrast pin grounded, the display usually shows a single line of block characters. That means it is powered correctly and is basically functional. If you have a contrast potentiometer already connected just turn it all the way down to see the single line of blocks. If the lcd still looks like that (...)
Hello here is example of this code for SHT-71. It is written for AVR but complete source can be downloaded so i think it will not be big problem to adapt functions to PIC. You should only change pin configuration functions but it is C compiles also..
Check your hardware connection .have you made RW pin of lcd ground.
Hi all, I am using ml403 FPGA board and Lumex LCM-S01602DTR/B is built on the board, i have found out how to initialize it but can't figure out how to use second line of the lcd. if some one here have interface this lcd with any controller or can give me any detail on this lcd. I couldn't find its datasheet any where expect of few
i tried to use spi lib to do the coding of the microcontroller but it did not work can someone pls help me out88526 i just wanted the temperature readings of both thermocouple to appear simultaneously on the lcd
Hi! I also got the Altium Evalution Board (Xilinx). It's fully compatible to Xilinx ISE. Altium delivers good examples for DXP. Unfortunately not all free FPGA pins are connected with the expansion connectors. I think they have reduced the capabilities of the board because it's very cheap. I also bought the Spartan 3 Board from NuHorizons. Sam
Hi all I was make my caller id with MT8870. when i push my phone numbers ,the number will apear on the lcd display but when my friend phones the number doesn't come. Even the Std pin doesn't flash. What configuration i must use for MT8870.
ccs pic compiler used to #fuses INTRC_IO Added after 2 minutes: PIC CLOCK #include <16F628.h> #fuses NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP,INTRC_IO,NOLVP,NOMCLR #use delay(clock=4000000) #define DAL_SCL pin_B3 #define DAL_SDA pin_A4 #include #include <lcd5.c> BYTE saat=0; BYTE da
I'd like use a msp430fg438 to drive a 8-digits 16-segments lcd panel, the use of a particular configuration ram-bank (that mean a particular bit represente a particular segment) depends just of the pin out ? I couldnt get information about why in the different aplication notes use so extrange distribution of the bank ram. I should do (...)
hi in icprog you can set this on right under fuse setting for this circuit you have to set the fuse seting as fallow. osc = xt wdt = off pwt = on cp = off (if you like you can on it to protect code) with these setting your pic must work if nothing wrong with code also you have to set the lcd contrast by using 10k connected to pin
Hi, Here's an example : /* * Project name: Onewire_Test (Interfacing the DS18x20 temperature sensor - all versions) * Copyright: (c) MikroElektronika, 2005-2008. * Description: After reset, PIC reads temperature from the sensor and prints it on the lcd. The display format of the temperature is 'xxx.xxxx°C'. To ob
dear friends, i am counting pulses for 89c51 and need to display the results on lcd. doing this with keil and with "c". i need to run a timer for 10 seconds and count the number of pulses for tht duraton.. coming from external interrupt EX1. ( pin P3.2) The problem is: i cant understnd how to do tht with the timer.. to wit for 10
hi, I've made a small prototype for my project to test keypad and lcd with the microcontroller, and I ran a simulation using proteus, but it didn't work, and after some checks, I suppose that PORTA doesn't recognize the input ... where could the error be ? Another question, do I have to use pull-up resistors ? do they give me any advantages here
that's Reassuring thank you so am going to bay the component and do same test what do you think about my component's list and there values Microcontrôleur PIC 18f4550 DIL40 microchip Quartz (cristal) 20Mhz Capacité 22 pF Capacité 470nF Capacité 100nF between Vdd and Vss of pic 18f4550 USB connector type B Câble U
Hi. guys. got some things here that you might be able to help me out. I am able to get adc going by measuring a voltage divider, able to send it to lcd and get it to the gui i created in c#. Here is the problem. as the adc is updating, so is the gui keeps getting data but its continiuous, example is voltage reading = 3.7. i am getting in gui, 37373
hi, I am trying to convert a source code from this website but i am stuck at the #pragma because of the different configuration between the two pic. This source code is for pic16f688. Can anyone guide me. please
The most likely reason is incorrect configuration of the PIC pins. Keith. I programmed it for ADC, I checked by giving input through POT, at 0 volt it showing 0000 and at Vref it showing 1023 on lcd. Program also working for LM35 sensor.
My code for interfacing RTC through software i2C not working in real hardware, but it does in proteus simulation unsigned short skp; // Software I2C connections// Software I2C connections sbit Soft_I2C_Scl at RC3_bit; sbit Soft_I2C_Sda at RC4_bit; sbit Soft_I2C_Scl_Direction at
Hi, I've run 128x64 glcds with a 4520 without any problems just using the internal osc at 4 mhz. Suggest you try that and see if it improves things.. ( you don't have the pic and crystal in a breadboard by chance ? ) The Reset pin has never been software controlled, its just connected as a 'power on reset' with a 10k pull up and a 100nf
My Circuit Consisting of PIC16F877A was changed to PIC18F4620 and the mikroBasic code which worked well for PIC16F877A seems having problem with PIC18F4620. The lcd is not displaying anything in the 8-bit mode, but works well with 4-bit data mode. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem? A common iss
Your code looks good. Are you using led0 in your code for clearing the lcd ? Please upload your circuit.