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Hi Programmers. i want to make Arabic Language led matrix display . And i have no idea where to start . I have made English led matrix display. 132529 132528
Besides wrong mux counter output polarity, if you want to light more than one led in a column, the series resistors should be connected to the row rather than the column transistors, otherwise the current will be shared by a varying number of leds and cause intensity variations.
Anybody know how to control speed ? It is very fast. #include<pic.h> #include #define _XTAL_FREQ 20e6 __CONFIG(0x3F3A); char z,i; void pattern(char a,char b,char c,char d,char e,char f,char g,char h,char n) { for(z=0;z<9;z++) { for(i=0;i<10;i++) {
Don't know what the "segment delay" value actually is, but there should be no problem to run the code in real hardware without flicker. In case you are talking about flickering in the proteus simulation, I suspect a pure simulation problem. Adjust the timeout in the led display properties.
I needs your helps to design led DOT matrix DISPLAY USING pic MICROCONTROLLER. I get some nice video in youtube. please help me....
It is a C code. Not releated to compiler. Can be compiled by any C compilier for any target.
What else do you need to do in your project other then drive the led display ?
hi, I have created a 32x7 led matrix using pic 18f2550 running at 48mhz(20mhz crystal) seven rows are scanned with cd4017 johnson counter 32 columns are driven by four 74hc595 shift registers scanning is done with a buffer array in timer0 overflow interupt at an in interval of 1.8 microseconds i made it to x-y addressable with the fo
hi, i created a 7X32 led matrix for text scrolling with the tutorial posted in Embedded Lab .com MCU IS pic 18F2550 CRYSTAL 20 MHZ 7 rows are scanned with cd4017 and goes to uln2803 and to matrix 32 columns are driven by chained 4 74hc595 shift registers I can scroll text from right to left without any problem (...)
if you do a web search for pic and lcd display it will give you plenty of links for hardware and programs thanks for the response i want idea about led dotmatrix please give any link
i want to fetch RGB led matrix frames from SPI RAM and scan it @ 60hz. i have decided that one controller fetch data from SPI RAM and share it to other controllers through its USB port they will do scanning and PWM stuff. this will save complex h/w like dual port ram etc. any suggestion regrading this ???
talking electronics have a good display using pic has six buttons for up,down,left,right,store and delete.check it out. just google talking the best.
I have seen this driver board along with some MCU and RTC clock chips. Can i use it as 8x8 matrix board with my pic ? Because on the site they have defined it can work with ICSP & Attiny Atmel MCU. Please confirm me can i use it with pic MCU ? us
HELLO i want to build a led matrix to display letters and numbers and i want to start with one 5x7 led matrix but the problem i do not know and what to use to drive it please guide me to start ?
Hi, please tell me how to connect the wires in led DOT matrix,i don't know the pin configuration even after seeing that configuration,it is not working properly.but its working well in is VT12088BS series...Please help me...I'm a beginner.i want to interface with pic micro controller...i know how to connect,but in Dot (...)
Hi all. I am working on led dot matrix produce by Sure Electronic which the board uses Holtek chip (HT1632). Does anyone know on how to develop program for this chip? Currently I am using pic16F877A. I am not very familiar with pic. I search for information on the net and most of them recommend SPI module. Here is the (...)
Hi, I am trying to control individual RGB leds with the TLC5940 and pic24HJ502 microcontroller. I am programming in C (MPLAB). I have googled all possible documentation on internet, datasheet, TI programming flowchart & demystifying TLC5940. Not much progress yet, most of examples are on Arduino. I have to use pic24 and I (...)
Hello guys, This is my first post here, "plus" a newbie, so please be nice :P So I have 64 White leds multiplexed. I tested my matrix by connecting each column to GND and +5v (from Teensy) to each row one by one "without resistor". All worked well. Let me explain why without resistor. Before making the matrix, I tested all the (...)
in my project i use scrolling matrix led...anybody tell how to interface with pic to matrix led and how to write program for that........
Hi, I just finished of with my development board. I'm using Proton 7 for compiling and the problem is that the led matrix I've connected with the zif adapter to toggle isn't working. I checked all the points of testing and it's working fine. I tried my chip on my friend's db and the led matrix is toggling up. Can anyone (...)
hey friends i need some good material to start my led dot matrix based interfacing..... can u please suggest some good sites for it....... regards Shubham Agiwal
HI all, i'm trying to control 8*8 rgb dot matrix controlling the columns on/off is easy i did it with shift register the problem i'm facing is with TLC5940 Interface with led's row i used the following code and it works very will "it lights all the led and then turn them off in steps from 0 to 4095" for all of the three colors, the (...)
hello friends I bought an led matrix 8x8 (3nm) But i don't know how the diagrams !!!! Please help me the connection (Rows and Columns Connection ) please see the images 658826588365884
Hello, I am using pic16F1937. For the software platform MPLAB and Hi-Tech Compiler for C programming. I need to Display the real time clock with alarm settings on 8*8 led Dot matrix display(DE-DP10XV110 ). Can any one explain me the how to code for clock in C as well as the interfacing with 8*8 led Dot (...)
So are you using LCD or 7 segment display or matrix led and which micro are you using and are you using voice ic to announce the token numbers...give details..without that nobody will help you.
hi.. i have project moving sms on 16x64 matrix led using matrix gsm gdt11 model and 8051 microcontroller can any one help me in coding..??
hello even though I used the program applied for by you here in this link: but in the simulation program does not display the default message!! You said that its works very well! how her, I will send you the file later proteus, and c + +,I've used pic 16f877A, and I did the same assembly correspo
hi, actually i made 9 my own led dot matrix of 5*5 but i need a assist in logic how can i control all of them using a single uc either a atmega8 or 16f877a whether it is possible are not?
Yes thats the way to connect more than one 74HC595 ---------- Post added at 22:28 ---------- Previous post was at 22:23 ---------- I will get back to you after checking your code ---------- Post added at 23:25 ---------- Previous post was at 22:28 ---------- M
Hello I build led matrix display based on 16F876 and have problem with resetting pic in most of the time when neon light is turn off in the room and pic is connected to PC. When PC and pic are disconnected everything is ok. Also every time PC is turn off, pic is reset or gets stuck. Here (...)
16 seven segment, every seven segment have 8 output. So, can do matrix connection in form 16X8 matrix. Here example 16X8 matrix (but in led). Other option, you can extend output using shift register 74595.
Hi, I'm building an led display from a group of 5x7 matrices. I'm building it in stages as I have got to grips with pic programming, shift registers, multiplexing etc. My next challenge is understanding how to power it though, and I'm having no luck finding anything to help me on the web. I will be running about 10 5x7 matrices, lighting them a
Hi guys, Do you have a circuit for AT89S52 with 74HC154 for 8x8 led matrix with 4 or more characters ? And the code as well in C ? Thanks a lot
hi, can any one help me to build a moving display using pic 16F877 and four 5x7 led matrix in c (MikroC) Thanking You Soina
had for a while some of Sure-Electronics' led display kit, an led unit with a HolTek HT1632 driving it and 4 * 8x8leds nicely presented. I also bought thier demo-board DE-
Hi everybody Like to make a scrolling message (using led matrix) in mikroc (pic16f877a) pleas help me how can i make it can you anyone put the sample code ? thanks in advance
hi everyone.. pls. we need your help in our project... 7x30 or 8x24 led dot matrix.. we need a schematic diagram.. a source code or assembly.... pls. thanks for the replies and help!!!:-D ---------- Post added at 20:09 ---------- Previous post was at 20:08 ---------- any type of display... btw it is a multi
Hello- I am designing a 8x8 led matrix with RGB leds. So 192 leds altogether. I want to control them using PWM so that I can have all of the colors. I am going to use a pic with 5-8 PWM channels. I am looking at some different led drivers from Allegra and also from ST Microelectronics. (...)
im task to build a 14rows and 40columns led matrix.. as of now i have build a 10x40 led matrix display.. what should i do? im using 74hc595 in my columnss and 74ls154 in my rows with tip147.. and my scroll should be scroll to right and left.. and in static mode.. and also do some blinking.. anyone have a code for this (...)
//pic 8char dotmatrix, switchable to static-scrolling //prg lenght 1077 words, made by zuisti, 29.08.2007 //for a simple and fast PROTEUS simulation I am not using line drivers ! #define COMMON_CATHODE #define BUFFERSIZE 56 //max. 54 chars (and 2 gap space) for scrolling message char buffer; //display buffer: 8 chars +
pls visit Downloads / 8051 Projects / Scrolling Dot matrix led Display using 8051 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR pic Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
hi, i need help about 7x7 led matrix.. any idea? links? source?
I need C code to move message on led matrix using MicroC and 74HC595 shift register. OR How to control 74hc595 shift register
Dear Experts, I want to display two lines (10 characters in each line) in led Dot matrix arrays (in each line there will be characters and numbers, e.g DATE 16 July). The content that will be displayed in the matrix will be provided by either a keypad (3X4 keypad) or from a PC. Please suggest me: 1. Which pic (...)
can someone help me fix the problem :?: the circuit don't work hi nobie, in your design port-a and port-b are trying to sink the current at both ports. so led's won't glow. try to give source from one port and sink the current at other port. please check the circuit which is been attached below. further quires te
Great :) I will have ta start a new topic on nonmultiplexed scrolling text display, got sick 'n tired of silly requests oh schematics and code (will post only relevant parts of circuit) :D Hey, I also have no idea about non mux led displays. :D
i want to make big led matrix display but i dont know how to start i know how to use pic . pls can u help me ? what is the standard siz of led matrix? what alternative methodes do i have for making the display and what is the avantage and disadvantages of those methodes tnx
Hi edaboarders, I do not really understand how to use the ULN2003a for my dot matrix project. The matrix led that I have is common anode, I connect the PORT B of my pic to the ULN2003. The output of the ULN goes to the row of the matrix, the PIN 9, of the ULN is connected to +5V and the PIN 8 to GND. (...)
sorry sir..actually i did not even draw my schematic out using any software. i'll base on the source code to connect my leds in my source code as i attach.. PORTB is GND and PORTD is the output/vcc .
hello i have made a new web page recently, showing these two projects, and everything else that I have. I also have my own BBS now: I would welcome discussion about: -led multiplex -low power pic circuits: dc/dc converter, small batteries, solar cells -unusual clocking methods, fo