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what's your synopsis by using led dot matrix.
hi, i m looking for a ckt diagram of a lcd Rolling display using 8051. can anyone please give me the same or some links or references. thanks regards
Moving led display using Microcontroller + text to voice converter Hello guys .. i'm gonna make a major project on this i want to make moving led display of 2feet long and i want to add a text to voice converter to it any idea how to add a text to voice converter to it as i have no idea (...)
Hi Use uart to get message from vb software on pc. Then display on led matrix.
Hi I am new to led display. I want to build a project - 8x8 led display using PIC16F628A. I need your help please. Teach me how to start this project.
For DVI the graphic data is in form of LVDS signal. can you guys help explain more detail on how the color and brightness being control via the LVDS signal? For example if we want to create an RGB display board how we can convert the LVDS signal from the graphic card to the RGB led image using the microcontroller? Does anybody know (...)
For DVI the graphic data is in form of LVDS signal. can you guys help explain more detail on how the color and brightness being control via the LVDS signal? For example if we want to create an RGB display board how we can convert the LVDS signal from the graphic card to the RGB led image using the microcontroller? Does anybody know (...)
hello i am doing one project can 8255 interface without using 8051 it possible to that ....just by using the ic 8255 we can interface with led and without programs
Please Help I'm working on a scrolling led display using 5X7 dotmatrix. I'm inplementing on PIC18F series and looking for a means of updating without wires. wireless or infrared using RS232 port. Please I need help.
Hi, I'm the newest member of this forum. i am looking for the project-> Moving message led display using 89C51 micro controller or using anything else. I want to display the names of the faculty members of our department using at least 16 led and that will be rolling. If (...)
pls visit Downloads / 8051 Projects / Scrolling Dot Matrix led display using 8051 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Hi guys, Do you have a circuit for AT89S52 with 74HC154 for 8x8 led matrix with 4 or more characters ? And the code as well in C ? Thanks a lot
I dont understand why students in this number seek circuit, source codes and design? Students should have some knowledge before and after high schools. ---------- Post added at 07:47 ---------- Previous post was at 07:34 ---------- Project with 89C2051
Your post implies that you don't have the basic knowledge of electronics. This is a forum where people discuss problems with their projects/firmware, I seriously doubt that anyone will "contract build a project for you" free of charge. People on this board are much more responsive and are not seen flaming noob posts. It would've been better h
I am using 8051 development board with 89v51rd2.When i upload a code the board is working properly.but after a reset the code is not working.i first uploaded a running led code.its working properly.but after a controller reset the led just change.can anyone explain me what may be the cause?
Hi, Microcontrollers can be used from simple applications like temperature sensor to very complex things. if u are referring to a graduation project, u can try these things: 1. Moving LCD/led display using 8051 2. Intellegent car parking system. the system provides user authentication using simple (...)
i changed my mind, i want to make it multi digital counters with 6 blocks and 3 seven segment to displa the numbers from 1 to 100. in every block called it will display the numbers count. just like when you are in a cashier they have a counter to specify what number they called in every windows. can you help me for that. i need help.
Microcontroller World: led Moving Message Dispaly
Hi If anybody know any hardware details about the moving pannel display for led matrix, whcih displays graphics also. Is there is any character map generator IC? pl give the implementation details how can we address each led individually. I will be using 89C51 for the implementation of the (...)
Hi, Search Elektroda forum: ................
Hi all, I'm building a 256 shades Monochrome led display, it's a 55 x 35 leds matrix. I intend to use xilinx CPLDs for row PWM generation, an atmel 8051 member uC runs at 33 MHz and a 512 KB RAM chip. I have some questions: 1- Do i have to calculate the frame animation at runtime or i can simply download the whole (...)
Hi all, I'm new in this field, anybody have some resource on how to create an electronic message display system using RGB led and send the message through hyperterminal? I want to know how to program the FPGA to receive the message and decode it to the Row and Collum of the RGB led display module to (...)
hi 2 all im trying to make 256 colour display using rgb led but dont hav any idea where to start ne guide is very helpful to me thx in advance. regards
You will need to create font lookup tables for all the characters you wish to display. You then use the ASCII code representing each letter of words you wish to display as a lookup in the font table. The best is to break your code into sections such as getting fonts, sending to display, and the scrolling part which is the easiest ... simply (...)
hello all i want to use sms to on/off the led using 8051 and assembly please help me all about this project
hi fren i am doing project on 5*5*5 led cube using 89s52 pls suggest me circuit diagram for my purpose .urgent pls.
hi, can any one help me to build a moving display using PIC 16F877 and four 5x7 led matrix in c (MikroC) Thanking You Soina see here in the forum thread
I was trying to make a 64(columns) * 16(rows) led display to be connected via Rs 232 and can display some of the ascii char. , i used 16 8*8 led matrix and 32 shift registers ( 16 for each rows and matrix) the first problem i had was that either the output display was flickering or did not appear at all , i (...)
There are a couple problems You're calling delay() in your isr and the main loop. It's using the same memory locations for looping in both invocations. They're going to step on each other. Do you have your logic backwards? The while(1) loop should display the current picture, and the timed isr change the picture to the new scrolled (...)
hello friends... i'm doing project in running led display through serial port using 8051... i took this project from a site... i have done a hardware part fully but im not getting output.... im getting partial output.... the port 2 of controller is given to the row of the display.... but there is no changes (...)
hello I want to know how to control (ON OFF ) an led via internet by using microcontroller ?
I'd like to create a 8x8 led matrix using the smallest number of pins of my 8051. It'd be great to use two shift registers, one for rows and one for columns but it doesn't seem possible because according to my understanding shift registers can only source current, they cannot sink current. How is this possible? I'm open to alternative so
I like to design 16(row)*32(column) led moving display using AVR. Please suggest suitable scanning method and chips for row and column.
The following are a few PIC based POV projects: Persistence of Vision (POV) Coding using PIC16 Digital Poi Spinning ? Persistence of V
i want to make a string of led matrix almost 48*8 and want to send a text message on the string from PC using a AT89C51 micro controller.. but i am very much confused in the programming..please help me if any one have any idea for the coding of 8051 in keli
i am going to conduct a project about digital oscilloscope using 8051 microcontroller. the result will display on PC thround RS232. anyone got related information and suggestion for reference ?? thanks ....
Hello. Actually I want to mack led display board using Parallel port to control these led . the quantity of leds may vary from 100+. I know how to control 8 leds by parallel port. but I want to know the teqnique to control more than 8 leds using parallel (...)
VVV The idea is to use the timer/counter in external counter mode. Not sampling. Hope it makes clear. Shafee001 I'll send you the code soon. Very recent time, my desktop hard disk crashed & hence my machine is out of order for a while. Please give me some time, I have to recover them from back up. Thanks Srinu [color=#
I am not sure whether I can drive leds directly from FPGA using resister-led combos. Do I need to use led driver chip? Right! You really need a specific led driver IC, because each led will consumpt a quite large current. The total amount migt be huge. I am sure your FPGA will not stand it. (...)
And you want to display ASCII char? If yes then write a small look up table (5 * 7 )which converts ASCII to bit map .. and then drive the leds one after another
i always thought to drive a led, one would use current source... LCD, voltage source....
I building the led display Digital Voltmeter. Its says to use the 7-segment common anode display.....but I accedentaly got the 7-segment common cathode display...will these still work or do I have to change the schematic to a different way....thanks
Hi for all, I need info about large full color (rgb) led display, something like display used on futbool or tenis games, where I can buy this large panel? Have someone experience on this field, best regards
hello i have a 7digit (seven segment) led display where can i find its pin description it has 28 pins and only 039h is written on its back side it also has 4 leds down to digits.should i check it by giving it voltage supply? thanks
i want 64 leds by 74hc164 by 8051 moving display by asm51 code and ckt First post on the forum and expect spoon feeding?
there are many similar project on the forum for moving led display, try to have a look on the c code and I am sure u can port it to your compiler. try searching the forum for moving led matrix display B
you must determine that your led dot matrix is command anode or catod then you will need edcoder to expand the pin
Hello all. A question for you. Is it possible to drive a 3 1/2 digit led display from a 7106's LCD output? Possibly using some sort of buffer? I have a good reason for this, honest. Cdog.
pls help me. i want to design a dot matrix display using 8051. i need a tutorial and a circuit diagram on this.i already have an isp programmer for 8051.what can i do to acheive my dreams.thanks