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Hi all, I have worked on various peripherals of PIC18F4520 microcontroller, but I am new to RTOS. To begin with, I am trying with "PICos18". I followed the exact instruction given in the below link, to create two tasks. One tasks to turn ON an led and the other task to blink another led:
I am using this pin for simple led out put (led blink) but it doesnt work the code is okay running debugging all ok but led remains off when i write configuration bit as #pragma config LPOL = OFF the led then remains on but blinking not occurs
Hi I am making a simple Battery Charger using PIC12F675. All registers are configured properly. I have used mikroE Timer Calculator to generate 250 ms Timer1 interrupt code. I need to blink the green led three times at 500 ms when the device starts but it is only blinking once. I don't know what is the problem. I spent 4 hours trying to (...)
how to make simple led blink program in it? which programming language does it support? I think you must read and understand the basics first. (Although this is a Xilinx based tutorial, but can also be applied for Altera d
But you're supposed to write to the output LATCH register; the PORT register is for reading. Yes, you should do so, at least for clarity. But according to PIC18 reference, writes to PORTA and LATA go both to the output latch. You also see that analog configuration only affects PORT input operation. So it's more likely a problem of
From personal experience, I can tell you that if you accidentally use a DC adapter that outputs a higher voltage than is specified, the power led will blink on a Xilinx Spartan development board. In my case, going back to the proper charger stopped the blinking. Unfortunately the overvoltage had damaged something else on the board and it (...)
Energy harvesting with a piezo transducer produces a very low current. You can strongly vibrate a piezo for hours and its output can be rectified then it can charge a capacitor. The small amount of stored energy can blink an led for a short duration one time. A piezo transducer fastened to an aircraft or missile engine will pick up its strong vibr
Hi All, I have written simple code to blink an led when switch is pressed. But problem I'm facing here is when I press the button led is going high but it is not turning off after 10sec delay. Please let me where is the problem in the below code. I'm using CCS C compiler and here RA3 is defined as input port and RC0 is defined output (...)
Now, the led can stay still for each word but I would like it to blink and it has to use multiplexer(in 74 series) for blinking. I have found 74153 use for blinking but I can't connect it to my system on Proteus. So, if you know how it work Please help Proteus was included. and photos represent how it (...)
I have to make a very simple program for led blinking . Using buttons 1 and 6 lead me.When the button is pressed for a small time , then led 1 should be blinking. This code is part 2 of the led blink. part 1- Lead 5 & 6 part 2- led 1,2,3 & 4 blinking with (...)
you need to go step by step. Do a led blink, does it work?
I designed and built some led chasers that have 10 leds in a circle and a blink of light goes around and around. Chasers with 1.8V red leds are powered from two AA alkaline battery cells and chasers with 3.2V blue and bright green leds use four AA alkaline cells. The batteries run the chasers all the time (...)
Hi, I am testing a simple program of blinking two leds with 8051 uC, one led will blink all the time and another will toggle during an interrupt. I am using proteus simulator and keil v5. Debugging step by step of the code in keil shows it ok while running the code is not giving satisfactory output with interrupt (...)
Hello! I have never played with the Sitara boards, but an SPI screen is really easy to use. If you find a way to use GPIO (try to blink a led for example) and a SPI, then you just wire the SPI to the LCD, the GPIOs to the proper places (usually chip select, Data/Command, Reset) and you're on the right way. Usually you can find the initialization p
Driver for HID a preinstalled in all windows. Try to implement any confirmation that mcu is working like a led blinking if you do not have proper debug option.
Hey, I am trying to blink led with PIC32MX220F032B. led is connected with resistor to pin RB5. I am using microC pro for PIC32 IDE/compiler. I am programming it with ICSP and the hex is written correctly. This is my code: #include #include void main() {  TRISB = 0;     
it seems your fuses are OK (internal 8Mz without DIV8) and I can guess your led takes about 8 times slower to blink (instead of 2.5s, it takes 20s) if so, you're right, the asf routine isn't getting the right value for sysclk_get_cpu_hz or something related... sadly i can't help you more, but maybe you can try something... in the old days we used
Can someone provide me the .asm file to blink a led in PIC16f676 microcontroller.
Start by making a led blink What's your next suggestion if he already did? Several years ago, Altera offered a car audio reference design. It's no longer supported as far as I'm aware of, but the concept is still shown in an application note It should give you an idea of suitabl
Minimum PWM frequency with 20 MHz crystal is 1.2 kHz, so you'll hardly see the led blinking.
Hello, I'm trying to make a led blink on the STM32F429 Discovery kit from ST. I downloaded the firmware package from page 7 - figure 2 in the link above. I'm use the following library from the package: ST firmware\Projects\Template\EWARM
Give me IAR EW ARM example for LPC2148 led blinking.
Recently the washer died and while checking LNK304PN and R1 (22ohm), 4.7u450v was replaced to bring it online. However when switched on, immediately getting PE error after ON symbol with wash cycle led's blink. Pressure sensor (E1) is already validated. The machine was working with a older version of PCB and I need to fix the new version and
hi, i have a problem using sim900. the problem is that when i turn it on, the net led starts to blink, after 4 to 6 blinks, both net and stat leds turn off and again starts after 1 second. this continues till i turn off the power!!
Very simple code to glow the led. It is not working with configuration settings IESO = OFF. led glows once i changed to IESO = ON Proves that the external oscillator is not working. This is a hardware rather than a coding problem. By the way, why are you always using HTML code tags for C code?
I am trying to blink an led on p0.1 on LPC2138 using PWM,its T-on 20 % but led is not even work. The code is not showing output. #include #define PRESCALE 2999 void initPWM() { PINSEL0|=(1<<10);//pin select PWMPCR=0x00;//by default sigle edge output PWMPR=PRESCALE-1;//pre scaler PWMMR0=20000;//20ms PWMMR1=1000
Hi, May be I did not provided correct configurations or crystal values while creating the new project for PIC18F452. Any working code (even blink of a led) will be very helpful. So show us what you did so far. Sw and hw. blinking led code should be available, do a google search. Klaus
Have you configured ADCON1 register ? Have you disabled Comparators ?
Yes, ECCP has the same functionality. But 0.5 Hz is beyond the minimal frequency of most PWM timers. Slow blink action can be better performed in periodically executed code controlled by a timer tic.
I was just testing atmega32 by making a blink program. But the output at the pin is very low of about 1.5v. Shouldn't it be at 5v? Due to this the led does not glow bright. Previously it used to glow bright but not now. I thought it was uC fault, and tried another one. But the same problem occurs. Also I know my code is not wrong because it worked
Dear All, Am working on 8051 Timer Interrupt Programming. Specs: Timer 0 Mode 1. Need to blink an led for 30 seconds. Xtal Freq: 11.0592Mhz. I've pasted the code below. Could you please identify the errors in it. If so could you give me the complete code for it. It'l be a great help. Thanks. code
Hi Friends, I have an ATMEGA328P Custom designed Board. The microcontroller does not has bootloader installed. I am using Codeblocks IDE for Arduino and using an external usb programmer USBASP to program the ATMEGA328P microcontroller. I am using following code to blink an led: void setup() { //Serial.begin(9600); // initiali
I would suggest you play with caps here, then get a CD4020 binary counter to divide down the speed of the led flashing
Hi I am aashish, I am a pure beginner to 8051 microcontrollers and want to blink a led connected to port 1 with it (as my first test). It is my habit to start any thing from groundup....... I performed the following steps, 1. Generate Hex file from keil uVision 2. Flash the AT89S52 with this hex file using a 8051 programmer. 3. Connect a L
You have a momentary pushbutton. If it is normally open then it allows the circuit to blink the led one time whenever a switch is turned on, if no other switch is already turned on. When you press the pushbutton then it allows a switch to continuously light the led if the pushutton is still pressed. So the pushbutton does not reset (...)
Dear all I am trying to build hand detection system using vcnl4020 (proximity detection IC) Is it OK to give IC output to any microcontroller and program it to detect hand thru led blink? Which controller is suitable? is it PIC good or not? Any suggestion will be helpful as doing it first time Thank you for your time
hi, i have a problem. i have written a simple code in C to make an led blinking. after compiling, using the MPLAB Hi Tec PIC Compiler, i try the hex file with simulation, the result was okay. but when burn into PIC, it seems like nothing happened. rather than trying to blink the led can you write a program to switch i
i am trying to write my first code using arm timers ,i am not clear in the timer programming ,any how i am tried to write the code ,in isis proteus ,its not generating 1 sec delay to blink the led,dont know the error in it.please help me in it , if possible share me links to learn timers and pll . thanks in advance #include <
after the button is pressed it should flash, then do nothing except wait for next button press? counter = 0 while (1) { if (button_pressed()) { ++counter; blink_led(counter); // a subroutine to make the led blink n times } }
hey i am using systic timer to blink a led my core frequency is 100mhz so typically between 2 interrupts there is 1ms accordingly i have to tried to blink led but to no avail am i missing something #include "LPC17xx.h" #include volatile uint32_t msTicks = 0; volatile uint32_t curTicks; (...)
Hi, I am going to use pic24fj128ga010 controller, i am new to this 16 bit controller. I want to blink led in portA using xc16 compiler. Plz post sample led c code for xc16 compiler. Thanks in advance
i hv started working with pic. i am using pic 16f676 controllers... with mplab and pickit2... can u help me i want some examples for learning. starting from led blink. also mplab programming in C language or Assembly ... thanks in advance,
Hi, I don't find the library where the digitalWrite(led, HIGH) is defined. I have only find the declaration of the prototype in Arduino.h. I would like to make the software migration from the Arduino IDE (sketch) to AVR studio 6.0 Could you please help me. Thank you. José Miguel.
Hai friends.... The CCS compiler is only for those who want to blink led's....(CCS guys don't know the motor control pwm till.) So in practice any body wants to do beyond led blink...Go for other compilers,uninstall CCS.)
Which ARM MCU you are using This links is showing STM32F407VG reference of Discovery board which is excellent development board and is example written by me using above development board to blink led #include "stm32f4xx.h" //#include "stm32f4xx_gpio.
i am troubling bcoz of USB communication from long time.I have downloaded USB_HID example from keil website. so how to add this code to my project.Consider it is based on interrupt transfer method.And there is key's on software and i have to blink led with this aplication. And if i mark Use memory layout from target Dialog then it gives scatte
Hi everyone, i try to blink a led to learn avr series as hoby so i wrote this code below: #define OUTPUT 1 #define INPUT 0 #include "main.h" #include #include "util/delay.h" int main(void) { DDRC = 0xFF; // PC0..PC3 as output PORTC = 0x00; // all PORTC output pins Off while(1) {
Hi guys,i want to modified code to show blink led difference,how to optimized the code.when i click one show one way and click again show other way. #include #include unsigned char tmod=0; unsigned char i ,j,tmp; void delay_1ms(void) { unsigned int i; for (i=1;i<(unsigned int)(1144-2);i++); } void delay_ms(u
Just because your code compiles without error doesn't mean it's going to do anything useful. You don't give us any information that can help us figure out what you've got. Maybe your led is in backwards. Maybe your crystal is broken. Maybe your reset is being asserted.
I have a problem in SIM detection in SIM 900 module. When I insert SIM in the SIM card holder, sometimes it detects SIM for 10-15 times (i decide the SIM detection by the blinking of led and time it takes to blink again) and then it doesn't detect the SIM. Till now the method I adopted was that I plugged out the SIM 900 module and plug in (...)

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