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Not sure what you mean in the first problem, it might be that the _lcd_SHIFT_LEFT and _lcd_SHIFT_RIGHT move the lcd display position, not the text. In the second problem, you have for(;;) which is an infinite loop, it will never finish, unless you break out of it using the break; statement, or limit it with a counter like the other
hi, i want to make a scrolling message display using 16*2 lcd and 8051. i tried it on proteus but when i send the command (24) display does not move to left when i send command(28) , instead of moving to right display moves to left im using HD44780 type. can somebody help me???
I am not sure if this link has lcd scrolling display. You can PM me if you want to outsource.
Hi everyone! I want to scroll a string message. My lcd is 2x16. The message contains more than 16 characters. I want to write down a routine in c for scrolling string messages. can you help me? I am using the codevision compiler but I think that it doesnt matter.
Can anyone suggest me some code for scrolling up,down left n rigt on 128x64 pixel graphics lcd. I am using DM12864A glcd with KS0108B controller.
Hi all, I am working on lcd controller SED13305.Now i am able to write Text and bitmap (.bmp) images to the display.I need to use scrolling too. Can anyone help me to do scrolling ... Please suggest a link or sample code to do the above Thanks Winses
hi iam using 16x2 character lcd is there any easy way to display scrolling string on this display other than shifting the string and displaying it in each loop. my sytem need to display time and date in the second line. also could any one pls help me with what exactly is this LCM display??
Hi, I'm currently using a 4x20 text lcd as a menu display. I have been able to get the menu to scroll vertically, but it scrolls by individual lines. Would a graphics lcd be the way to go to achieve pixel scrolling, or are there some text lcd's that allow this ability?
hy i want to scroll some text on my lcd 2x16. on first line i want my name end on the second line some data collect from senzors( collecting data from senzos is done). i just need some code lines to scroll that information whit diferent speeds on the two lines if can help me please tell me -------
Hello, I trying to write code to scroll text across my lcd display (HD44780). I tried to find any solution of my problem but I didn't find. Could you tell me the algorithm how to do it? Or source code? I want to scroll the first line while the second will be fixed. I tried to do it without build in command 0x18 (scroll left) and 0x1e (scro
Tutorial for scrolling text on 16x2 lcd with 8051
Hi, I have an issue with displaying multiple values on the 2nd line of 16x2 lcd. There are 4 channels of ADC which I am using to read the values & display it on lcd. The reading from the ADC is fine, but displaying it in a scroll manner only on the 2nd line is an issue. My first Line is also scrolling. This is the code i wrote to (...)
hey can plz anyone post c code for displaying scrolling text messages on lcd using pic18f4550 using mplabID
I attached the datasheet of an lcd which I feel is slightly more understandable than the rest. Anyway, the basic idea is that the output of an lcd mirrors the data stored in a RAM. So, you can carry out all sorts of fanciful effects, as long as the RAM is updated accordingly. And yes, the cursor is a special feature that can be enabled/disabled us
I think you have to be more specific ... Do you have 7 displays or 7 chars on one display ?? Is character scrolling ok , or is it graphicsl scrolling ?? What lcd controller is used ??? /Bingo
dear friends i want to scroll the lower line of lcd with a long message of more than 16 characters .and keeping the upper line fixed(not scrolling). how to do it with 8051 in assembly. with best regards amit To scroll the second line have two methotd: 1. Scroll line by line. 2. Scroll char by char shift line to left
hi...i need some lcd display to show the asynchronous output of a device...that device may send out a continuous words to my microcontroller upon the i wish to have my lcd to display those words in scrolling manner...from right to left...must b slow enough for user to b able to read...i wil make use of my microcontroller serial buffer
Hi, you can only shift the whole display with an lcd command. To shift the top line only you must write your own routine ... best regards
what kind of lcd you will use? 16x2? graphic? if yes you can try to use an serial decode and encode or try to use an microcontroler to recieve the signals.
i want to scroll message by 2x16 lcd cell by cell and line by line and i m wondering weather i can do it automatically by the lcd features and instructions or i should do it by software ???? thanx in advnace, avi
Hi, I'm working on lcd HD44780. To display text or value is no problem but I want to display moving message on it. I don't understand it. Could anyone help me, pls! I'll be very thanksful! (fan of C language) :D
This is a full 8051 lcd 2X16 8 bit Interface i hope it will help someone Regards
Hi guys, I'm busy working on a Acer labs lcd monitor - Model AL1717. I would really appreciate it if anybody could upload a service manual for me. The symptoms of the fault are scrolling wavy horizontal lines about 2-3cm apart, i think its a faulty filter cap causing the problem.
You don't need different ports to interface 2 lcds. You can have DB0-DB7, RS, RW pins common. Only EN pins of each lcd will go to different pins on the microcontroller. What do you means by floating from right to left? You mean scrolling ?
First, you have to realize how the memory in an lcd is mapped. The two rows in memory aren't separate. Assuming you are using an HD44780-based display, the first row starts at like 0x00 and the second row starts at like 0x40. If you want to scroll just the second row, you need to write your own routine that will only shift the characters over from
I can display Mesgs on lcd... But iam finding difficulty in Mesg scrolling.. i know the command set 0x10 to move the display to Left.. but its difficult in implementing.. and one more thing i seen lcd_scroll() functin in lcd programig how to work on that.... plz Help me in this regard SRINU ,
Hi, I think your problem is the first text "dinnar box" and another text "for hajj" are starting in same position. If you want to let second follow the first, you should move the second text position in lcd, like this: lcd_Out(1,i-9,"FOR HAJJ!");
Dear all, I've written a code for vehicle tracking system.where i am displaying the incoming messages on lcd screen. But my question is can i display 2-3(>160 characters) sms at a time(like scrolling upwards) on lcd. Please reply....Iam using SIM548 module Thanks in advance...
Dear friends , I am using t6963c controller based 240 * 128 pixel graphic lcd.I am able to scroll the the custom made big size(50 pixel height) character in horizontal mode. I am changing the graphics home address set command for scrolling .The thing is that after scrolling to 30 times the character again comes on screen from right. I (...)
tahir Characters type lcd controlers ( like 16x2, 16x4 ), doesn´t have built-in command to perform that function. In other hand, Graphic type ones, takes control at bit scale. The only scrolling possible at charater type lcd is changing the offset line pointer of your text. However the visual effect doesn´t seems like a movement. +++
Dear all, I have 2 lines lcd display. I need to connect this lcd to MCU. The problem is that if I need to send scrolling messages, everytime I need to send the messages to lcd. I cannot waste the MCU cycles on this. Does anyone of you know any lcds that comes with memory (once I send a data, (...)
If you using C Language, can refer here lcd HD44780. The header here.
Hello! I want an example Hi Tech C example code for displaying some text on a HD44780/Compatible lcd. I am using 20X4 lcd. Thanks Jayanth D
Hi, It seems to be a cliche to ask code help for scrolling display. But, mostly the help is available for scrolling LED display or Char lcd display. I am using 128x64 Glcd on which we write data using column scanning. So, scrolling of data from left to right or right to left is easy and I have (...)
Hello everyone, Is it possible to do horizontal scrolling in SSD1963 based TFT lcd? Is there any command for horizontal scrolling in that. I want to scroll a waveform graph in my TFT lcd. I am using AVR XMega32A4 microcontroller.
See this for USB, check videos The PS2 Keyboard Library for AVR AVR PS2 mouse readout example
I need to design and develop menu driven user interface for 128x64 monochrome lcd for DDC. Basically expected to write things from scratch (in C). It should include scrolling menu, pop-up menu, progress bar, some graphs. Cannot afford to include any libraries. Most of the past discussion recommends commercial libraries which may not be useful for
Hello,there can you please help me to think far for implementation of scrolling message with 16f876A,the circuit I have are not compatible with my task so I want a help for changing some codes from the net in MikroC and then use those codes to control the dot matrix as the circuit here shows,the net is a circuit which uses 74LS595 and CD4017;uln280
(I don't recall is this is a built in lcd function) No, You have to do it manually
Hi, You need to mention which compiler you are using and what type of display you intend to use; seven segment, lcd ( 16x2 ?) or glcd (size) etc ?
Hi, I want to calculate pulse rate, total pulses and show the same with small maths on a 8 digit lcd display using low power uC. The batteryy should last for 3 - 5 years. Thanks. Zastereo
I have an lcd-Display 4*20. With one HD44105 and two HD44102 Controllers. I can't find a Datasheet for these controllers. Does anybody now how to programm them, i don't understand the function of the two CS Pins. so far Dominik
Hi, two years ago I ripped a graphic lcd I wanna use it and can't find a datasheet. The diplay is labeled as MGLS-8464V1 and has a 16pin Dataport (1-16) and two seperated pins (17-18) for a 50V controlled backlight. It uses a HD61830A Controller, two SED 1181 and one SED 1191. Is there something like a standart for the port as us
any one have access to an Acer lcd 14.1" replacemnet screen for a laptop?
has anyone had any luck creating an interface to a laptop lcd screen that can connect to a vga port? i know they sell interfaces but they seem expensive
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic lcd? tnx ...
Does anyone have 8051 C code for controlling a graphic lcd? tnx ...
I'm looking for an black & white lcd display with the following specs. Display size 256x128 minimum Price Range : $10 ~ $30 please give any
I have found a nice large lcd from some electronic type writer and I would like to use it for my own projects. The problem is that I cannot find any info on the net on this type of lcd display so I am wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction... The lcd display has a p/n etched onto the circuit board which says: HP (...)
Hello! ==>LM641501<== Is anyone of You know something abount that lcd Display??? I know only that is 10,4" 640*480 monochromatic lcd display. I wish to know what's a pin array of that display becouse i cant use it without that info. So if someone know something abount that lcd, please help me!!!