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Hi! I hope you have use the common microcontroller before? Then download the manual /datasheet of the chip (cortex 9) on board. Don't forget, this is a advance chip to solve complex problem than ordinary risc microcontroller. Meanwhile, start with led flashing, lcd control, to reading of input switches. I hope these help in your exploration.
Hello! I have never played with the Sitara boards, but an SPI screen is really easy to use. If you find a way to use GPIO (try to blink a LED for example) and a SPI, then you just wire the SPI to the lcd, the GPIOs to the proper places (usually chip select, Data/Command, Reset) and you're on the right way. Usually you can find the initialization p
I'm trying to interface a 16*2 lcd display and 4*4 keypad with lpc 1343 board. I have successfully finished interfacing the lcd. but can't find the keypad.h header file to interface the keypad. I'm using lpcxpresso v7 IDE. i'm comfortable using keil uvision5 too. help with the keypad interfacing code would be most appreciated.
I am working now on the TFT lcd display that is interfaced with arm cortex M3 SAM3N-EK BOARD Can any one solve my problem,I have used image to array converter to convert image into array format.If i use this array value into my program ,the image is displaying but the problem is first portion of image is displaying in last .how to (...)
i want ps2 key board function i keil c i am using arm lpc1768 kindly help how to get the key values and print in lcd are serial port
Hi all fellow electronics engineers. We are currently working on a two-display arm processor solution and have finished our PCB but seems to be having some issues with the cabling. Our current configuration consists of a single SSD1963 lcd display connected by a 1 meter long 40-pin flat ribbon cable. The display doesn't work being (...)
Hi, I'm working on an project that should have an Nokia 6610 lcd with Philips PCF8833 driver. the lcd is like to lcd of Olimex SAM7 board: I'm working with this lcd with help of "Nokia 6100 lcd Display Driver, Author: James P. Lynch" :
Hello all, I am interfacing tft lcd which is having ssd2119 driver with smart fusion evaluation board. Could any body let me know how to get 8-bit data on to the GPIO pins using C code? Thanks
Hello!! i am using LPC2138 to do some experiment with arm. Started with LPC2138 Because it is available in Proteus. Had write the codes for lcd, UART and LED Blinking but the problem i am facing with ADC is that, it working well in Keil Simulator. But when simulating it in Proteus, is creating a (...)
I need to know how to access P0.16 to P0.23. I have tried it in the following manner as suggested in the data sheet, but they doesnt work. "FIO0PIN2 =value;" or "IO0PIN=(IO0PIN && 0xFF00FFFF) || value;". please anybody help me.....
Have a look at this link
Hi, I have tried some thing on 320x240 TFT lcd with Touchscreen using avr and arm cortex m4 microcontrollers. But what hardware should I use to make more rich graphics, I should be able to zoom in and zoom out on images etc as seen in android mobile phone, cool animation, background clock, wallpapers, themes etc.. Is this much things (...)
I am doing the codings in KEIL IDE. The data is moved correctly while I Debug it step-by-step. But the hardware lcd is not showing any response, only black dots are displayed. I have attached the code. Please someone help me. Do you use lcd characteri or TFT ?
Recently i have brought a touch screen from sainsmart (given in the following link) which has sd1289 lcd controller and ADS7843 touch screen controller. I want to interface with arm (mbed NXP LPC1768). But i could not understand that how i will do that. I want to this lcd by SPI interface. I have found a sample code but i am (...)
Hello!! Everyone i am new to arm Micro-controller's, few months back purchased a Development Board having LPC2148 Micro-Controller. I did lcd Interfacing, UART and led also, but having some problem with ADC Interfacing. Here is the Circuit for that. 87262 But its not working, lcd is working fine, please help me,
Dispa Hi guys, I'm working with TI's OMAP3530 arm processor based computer on module which is interfaced with 640x480 lcd(NL6448BC18-06F) on it. I want to display texts,Lines and Graphics in lcd display. Did anyone try to tell basic coding for displaying the text, lines and graphics on this (...)
Does the lcd display anything at all, black boxes perhaps? 80600 BigDog
hello.can any one help me with the lcd keypad interface code for arm 7 lpc 2148??
Beagleboard Replace the lcd with HDMI (aka. a 42") , and maybe a Raspberry.PI (when they become awailable) , but cheap. /Bingo
Hello friends, I am working now on the TFt lcd display that is interfaced with arm cortex M3 stellaris board. can anyone tell me how can i display color on my TFT lcd display. i have init my TFT lcd and fill it basic colors balck and white. it is working correctly but when i send any of the color (...)
hello friends.. Currently i am working on Micromedia Stellaris arm Cortex M3 has inbulit TFT lcd display having a touch screen also. I am now trying to start the Touch screen on the TFT display. it has two analog input and two drive output to the touch screen The analog input is connected to the PORTB(PB4:XL,PB5:YD) Drive A = P
hello frineds currently i have bought the arm cortex-m3 STM32 board from Mikroelectronika which have the TFT colour display of 320x240. The display have lcd controller of SSD2119 and lcd module(MI0283QT2). my goal is to write the routine code of interfacing of TFT display with arm. but i really don't (...)
Hi, I want to know if arm cortex m3/4 from NXP (LPC1850 / 4350) with built in lcd controller can handle with graphic generation on 800X600 lcd. I need to know the limit of this controller ? what is the capability to change lcd's pixels and in what rate ? If someone can give me an (...)
i am interfacing rfid with arm lpc 2148 and trying to display the tag's value on the lcd as it is a part of my project and i am not able to do it. garbage value will be displayed when the tag is flashed on the reader. i would require your help in interfacing ......
can the arm microcontroller be interfaced with a medium sized lcd? Yes. Examples: TS-TPC-8900 10" lcd Touch Panel Computer TS-TPC-8390 7" lcd Touc
Well, I make some researchs and I want to find this kind board, which based on 600MHZ arm Cortex-A8 core and has a 7" TFT-lcd with Touch Screen. Besides, the important thing is that it has a WCDMA module. And I don't know how many kinds doe it have. Can any one help me?
User Petros presents the tension recorder based on arm and lcd touchscreen. The device is a handheld diagnostic tool. The main purpose of the instrument is a diagnosis of mechatronic vehicles with electrical signals present
hello, i need to write code give image inside lcd with arm embed which i used nokia lcd and accelemeter
give some details of the hardware, e.g. microcontroller used, lcd model and how it is connected, etc), and the compiler used. otherwise it is difficult to give advice
Hi i want some sugestions o which one is worth more, BeagleBoard or Friendlyarm. The first, got a very new OMAP, and cost 150USD The seconde one got an old arm9, comes with a touch+lcd and cost 85USD. Any comments? Thank you!!
hi everyone!!! i have worked on arm lpc2138 lcd interfacing.i have even designed the Proteus, the problem is that i am unable to display the name on the lcd.i am not getting where i have done wrong. so please kindly go through the code and Proteus design and help me solve the problem.its urgent its the part of my project. (...)
Hi Matt. Lately I've been working a lot with TFT's in my embedded projects. And even with simple 8-bit AVR - though most of my applications used the 32-bit STM32 arm! In general speaking TFT's they doesn't have any SRAM or digital controller. This means that you have to feed the display with RGB data continuously. (...)
Hi, I want to use arm Processor i one of my application but i am very new to it. I am comfortable with 8bit processor. To hand's on on this processor, I borrowed a NGX kit. Can somebody help me to start with it. I have understood the lcd routines & can write on it. My 1st task would be to configure the pin in input (...)
You can convert 3v to a higher voltage with this simple circuit if it is only for prototypes, you should really look at the earlier suggestion for production runs. 1. Use a small NPN transistor 2. Connect the emitter to the 3V circuit (the one you want to convert FROM) 3. connect the base to the 3V supply through a resistor of 10KΩ. 4. c
Hi All, Is it possible to drive TFT lcd module ( say 3.5" display controlled by driver IC like ILI9326, sitronix ST7787 etc. ) with microcontrollelr (16 bit ) or arm processor directly without using OS based system ie SBC. I've found a TFT lcd liberary from Ramtex but don't know how useful and easier (...)
Hi, I'm new to the world of embedded systems.... I would like to do a project on Image Processing in Embedded systems. I have with me a at91sam9263 board with a 5 inch lcd display. I have also got with me a cross compiler .... Now it there any possibility use matlab and cross compile to the arm (...)
Hi friends, im working on LPC2129, Its lcd program is not working on power on reset. After turning on its requires a press on reset button for displaying the lcd. I have put proper delay on the begining of the program but its not working as i expected. pls help me VC
Have u worked already on LPC2300? If not download the user manual and datasheet of LPC2300. start up code for LPC2300 is available at keil website and a code bundle which includes peripherals intialization is available for download u can start with it Do u wan 2 use lcd as 4-bit or 8-bit interface?
Hi all, I'm looking for simple 2x16 lcd screen example codes with Keil Realview arm 3.40 and Proteus file. Because i'm not able to port my codes to keil and i'm unable to use lcd codes in MCB2300 board. I'm googling on internet but it seems nobody has problems finding example project. TIA Analyzer
Hi to all! I have 240x320 TFT-lcd with RGB pattern, 18 bpp(bits per pixel). 262K color. and AT91SAM7s64 as arm controller. The lcd has standard conrol signals like : HSYNC, VSYNC, MAINCLK, ENABLE and 18 Datalines for RGB control of a pixel (6 bit for each color). Upto now i have basic concept of this signals to get (...)
I want a Simple arm Microcontroller Board to learn LPC arm.Something with a lcd Interface and a couple of LEDs.Can anyone give me a schematic or Eagle File Thank You
Well my brother! The first things is request and provide here the lcd docs! Second, describe how lcd is connected in arm uC! with this information, maybe we can help you! Gorkin
hi to every one & Happy New Year Now iam learning arm microcontroller LPC2129 (Keil Tool), for understanding LPC2129 I required some Hard ware interfacing circuits & some basic example programs. Like Interfacing LED, Switch and lcd with LPC2129. Please provide me information regarding How to use the LPC2129 (...)
help me to use graphic lcd 128x128 of NoKia 6100 to interface with my MCU (arm or 89S52 , or AVR )
you can get for more information in this link and lcd nokia,i have a code for pic and avr only
HI I belive MSP430 with lcd interface is better for your design you can order a demo board from OLIMEX at low cost to start with ALl the best Bobi
Hai Which is the simple way to interface the I/O lines of LPC 2138 arm which works on 3.3Volts to circuits which works on 5Volts. also will the control and data lines of lcd (HD4470) respond to 3.3 volt levels? picstudent
I've a project : you log in a password with a keypad to a system and the system open the tourniquet meanwhile count entrance and displaying data on lcd screen . I have to use pic microcontroller and if you have good ideas what can be added this system. please help me also you can write mail to
hello take a look at the LPC2148 education Board From Embedded Artists , I think this is a good board to start with ,with a fair price, i currently purchaced that board and eagerly waiting for it to arrive it has On-board Peripherals ? 2x16 character lcd with background light ? Joystick switch ? RS232 interface on (...)
I think Sharp's arm processors can drive this type of lcd's (HR TFT ?) directly. Take a look at their web site. Regards