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We are making a footprint for the L1C1-RED1000000000 led led Datasheet: The recommended land pattern on page 27 of the datasheet shows the pcb pads being smaller than the actual led?s own pads. (leds own pads shown on page 25) -Presumably this is to stop the led from sliding (...)
Hello, Attached is a 110mm x 46mm x 1.5mm Aluminium led pcb. Would the leds ever be layed out on this board by hand (tweezers), prior to putting through the solder oven, or is it always done by pick and pace machines? (in UK/Europe/USA) If they are layed out by hand then we would put all the leds with cathode facing (...)
nm is unit of light wavelength or light "color", not related to "distance". Down to 380 nm is still visible light. Shorter wavelength led is difficult to produce and thus more expensive. Preference for a specific wavelength depends completely on the application. What's your application for UV leds?
I Design Board With 5CEBA9F23C8N I choose AS Configuration for programming & EPCS128 After Develop pcb I start to program my board STEP1- Compile My Design in quartus 16.1(SIMPLE led ON FOR TESTING) STEP2-CONVERT .SOF FILE TO .POF (FOR ACTIVE SERIAL EPCS128) STEP3-PROGRAM EPCS128 VIA PROGRAMMING(I SELECT ACTIVE MODE) STEP4- SUCESSFULLY E
I Design Board With 5CEBA9F23C8N I choose AS Configuration for programming & EPCS128 After Develop pcb I start to program my board STEP1- Compile My Design in quartus 16.1(SIMPLE led ON FOR TESTING) STEP2-CONVERT .SOF FILE TO .POF (FOR ACTIVE SERIAL EPCS128) STEP3-PROGRAM EPCS128 VIA PROGRAMMING(I SELECT ACTIVE MODE) STEP4- SUCESSFULLY E
I Design Board With 5CEBA9F23C8N I choose AS Configuration for programming & EPCS128 After Develop pcb I start to program my board STEP1- Compile My Design in quartus 16.1(SIMPLE led ON FOR TESTING) STEP2-CONVERT .SOF FILE TO .POF (FOR ACTIVE SERIAL EPCS128) STEP3-PROGRAM EPCS128 VIA PROGRAMMING(I SELECT ACTIVE MODE) STEP4- SUCESSFULLY E
I Design Board With 5CEBA9F23C8N I choose AS Configuration for programming & EPCS128 After Develop pcb I start to program my board STEP1- Compile My Design in quartus 16.1(SIMPLE led ON FOR TESTING) STEP2-CONVERT .SOF FILE TO .POF (FOR ACTIVE SERIAL EPCS128) STEP3-PROGRAM EPCS128 VIA PROGRAMMING(I SELECT ACTIVE MODE) STEP4- SUCESSFULLY EPC
An essential information, not provided: Are you driving the led array with a continous current or pulsed ?
At the same time I need to run the program to on and off the led of the Matrix by looking at 3D view Simulations are usually made on schematic, not extended to the pcb view. I'm not sure if you'll find some design tool with that functionality.
key switching, led on/off ... 7 segment indicator Falstad's simulator is animated and interactive. It does the above actions. Its analysis tools are less sophisticated than the other packages you mention. Free to download and use:
and the person who gave me those pictures don't have the schematic of that pcb, is it possible form me to code these led's? The whole board seems quite simple, therefore if you start from scratch, drawing unknown devices as empty boxes, would be easy to us deduce their function as well its specifications.
Hi Friends, I have a Segmented LCD with 8 digits and am wanting to interface it with an MSP430 eval. board. On opening it up, I was left with a glass pane terminating as a connector. So, There is no scope for soldering. I ended up in thinking for alternatives. That's when I got a series of problems. One after the other. 1)leds consume a lot
121343Hello friends, We produce single side pcb with CEM-1 laminate for led lights in really competetive price ,details: Laminate: CEM-1, KB 5150 Solder mask: white, Taiyo PSR4000 W3 Surface treatment: OSP or HASL Volume order: >=100sqm Delivery date: 2-3weeks Pr
thanks, I reckon its easily 10 billion, , yes , I also meant to include led driver, fluorescent drivers etc.
The losses due to light emission should be negligible, and the power consumption of the led can be took solely on the current across its terminals against its drop voltage. Even assuming that the OP is referring to a continuous operation ( not pulsed ), the power density over this sufrace size seems feasible to operate at the standard FR4 pcb i
Draw a circle of the diameter where the leds will be placed. Draw lines from the center to the circle, rotate them by the number of degree you need them to be at. Then place your led's snapping to the junction of the line & the circle. Delete the lines (or turn off the layer they are on).
SinkPAD is a thermal management Printed Circuit Board (pcb) technology that makes it possible to conduct heat out of a led and into the atmosphere in a faster and more efficient manner. SinkPAD is an alternative technology to the conventional Aluminum pcb or MCpcb providing superior thermal performance for medium to high (...)
How High can you do hand waving descriptions :roll: without a requirement or a comparison is one example of an 6x3 array of XL Cree ledS on ALum-clad pcb powered by one of my surplus wall transformers 20
Hi, I am working on led bulb. I have made circuit . I have series connection of 16 3.2V led, and a 1K 1W resistor. But the circuit that is on bread board is working fine but with the same circuit on pcb the resistor is getting very hot. Can anybody tell what can be the problem. Mains supply is 220V. Thanks, Nitin
Recently the washer died and while checking LNK304PN and R1 (22ohm), 4.7u450v was replaced to bring it online. However when switched on, immediately getting PE error after ON symbol with wash cycle led's blink. Pressure sensor (E1) is already validated. The machine was working with a older version of pcb and I need to fix the new version and
Some time ago, I modified a cheap dollar-store flashlight by inserting the front led assembly from a faulty 4W mains led spotlight bulb and making the inverter by using the same small transformer from the blown inverter pcb. It turned out to be a very useful light that is capable of operating on a single AA battery as low as 1V with only (...)
Hi, So we have created a pcb that uses the SIM968 module, and we originally used the EVB to test our control code and it all worked fine, sending texts etc. So we then laid out the system as per the datasheet (design guide). We get an error over AT (not specified) but we have the led flashing - the error code is (is cant remember first bit
The following ZXLD1370 Buck led driver evaluation board document shows the schematic on page 2 and the pcb layout (top and bottom layers) on page 6. ZXLD1370 Evalution board (switch mode buck led how the ground plane on the bott
Where is the best place to post for a pcb designer to layout a simple pcb for an led IR Illuminator? I have the circuit design but I don't know how to use, and don't have the time right now to figure out how to use, pcb design software. I imagine the design would take less than an hour and I am willing to pay for help. (...)
Hello, I am trying to repair a Philips power board, it has some problems with its led indicator, but it is not the point of this post. When I open the shield, I find a little pcb with some discrete components on it. I guess its usage is to inspect the polarity of socket voltage and indicate the condition of lightening-proof. The picture follo
Here's one of about 50,000,000,000,000: Liteon LTST-C230YKT Just do a search for bottom entry led. It's easy, you should try it!
Hello, We are doing a 3 channel, surface mount Buck led driver (3x 165W) , which is 495W total. The room on the pcb for this is just 60mm x 70mm. So as to keep the components cool, we wish to use 4 oz copper?but will this mean that 0603 resistors will not be soldered properly? (there are 0603 resistors and caps near the PWM controller).
That would increase temp rise unless you filled it with oil. If you want help pls answer my questions.
Hello, We are going to use the Meanwell HRPG-600-48 PSU (48V, 13A, Offline) to power our four 105W Buck led drivers. (Iout=3A, Vout = 35V, fsw = 200KHz, CCM, non-synchronised) All the four led drivers, when considered together, only have 80uF of input capacitance, due to pcb room constraints. Therefore, as you can imagine, most of (...)
Hello. What would be the cost difference of the above?....4 layer with all through-board vias. (no blind or buried vias) Twice as much cost for 4 layer pcb?..Roughly?
Standard 402 or metric 1005 SMT blue LDO's are offered by several Mfg's. MOQ=1 @$0.60 ships same day 1005
I have searched online and found that there are two UV light box pcb exposure methods 1) By using UV leds . 2) By using UV Tube lights. Guide me on following aspects: 1)Quality wise which is preferred/which will give better results? 2)If I have to make UV light box at home then which is faster and cheaper?
HuanYu Future Technologies Co., Ltd is one of the China leading metal core pcb Manufacturing Enterprises. We can produce high-power led kinds of high thermal conductivity aluminum Core pcb ,copper Core pcb and SMD One-stop shop service ,Current products manufactured include led Panel light (...)
Can you draw a circle with lines extending from the centre in solidworks - to give you the locations and then import that into say Eagle (dxf?), then place the led's on the cross points? I know that you could do this in CADSTAR as there is a routine to do it however am not so sure for a hobby program.
74HC595 has a maximum rating of 70 mA for GND and VCC terminals. This means, it can't drive more than 8.7 mA per led if eight outputs are active. If the leds are operated in time multiplex, you'll most likely want more than 20 mA per led, otherwise they would light rather dim. You don't need high current MOSFET drivers to drive small (...)
Hello, Does any reader know the thermal resistance of typical conformal coating materials? -the following doesn't give figures. Supposing I have a led pcb with ten leds on it , each dissipating 150mW, and I am using the pcb copper area around the leds to cool the leds ( no additiona
Hello, I wish to replace some failed leds on a pcb which is covered in conformal coating (transparent lacquer). Is it possible for me to de-solder the leds, then wipe off any lacquer that may have melted over the pads, and then re-solder a new led onto the pads, and then spray it over with the waterproof (...)
leds and Diodes have their terminals "wrongly" defined in pcb library. Name - number, Number - letter Macro 1: New Node Add node led-2 to net NetR8_1 Error: Node not found Macro 2: New Node Add node d11-2, to net netR1_2 Error: Node not found Macro 3: New Node Add node d26-1 to net gnd Error: Node not found Your (...)
If you want the leds to illuminate, then connect them. If you don't want to illuminate them, then don't. I don't quite understand your question.
hello i'am trying to design a pcb for my led matrix , i'am using 5x7 matrix from lite_on(datasheet is linked below) and i want to palce 4 matrices,i'am using ARES to design the pcb on a single layer but i have a problem when the routes cross each other what should i do ?96314
1. 2. Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards (also called Metal base pcbs) ... Although originally envisioned for use in the power-supply industry these substrates are now most widely used in High Brightness led products. There are many names for these products; Aluminum clad, aluminum base, Metal clad(MCpcb), Insulated Metal (...)
Hello, We wish to get led lamps made by our pcb assembly place. We realise that they will usually buy full reels of the Cree XP-E leds. Though is it possible for them to buy the leds in say half or quarter full reels?, they may be able to get them cheap and only half-full off ebay, or it may be stock that is (...)
Hello, We have a flashing led light pcb, which is in an enclosure which is outdoors (on top of a truck). The pcb must be coated in waterproof conformal coating, to stop it shorting, and yet we must be able to re-program do we do this?...because the conformal coating, once it covers the program header, it disallows electrical (...)
Two possibilities come to mind: 1) Solder wires to existing led connections and have them connect to a buffer amplifier with high input impedance, to drive external led. 2) Mount a CdS photocell next to each led, in a light-tight enclosure, and use the resistance change to trigger the external led circuit. But CdS cells (...)
Hi everybody, I am currently designing an NFC reader with a PN532 chip from NXP (which is one of the requirements of my circuit). I plan to draw a rectangular loop inductor on the pcb which would approximately occupy a 3x3 cm square (up to 4x4 cm). There will be other components on this pcb such as an led driver, some (...)
It isn't an IC you could buy in a store, it's a small pcb with an IC mounted on it under the black epoxy. It could be anything, I have a similar one here that flashes four led chains but what you describe as transistors are SCRs. Brian.
If I were in the led flasher business, I would probably want to know the basic design parameters and device properties: led power, input current, efficiency, linear or switched mode control (I guess the latter), switching frequency, EMI properties. You don't need to open the enclosure to know these parameters, but of course a device for test.
Hello, I have a 3 wire R/G indicator led (led current ~2mA) that i need to be pluggable into the three corresponding flying wires coming off the pcb. Do you know of any suitable connectors, or made-up cable assemblies for this? I found this but it seems a bit bitty, needing crimps etc etc.
86442i am doing my final year project which includes voice recognition. for dat i am using hm2007. i made pcb layout fr dat but m nt able to get the output. i am attaching schematic i used. please can anybody whoever used dis ic help me???:sad: i just used led'S instead of led display. i dont thnk dat is the problem. I AM
Can i use this BJT circuit for simulating a 33V led lamp? .....its easier than buying a led lamp.........for the time being ...i need to test the led driver, and dont want tthe hassle of making up a leds pcb.