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I wonder how you drive a LED from the comparator output and keeping a sufficient high level at the same time? Without a schematic that shows all component values it's hard to know.
the FF is triggered by edge (falling or rising) and a latch is trigger by level
What's the exact difference between edge and level triggering in an oscilloscope? I have searched the Tectronix book but I couldn't find level triggering at all. I am quite confused. Could you help me? Thanks a lot...
As long as the ege of your signal are less than 10mS apart, the easiest way would be to use the "Interrupt On Change" interrupt to detect an edge, and set a timer to trigger 10mS later. When the timer interrupt fires, set an output bit according the the input level at capture time.
On power-on all I/O pins are set as inputs and pulled-up by internal (weak) circuit .. ExtInt0 and ExtInt1 can be set to trigger an interrupt on the falling edge or low level, that mans that you can safely pull them down to the GND level and by doing so (...)
Latch. It is because latch is level sensitive. Meaning, as long as latch enable is active, any signal at input port will be captured at the output port. Unlike Flip flop, it is an edge sensitive or edge trigger. The output port will capture the input signal at edge (...)
Hi btminzon, Jep is correct, you can not have another signal edge trigger event after clock_edge_trigger. It will always gives error. and it is also NOT NECESSARY! Use only level trigger. eg. if (...)
manasiw2 u cant do that, if u tie the clock to the select pin using a single MUX then if become latch no DFF cause the output will change as long as the input is changing if the clk is still high. It become level trigger not edge trigger. I think kanagavel_docs have provide a good (...)
No. Only one. Otherwise, it's a buffer. When level is high, latch gets whatever value coming in. When level is low, it won't latch new value (it stays at old value)
I want to add; level trigger interrupt cannot recognize very short time pin signal . on the other hand edge trigger can recognize any short duration pulse .
Hi all, When I use positive level trigger D-latch, What's the propagation time for D-latch? I.e. from positive edge or from negative edge? Any suggestions will be appreciated! Best regards, Davy
There are few points to be note here.... 1. Make sure that the interrupt is not masked. and note its priority! 2. Whats the nature of interrupt I mean level sensitive OR edge trigger or both?? 3. You are using switch that mans you may need debouncing!!