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"Kingbright" is the manufacturer of various types of led"s. Check in their website, they will be having..
Again, a regulated voltage supply and leds in parallel. Not the best way to do it. Also note that the leds used in that project were salvaged from an existing lamp where it is likely they were selected for matched Vf. If you get them from another source the chances are you will cook some while others don't get beyond a dim glow. Brian.
The smd 0603 leds shown in this link are suitable, scroll down the linked page for the specification.
I doubt that the "DONE" node will achieve a legal logic high level as it's shorted by a red led. Yes it is marginal but should work. 660nmD Red led at 0.4mA will be around 1.6V ( smd) 640nmD Red led at 0.3mA will be around 1.7~1.8V (smd) assume a 3.3V driver and an LVCMOS25 receiver that has a VIH = (...)
Although the personal experience is a valuable resource, I keep believing that the problem still lack of more information about the device. I already burned an array of leds of a strobe system just applying a continuous current, due it was thermally dimensioned to operate in pulsed mode. Despite the brightness did not seem to exceed the rated for d
There are too many false assumptions in this thread. If repairability is key with high recycle value, then standards are essential. ZAGRA is one such standard. Single led repairs compromise quality or cost due to Blue-shift and LM70 aging mismatches. Cost of cooling is not always feasible by just spreading out the smd's. This is not sca
Hi, First sorry for my poor English. I want to simulate the WS2812B chip in Proteus but there is no available component or part related to this device in Proteus (neither WS2811 nor 5050 smd led). I read the datasheet of this device ( ) but unable to create the circuit to generate the similar wavefo
Hello, We are doing a 3 channel, surface mount Buck led driver (3x 165W) , which is 495W total. The room on the PCB for this is just 60mm x 70mm. So as to keep the components cool, we wish to use 4 oz copper?but will this mean that 0603 resistors will not be soldered properly? (there are 0603 resistors and caps near the PWM controller).
Hello all, I'm trying to find a simple solution to make a led ring with smd packages. DOes it exist a simple way like a Autodesk Inventor with circular sketch pattern. Does it exist the same placement function in Altium ? Thanks for your help
Have you something called "route offset" (or similar) in the settings? If not then add some copper to the pad so that the route comes into that, stopping before the pad perhaps?
Hello, I am trying to drive an 8x8 RGB Common Cathode led matrix. I am planning to use four 74HC595 shift registers. The problem is that I want to get the maximum brightness out of the leds but I do not know which IC to use between output of shift registers and leds. I am using 5050 smd RGB leds (...)
dear all I have two question 1. what happen if i will use 47uf16v elco. capacitor in place of 47uf10v ,Is it effect remote battery life? 2. Is dual color smd led's come in two pin Regards
How many led's per character?
HuanYu Future Technologies Co., Ltd is one of the China leading metal core pcb Manufacturing Enterprises. We can produce high-power led kinds of high thermal conductivity aluminum Core pcb ,copper Core pcb and smd One-stop shop service ,Current products manufactured include led Panel light pcb,led Light bulbs (...)
what is the led used inside an led tube light.. and what the watt........ Pls refer me some led... used in tube light.
Always is good to have isolation. I recommend to use small SMPS psu, you can make it or buy it. In smd fashion can be very small and compact. Switched current power supply for 1W - 5W led diode see PowerIntegration LinkSwitch-PL family of IC: www
Say I have a 5m strip of smd 3528, that is 300 leds. This project is for a bedroom so I want the strip to turn on slowly and turn off slowly. Say 3-5 seconds. I assume that's 300 leds in parallel? At 20ma, that's 6 Amps. You'll need a hefty transistor/mosfet. You can either use the method in post #3, or PWM. The
Two possibilities come to mind: 1) Solder wires to existing led connections and have them connect to a buffer amplifier with high input impedance, to drive external led. 2) Mount a CdS photocell next to each led, in a light-tight enclosure, and use the resistance change to trigger the external led circuit. But CdS cells (...)
Hi all Basic question: I would like to get a bicolor smd led (green/red) but i would like it to have just two pins, as i need it to check polarity thus i do not need to turn both leds at once. Is there a more specific name to look for it in farnell as i can only find 3 or 4 pins versions that complicate assembly? Regards
HI, I am in need of very tiny RGB led, the same one seen on a stellaris launchpad. Can any one give me the link from which I could purchase the same led... Searched a lot in alibaba but couldn;t find the exact one...
Dear All I need to make an led Tube light in five feet long, I bought 60 nos 5050 smd which is the sutable connection is parellel or series ?How many led can connect in a parellel circuit 12 v dc and which resistor should use their? I think to connect 60 nos led in one row. led details; (...)
Hello I am having IR cctv camera in which IR light source is using KIA78R12API regulator and two pin Light sensor , 24 IR led and 8 PIn smd IC EZ642(ST) and few more components . In this regulator IC is getting much heatup , why ?? I couldn't get the faulty component ? Will you please help me to solve the problem Thanks in advance
Something like this of this depends from keyboard and keys design. Use diffuse smd led, make it in matrix links under every key of keyboard. But low voltage of battery can be problematic, and whole amount of leds current. Use optoco
It is a project of binary clock in stationary version. The clock operates in 24-hours mode. From the top: hours, minutes and seconds. In the hours row one diode is unnecessary, because 23 in binary system takes 5 pos
This version of binary clock is based on led matrix LINK , processor Attiny2313 and RTC DS1307. Everything except the matrix is in smd technology. Schematic:
Good day!I need help why i cannot adjust the heater part of the hotair.adjusting the potentiometer to its minimum will not give any heat.any point above minimum setting will turn the hotair to maximum heat and the led flashes very fast.ive removed ang tested the potentiometer and it gives me a varrying does this system works?TIA
See this : SMT750 is favorite, but see and others.
It is a neat panel thermometer on a well-known system DS18B20. The main element is Atmega8 smd. Software was written in WinAVR. The thermometer additionally is equipped with the function of thermostat. To minimize the size of the
Hi, Do you know what is minimum current I need supply for led in purpose to see it in daytime? Possible using regular optical means including lenses. Thank you
Hi friends Long time ago, I saw a PCB, where the leds were lighting directed toward bottom itself. Thus, on the underside of this PCB, a panel membrane was fixed, transparent on the leds position. There was a hole for each led at PCB, in order to minimize light loss. Does anyone have references of this kind of component? ( where (...)
Has anyone used those led chaser strips from hong kong? These guys 5050 smd digital dream color led with IC products, buy 5050 smd digital dream color led with IC products from Does anyone know about these? What are the controlling options, it's
Kingbright USA, an opto-electronic led manufacturer products include all type of led LAMPS , SMT led, smd led, led DISPLAYS optoelectronic components
I would like to help. Soldered a LPC1768 on a platform smd, rode a source of 3.3 V, the JTAG connector and an led on pin P0 . Researched looking for 2 full days free tools and paid, I downloaded them and started trying. Initially worked with Iar, Keil, and then with the LPCXpresso CooCox by the way I found wonderful! and used the recording as H-
The schematic depends on how precisely you want to detect the zero crossing point. One simple solution used in many printer/faxes is to put resistors 100k-200K in serial with bidirectional optron (two led in opposite directions). If resistors are smd it is recommended to put several in serial to increase the breaking voltage. On the other side o
Just use white led. And Boost led driver is needed.
without transformer i have to drive 50 nos 5050 smd led's Are you refering to 5050smd led's on Flexible PCB strip or you have individual ones. First you may write how you have connected or supposed to connect it as you have mentioned 20 Nos in the heading and 50 Nos in your post. In fact the flexible led strips
may be this will help
I made a smd version of the ICD2 Clone (PiCS Rev. C from ) using TQFP packages. The device enumerates and drivers install successfully. MPLAB detects the programmer and the yellow led (BUSY) switch on but then it looses communications. I double checked the schematic and layout and all seems fine. The p
Osram and Kingbright make a good range of low current bright leds. Some of the osram units are up to 50lm/W. I've used this one is some designs and its excellent. LW T6SG oddbudman
You could use either device ,I just pointed out the TLC555 can work down to 2V. To answer your question you could hook two led's up in parallel from the Vcc rail to the output cathode to the output of the TLC555 timer with current limiting resistors.The TLC555 can sink up to 100mA (sources 10mA). The led's will just go on when the outputs
hai any body knows some dip ic for white led . i found only smd
I need info about unknovn transistor marked W5 ( W6) for led current limiter. It`s sot143 pakage. TNX for help Bojan
Dear People, I am curios if the circuit that I have combined has a chance of working? I have already made it, but the led is getting hot, the whole thing is smd so I don?t want to cut traces just yet. I ran some simulations, they returned within reason; error of 1 mA over all 3 leds. The FET's are so I can PWM the whole thing, or (...)