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Hi, For 1), you can use two 555. The first one as a monostable and the second one as an astable. The astable period be the blinking period of the led diode. The monostable period should be 5 second. The monostable output (3) should be connected to the reset pin (4) of the astable.
there is two possible defects in your circuit. However, if the led blinks for about 10 times your tuner is defective 90%. To be sure if it is a tuner or an IF circuit. Isolate the tuner first then the IF circuit. you can check this using a scope. Thanks. I Hope this helps:D
Hi, I have tried to interface ADC0804 and HY62256(S-ram) to AT89C52 microcontroller. The whole idea is to do an A/D conversion using ADC 0804 and than storing the data input to the SRAM. The code that i had developed is below for reference. It does not seem to work. ( Even when i do not give an input signal to the ADC, the led keeps (...)
The led IS blinking but the time that remains in the off state takes about 2 or 3 instructions time, and the on state takes what the generic delay says. you should use a simulator so you can find bugs like this one easily. regards.
I test MULTISIM circuit make blinking led with PIC 16f84. Assembler code is ok and working good but if i attach one led with resitor over port RB0 pic pic16f84 this led dont blink becouse the level in OUT over port go to 0. Is same led and resitor make short circuit over (...)
Would you care to do this tests also?: Test it with one led. Simulate the whole thing with MPSIM (replace the delays, if any, by single lines). Is it possible to format your code to post here? I don't feel akin to read such a mess.
Hi Mr. Karan, I went through your post & corresponding replies. In your schematic You have not mentioned led positioning, connect led with Series resistor of 1K on RA0 then try.
Hello Friends, I read all ur discussion. i am new in digital circuits. I have knowlage of digital circuits and have some programming knowlage too but don't dont' have real world experiance. I have a working led matrix matrix of 7 rows and 96 rows. I want to test it with my won microcontroller. I am going to use this with my
Hi all, I have a project, below is the requirement: -> Control led brightness + blinking rate(OnTime and OFFtime). I am able to control the led brightness using PWM. My idea is using Timer to set the blinking. How can I compile the PWM and TIMER together? Microcontroller: (...)
Hi all!! I tried to blink a led and I can't as expected. I use CCS C. The hex file is working with ISIS properly. The code and the circuit are attached below. Can anybody tell me the mistakes?? Thanks in advance... #include <16F877A.H> #use delay (clock = 20000000) void main(void) { while (1) { output_high(PIN_A0); delay_ms(
Hi, Take a look at the comparator and ADC sections in the datasheet and how to disable them. The difference between 16F877 and 16F877A is the presence of an analog comparator in 16F877A and this needs to be disabled if the related pins are to be used as digital IO. ADCON1 = 7; //ADC off CMCON = 7; (...)
sir, good day, in my simulation i have row cathodes and column anodes.. here is my design.. and it works fine.. sir my question is this.. i will use TIP147 to my row, but my row is cathode, is it ok? because i saw the schematic of elektro the emitter is connected to +5v.. if i implement TIP147 in
I am creating a firmware for PIC18F4550 with the function of BlinkUSBStatus inside. But when i toggle one of my other leds from on to off or vice versa, the blinking led stops blinking. I am wondering why it will stops blinking. Actually the purpose of the blinking led is (...)
The simplest way is to buy a flashing red led and connect two more plain red leds in series to it
I'm newby at PIC programming, actually this is my first time with him, and I have a issue. I'm using ICD2, MPLAB IDE with C18 Compiler and PIC18F2550 just to toggle one led on/off (classic hello world application). Below is my current schematic, the circuitry is mounted in a breadboard and the power is supplied by the (...)
why the led keep blinking even thought i not press any button. pls anybody correct the code for me. thank you unsigned short i; void main() { TRISB= 0xFF; PORTB=0x00; TRISD = 0x00; // PORTB as ouput PORTD = 0x00; // Set port output as all 0's while(1){ if(TRISB.F0==1) { // Detect logical one to zero for(i=0;i <50; i++){ //re
Hi there, I am having a SIM908 EVM board. I was able to send AT Commands and receive GPS data from a hyper terminal and a PIC24F. My next step is to send the GPS data to a backend server over a HTTP POST. I inserted a sim card in the EVM Board. I am using a normal power supply provided in the EVM kit. The VBAT led is (...)
Use timer to generate interrupt for some milli seconds and then use a counter to count no of interrupts. eg. set timer interrupt for 100 ms and increment counter on every interrupt. If counter is 10 then time is 1000 ms or 1 sec. When value of counter is 10 set a flag. use this flag in while(1) loop to blink led and clear (...)
Hi there i try to build an error code monitor with 1 led..i need like 10 input when input 1 is selected led is blinking 1 time after 3 seconds off blinking again... when input #2 is selected led is blinking 2 times 3 seconds off and blinking again....number (...)
Using two timers you can generate PWM in standard 8051 uC. But the problem with this is that the frequency of output signal won't be very high which results in poor fading of led. I've tried this thing and results were very poor. Also a lot of CPU time is wasted in generating this signal. Insted try using 89C51RB2 or RC2 or RD2. They (...)
I have this CTX1451C monitor...the vga card is ATI3d Rage pro...while installing win ME,..the screen suddenly started blinking (while configuring the hardware) and after a while it went all that is left is a blinking power led and tick tick sound from inside the monitor. Please somebody help me (...)
The best way to learn is learn it yourself by practice. Just start learning it by grabbing some books on microcontrollers & microprocessors with development boards. First start with simple projects as blinking some led's. Later move to complicated projects & finally get some GNU project sources & understand the architecture. Finally, involve (...)
Hi Brenon, You haven't really listed any "real" information to go on like code and a diagram but the common problem with displays is not having the contrast input connected or set to mid range. Also if you are using PicBasic Pro, why don't you post on their forum? ww* Have you tried a very basic Hello World type program using
hi friends, can anyone please help me in finding out myh mistake. Actually i'm trying to blink a led using timer 0 of PIC16F628A but can't. here's the code:- LIST p=16F628A ;tell assembler what chip we are using include "" ;include the defaults for the chip cblock 0x20 ;start of general purpose registers
Hi scg00, I'm used to writing assembly code in PIC. Can you explain what pause 500 does? If it's us then led may seem to be on. Check dc voltage on pin using a multimeter. If it's vcc/2 you've got it. Giri
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Day.. Have anyone knows what seem to be the problem? and can give me tips how to troubleshoots Sony TV 25" model KV-25FX1? When i turn on the power theres no display on the screen, i can adjust the volume, change channel and select either tv or video
BigFoot13, With the battery polarity shown, you must use NPNs. To use PNPs, you must reverse the battery connection, the led connections and the Capacitor polarities to ensure that you do not damage the electrolytic capacitors. . The circuit is locked up in a state where both transistors are on. Try momentarily shorting one of the transistor b
Thanks for documents ... , can you help me know how to start a project in Assmebly language in keil ? should i install anything for ARM asm support more than keil software ?i have already downloaded the last version from keil website ... i just tested to create a new project , what are that codes as start up codes ? i just want to make a
i am also working on this board,my status is that only green led is blinking :p anyways i'm not understanding suppose i am able to count pulses then how can i know the power being consumed by some device,i mean what is the relation between them?
Hi, this is a modified pcb layout of PiCS ICD2clone RevB to use idc connector instead of the jack, and a daughter board base on Teskan's from the other thread. This works for me just for programming as I have no clue how to debug yet. BTW female header is use on one end, the daughter board is flipped to mate with the icd2, led's maybe be so
I made led flash circuit which is often used as the PIC software making practice. This circuit controls the blink of eight leds with the software of PIC. The blinking pattern can be changed with five switches. Parts List: PIC: PIC16F84A Processor Frequency: 10MHz led: High (...)
Hi everybody, I replaced the power supply PWM controller (TEA2262) dead and Q510, Q503, D596 all dead. I also checked or replaced some involved cap's A second after power-on, the power & Saving led are blinking while the Geom led is on. Nothing else. I already took a look at the internet but there never was a satisfactory (...)
How to write C program to make led blinking with 1 sec delay.
hi all i have design 16*64 moving text led sign and i use multiplexing tequnic . the sign working good but i notice two problems . first the brightness of the sign is low second the brightness of columns that have few leds on is greater than columns that have mor leds on > i know that my proplem is in driving (...)
can we run a led with alternating current , if yes then how ?
Hello, Can someone post a schematic and complied .HEX file for blinking a led using PIC12F675. I dont want to use an external crystal in the circuit and use the internal clock of the pic.The basic idea is to just test the device!
Hello all. Begrudgingly, I'm in need of some help with regards to a project I need to complete that uses the PIC16F874A. First off, the limited amount of assembly I've picked up was based on the 16F84A through the book PIC in Practice . All I need to
You can do it with hardware. Just connect pin TxD from your PC (the pin where PC sends it serial data to) with a diode, resistor and led, in parallel with RS 232 level converter (if you are using one). Mind also the RS 232 voltage level, logic 1 is -5 to -25V and logic 0 is +5 to +25V. When serial line is idle, it is in logic 1. I have (...)
simple, start at the source and work upwards. eliminate the power cable, the fuse and the on/off switch. As the led is blinking then it shows that all 3 above items are working. Yes blinking led is a sign that there is a fault inside with the electronics and we'd need (...)
dear friends, i hvae made a simple project with 89c51 and i am in trouble. the project is --> 8 relays, 8 switches. when one wsitch is pressed, one relay becoms on and all others off. so simple. but the problem is --> at the start, when i firstly ON the supply, ( +5v from a regulated supply), all the ledS blink once (...)
Hey guys i encountered a problem right now...i need to on/off led when i received few btyes at a time(for example, when i recieved 3 bytes, the led should turn" on off and on" agn.Can any one help?Now i only manage to turn on led when i received a byte and off the led when i received the (...)
I have recently faced a problem for our PLC that is controlling a Electro-compressor. Our PLC has communication wit site via two paths, one is via "Fiberoptics Module Profibus"(OZD Profi 12M) and the other is via ET200 S(IM151: 6ES7 151 -1AA02-0ab0). The problem is the IM151 communication failure with PLC, On IM 151 the "SF" led is lit and (...)
Hi ALL, I have various question regarding ARM programming * There is ARM is a HARVARD architecture, i mean the code and data had separate BUS? * I have freescale IMX21 chip, its an ARM with lots of peripheral, i want to begin to experiment on it, say i just build simple blink led, and serial stuff, i connected flash (...)
for using pics easilly 1- start using pi16f84/a 2- read datasheet 3- search for elmer160 tutorials. 4- build your first program by blinking a led 5- go on using pics
Hi everybody, I try to use the GM862-Quad (datasheet is there ). As the datasheet says I set the output of my uC to an high level, wait 2.5 seconds and then I set it to a low level. Now the GM862 should be on. But it doesn't work. After 5 seconds it shut down. When I don't set the output low I hav
hi i need a 8051 led blinking project im using AT89C52 serial port rs232 db9 12Mhz frequency and need it in vb or c++ and need the code works 100% because i need to establish a serial connection with my pc thanks.
I'm used to programming 8051s but got a couple of PICs and a programmer. I spent the last few days learning pic asm for 16F but when I went to program my chip I found a problem with the device. I have a 18F2520 which works in the programmer. My question is, does anyone have code for blinking a led using a 18F2520? I don't mind if it's C, (...)
My test prog is not working...The led on b0 is blinking but led on b1 is not blinking at all....Can anyone find where the mistake is pls? Prog is written in CCS C COMPILER ///////////////////TEST_INT/////////////////////////// #include <16F876.h> #fuses HS,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP #use delay(clock=4000000) #int_timer1 (...)
Hi In the given circuit, I am taking output from a microcontroller and load is a small electric bulb , 230 V , 50 Hz. Please see the circuit diagram below and the test results and help me with the debugging Circuit Diagram is MOC3020 & BT136 crcuit testing a) On giving 3 or 5 V input on
the code seems ok but what is the problem where the program is giving the problem try to find the code in which the problem is by blinking different led at different location but first please tell us the problem so someone can solve it