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Hello team, I am a beginner learning to use verilog coding to measure power on Xilinx-FPGA. Custom-built circuit. IDE-- Xilinx ISE 14.7 I want to check if my AES encryption and decryption design works on an FPGA (with the highest switching activity so as to compare the estimated and measured values). The code below is just the TOP module.
i want to interface p10 single colour led module 16x32 with pic micro. any sample code kindly help i cannot get the schematic for p10 if any one have kindly send. how much io will p10 led module need with pic
If the led module is designed for 5V, neither the led backlight nor the contrast adjustment will work.
Dear Friends This Arduino program is done for 10 led Matrix modules. where i am getting error. For 8 led matrices it worked properly But when the 9th module is added it is displaying the first module character when the 10th module is added it is displaying 2nd modules (...)
Dear Friends This Arduino program is done for 10 led Matrix modules. where i am getting error. For 8 led matrices it worked properly But when the 9th module is added it is displaying the first module character when the 10th module is added it is displaying 2nd modules (...)
Pins on one side of the matrix display connect to anodes and the pins on another side connect to cathodes. Have you connected anodes and cathodes properly ? Doesn't apply here. "P10" led module is a ready made module with serial mux interface. Unfortunately it's not clearly mentioned in the initial post.
I can't give you the code because as far as I'm aware, you will be the first person to use it and I'm not prepared to spend hours writing it for you. I will help you to write your own program though. You need to make decisions: What PWM rate do you want to use? How much current does the led need? TSOP devices will decode any IR protocol, are you
You forgot to tell us how much current you need for the leds. The Texas Instruments datasheet for the CD4017 shows that it can typically supply an output current of 15mA into a 2V red led with a 9V or more supply if you limit the power dissipation of each output transistor to below 100mW. Darlington drivers are inverting and have outputs that go to
Hello! I´m working with a Simcom GSM SIM900 module and having a problem: My software works fine for hours, sometime days, and suddenly loses network registration for no apparent reason. I know because I lose communication and the network led blinks fast. It will only work again if I turn the power off and on again. Any ideas where to look
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this is two to data available in rx pin of esp8266, blue led means data read by esp8266, my suggestion is 1. try proper baud rate 2. check for connection problem any pullups 3. try to update the firmware(if success your device is good need to check anyone of the above and if failed device gone) add: esp8266 doesn't have voltage protection so mor
Hi. I found at my workplace an evaluation board based on GSM module SIM508 EVB V1.01, manufactured by SimCom What seems to be the problem: I have inserted a valid SIM card; soon after I activate GSM (by pressing Z1 button ) the GSM_NET led start blinking and then stops after 10-15 seconds. During this seconds ,I receive string "Call Ready
It looks like the DO can be disabled, but I don't know if it can be done on the run. You only need to connect DO and DI together, and turn off DO when you receive from the chip. A control bit, DISSDO, is provided to the SPIxCON register to allow the SDOx output to be disabled. This will allow the SPI module to be connected in an input onl
AC couple then use OP Amp and diode precision rectifier to control voltage controlled current sink or source. Using a log amp will compress the light range to match hearing but less impressive. Search Google images for "Light organ schematic" That was my 1st DIY project with 3 channels back in the 60's driving triac controlled lamps. Now you c
Hello Everyone! I have absolutely no experience in this, and had no idea where to begin; Google hasnt really made things clear(er). I am looking for a readymade module (or, if not, designs, or ideas to make one) that would soft start an existing led lamp. I'm talking about controlling an led bulb, the kind that directly plugs into the (...)
When i power up for the module, i see all led is turned on, and when i use realterm to test it, the data appears continiously (like the following images), i don't know why, please help me, thanks so much120742120743
Hello, I uploaded thermistor firmware to XRF module and now it's responds just to "+++" command over serial monitor, also heartbeat led is always on. From my researches I think XRF is in bootloader mode, but I'm still not sure. I tried several firmware versions with two diferent modules, all is the same. To upload firmware I used XRF (...)
Hi dear frends, help me to led on/off with sms massage through picbasic pro.
Hello guys! I started to learn programming PICs a couple of days ago using Myke Predko's "123 Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius" and Proteus 8. I reached an experiment where the author shows how to program a 2 digit 7 segment led, so I decided to do something more challenging for me: to read the value of ADRESH and display it on the
I'm trying to simulate a Gsm controlled led Display Device using Proteus. I have no idea on how to go about this.
i am new to this embedded world i dont know how to write c program for bluetooth module in ARMnRF518225(it has inbuilt bluetooth module) discoverable and pairing with smartphone please help me with your knowledge my objective; press the button led turn and also buzzer produce three beep sound make bluetooth (...)
I just finished this project that i came with after being tired of always adding small led's and buttons on a breadboard, besides time consuming there was also the connections reliability. So i came up with this friendly Proto I/Os board that has 8 led's, 6 buttons, one buzzer and a DS1820 temperature sensor, and alines perfectly onto a breadboard
Be more worried that the led voltages make no sense for 3x8 array of 3V leds
That is led blinking. You want to control the power to Ultrasonic sensor module or what to send trigger pulse ? If you want to control the power to module then you have to use a relay, transistor or mosfer controlled by MCU.
hi, i have a problem using sim900. the problem is that when i turn it on, the net led starts to blink, after 4 to 6 blinks, both net and stat leds turn off and again starts after 1 second. this continues till i turn off the power!!
Am using DRF_1605 module which works on zigbee technology. i am able to read temperature data from temperature sensor by using these modules, Now i want to transmit feedback from the coordinator to the other 3 nodes by using zigbee technology it is work but i put a led on the PORTA as output to the feedback and it doesn't work. :sad: any (...)
You are looking for this type of project. This just controlled a robot and you have to control led's.
Hi, So we have created a PCB that uses the SIM968 module, and we originally used the EVB to test our control code and it all worked fine, sending texts etc. So we then laid out the system as per the datasheet (design guide). We get an error over AT (not specified) but we have the led flashing - the error code is (is cant remember first bit
Can you give some information on how have you connected the led matrix between the 74HC595 ICs, with a circuit diagram if you have one ?
In my sim 900 module when i connect it to power supply only power led turns on. Network led is not even blinking. No response to AT Commands also. Can anyone tell whats the problem with it?
Hello, We thought of doing a mini project on "WEB CONTROLled Public Addressing system"i,e Sending message to be displayed on led panel From an authorized website with a password using GSM module and Arduino web switch. Can anyone suggest me where i can get all modules required for that project(i,e from Online stores and i (...)
I assume that you are talking about a domestic Infrared remote control? Your post is not clear. A logic analyser is the best tool to analyse bit patterns, preferably at the output of a 3-pin IR receiver module. A good oscilloscope connected to the transmitter led would be the best tool to determine the carrier frequency. Once you can see t
Have you something called "route offset" (or similar) in the settings? If not then add some copper to the pad so that the route comes into that, stopping before the pad perhaps?
Hi to all, I am using sim900a for my projetcs.After i given power to module the module status led always 300ms on and 600ms off.can anybody send reference schematics for SIM900a please.
Hi All, I am trying to turn on an led via pmod. but it is not working. i am using nexys3 board. Here is verilog code: module TestWheelDriver( output ain1, ain2 ); assign ain1 = 1'b1; assign ain2 = 1'b0; endmodule Here is the part of ucf file where i change pin connection on JA. ##JA NET "ain1" LOC
You can use TSOP17 INFRARED receiver module and an ir led with 38khz pwm. place both in front. You can set the sence range to 1 foot. Goggle search will give you working circuit also.
hello, I am working on a similar project... i try to use HC06 and /or HC05 as slave i can establish the link to configure HC05 or HC06 but it seems difficult to put the BT device in the good state when power on. To be able to put AT command , the BT module must have his led blinking.. if not , no chance to get a link an pass AT commands.
Below please find the link for building a microwave oven electric field detector using the RFD102A (RF-DC Converter) module from RF Diagnostics, LLC along with a surface mount led and a dipole antenna made from the wires of a 1/4 leaded resistor. It's a fun gizmo to show the electric field strength on the outside of a microwave window. The same de
I am using HT1632C in one of my company project. I am using 8 holtek IC driven by its internal RC osc. Their is no problem in fixed display strings. But in case of scrolling display the characters are getting double width and uneven flickering is observed in the edges. Please give me the idea why it is so. My 16X16 led matrix module is arranged lik
I'm working with small GSM SMS alarm controller using the SIM300 module. I have added a small microcontroller with RTC to one panel input, used to trigger a daily test message. The problem I'm having is after 8-10 days of reliable test messages, I'm getting a fast flashing network led indication, alternating to no flash. During this conditio
network led of gsm modem containing sim300 module is glowing but on calling to the number inserted in the sim card holder of the modem it is always answeringas switch off or not reachable????????????????How can i correct it?????????????? Please help................
I have a problem in SIM detection in SIM 900 module. When I insert SIM in the SIM card holder, sometimes it detects SIM for 10-15 times (i decide the SIM detection by the blinking of led and time it takes to blink again) and then it doesn't detect the SIM. Till now the method I adopted was that I plugged out the SIM 900 module and plug in (...)
Hi everyone, I'm trying to build large led panels (3x128 led modules) using WS2801 leds, with data coming from a Teensy 3.0 microcontroller. I'm having difficulties transmitting my Data and Clock signals between the different panels. The three panels have a separate power supply, so I can't transmit my signals directly (...)
p20 full color 16x32 led module virtual color = total 512 led. led controller ic - MBI5024X24
If you use a single IR led and a single IR photodiode/phototransistor you can use any frequency you like as long as it's within the speed capability of the devices but I'm concerned that because you are using frequencies close to 38KHz you are using the kind of IR receiver module used in TVs and VCRs (often but incorrectly called TSOP (...)
read message from GSM module. such as SIM300,SIM900。then display on led matrix.
Nothing to worry about now , It is our time , just visit the site simple than Arduino , example ::::: Blink a led - The electronics version of "Hello World" import pymcu # Import the pymcu module mb = pymcu.mcumodule() # Initialize mb (My Board) with mcumodule Class Object - Fin
First I thought the HC 01 is damaged. But after some works I got the led (31) is blinking at a slow rate when 34 is connected to VCC. When 34 is connected to GND/Floating the led on 31 blinks fast and shows in bluetooth device search in mobile. Sometimes after ~1 minute led Blinking stops and bluetooth device disappears from search, (...)
Hi friends, I am trying to implement ADC module of 16F676 in MikroC. Please see the code below. A led, connected to RA5 of MCU is made ON/OFF depending on the value of analogue input to AN4 of MCU. I have tested the hardware developing the code in assembly. But when I try to develop the code in MikroC, it does not work. No effect is seen in outp