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I once wrote a scrolling text code for 8 dot-matrix displays in assembler. It shouldn't be hard to implement it in C. You may start
Hi everone, I want to do "led Running display" using 8052. i.e. display will rolling from right side to left side. For displaying One character i want 8x8 led matrix. On this display how can i display message. & message will be decided by user. (...)
pls visit Downloads / 8051 Projects / Scrolling Dot Matrix led display using 8051 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Hi guys, Do you have a circuit for AT89S52 with 74HC154 for 8x8 led matrix with 4 or more characters ? And the code as well in C ? Thanks a lot
Hi If anybody know any hardware details about the moving pannel display for led matrix, whcih displays graphics also. Is there is any character map generator IC? pl give the implementation details how can we address each led individually. I will be using 89C51 for the implementation of the (...)
Hi, Search Elektroda forum: ................
Hi all, I'm building a 256 shades Monochrome led display, it's a 55 x 35 leds matrix. I intend to use xilinx CPLDs for row PWM generation, an atmel 8051 member uC runs at 33 MHz and a 512 KB RAM chip. I have some questions: 1- Do i have to calculate the frame animation at runtime or i can simply download the whole (...)
Hi, Microcontrollers can be used from simple applications like temperature sensor to very complex things. if u are referring to a graduation project, u can try these things: 1. Moving LCD/led display using 8051 2. Intellegent car parking system. the system provides user authentication using simple (...)
Hi guys.. i'm planning on displaying words through two 8x8 led Matrix using 8051 microcontroller and C programming. i would like to make the words to move as well. My problem is for the coding part, what type of statement that i should use in writing the code? or do anyone has the related sample C language code that can (...)
Contact who can turn your dream projects in to reality. they give you complete schematics, explanations and codes too with Assembled or un assembled PCB's....Good luck
hi fren i am doing project on 5*5*5 led cube using 89s52 pls suggest me circuit diagram for my purpose .urgent pls.
There are a couple problems You're calling delay() in your isr and the main loop. It's using the same memory locations for looping in both invocations. They're going to step on each other. Do you have your logic backwards? The while(1) loop should display the current picture, and the timed isr change the picture to the new scrolled (...)
i changed my mind, i want to make it multi digital counters with 6 blocks and 3 seven segment to displa the numbers from 1 to 100. in every block called it will display the numbers count. just like when you are in a cashier they have a counter to specify what number they called in every windows. can you help me for that. i need help.
Microcontroller World: led Moving Message Dispaly
hello friends... i'm doing project in running led display through serial port using 8051... i took this project from a site... i have done a hardware part fully but im not getting output.... im getting partial output.... the port 2 of controller is given to the row of the display.... but there is no changes (...)
i am trying to display capital "H" on 5x7 led matrix using 8051...but i can see the correct output..what is the problem i cant find out... i have attached the ckt diagram and code here.... P2 is connected with 5 columns and P3 is 7 rows... CODE: #include void delay1(unsigned int a) { unsigned int i,j; (...)
I'd like to create a 8x8 led matrix using the smallest number of pins of my 8051. It'd be great to use two shift registers, one for rows and one for columns but it doesn't seem possible because according to my understanding shift registers can only source current, they cannot sink current. How is this possible? I'm open to alternative so
Dear Gauiver, Perhaps you can help me: I have just realized a Clock and timer with AT89C2051 in fact it is a clock and a downcounter and other little features. (the display is on 6 seven-segments led display using MAX7219) in fact I have realized the downcounter routine using a delay of 1s; Would their (...)
For getting right answer use proper forum. I did it long back using 80c51 & 8279 (keyboard & display not sure if you still get it in market. If you refer the data sheet of 8279, it clearly mentions how can you connect matrix of led's. Good Luck.
I want to find a assembly program, please help. Develop an electronic lock by using the circuit below, use the 4x3 key pad to implement the door password, door-open key and clear button key. Use uVision to write the program to check the password-keyed in from the 4 x 4 matrix keyboard. display the word ?PASS? on the led arrays (...)
hi to every one i want to make a single/doble line led moving message dispaly using 8051 micro controller .but i have no information or idea how i can do it ...
Hi all, I am working on led display project, i am using AT89S53(8051) for programming(keil C) . from last three days i am facing serious problem with communication. I want to communicate PC to led there is another IC on board provided me, that is MAX1487 and there are only two (...)
<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>>Hi all!<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>> I am recently working on some led multiplex display with PIC. This parallel type type interfacing is bit more critical and a lot of shift register or decoder have to use. But a LCD display is easy to interface to any PIC. They are cheap & if we use them many port of PIC become free (...)
I have 4 (dual 7 segment led's) that I am using for a 8051 application (using ports 0-3). I need to option of displaying unique number values on each segment of the led's but I noticed that for one 7 segment led all pins are attached together (see attached data sheet) (...)
Hi, I am implementing an up/down counter with a delay of 1sec(using Timer0) and dsiplaying it on the terminal using serial port at the same time. When i implement only the led display it works but when i add the logic for hyperterminal display it doesnt. But the same terminal display logic (...)
Hi, i m manoj. Acually i m doing the project " led Based Scrolling Message display" for final year of B.E. Uptil now- 1. 10 kit of 10x10 matrix led display we have made. 2. For that purpose i made the driver kit using transistor & resistor. 3. For every rows & colums that driver is given. 4. I have (...)
Hi, today only i av joined in as a new member. I want to display 5 characters in scrolling format. I have in mind to use 8051, 70LS138 decoder, M54525AGP(7 array transister). Now i av doubt whether for each character do i av to use seperate ucontroller,decoder &array transister:?: Hope of getting reply sooner.
for details, here im attached a proteus file that i'm get from from that site im learning (so much thanks for him) . but im modification for 8052 because i dont have avr ic. i have already test the program and i'm also have implementation on the protboard and it's works. but i really dont know how to design applic
Hi frnds, I want to build 8 X 8 scrolling led board. The h/w I m using is using shift registers(74164) & 89s52. So i want Keil C code for this. Please help me.
where is the problem? 1. build up second generator by using timer. 2. every second update registers (second,minutem,hour....) 3. send registers to serial port, lcd,led,....
hi i want to start a small clock bisnuss, so i need code and circuit for led display clock (using 8051 & ds1307 rtc ) or (pic & ds 1307 rtc ) can any one help me if possible please provide me the hex file and circuit . i will be thank ful to you
Hai experts , i am new in 8051 I want to do a projects ,ie an led based moving display using 89c51 .Please help me . i can't understand why this thread is posted in off topic chat it should have been posted in micro controllers section pl
MOVING MESSAGE display - Sonsivri need help in moving message display using Matrix leds(8 bit) - All About Circuits Forum Check these links, may be it will helpful for u.
hy! I have to make an .asm or a .c code using 8051 microcontroller and 4 led matrix of 5x7 each, which display in a scheme designed in Proteus a scrolling text (,,TEST") from right to left: _ _ _ T _ _ T E _ T E S T E S T E S T _ S T _ _ T _ _ _ Pls, could you help me with tutorials about assembly or c that help (...)
You have no resistors in series with the leds of the segments. Your display is common anode or common cathode? In any case, open those references: 8051 Interfacings: 7 segment display Electronic
hey! guys i wanted to use the timer 2 of 8051 to use it as the multiplexing delay for seven segment led display. So guys if anyone of u know how can i use timer 2 of 8051 please give the pseudocode or C code or assembly code will work too. thanks
i'm using proteus isis for the simulation,i have connected 8*8 dot matrix row to 74HC573and to mc 8051 ,but when comes to column i'm to connect column to current sinker and to shift register ? which chip we can use for current sinker and shift register? How to give inputs to the shift registers? can you provide brief details, and i'
I want to interface 8870 dtmf ic with 8051 what is the program for ....this when we press 1, 2... like this thankyou Can be more specific ? You need to decode DTMF using 8051 and show number on 7-seg led or LCD ? Interfacing 8870 DTMF decoder with 8051
I am learning 8051 & have interfaced it with leds, lcd, 7 segment leds,etc I am trying to interface it with a 5x7 matrix led display and soon if successful would go ahead with 8x8 matrix led interfacin also. I tried some bit of coding, am not getting errors but am not getting my required (...)
Hi all experts, nowdays i m working with led dot matrix display using 8051. in which what i want to do is....i want to transmit a string of character by serial UART and display that received string on led dotmatrix display. i had one circuit and a code which is 100% ok (...)
Raykumar, it is very hard to expect that somebody else will solve your dilemma, your problem is very easy, you need to search on google and read datasheet for 74HC194, it is 4bit bidirectional Sh. R., but probably will be better and much easier to use 74HC595 for led moving display, you also ask for code in asm, without your schematic it is not pos
That is complicated case, specialy scaning frequency, this module use 1/4 scan method, that mean one pin from shift register 595 controll 4 led's, you must controll via 138 witch row is active, also you must control many 595 via one serial input... many things for control, if you are begginer I think is not easy for you, this need programming
Hai all i need a program for control 8051 to bcd 4511 to count down the timer for example port 1 has 8 pins if a select p2^7 means eight minutes want to decrement to zero include seconds to. I need to know how should i program for interface using single ic 4511 to access four segment led
You need a microntroller, a RS-232 cable to establish a serial connection between the PC and microntroller and control the led matric display from PC using the microntroller or make the microntroller to control led matrix display intelligently by making some small program you uploaded to microntroller device (...)
Lets have a look at the hardware part of your project .. First of all, the ADC0804 is an older design utilizing 8-bit data bus that is compatibile with 8048/8051 microcontrollers .. If I were you I would connect DB0-DB7 of the ADC directly to AD0-AD7 of the 89C52, INTR(5) pin connected to INT0 (P3.2), RD and WR connected to both ADC and SRAM thro
A microcontroller, FPGA, or even discrete logic can be set up to solve your problem. First think about the rules and what types of ins and outs your system needs. For a very basic version: I invision a 9 bi-color led grid to represent the moves and indicate which player has selcted each square. You may want a 10th bi-color led to indicate w
U need the vector input , the charectors of all output number and try to study raster graphics . This is basic to know to to work with Graphics mode by read manual of 8x8 led ortherwise you must design own library for this job to add some needed functions.
I modified the standard program for linking the DS1620 to an 8051, by displaying the result from the accumulator as a binary temperature display in Port 0, via an led. But when i run it, all the led's light up!! I have 1 led connected to each Port 0 bit. I'm using a AT89C51 (...)
you are using led module which is having all same pins conntected together expect the common ie pin 1 to 1 . you can use the same circuit as blueroomelectronics