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I need pin configuration for cable hard wired into KDS Rad 5, 15" color lcd monitor just obtained from "used" market without cable or plug connection. Any help, thanks,
Hi there, i wanted to know the standard pin configuration for a DB9 conector when using RS485. thanx a lot.
I have a PCB which requires smd transistors in SOT23 package but the problem is the pin configuration. Standard SOT23 transistor has the following configuration: 1 = B 2 = E 3 =C I need: 1 = E 2 = B 3 =C Does someone know of SOT23 npn transistors with this pin configuration? Thanks. DrWhoF
I have two designs A and B.Their external pins are ssame including clock.But internal logic is different.I am using quartus_II software with cyclone devices.I have pin configuration of design A How can i import pin configuration of A to B.I am unable to find that options.Please help me
Hi, anyone have the parallel port cable pin configuration. please forward it to this site as soon as possible.
Hi everybody Anybody has sim300 pin configuration diagram or manual ?
I am using LM338T as voltage regulator for my college project. I desire an output voltage of 3.5V. The datasheets available for LM338T say that its pin configuration is (ADJ OUT IN) when looking from the front side i.e from the side where the name is readable. But on connecting it that way, no regulated output is obtained. The output just keeps flu
variable capacitor 100 pF have 3 pin, i need datasheet for its and pin configuration? Thanks Riski
what is the pin configuration of cable that connect between siemens interface module IM360/IM361?
hi, I am using PIC18f46J11 and PIC18f24j11 (both are same) pic micro controller , I write a code in Both C & Assembly language to interface a lcd. I am using local lcd and other is FOR DATA lcd . But it not Initialized or display anything on lcd Display Both lcd pin (...)
Hello everyone, Recently, I've found a 3 pin IC like device in my junk box, which, most possibly is an IR sensor, I think. I guess, because, I've seen such thing inside of a VCD player in it's IR sensor section. I'm trying to make a toy car which can be controlled by standard TV remote. I'm using atmega8 MCU and I need an IR sensor. I would buy
the pin configuration of the dc jack? My input is 6-12v and i want to supply the breadboard with it. what pin i'm gonna use the positive and negative pins of jack. tnx
Hi all I'm in the process of writing a datasheet for a certain IC, using LaTeX. Anyone knows how to draw a pin configuration diagram, like the one in the attached picture, using LaTeX? 109529 Thanks in advance.
I want 6600 lcd pin configuration & datasheet
Hello!! Everyone i am new to ARM Micro-controller's, few months back purchased a Development Board having LPC2148 Micro-Controller. I did lcd Interfacing, UART and led also, but having some problem with ADC Interfacing. Here is the Circuit for that. 87262 But its not working, lcd is working fine, please help me,
Hi, It looks there is no lcd controller. Am I correct?
Hi there, I have 1 lcd Driver with controller HD44780A00. My problem is I do not have the data sheet for it. I need the pin configuration and Instruction set used by the microcontroller. Need help. thanks The archive also contains example C++ source co
First of all I must say that I do not use CCS. If you want to map the whole struct to port A I would only change #byte lcd = 6 // on to port B (at address 6) to #byte lcd = 5 // on to port A (at address 5) That should do the trick ... But you should also note that many PIC's do not have 8 useable pins on port A also most of the (...)
I need information regarding the nokia 6600 lcd ... i need the pin and controller info for this perticular lcd.... Thanks in Advance... Sadashiv
hi all , I've put down the following code in mega 8 using the following pin configuration , pin config: PD4...PD7 connected to pins 11 to 14 of lcd(16*2 ) (used in 4 bits mode ) PB4---- Enable (6 pin no. of lcd) gnd---- pin 5 of lcd (...)
Hi all I want to design custom lcd "2 line*16 char" using Hd44780U & HD44100 any reference schematic :idea: Thanks S 8O RAT
in what mode u want to use lcd.4 bit or 8 bit??
; i have set RB7:RB4 for D7:D4 and RS RB1 RW RB2 EN RB3 using general PIC. ;but it just come out as 2 rows of black blocks ;jhd162a is the lcd module i am using. ;i have read some tutorials on 4 bit config, that it unfortunately makes me confused a lot. can someone point out any of my mistake? thanks. ; all the what pin EQU pin no (...)
You can include flexlcd.c driver file, all the parameters are defined in this file you dont need to define it seperately in your code.You can also change pin configuration as you want.
dear friends, i've got a code for my 20 X 4 lcd for my project using LPC2368 microcontroller.and it is working fine but the below portion is not clear to me...please give some light on it.. code1: //Initialization: void lcdInit (void) { lcd_IO_init(); //pin configuration DelayMs(15) ; (...)
if you keep lcd in the front ( i.e.second diagram) then the outer most pin at the corner is pin1 and so on.. pin 1: gnd pin2 : VCC pin3: VEE ( potentiometer 10K) pin4: rs pin5: r/w pin6: en pin7: D0 pin8: (...)
Hi, I am using the PICDEM PIC18 Explorer with the PIC18f8722 micro. It connects to its LCM-S01602 DTR/m display via the MCP23S17 port expander. I am using the mikroC PRO compiler for programming. Here is my code: // Port Expander module connections sbit SPExpanderRST at RF6_bit; sbit SPExpanderCS at RA2_bit; sbit SPExpanderRST_
Here are a few examples: Nokia 3310 lcd Driver JAL PIC Library Interfacing Nokia 3310 lcd with PIC 18F2520 Is this for your ZigBee Project? BigDog
i need d whole procedure to connect Keypad and lcd with microcontroller 8051..progrmmin and d pin configuration..n if u know to connect d V2DIP chip wit dis microcontroller...plsss helppp
Can you not follow the circuit diagram? On the diagram, lcd pin 1 connects to ground, pin2 connects to +5V and pin 3 is your contrast connection. You connect one end of the variable resistor to +5V, the other end to Ground, and the middle wiper contact to pin 3 on the lcd. You could (...)
HI I have an old gaming board working on CRT i need to convert the old CRT Monito (TV) to new lcd monitor, i tried many many lcd's but it only display no signal and no picture at all. Any one one can help me how to do this ? Babar
I have an lcd-Display 4*20. With one HD44105 and two HD44102 Controllers. I can't find a Datasheet for these controllers. Does anybody now how to programm them, i don't understand the function of the two CS pins. so far Dominik
Hi You should have searched the forum first, here are numerous of other Nokia lcd interface topics. Info time stay within the topic, you have already asked pretty much the same question elsewhere. /Cl
I have DM-62M lcd monitor (Black/white, 640x480), this is from users`s manual: 44 pin TTL with 5V and 12V. I need this lcd to use with PC/104 (PC/104 have 44 pin lcd connector), PC/104 name is PCM5820. At first lcd turning on it didn`t worked (the same situation today :( ) When i (...)
i just pick a siemens c30 GSM phone i want to connect to an rs232 interface to the pc but i can't find the pin configuration of the c30 phone which is rx and tx anyone could help me findout the pin config appreciate
I must be connected as follows lcd PIC E RB1 RS RB2 RW RB3 D4 RB4 D5 RB5 D6 RB6 D7 RB7 How can i change the sample lcd.C and lcd.H files to work?
Agrreed with BBarney testing idea but you must adjust the contrast level of lcd pin 3 if is standard Hitachi type syed Pervez
Assalamo Allykum ! I want to use the Smoke Sensor in my project. The sensor that I have seen has four pins and its number is TGS308. But I dont know the exact pin configuation of the sensor. If anyone have the working experience on the smoke sensor or have knowledge about the smoke sensor then please help me. Thanks in advance.. Bye[
Help -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assalamo Allykum ! I want to use the Smoke Sensor in my project. The sensor that I have seen has four pins and its number is TGS308. But I dont know the exact pin configuation of the sensor. If anyone have the working experience on the smok
Take a look at this example: Instead of displaying the result on an lcd panel it sends it out in ASCII format through the serial port .. Regards, IanP
hi Labcenter model for this chip has wrong pin configuration and also segment out are not as per data sheet both things are fixed and added test stuff for LED display and lcd Display (required V7 proteus to simulate lcd
hi friends i want a help from u..... i want a "C" code for get the signal from RF module & display the lcd display board via PIC 16F877A here i used portD for lcd & pin RA2 for RF module. plz help. thanks for ur help
i m using PIC16F877 to run LED and lcd Display, the lcd that i use is type CMC216x01..( ) after i burn my program code inside PIC and run it.. the LED can blink as i want, but the lcd show nothing... before that,the PIC that i program can run well on PICDEM2 PLUS(the LED and lcd can show the result).. i just move (...)
i have it but not the pin diagram thank you size is hight = 7 c.m. width = 4.75 c.m. 10 pin same to the small display
hi i read something from a transistor site about transistor pin configuration it says "MOST COMMON LEAD IDENTIFICATION pin 1. Emitter, pin 2 . Base, pin 3 . Collector TO-92 :pin 1 is on the left when the flat side is toward you and legs are pointing down. " then i checked two of (...)
i need schematic pin confguration adapter tsop56 to dip48(SA628-B018) superpro580U please help me
Hi all, I am stuck in one problem can you please help me out of this. I have to convert 15 pin VGA connector to 10 pin VGA connector for CRT. Kindly suggest me how to connect it and also provide me the pin configuration of 10 pin connector. Urgent!!!!!!!!! Regards Sonia
i like to display bitmap image in graphical lcd 128*64
Hello all I just got my TI PCA9306DCTR component, and cant seem to figure out where is leg no.1 ???? attached component "pic" with real marking as i see them on the component. and data sheets. please help ! thanks.