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OTAs are simple, easy to compensate (shunt C on output) and easy to slap around with their current limited output (e.g. soft start, current limit functions). Their gain tanks with any resistive load, but internal to a CMOS IC there may be none (just C pretty much). ldos operate the pass (...)
An RC low pass filter on your bandgap core's output, before the error amp sees it, can be tolerably compact and give you a reasonable soft-start dV/dt. But what's reasonable, to who, that wants some digging - opinions surely vary, as they have to do with input supply capability and all decoupling attached to the ldo's (...)
Hi all , Am designing a cap-less ldo/ While simulating at no load, stability of the circuit went totally loose. Although it is stable at any other load. Does anyone have an idea how to deal with this ? Should I use a certain compensation scheme for the OTA, although it has enough phase margin ?! Thanks in advance.
Keep in mind that 78XX regulators want to "see" almost 3V higher voltage at the input than the output, 12V output means 15V (and more) input .. Go for ldo, some of them offer as low as 0.2V .. :wink: IanP
Dear all, Plz give some suggestions on current-limit circuit and short-circuit of ldo. Thanks!!!
Hi : Does any one have any the experience or papers on the design of current limiter and short-circuit protect for ldo ? The limiter should take the structure of monitering the gate voltage of pass device .
i would use a real charger IC, nim-h get really screwed up without current limit and overcharge limit. as long as the charger doesn't pull more than 500mA (the usb limit i think) any one should be fine. switchers are better than ldo, but it's up to you. try the maxim or linear tech sites

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