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Hello, I need a 6,5 inch lcd screen (8:3 aspect ratio) to one of my projects. The only one I?ve found in stock is display used in devices like HP Jornada handhelds - SHARP LM7M632 (maybe someone knows other display sized like this with higher resolution and simpler protocol like spi?). It uses a little bit outdated technology called CSTN. This i
Hi, It depends on your RF &... etc and also processing power. For example : some RF Modules use UART and some of them use spi. GSM modules usually use USART. lcd can use spi or I2C or Parallel. BTW, which type of lcd do you want to use? Simple 2 Text Lines or Some color lcd with Graphic (...)
Hello everyone, I have a lcd graphic display COG, spi Interface with ST7565R controller, but without the flex cable and i wanted to understand if there is a homemade way to introduce a new flex cable inside the slots of the lcd display. The flex cable is 15 mm wide and it contains 28 pins with 0.5 mm pitch. 132558[ATTA
Hello everyone, I have a lcd graphic display COG, spi Interface with ST7565R controller, but without the flex cable and i wanted to understand if there is a homemade way to introduce a new flex cable inside the slots of the lcd display. The flex cable is 15 mm wide and it contains 28 pins with 0.5 mm pitch. 132556[ATTA
Hello everyone, I have a lcd graphic display COG, spi Interface with ST7565R controller, but without the flex cable and i wanted to understand if there is a homemade way to introduce a new flex cable inside the slots of the lcd display. The flex cable is 15 mm wide and it contains 28 pins with 0.5 mm pitch. 132552[ATTA
anyone have experience with this lcd My Questions. 1. Can I connect spi lcd and spi of touch controller to one spi in MCU? 2. What is the quality of the display?
Looks very interesting, I see from your blog you have updated to the 4X20 lcd, Have you thought about using one of these,
In the code I see that TC72 CS pin and Serial_lcd_CLK pins uses the same RA5 pin. In PIC12F you don't have sufficient pins to interface Serial lcd, TC72 and DAC. You have to use a PIC with sufficient pins. In the DAC code link it uses hardware spi. So, only CS pin is defined. THE SDO, SDI and CLK pins of DAC will be connected to SDI, SDO (...)
Hi For my data acquisition project i need to interface the external ADC AD7714 with my micro controller ATMEGA8A which is running in 16MHz. The ADC is running in 2.4576MHz. These two are interfaced by spi protocol. i configured all the registers and when i am trying to read the data from the ADC and displays in lcd it shows always 255255255. I
Hi, I am going to use CS5460 with AT89S52 . I have successfully able to read/write from/to CS5460 ADC. Read some default register and shown result on lcd. Means my spi routine are working fine. OK .. I have to measure 220V 15A 50HZ . CS5460 has large number of registers. I am following "AN220 from Microchip " ( www.t-es-
I heard first time GPS module with spi, Anyways Try going step by step first connect only GPS module and then GSM. And display data received on lcd or any terminal for easy debugging.
Hello! I have never played with the Sitara boards, but an spi screen is really easy to use. If you find a way to use GPIO (try to blink a LED for example) and a spi, then you just wire the spi to the lcd, the GPIOs to the proper places (usually chip select, Data/Command, Reset) and you're on the right way. Usually you can (...)
hello,i wanted to interface 2 atmega8 ic through spi and i wrote theise code as Master and Slave but when i execute the code in circuit in proteus app it wrote "Testing" in lcd but then nothing and the transfer cant complete wnd the code freezing in the code line: while(! (SPSR &(1<<spiF) )); AND NOTHING.. why the transfer cant be
Apart mechanical dimensions and pinout wiring , you must know, how this lcd is driven power supply ? Parallele mode ? I2C serial mode ? spi serial mode ? do you have the source of (software) program ?
Presumably you mean an ADF4350 from Analog Devices. That is a very general question so you get a general answer: Presumably you aim to build a device? There are a few examples of projects built around the ADF4350 on the web, Decide what controls you want, eg do you want an lcd screen to show curren
Hi, How to interface CC2541 with 2x8 parallel lcd? Have anyone experience on this? 1. Direct interface is possible? 2 or should I use SIPO (Serial In Parallel Out) for conversion? then I can connect to spi of CC2541 lcd datasheet: thanks
Put the Salae in spi analysis mode and capture the spi and lcd control signals as an image so we can see it. Don't worry about the lcd data lines, if the others are correct they will be too. Please label the signals so we can see which they are! Brian.
His is what I try to do for the lcd is it correct? and I do not understand the difference between lcd and lcd-spi, How to code a lcd-spi? In your project you are using only 2 wires to connect to lcd. I reviewed the thread and don't see any schematic posted by (...)
Graphic lcd is of spi. Why do it requires a pull up? I guess, amayilsamy was confused by your pin names Glcd_SDA and Glcd_SCL. Firstly, this should be corrected: glcd_command(0x00+i); Calls either invalid or unwanted ST7565 commands. I guess you intended Set Column Address. If the (...)
Hi Folks, I use the ILI9488 connected to a Cortex M4 on spi (3-wire) interface and a Cortex A5 on RGB interface. I need to configure the lcd Driver through spi interface to allow Cortex A5 transferring data through RGB interface. I found many example on website but without any success. Does anyone have more details ab
What 2.8" TFT lcd are you using? Do you know what your lcd's display controller is? And by that I don't mean your CC3200, but the controller on the lcd shield/board. Since this is your first time using a TFT, i would like to mention that most TFT lcd shields for the Arduino use the i80 interface or spi (...)
Here's the scenario. 5 audio channels. 2 up/down buttons. 1 lcd. 1 volume control. lcd displays all channels as: Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel 4 Channel 5 Using the up/down key I select the channel and then using the volume knob increase or decrease its volume. The volume knob is unmarked so, it will work for all channels.
Hello Everyone. This is Sampath. I am Interfacing LPC2148 with SD card through spi Protocol. I got Source code from NXP. Purpose of my code is to display whether SD card is connected or not. I am unable get any data in lcd. Normally i able to display data's in lcd. I attached Source code. Please help me.
but now simulation Works properly you mean simulation works with lcd display but not at real hardware? just a thought why spi direct UART is easy to implement.and you can check the spi logic with logic analyzer.
HI everyone! I want to develop an interface for a project. On this Interface There is an I2C 2x16 lcd (attached datasheet), spi communication with main board,UART for debugging. The micro controller used is a PIC18F26K22 (attached schematic). The problem is, the lcd won't display anything. I tested the I2C in Proteus, and with (...)
I got BMP format to playback on the lcd. (Bmp 565 Rgb) What format of video can be played back on the lcd? I like the micro SD RAM read and then pour into a flash memory IC and lcd on my player. How do I decode the microcontroller movie? microcontroller = LPC1768 flash memory IC = K9F2608 lcd Driver = (...)
Even though logic runs on 3,3V normally lcd analog signals are differential with analog bias voltages in the range of 12V. It seems these are the ones getting interference, not the logic or spi interface. Consider interface shielded wires, ferrite choke sleeve, ground plane, check all analog signals and voltages and ensure Analog ground is clea
Are u using PICDEM2+ board. Check the connection of lcd to MCU, a 16x2 lcd usually has 8 parallel data pins with enable, and other two pins. And then there are other 16x2 modules which works on RS-232 or spi directly. Check if flex lcd driver implements whatever type of lcd u r using. I never used 3rd party (...)
"Makefile", "ST7735.c", "ST7735.h", "glcdfont.c", "main.c", "spi.c" and "spi.h" is files i want to put in my project-window in coocox... Files i found on github that are only to download and get my lcd runing. But were to put them? There is "cmsis" and "startup"-folders and also "include" and "syscalls" folders in my (...)
If you mean,displaying time in 24 hour format,then you need to use an RTC(real time clock) chip and set it at a fixed time to start in hh:mm:ss format.Start it at 00:00:00 and then it must communicate with the LPC2148 by sending the time data on the RAM through a data transfer port(use either I2C or spi for this purpose) to transfer data to the con
I would like to the STM32F103 processor used external spi Flash memory for storing image for TFT lcd. I would like to spi Flash programmed along with the processor via the J-Link programmer (SWD) Can you advise how to do it
A problem with increasing the clock and processor speed is that the peripheral clock will increase as well this would lead to you having to change UART baud rate counters, timer counters, etc (plus I2C, spi, CAN, ????) also if you are using delays using simple loops, e.g. to slow read/writes to an lcd or similar device, these can cause problem
Are they on the same spi port? To talk to the lcd you need to be spi Master. You may need to reconfigure your spi port as a Master then back to slave after a read. However this may cause problems if the other spi Master tries to write while you are in Master mode. My advice would be to use a separate (...)
Hi, I'm building a relatively low power circuit using a PCD8544 based lcd (the kinds that are extremely cheap off ebay!). They accept data through spi at up to 4MHz but what I'm wondering is what would be the best spi speed to use? I'm sending data over in a "framebuffer" manner (504bytes/transfer) and only need an update rate of minimum (...)
Hello everyone! I'm trying to do a project in which I have to get two temperatures from two different locations using LM35s, do the appropriate signal conditioning with 2 Slave AT32s and then send the data to a 3rd AT32 ( the Master). The master has to take the average temperature and send it to a lcd. here's my schematic and then follows my code
hello, wich kind of RTC DS1302 spi DS1307 I2C other ? lcd 4bits 2x16 , 4x20 ? direct or trough I2C ? so with 2 wires SDA,SCL you can drive lcd,EEPROM,RTC
I have build a development board for PIC16F877 ,which I am very happy with. I can do Piggie-back Pcb's for ULN driver and many more. I have done also a 4x20 lcd, BUT never had to use RS232 or any other comms to PIC. I am using Port E for lcd control and Port C(lower ) for data on lcd. Now I need some comms (spi & (...)
hi all, i am trying to use DS1306 with PIC18F452,and READ the data from DS1306- display the result into lcd display from DS1306 datasheet i got clear idea that there are two mode of operation with DS1306 that are 1.spi mode(4-wire mode) 2.3-wire mode i used spi mode(SERMODE to vcc) vcc2 to Ground vcc1 to +5v vccif to (...)
Implementation of lcd can be done on various ways such as using 1-Wire, spi, I2C, ... Additional you can use bigger lcd displays 2x20, 4x20, 2x40, 4x40, ... Best regards, Peter
Hi, I'm in the middle of learning about TFT as I'm in the process of learning about embedded. I would like to get feedback and advice from the DP communities. From my understanding the TFT normally connected using another IC called lcd/TFT drivers which are controlled by the MCU either through spi or some other connectivity, is this the corre
Here are 3 ways to make a clock using a C8051: 1.) Use a 8051 and a 1 line lcd display. The lcd connects to the 8051 using the spi or I2C bus This is the most expensive and it can be hard to connect to the lcd without a PCB 2.) Use 4 7 segment displays connected to the 8051's GPIO pins. This is a little less (...)
Then you also should learn when to use HDL and when to use something else. :P An lcd like that with a lot of relatively slow sequential control is a far better match to something like an mcu. Not that it's impossible to do in HDL, far from it. Just a poor allocation of resources (aka your development time). But feel free to learn vhdl through a h
Hello! I have been programming many lcd drivers over the years. From my experience, it's quite easy and usually you can get most of the (pseudo) code in the documentation. And if you program carefully you can make code which is quite portable. For example on a spi device, you need to write functions like Select(), spiSendByte() and (...)
Hello! Max6675 is extremely simple to use because (as far as I remember), there is no configuration at all, you just select it, read and deselect. But without your code, it's difficult to help you. - Are you sure the spi works as you widh (if you issue a read action, do you have a signal on the clock?) - Does your lcd work? Etc... Dora.
Recently i have brought a touch screen from sainsmart (given in the following link) which has sd1289 lcd controller and ADS7843 touch screen controller. I want to interface with ARM (mbed NXP LPC1768). But i could not understand that how i will do that. I want to this lcd by spi interface. I have found a sample code but i am not sure that it (...)
hi i want to connect two atmega 8 , where one sends data , and the other gets the data and show on the lcd i want to use to 2 RF tranciever madules(rfm12b,, wireless rf tranciever) which work with spi protocol i know how to program the micros but, do not know how to connect each module to micro i would be glad if anyone could help me with sche
Hi all, I was a project that work with lcd touch, using ADC0804 for conversion A/D. Works fine. Now, I am change to a new process, using all in one, in others words, using PIC16F877A, that I am using as lcd controler, with I2C (EEPROM), spi (RAM), cpu peripherical and A/D for touch screen. All work, excepet, A/D. I need to convert (...)
lcd lcd, I2C, UART spi, NRF24L01 All it takes is a google search and then select the ones you like. There is also a big library collection www.procyonengineering.
hi every one now i'm doing my application using the spi interface for a calculator between two micro-controllers ...the first step i tried to interface this micro-controllers together with lcd..but i got the only the DATA transmission and no reception from the other micro-controller..the code is in the attachment.. please can some one tell me whe
I?m trying to get a lcd display to initialise using a 18f45k22 microcontroller, its controlled by a ST7735 chip. Some useful data: Link to ebay (the one I bought) The da

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