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I am a bit skeptical when is about performances of these kind of usb test equipment. I used for a while an Aaronia usb Spectrum Analyzer - Spectran 9.4 GHz, and also their portable version with lcd display. If you read what performance they claim in the dat
I need some components with small form factor. 1) serial flash with 4-8 M byte, less than 5mmX5MM. 2) lcd or LED or OLED screen with small form factor(less than 25mmX25mm), and lcd connector with small miniature. 3) Micro usb AB receptacle Bottom mount,SMT,without flange.
Hi All, I am having a SIM900 module. I was trying to communicate it with and display the response in lcd. But somehow I was having some issues of getting lcd working all the time. In the mean time I connected the usb of the
Shenzhen Hongda Shun Technology Development Co. Ltd Established in 2004, our company is a specialized hi-tech company, manufacturing all types of adapters used in various Notebooks and lcd Monitors, Universal Laptop AC Adapters, Universal AC/DC Car Chargers & Tablet pc charger as well as LED Power Supply. Since our establi
Greetings, I want to know how to interface an dsPIC32 to the lcd(PC) monitor to display an image stored in SD card. Also suggest me which dsPIC32 is well suited to do this with interfacing details? Have a nice day, Thanks and regards. You can interface with VGA or HDMI interface. It is very easy and suitable to
Dear all, I am having TVS company 1D bar code scanner. It will work only in HOST(Meaning PC). I need to access the data by micro-controller and I need to display the data in 4 line lcd. I am having little bit knowledge about FT232RL and PL2303.. These ICs will perform usb to UART. But I am not confident in usb host.. How can I add (...)
JD: Responsibility: This person would be responsible for development of tests and test strategies for the validation of SOC peripherals such as UARTS, MIPI DSI and CSI, SSP, power management, DDR, lcd, HDMI, usb and graphics in a pre and post silicon environment internally development by our team over decades. Qualification: This candida
Hi. i need to know the code for displaying the content of the flash drive to an lcd using the Arduino. and what are the compatible materials to be used?
Can anybody help me in interfacing usb keyboard to PIC24FJ256GB206 microcontroller? I have studied usb protocol and also have ready usb stack provided by microchip with its demo code. Still i am not able to detect key press and display the respective character value on lcd. Please Help..!! i need it urgently..
Hope u have connected the pi to an lcd/TV Now after inserting usb, type "omxplayer filepath" where U have to give the path to the file.
I am planning to using a RS232 to supply voltage to my circuit. In this circuit the lcd will read out the temperature sense by LM35 and display it. The pic also will send the temperature to pc and store it. My problem is, initially my lcd give out some reading then after a few second it then give out zero only. Is it not enough current supply by th
Hi, I just begin with FPGAs and have recepted this afternoon my first FPGA dev board The package I have recepted have the dev board (labeled RCXQ208_V5), usb/serial wires , the AC/DC transformer, one remote controler and one cd-rom **BUT ANY INSTRUCTION PAPER** :( (only two japans (or chineses) visit cards when I can see "Altera, Xilink,
It is. 1. Connect Tx, Rx and GND between serial port on PC or usb or serial convertor and ur microcontroller board RS232. 2. Set up an interrupt routine for RS232 communication in MCU, so that whenever u type in any letter the transmit receive register will receive the byte, save the byte in RAM and reset the interrupt flag bit. 3. Connect 16x2 lcd
i need design MIDI player circuit using pic 16f877 (select songs on lcd; play with CD or DVD, usb). please help me :-(:-(
Here he achieved 60KHz.
lcd controllers have different codes for 'command' and for 'data'. It looks like you are only sending commands ( Send_A_Command() ). Where are you sending any data ?!? Please check & report.. all the best !
Hi, i have been done some basic work on hi-tech compiler, like lcd, Serial communication, i2c, i want to learn bit advance like SD card, usb but unfortunately im unable to find resources on net, even microchip did not provide enough help on this topic, i want to request if some body can advise some book or other resources to learn further. th
Hello! In my project I have successfully sent data to PIC from PC app) and displayed it on lcd. I am having problem receiveing data from PIC and display it in my app. I am using mcHID.dll for usb communication. I want an example code to sent data from PIC using mikroC Pro and also want an example code on using hidReadEx() a
hey guys!! I need to establish a simple usb contact with pic18f2550 using C# interface software i'm gonna write it's like sending ADC reading to PC and writing to lcd VIA the PIC MCU and i'm having problems with communication and synchronization either ways (PC and PIC software) I'm using mikroC compiler. the thing is i don't know where to start c
Dear friends, I have an application where i am using: 1.pic18f46k80 controller 2.4 line lcd (jhd 204a). 3. mcp2200 usb to serial uart.. Microcontroller's tx rx are connected to mcp2200's rx and tx resp.and the ground is common for uC and lcd and mcp2200 , But uC and lcd are supplied via a different Vcc 5V(main (...)
Hello everyone I just started learning programming PIC microcontroller, and I am trying to display a string on an lcd from PIC18F4550, using I2C protocol. I wrote the code and compiled, programmed it using ICD3. But it doesnt work. I use a usb demoboard. I am using C18 compiler and MPLAB 8.85 The lcd supports I2C (...)
Hello! I am new here, and pretty new to FPGA design in general as I am primarily a software developer -- this is my early foray into FPGA hardware (I've done plenty of uC stuff) and I apologize in advance for stupid questions. I am attempting to capture a Gameboy's lcd panel output to usb as an exercise prior to more
i want to interface pen drive with pic18f4550 can any on give how i make a program to read/write data and display in lcd A usb flash/pen drive requires a usb Host Interface, the PIC18F4550 does not support an Embedded Host/OTG Interface. AN
Hi all , i am go to design TMS320C5505 fixed point signal processor board i have the schematic but i don't know how to built stack-up for this schematic which contain linear regulator ,UART, JTAG ,connector usb ,lcd and Ultra Low Power Stereo Audio Codec are the peripheral . to built stack-up ,depends on pin counting or depends on nets
hello masters! please help us on our thesis. it is fingerprint based attendance system that will automatically send text message to the parents if the student is absent. this is for highschool students only. our thesis has the foll.requirements -attendance for highschool students using fingerprint scanner -must have lcd which will display
hello masters! please help us on our thesis. it is fingerprint based attendance system that will automatically send text message to the parents if the student is absent. this is for highschool students only. our thesis has the foll.requirements -attendance for highschool students using fingerprint scanner -must have lcd which will display
Dear All As we know in debugging mode RB7(scl) and RB6(sda) should connect with usb programmer In my board lcd also connected to RB7 and RB6. Will it works when we select debug mode ? My MUC is 16f877a Please advice
Target Market: Industrial Control/usb, Networking/High-Speed Encoding/Professional Audio CPU: OMAP-L138 EMIFA: NAND CPLD AD DA EMIFB: SDRAM AD: ADS1178 DA: DAC7724 2ch UART, RS232/485 usb: OTG and HOST usb Interface 10/100M Ethernet port MMC/SD Interface 565 TFT lcd eQEP/eCAP/eHRPWM Interface SEED-DEC138 may (...)
Check out the 18F4550 datasheet section on PORTC. PORTC bits 4 and 5 can only be used for usb or as digital inputs. They cannot be used as ouputs. You will need to avoid using C4 and C5 when connecting your lcd. Hope this helps
Dear frndz.... i want to design a small project to log a data from 10 temp. sensors into a pendrive . i am using pic pic32mx664f128h as i am using graphic lcd display. i am new to usb data logging in pendrive. please help me proceed this project. how to go about what all things are needed and if i can get a example code in c with pic interface w
Hi, do you want a LED display or an lcd message display. Anyways yes you can interface it, though you might have to modify a couple of output connections LED interface to 8051. The connections should be similar. In supposition you want and lcd display w
replace the lcd and try again....
Recently I bought a usb ISP for ATMEL AVR serires controller. (somewhat Similar to picture attached). I attached the programmer with ATMEGA128A chip with crystal & other basic components, the chip is being written & read, now I want to know for running the hardware which will include a 16x2 lcd I need to detach the ISP & then provide the externa
how to connect dvd video out to lcd display having usb reader or sd card reader. the lcd display have sd card reader and usb on the go reader so it can play all the files in memory stick . but same lcd does not have analogous video input connctivity so that i can play dvd disc directly from dvd player. (...)
Dear ALL, Greetings, I am trying to interface nokia 6230 with pic18f452.. i made the the pcb and wirting. all what i need to do is this.. once a message recieved the pic read it and display it on lcd... all inbox is cleared. am using proton pic basic. about the cable.. i got both the usb and rs232 cables. thanks you for your time. awaiti
Hi ! I have moderate size schematic assembled in Proteus ISIS 7.7. ~50+ components some smaller ICs and one 40 pin MCU + 16x2 char lcd + usb. Goal: Is to build a prototype PCB. First off prototype (DIY method). Then a print file for mass production. Purpose of goal: To test, analyse and debug system (device PCB). [SI
I need specially a board with Texas c64x processors series (lcd + Camera + usb included)
Quite nice. How fast is SPI bus in this project. Image loading is visible. Can it be improved? Will you share the source code? Is it just an evaluation board or a part of some bigger project? PCF8833 will not respond at higher SPI rates. I am using software SPI. its a home made PCB. I made that to familiarize usb h
hello, I've been working in electronic project with pic 184550 ,lcd and usb and i run simulation on ISIS and it work, now i need a application to send the cpu temperature to usb i check my bios and i know that i can get the cpu temperature the problem is that a cannot found the code that can get the cpu temperature :-( am wordering
are you receiving all the characters in the PIC? if so frame it to a NULL ('/0') terminated array (which is a string) and use it in the lcd function
comment programmer code C sur mplab pour afficher sur lcd une donnée envoyer par pc ? travers usb en utilisant pic18f4550 ? est_ce je doit utiliser CDC ou HID??????????? je suis bloquée :? et j'ai pas assez de temps svp :-(
salut, je veut établir une connexion entre pc et pic18f4550 ? travers usb pour afficher des informations sur lcd (2*16) j'ai trouver un code sur microchip pour usb et j'ai réaliser un petit code pour l'afichage sur lcd et ça marche mais je veux faire exécution sur ISIS avec un terminal usb pour tester le (...)
Hi friends After going through a lot of threads, I was wondering can I interface a 320x240Glcd to display sensors reading on different parts of the lcd? I am thinking of use this resolution because I need a big display size around 114 mm x96mm. And I can not find a 240x128 Glcd in this size. I have not yet started any work so I am open (...)
hi i want to conevrt the audio video jacks of my lcd tv to a usb input device i.e a av to usb converter. my lcd tv does not have a built in usb port this home based task can even serve as my academic project plz help thanks in advance
Hi all, I want the cheapest microcontroller with lcd/TFTcontroller and usb inbuild. Can you suggest any... Regards
what microcontroller shall i use to interface usb otg, bluetooth and an lcd screen inside a flash drive so i can transfer files on a pc or mobile phone and another flash drive of the same feature through bluetooth.? is it possible?thanks
it can be done with a microcontroller wit lcd display. for a computer data input you must know the interfcae (rs232/usb...) for a standalone then the input dial decoding.
Hi experts! I need to read data from a GPS into PIC controller and then display on lcd. Is it possible straight away? 4 pins from usb>>>PIC>>lcd thanks a many!!!
Hi, Even with a proper programmer like a pickit2 /3 , there are certain limitations to ICSP in that you have to avoid 'loading' the programmer ports with the targets circuitry. With some things like a keypad or lcd lines you can simply use resistors to avoid this loading. If you are going to build your own, recommned the usb pickit2 lite a
Hi, If you use C# or VB in the PC to control the fan then use PC's Parallel port to connect the Fan, lcd module and the temperature sensor module. And also you can connect usb bluetooth module directly to the PC, No need microcontroller and this is simple (and low cost) solution for you. If you wish to automate things without PC then you c