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Hi everyone, i'm a new guy for this forum, and i looking for a sample and simple lcd vhdl codes for display characters on Altera UP3 board! this several days, i just exposed to the vhdl and the UP3 board. i not familiar about the codes as well, hopefully someone willing to give me a hand. thanks a lot..........
Hello All, I am trying to program the FPGA such that it takes inputs from HEX Keypad & show the output on lcd. Ex. pressing 4 5 6 9 8 on Keypad should display 45698 on the lcd. I am a beginner, so can any1 suggest me the logic or some sample codes in vhdl to guide me through.. Thanks in advance.
I am going to write a 4 level gray scale lcd driver in verilog. Do anyone have information about this?
Forget a CPLD .. forget a CPU ... get a FPGA + CPU for less the 250 cells goes for $7 The solution is a TRISCEND SOC it cames in two flavors E5 = 51 CPU or A7 = arm CPU look at Keypads + lcd drivers .. just drag & drop or look for appnote AN15 and AN20 at
hi all any suggestions/papers/pointers/tutorials on how to go about implementing an on screen display for a lcd fpga (xilinx vhdl) application? cheers radu
Hi all, I looking for a controller (vhdl) for a lcd Monochrome 4 Bits + CL1 + CL2 + FLM etc A standard lcd. a SP10Q003-T of Hitachi for information. Best Regards Yodathegreat
point for begin
1) The OpenCores VGA/lcd Controller core is a WISHBONE revB.3 compliant embedded VGA core capable of driving CRT and lcd displays: 2) Search in this page for video too:
I want to interface lcd module 2X16 with CPLD by vhdl lang. who can help me thank.
Hi all, I looking for a controller (vhdl) for a lcd Monochrome 4 Bits + CL1 + CL2 + FLM etc A standard lcd. a SP10Q003-T of Hitachi for information. Best Regards Yodathegreat
There is a lcd Controller core in the You may take a look:
Hi all, This time I need to interface 16x2 lcd Display with Spartan 3 FPGA. I basically need schematic for the lcd interface circuit. Let there be a feature of controlling the backlight of lcd. Also need to put a Trim Pot to control the contrast of lcd. If anyone have readymade vhdl/Verilog code also (...)
you will have to design a module (vhdl/schematic) that will decode the input and decide which key was pressed.and another module that will manage the interface with the lcd.
hi , i have another problem.i want have the vhdl code or to know how i can write it to display letters that will pass from one lcd to another of the spartan 3 starter baord.:|
Are you sure your lcd and CPLD have same VCC? ie 3.3V or 5V Can you please more specific with the problem?
Hi! guru. I'm challange to FPGA designer. Can anyone write the simple vhdl code to display text on 16character 2line Text lcd for me? I studied vhdl and recieved spartanII from my friend. I want to implement and learn FPGA. Thank you in advance.
Hello everyone... I am working on CPLD XC9572-PC84. I want to interface a 16 x 2 lcd display . Anyone please send me some vhdl code for the transfer of data from CPLD to lcd display. Thanks in advance.......
In order to simulate your code for lcd you need to write lcd behavioural model and then test it.
I have committed the whole project for the 640x480 lcd display. It should still be available on the Elektroda Forum. Take a look there: . Regards, yego P.S. Don't forget to use the Magic Word when you "Want" something. It is missing in your post, but hopefully you know it.
Here it goes... module lcd_component8 ( // Outputs lcd_clk_led, lcd_clk_38hz, en_led, en1_led, en2_led, vary, data, rw, rs, en, // Inputs clk, rst ); input clk ; // 40 Mhz input rst ; output lcd_clk_led ; output lcd_clk_38hz; output en_led (...)
There is altera NIOS development kit which comming with lcd 2*16 display. Check Altera website for details
can you please post data spec for the lcd?
Is there any ready vhdl code to interface 16x2 lcd to said board. I was used lcd in my no of project but mc based. Kit details on
Hi all, I have found an lcd controller for use on my FPGA. but when I try to write some text to it, it shows the text but there are 2 small problems in it. I want to display the text: XIOS" but this leads to (on the lcd): XIOS". Can someone help me out? Very much thank you! library IEEE;
Have you tried looking the XUPV2P board as it uses a lcd controller for one of their examples.
Hello, I'm a newbie. Can anybody help me with a sample verilog-code to display a character on lcd. I'm unable to manage the initializing delays.
hi there im new to FPGA and vhdl and i wonder if someone can help me with it im using spartan 3 starter kit UG130 i want to use 2x20 lcd and im not sure which pins should i choose more over i wanted to ask you how to design UCF and how is the vhdl design
hi.. i have to implement my vhdl codes on FPGA. And i want to use the lcd available on the kit. i want to know whether the lcd is already programmed for the input and output pins or i should program it. if yes,Can anybody tell that how can it be programmed for the display?
Hello All, I currently have a Spartan3A DDR2 development kit. I am trying to create vhdl code to turn on a single LED from LED(0) to LED(8) and display a message to the lcd screen everytime a combination of switches are toggled switch(0) to switch(2). I am using multiple process's, but I keep getting an error when I simulate. I have tried m
Hi ALL, Am new to fpga and vhdl. would be grateful if someone can help me with vhdl code to display a moving (scroll) using actel proasic plus pq208 board in libero 7.002 environment.actually, i want my message display on lcd monitor. its fun working with this board.thank you,all the best.
I have bought your product Spartan-3E Starter Kit Board. I am trying to show the symbol on lcd Screen. But I have not result. I cann't understand wherein problem. Please, help me. If you can send me the snip of code on vhdl how do it? Thank you!
hi this is my entity of program.... entity UT16 is Port ( INA : in std_logic_vector(15 downto 0); INB : in std_logic_vector(15 downto 0); OUTPUT : out std_logic_vector(31 downto 0)); end UT16; can anyone help me to display these output on lcd , SPARTAN 3E KIT or provide me the lcd code for these in (...)
hi, please do help me convert this verilog code to vhdl. i need a vhdl version of this code i found on this same page.than yuo; Code: module top (clk, sf_ce0, lcd_rs, lcd_rw, lcd_e, lcd_4, lcd_5, lcd_6, lcd_7); (...)
I am using spartan-3a starter kit & trying to write vhdl code for lcd display(2*16 character). But i am not getting success to write proper code. Could someone provide me proper code for displaying only "hello world" on display. Thank you.
Actually I want to communicate my spartan-3a starter kit with hyperterminal and want to display on lcd ,what i write on hyperterminal. I got a vhdl code on website . But now i am unable to find all the pinouts defined in that code. I know only pinouts for RxD & TxD. If someone can help me then please post your views. Thank you
I got this serial in serial out vhdl code , but please tell me how it will work. Because i am not getting any response. Actually i want to communicate this board with hyperterminal and want to display on lcd, what i m writing on hyperterminal. If someone has code for it then please post it. Thank you.
I tend not to do the homework of students. However, everyone needs to learn... So, let's analyse the system: 1. I don't know what a Fisher chess clock is, but I guess that it will be a variant of a seconds/minutes timer with start/stop/reset buttons. What are your inputs/what outputs do you foresee? Input: Clk (usually something in the rang
have a look at the projects listed in You will get an idea looking at the keypad and the lcd controller cores. You may have to customize for the lcd/Kaypad and the CPU you are planning to use.
Hi, Try this link. You can use the concept for lcd display. Hope it help. Thanks
Hello to all, I?m newbie in vhdl programming on FPGA. I need help from all of you out there. Right now I try to write a code for 2-digit BCD down Counter, lcd display message and synchronization between both of them. For 2-digit BCD down counter, here?s my code library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use IEEE.std_logic_arith.all;
you can also check the following: AVR MCU AUO TFT lcd
Hi,i have implemented a processor minimips which is connected to memory on FPGA.the problem is that i can't see the content of the memory after write/read operation.can i use a module in vhdl which shows the content of the memory on lcd.please help me
I am in my second month of learning vhdl but I am good in Microprocessor (PIC16F84, 877) those are the chips I have been able to program. I programed a 2x16 lcd using PIC-Microcontroller and now I want to have a program in vhdl using any 2x16 lcd display. Can somebody please help, with a program that can display a word (...)
Hi! guru. I'm a challange to FPGA design. Can anyone write the simple vhdl code to display text on 16character 2line Text lcd for me? I am learning vhdl and I have a UP2 Development board, using FLEX 10K CPLD. I want to implement and learn FPGA. I studied Microcontroller and I implemented a project of that nature but now with (...)
Hello dollard, Virtex4 is a chip, a FPGA, and it does not have any display. Maybe your board named .... has a display attached to virtex4 you can use to display the word. Have a look to
You need to store the data into the memory and then scroll the data out to the lcd using an input to show different values. Don't need a loop, just a simple control to know how big your lcd is and how to pick up the data from the memory and show it on the screen. Regards, Farhad Abdolian
I am a student who is realizing a frequency_counter based FPGA using a Spartan-3E Starter Kit Board .. At first I must create a vhdl Code which describes the frequency_counter (frequency meter) can u help me??and thank you in advance .. the oscillation frequency in this kit is 5O MHZ(quartz) I have to divide and create a window to accounting 1 s
hi.. how can i design a memory that can stored names and call it to lcd display? pls help... tq
At least you should tell if you need to program certain hardware or you'll just simulate the function. Then, try to read a book explaining the interface between keypad and lcd which is very famous. Finally, if you have questions come and ask. As a start you may read "8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems", by Muhammad Ali Mazidi because it ex
The Spartan 3AN board has an eight-bit data interface to the character lcd. Other Xilinx boards use a four-bit interface. As shown in Figure 5-1, the Spartan-3A/3AN Starter Kit board supports both an eight-bit and a four-bit interface for compatibility reasons, for existing reference designs are already built around a four-bit interface. If you