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The way I translate your post: "I did something, or maybe I did not do something. This process results in a .sof file. When I program that .sof file to the fpga the programming in itself is succesful, but the design does not do what I want. When I program an older .sof from somewhere this also programs succesfully, and as a bonus the led goes
I am testing a function that is suppose to blink an led at a certain input frequency. In order to test the function alone I had to define a value for the frequency. I am suding PIC16f17889 I tried to explain each line as much as I could using the following comments. Please advise. #include #include #include
I am trying to implement a led blinking program using EDK.I have selected GPIO leds(datawidth 8) and updated UCF files.When i try to launch it on hardware ,the error "MicroBlaze is under reset.Check if the reset input to MicroBlaze and its Bus interfaces are connected prpoerly" appears.I am using Genesys (...)
That is led blinking. You want to control the power to Ultrasonic sensor module or what to send trigger pulse ? If you want to control the power to module then you have to use a relay, transistor or mosfer controlled by MCU.
Hi I downloaded MikroC 6.4.0 and i try my first program: blinking led. I have one led on RB7. No Qtal just internal osc. This is my code void main() { PORTB=0; TRISB=0; CMCON = 0x07; // Disable comparators ADCON1 = 0x0F; // Disable Analog functions while(1){ PORTB = ~PORTB; (...)
hello, Be carrefull with some device HC05 comming from RPC.. Some have very erratic initialisation... at power on, the led must blinking to be able to associed it to an android BT and then successfully establish a dialogue. Even when using pin KEY .. So must use many Power off /power ON to get led (...)
I've been looking for a way to control 12V with a 5V source, to control some led strips with an MCU. Obviously the MCU isn't powerful enough to directly control the strips, but there is a problem that outcasts relays. I want to use hyper blinking (my word for rapidly turning on and off) to control the brightness of the (...)
HI I wrote code for led blinking led blinking c code start turn ON led wait for some time (delay ) turn OFF led include // header file for 8051 include // header file for delay #define led_ON 00000001 // (...)
If you have any form of feedback, you could make a double push. Ok=short push, as wp100 said above. Push and hold get a feedback, blinking a disply or led, and then release and push again to exit, inside a time limit. It all depends on what you prefer. The exit fiunction could also be automatic after a (...)
you want to have leds blinking ? at which frequency ?
Hi I am aashish, I am a pure beginner to 8051 microcontrollers and want to Blink a led connected to port 1 with it (as my first test). It is my habit to start any thing from groundup....... I performed the following steps, 1. Generate Hex file from keil uVision 2. Flash the AT89S52 with this hex file using a 8051 programmer. 3. Connect a L
Hi everyone, I have an assignment to do i.e, 8 leds blinking one after the other on Spartan 3E board. The pattern for leds should be started from right most led and continue to the left one. after one round completion it should again be started from right. I know the basics to divide clock, the question (...)
currently i am working on gps . my gps is connected and its led is blinking. i have read some data on hyper terminal . i have a image of hyper terminal . i dont know where are my coordinates in this data. can anybody guide me about it . i want to put these coordinates on this web www.gps-coordi
hello, I am working on a similar project... i try to use HC06 and /or HC05 as slave i can establish the link to configure HC05 or HC06 but it seems difficult to put the BT device in the good state when power on. To be able to put AT command , the BT module must have his led blinking.. if not , no chance to get a (...)
I'm testing a MPC8315E board according to EN 50155. In normal temperature (25 degree) , the board worked. The board now have just CPU and NOR FLASH , test program is U-boot led blinking. 1) During low temperature cooling test, CPU will not start up at -25 degrees after cooling for a while. But If I power on 1.0V before 3.3V (...)
only 1 step work fine step 6 & when i increas i\p volt . mcu sence step 5. then relay doing tik tak tik tak sound . There is only 4 relays. Other is led (rc4) and it starts blinking. If you connect a relay to this pin, it will start to do "tic tic".
Hi guys,i want to modified code to show blink led difference,how to optimized the code.when i click one show one way and click again show other way. #include #include unsigned char tmod=0; unsigned char i ,j,tmp; void delay_1ms(void) { unsigned int i; for (i=1;i<(unsigned int)(1144-2);i++); } void delay_ms(u
I have a problem in SIM detection in SIM 900 module. When I insert SIM in the SIM card holder, sometimes it detects SIM for 10-15 times (i decide the SIM detection by the blinking of led and time it takes to blink again) and then it doesn't detect the SIM. Till now the method I adopted was that I plugged out the SIM 900 (...)
Dear masters, Please help me. I have NEC Laptop, model Versa P8100 with Intel Pentium Mobile Celero 1,7Ghz, 2Gb of ram. have trouble the LCD screen is Blank... even Back lgiht not light. and, the power led and charging led was blinking... Fan for cooling system rotate in high rpm. i've browse for (...)
i have a used for series led blinking using PCR406j . so is that other way to use instead of PCR406j to other transistor like BC547/8.
there is no need to give vcc to TE pin. for checking that ht12e is working or not, connect an led to pin 17 when you connect the TE pin to ground led will be glow.(actual method use CRO because you can't see the blinking at 434 mhz so it will look like continuously glow) connect +ve of led to pin 17 and -ve (...)
Hi... Im novice to AVR mcu and its various programming/prototyping methods. I had installed atmel studio6, managed to get STK500 programmer, and after some attempt succeed in programming simple led blinking program on mega8515 available on STK500. apart from this i don't know much about programming, (...)
Hi friends since long time i was busy with STP16CP05 led driver ic. Its a serial in led driver with 16 bit output. I made myself development board for learning. Codes work ok but now next step project is to make blinking leds or some leds are blinking some are continious burning. which (...)
Use a switch (TACT) and led. led should turn ON and OFF on pressing the button.
Hi All, This day, I'm trying with ARM microcontrollers (AT91SAM3S2B), and have an error when compilling. I'm using SAM3-P256 dev board from Olimex, Eclipse + Yagarto and the file for blinking a led is lisled below. 9413994140 this demo software is from Olimex. *----------------------------
First I thought the HC 01 is damaged. But after some works I got the led (31) is blinking at a slow rate when 34 is connected to VCC. When 34 is connected to GND/Floating the led on 31 blinks fast and shows in bluetooth device search in mobile. Sometimes after ~1 minute led blinking stops (...)
Any body know about how to simulate dsPIC30F with matlab simulink ? Can you explane with simple example like led blinking.
Hi colleagues, this topic start with "I am trying simple led blinking code" and until now we have 25 reply including from Super moderator, several Advanced members... greath forum with proffesional approach, that?s is reason WHY EDA BOARD is the best electronics forum on the world best regards for all...
Hello!! i am using LPC2138 to do some experiment with ARM. Started with LPC2138 Because it is available in Proteus. Had write the codes for LCD, UART and led blinking but the problem i am facing with ADC is that, it working well in Keil Simulator. But when simulating it in Proteus, is creating a problem. Like when i connect POT-HG (...)
Hi there i try to build an error code monitor with 1 led..i need like 10 input when input 1 is selected led is blinking 1 time after 3 seconds off blinking again... when input #2 is selected led is blinking 2 times 3 seconds off and blinking again....number (...)
Hi everyone, I still got problems in my project, which I want to control led with switch. But here nothing happen to PORTB. Can anyone check my circuit in ISIS and my code. 90641 /* Project Title: Controled led by switches */ void main() { TRISA=0XFF; //Configure all bit of PORTA as input
I'm new to dsPIC programming. I decided to try a simple led blinking project using Proteus ISIS and the MikroC compiler. void main() { LATB=0xFFFF; while(1) { LATB=~LATB; Delay_ms(1000); } } So I hooked up a dsPIC33fj32mc202 to a 16 segment display (...)
Hello I m trying to turn my stepper motor with a pic16F877A + l297 + l298 with this code but what i get at PORTC.2 is the led blinking and the motor is not turning so i affect the 4 output of the motor into some led to see the signal but the 4 led are taking the same signal like the clock, thanks (...)
Hi everyone, I hope you guys can guide and teach me a lots in microcontroller works. I want to try out this project by peter_england. I want to do the project Controlled led with push button, and interface it with PIC which is PIC16F877A. Can I have your favor on checking my schematic and (...)
I'm using AT89C2051 for small function.. I post My code and schematic.. it is working Proteus in my circuit is not worked. #include sbit led = P1^7; sbit sw = P1^6; int i,a; void delay(unsigned int ms) ; void main() { P0=0x00; while(1) { P1=0x00; // led
Hello every one !! I use the GSM module SIM900 for the first time. for more than a week i'm trying to send some AT Commands through the Hyper Terminal : Some works and some others just don't !!! i have the SimCard and the antenna for the SIM900 : the NETLIGHT led is blinking as to show that the SIM900 (...)
I am using usb 89s52 programmar (technido) I write led blinking program its work but when i write another program its not running previous program is running I did not select chip lock option in progisp programmar I replace IC but no problem solved Please guid me
How to blink an led using interrupt0 in atmega8.
Hey guys can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with the simple led blinking program. I'm using the PIC16f628a, Hi-Tech C complier(Lite), pickit 2 and MPLAB v8.88. #include #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 void main (void){ TRISB=0b00000000; PORTB=0b00000001; while(1){ PORTB=0b00000000; __delay_ms(1000); PORTB=0b000000
Dear members I have a code regard led chaser (8051). i want to control speed of blinking by external preset variable resister and 2nd thing is i want to lock pattern which is running at the same time sir please help me if can edit code which is shown below then please help me sir.. (...)
Here is the simple program i am using to blink led on pin B0 but i want to blink led on all the 8pins of Port b.... is there any simple way to set all the pins of port b to high... or i have to do it one by one #include <16F887.h> //#FUSES NOWDT, HS, NOMCLR, NOBROWNOUT, NOIESO, NOLVP #use delay(clock=20000000) void main() {
I don't know when and how to use "config" can someone explain me that please? With the proper syntax. Maybe with an example of an led blinking. I tried looking around online I just get confused. I have MPLAB 8.88 and a Hi-tech C compiler so if you guys can help out in explaining it I would greatly appreciate it! I'm also (...)
Hi guys, i want to ask about programming my at89s52 using Keil c51 with clock frequency 11.0592MHz the idea is to interface led so it will blink for 5 second,and then off for 5 second as well. in the same circuit, i also required to interface led that will light on if I hit a switch. here is my circuit : 83498 as
Hi Guys, I m new to C language and currently working on programming of a PIC18f452 microcintroller. To get a start, i wrote a simple led blinking code on MPLAB using C18 toolsuite, the code seems to be compiling and hex file is created without any errors, but after burning it on the controller the led (...)
Dear all, I need to ask related to generating 1Khz clock using PIC, please suggest me something since I am beginner to PIC and have usually worked over FPGAs. But I have to urgently make this 1Khz clock for our system. Hence I applied this strategy that I take the led blinking code from extreme electronic(which is famous among (...)
Any Body Help Me?Proteus 7 Professional is work nice.But...Write PICPgm Programmer pic 18F2550 ,not work all led is blinking to problem???
Hello! Everything depends on the other components. Just to give you an idea: Let's suppose that you are blinking a led at 10Hz, and do data acquisition of your potentiometer. Depending on how your power supply is designed (depending on the impedance of your generator), the led blinking will generate a (...)
Dear friends, My EPSON LCD Projector Model: EMP-X3 powered normally and send focus for 3-5 sec then OFF the Focus,after then Temp led blinking in panel upside.Can anybody have idea which side i check for that problem,projector cooling fan also running nomally.please help me to solve the problem.
HI................................................................ I am new user of PIC micro-controller I use PIC 16F877A , mikroC compiler , WinPic800 and jmd programmer witch I attached it's circuit and I wrote this simple code for led blinking on PORTC.4 Every things works perfectly and the (...)
First try simple blinking led program with your hardware, if it works fine most probably there must be some logic error in your code. Be elaborate in your posts.