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Pls i wrote a program to on an led when a pushbutton is pressed and off when it is realease. The program looks ok but when i simulated it on proteus, it wasnt working. The program is written in mplab. The code and circuit diagram are in the image. Pls hlp me out. obraz
Hello Friends, I am sure someone here must have worked successfully on 16*32 led matrix display; something like this...( ) . I have one of these led matrix (part number- P10(1R)706). Can you help me with the datasheet and its programming example or link where i can find them? However displa
led boards have usually PMOSFETs as row multiplexers.
This way its most cost effective method use 74HC595
A cross-coupled arrangement with discrete components. Whichever is the lesser supply, has its led turned on by the opposite Supply B cycles between 3.2 and 4.2V. When it is less than supply A, its transistor
Hello, If anyone experienced with arduino can help with this few questions. I want to build led lamp to put in my garden (I can buy something like this But I wanna build it by myself. Standard electronics for
Hi there, I have 7 segment common cathode display, each segment look like on attached image, 5mm red color I will use 12VDC to drive it, total 2 seven segment common cathode display, for countdown show...
hi, I want to design a constant current led driver with the following specs Vin : 90VAC - 300VAC @ 50Hz vout : 30VDC to 42VDC Iout : 1400mA PF : >0.96 THD : <10 Eff : >85% Surge Protection : 6KV Protections. Open Circuit Protection, Short Circuit Protection I need help in topology selection (i think fly back will work). How can i
The best choice is a dimmable driver with 0-5V control or PWM control. I suggest any MOSFET with logic gate drive and low RdsOn will do. I assume you know Ohm's Law. You also need a good heatsink for led and wiser to buy than
Hi all, I am using this it doesn't detect when connecting with the system,even the led not glow.When i check this usb pins its got short but i think its a
How High can you do hand waving descriptions :roll: without a requirement or a comparison is one example of an 6x3 array of XL Cree ledS on ALum-clad PCB powered by one of my surplus wall transformers 20
Here is a circuit that uses a quad opamp )almost any quad opamp can be used) for the filters and rectifies the signals before transistors drive the leds. Notice that the leds are in series, not in parallel. leds each have a slightly different voltage, unlike light bulbs. Then when in parallel the led with the lowest voltage (...)
Hi Everybody, I would like to make a soccer substitution board circuit with led. I don't want to use microcontroller. Pls give me any
GaAs deep Red ledS require less voltage 1.4 as the colour wavelength of the led determines the diode threshold voltage. (IR is around 1.2, Blue or White is 2.6V (dim) and 3V bright and higher from series resistance. If you use low Vce sat transistors fr
You don't tell us what kind of leds you are using: back to back? common anode? two separate leds? Maybe something like this would work... (D3 should be a
want to take the field Digital inputs using opto-coupler 4n35 as i have show in the above schmatic. But such arrangement is not working with Atmega8 in the Real hardware. I don't know the reason...actually when i check with multimeter. when the led source is on the PIN5 reads 60mv and when the led so
Here is a simple way to do the job, with a power supply of 3V. Throw the switch, 2 seconds go by, then the led lights briefly. The scope trace shows the time frame is 2.2 The switch must be turned off after
I think what Mohamed Saa is asking for is a utility to convert an image rather than font characters. For example something that converts a jpg or PNG image into the flash sequence for a rotating led display. As far as I know there are no programs available to do this, it is a rather specialized thing and probably needs coding for each different PO
Hi All, My first post in this forum. This monitor cannot power up. External power supply is confirmed OK. I have been searching for a replacement mainboard at Ebay but no luck. What could be the common cause of failure for this monitor ? Thanks in advance.
Hi for all Dose Transfer Function equations is correct? I want to design led Driver based on L6562N and TSM101AC but i have 2 problems: 1. OVP dose not work at NO LOAD! 2. Output voltage ripple is very noisy! I think reason of problems is transfer function! obrazki.elekt
Hi, I have 11.3 volt 7AH laptop battery, I was able to connect 12v leds to it, and they work just fine but I have some questions, First regarding charging the battery, what is the charger characteristic that I need to charge this battery correctly, I know that 12v battery can work, but what about the ampere, and what is the acceptable range f
Hi, I am trying to run a enc28j60 with atxmega64 but failed. When I connect it to cable none of the led work . Schematic attached. Thanks in
p20 full color 16x32 led module virtual color = total 512 led. led controller ic - MBI5024X24
Hello, The following sepic led driver regulates its own input current. spec: vin= 5 to 8v vout = 5 to 40v pout = 1 to 5w has overvoltage protection. Coupled sepic inductor. F(sw) = 30KHz - 125KHz Its peak current mode, but the main negative feedback loop is closed around the input current
Steps: - - - Updated - - - obraz
that is the question. how to make a peak hold fall down effect using c language. hardware: 10 level led graph,atmega32 a simple peak level indicator in c language is easy,just read ADC and plot the maximum value. then, how to make a peak hold fall down effect . - - - Updated - - - [QUOTE=Venkadesh_
different type led please help me. i want each mask industrial name and it's advantages/disadvantages.
Hi everybody... I would like to make line follower sensor with photo diodes. As following use two diodes. But I have only a photo diode and 3 pins IR
Keil C have very good simulation tool! Simulate first part by part in Keil....! Maybe help
good morning i got a some information about microcontroller and mikroC compiler and electronics and i found some exmple work on isis using DS1307 but my problem is that i want to build this project and i want to make big seven segment usuing led to show time
Does anyone know how to test BSM50GP120 IGBT module ? Hi muhibraza It is so simple . you can easily use a batter and led to test diodes . and also IGBT s . if you put a batter across the GE of your IGBT ( for example a 9 volt or 112 volt battery . ) then it's collector emitter should be short circuit . you can test them one by one .
movable led head can be easily done in your workshop. It is based on two drivers AVT395 with modification consisting of the fact that when there is no music, the head stands still. One driver is responsible for up-down head movement and the other ? for right-left movemen
Hello, Please could you help to define what circuit elements are (and which are not) in the feedback control loop of this SEPIC led driver?????. V(in) is fixed at 6V. Input current is regulated by the loop. Output voltage could be anything between 5V and 40V. Input power is limited to 7W. The
led banner: Described here component of the led screen ? led line ? is its basic element. The whole device consists of 128 such led lines. A PC under the control of Linux Debian is a very advanced remote info
It is a light decoration in form of a led Cube 8x8x8. It uses blue leds and processor Atmega16. Although the design was inspired by another similar construction which can be found at, some modificat
It is a design of led panel which can be made at a relatively low cost. One of the assumptions was that the power loss are minimal, and the scope of operation temperature ? maximal. The panel consists of 7 lines,
This simple circuit based on Atmega8 can be useful as a generator of PWM signal for example of a radiator fan driver. Potentiometer is used for smooth regulation of the fulfillment from 0 to 100%. The current setting
Presented here device is for everyone who want to save energy on sea aquarium lighting. This led light was based on a fluorescent light 4*24W T5, and more specifically, the construction uses its housing. Hot air is r
This led lamp driver was based on Atmega128 and it uses graphical display with the touch pad. Program was written in Bascom and occupies 45%, the half of which consists of graphics and animations. There are six in
The device presented in this project is an external led panel imitating a speedometer. It consists of 8 leds connected to the LPT port. Program that reads data from the game was written to receive UDP packages from g
This is a construction of a clock with display in the form of matrix consisting of 56 leds. These leds form a display with a resolution of 8x7 pixels. [im
It is an useful device for everyone who need to have a small and not heavy led light, which is to be an emergency light for a camera, such as Panasonic. This lamp weighs only 48g and its dimensions are 60x30x30mm +
Construction of the touch sensor is based on the newest technical solutions applied in new series of AVR microcontrollers from STM. ARM Cortex-M0 STM32F051R6T6 was used in this led dimmer. It has 18 capacitive sen
Hope this will hellp
Can i use this BJT circuit for simulating a 33V led lamp? .....its easier than buying a led lamp.........for the time being ...i need to test the led driver, and dont want tthe hassle of making up a leds pcb.
For simplicity it's hard to beat the diode drop method. It takes advantage of built-in volt By choosing resistors properly, no led will be exposed to more than 20mA. The led's turn on gradual
SPI compatible led driver IC MAX6954 is capable for driving 7/14/16 led segment up to 8 Digits or 128 discrete Price information [/
This is a simple one-transistor voltage regulator. The incoming supply will have .6V subtracted from it. The green led starts lighting when the load gets 3V or so. The red led comes on when the incoming supply is g
please upload clear photo name should be clear to see. if you have part no. share it, might be help to identify led matrix