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You need a microntroller, a RS-232 cable to establish a serial connection between the PC and microntroller and control the led matric display from PC using the microntroller or make the microntroller to control led matrix display intelligently by making some small program you uploaded to microntroller device itself. One good book is this: (...)
I've got a 8x5 led matrix, with common anodes and cathodes lined up. Now, of course, I can command it from a uc (like a big pic, 16f877) but it's not too bright, because the pic can't really source too much current, and it has to be multiplexed. So, I want to build a power level for it, with transistors. Of course, we can (...)
ASA to ALL im eorking on led matrix display consists of 16X16 led matrix can any body tel me what will the appropriate timmer1 relode value for this..... and why if you explain so i clear my concpts for scanning your input will be highly apprictaed thx
im planning to make my own led matrix display which will be interface to the PC through parallel port.. I
i want to make big led matrix display but i dont know how to start i know how to use pic . pls can u help me ? what is the standard siz of led matrix? what alternative methodes do i have for making the display and what is the avantage and disadvantages of those methodes tnx
hi all i want to make big led matrix display but i dont know how to start i know how to use pic . pls can u help me ? what is the standard siz of led matrix? what alternative methodes do i have for making the display and what is the avantage and disadvantages of those methodes tnx
hello i am about making led matrix project like mr ilker_32 posts here but my problem is the short memory of pic 16f877a i need help for using an external memory like 24c64 to save my text in it and how to programe it via rs232 and how to call my messege saved into 24c64 and display it on m
hi, i need help about 7x7 led matrix.. any idea? links? source?
Hello- I am designing a 8x8 led matrix with RGB leds. So 192 leds altogether. I want to control them using PWM so that I can have all of the colors. I am going to use a pic with 5-8 PWM channels. I am looking at some different led drivers from Allegra and also from ST Microelectronics. (...)
hello friends I bought an led matrix 8x8 (3nm) But i don't know how the diagrams !!!! Please help me the connection (Rows and Columns Connection ) please see the images 658826588365884
The pic you want to use can drive up to 13 leds (13 I/O pins are available), but if you intend to use some I/O pins for other purposes you should use a led driver. A led driver is an integrated circuit that decodes an input code and outputs high or low (based on the code you send) on the pins used to drive the (...)
led matrix (france)
Hello, I have to build a led matrix for a large size display with 56x192 led's. This matrix have to be split in 12 Modules a 14x64 led. All parts have to be SMD Parts. I am thinking to use a uC with 100 pin count for each module and a basic module to send the data per master/slave spi. The uC (...)
Why would you want to drive an led from pic and to go 2A through the led? What is the catch here?
lvd connected to VDD : diode and cap But please help me understand how use this if I use 7-segments led with common catode(-). How use separate VDD for led and pic with diode and cap?
Hi all.. So I have built a 7x48 led matrix. I have the Basic Stamp 2 IC controller and have 6 - Max 7219's cascaded each running a 7x8 section of led's. I have run into a wall with the code and cannot get any help in creating the code to pass thru each chip. Believe me I have begged! The sign runs but each 7x8 section runs it's own letters (...)
Hi Guyzz Just got 16 of these LM-0355MVWB 5x7 led matrix I think they are from Rohm , but can not find any pinout/DS They are on a used PCB , and seems to have 2 x 9 pins like a DIP. Well seems like one pin is missing (pin 17). Anyone have some suggestion ?? TIA /Bingo
Labcenter Electronics have proteus(isis) software for 8051 and some cpu.And this program have led display simulator.
well i made a led matrix studying many posts from this forum try 'search' u will get many specially this one but i got the scrolling idea from this code #include <90s8535.h> #include // led display #def
can any one help me too write a program too drive 90x90 led matrix ??? TNX
I have a led matrix produced by APOS with these features: 2 line 20 package/ 1 line I see many text on the PCB APOS FIT DISPLAY, its so small!! 20 cm (width).. and I can't find datasheet or information about it. Any one help me?
Dear All, Can I try mains frequency as the timing device for refreshing small led matrix? Can you suggest a tested scheme? Like that can I use a 555 oscillator for controlling scroll speed? I shall appreciate any help. Best Regards A.S.Rudra
Hello Guys, If you happen to have some link or resources in using RGB led matrix will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
hello everybody.. i've got a problem here where i can't see the display on my led matrix.. i'm doing a counter and using the led matrix as a display. i've writing a program using assembly languange. i also checking the voltage between each ic and each output.. the voltage showed around 4~5V but the (...)
There are three programs for the led matrix Display. I written them using Visual C++ 6.0 with MFC support. Hardware
Hi all, Im using emu8086 microprocessor simulator, but can it simulate an 8x8 led matrix display? I have a project that uses these displays and I need to simulate it first before finalizing my work, I need a simulator that does these, please have me a link or upload such software.. Thanks in advance
i would suggest ULN2803, coz it contains 8 current drivers so overall u'll need 2 uln to for this. Most of the 8x8 led arrays will have 16 pins( 8 anode connection and 8 cathode connection) by giving proper signal u can glow a particular led. Buffer must be placed between ULN and controller in order to protect the controller. By giving correspondi
I want to Interface led matrix kit(SLS product) on expansion headers of UP3( Altera's ESDK) kit.The kit should be connected with the PC via RS232 on serial port. The input to the board should be given via Hyper terminal from whatever characters Input from the keyboard should be displayed on the led matrix. 1)Please tell (...)
Hi Dear, these circuits are now easily available from local markets, you need leds Programable,IC, programer, resistors, capacitors, transistors etc. here is a such sort of circuit for you
hi, I use 74Ls174 IC for my 7x6 led matrix display.But is too slow from PC (LPT)to led matrix.please any one help me.I use C coding to send message to matrix.
hi i have a led matrix that works fine how would i cascade it and will this need any change in my program
hi i have a led matrix that works fine how would i cascade it and will this need any change in my program
plzzzzzzz help , i want to design large led matrix displays which are connected through ethernet and a pc and displays what the user set from the pc. plz tell the over view which is the best way to do so!
Hai Every one. Just have a look at The said software is just excellent with which one can create ones own designs in 6x6 led matrix without knowing how to write a program. I am looking for similar software which can write programs in 89C52 / 89C55/ 89S52 / 89S55. the size of the matrix should be variabl
hi, i am in doubt that , if i send a series of string to display on led matrix board from PC through microcontroller to matrix display , do i need to first program the how the string going to display (in column and row for each single character) on the led matrix board first into microcontroller or i only (...)
Now this My 8x8 led matrix Project with the help of (( movie_freak What is this Error I attached The Corrupted Project I want to Make this projest
led matrix with micro c: Hello, I carried out the project in the language of micro c It's a led matrix , it shows more than a letter or a sentence but I couldn’t show more than two letters. I would be grateful if you could help in correcting the mistake in the program to make it able to show more and in (...)
Can anyone help me please with the coding of an 8 by 8 led matrix form moving message display..... Thanks for your anticipation.
Use a different IC, Maxim has some led matrix driver ICs.
Hi, The way to scrolling led display determines the power consumed by the whole circuit. I Wanna discuss this issue with you. How scrolling is done generally for led matrix ? I have a 8*40 led displayer. Do I have do scrole it Column by column or pixel by pixel ? Does pixel by pixel technique is possible and which (...)
8X8 RGB led matrix - common anode 4 different size 60X60mm 48X48mm 40X40mm 32X32mm USD23 for one, free shipment, pls contact for more detail
I need to build a led matrix to scroller a text which given by the pc as my high school project. I am using MAX7219 IC to control the matrix. I am using no decode mode. I need to know the Mikroc c coding part to access individual bits of the MAX7219. It is a 5*7 matrix , and if I need to switch on only 1st ,3rd and 5th (...)
search this forum for led matrix... already discussed several times
Hi I'm currently working on my first led matrix. The problem I have run into is how to power it correctly. The Rows of 19 are the cathode and the columns of 13 are the anode. The led's are standard red. I estimate that I'll need 260 ma per column to correctly power the matrix. I intend to use 2 uln2803's to sink the rows. My (...)
Just have a look at these threads with "led message display" topic discussions. may help you..Cheers
hi evevy body I studying about led matrix connect to computer use microprocessor 8051 who can help me about circuit and code wirtten by C thanks for all What are you going to display on it - text or graphics? What interface are you going to use to connect it to PC - RS232, USB? just give some idea
hey i have recently purchased bi color led matrix display ,can any body help giving pin details. MOD: You may thank by the "helped me" button.
Hello to everybody in this forum Actually, I am working on the led matrix board in which i am interfacing the AT keyboard using 89s52.Whatever I type on the keyboard must be displayed on display continuously as a string. Now the problem is, I have to store the the character that is pressed on the keyboard As 89s52 has only 256 bytes of
any help from experts for Need RGB led matrix Pannel Design Help for FPGA