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Look at the Customizing Simulation library for ATPG, on solvnet or TMAX online help.
I have the following code for path delay test generation: read_netlist s27_synthsized_scan_test.v read_netlist ../../library/saed90nm.v -library run_build_model s27 set_delay -nopi_changes set_delay -nopo_measures set_delay -mask_nontarget_paths set_delay -common_launch_capture_clock set_delay -relative_edge add_clocks 0 CK add_pi_con
tetramax uses Verilog library to build fault models. Try this: read_netlist /usr/local/synopsys/syn_vE-2010.12-SP4/doc/syn/dft_tutorial/LIB/class.v From Netlist Formats, Testbenches, and Test Patterns Interfaces tetramax ATPG supports popular industry standards for netlist and test pattern formats: &#
Dear All, I need to generate test patterns for same circuit in different operation condition. I checked tetramax- and found out that it takes Timing libraries only in Verilog format. I have just one timing library in verilog. How do I generate one library for different different operating conditions? Thanks and Regards, Dhaval.
Hi,friends I use tetramax to write out pattern file in two kinds, stil and v,that is write_patterns -f verilog_single_file or write_paterns -f stil . Now I want to verify whether the generated patterns are right or not and I simulate it by adding the verilog_single_file ,dut module ,library module and spf file to Modelsim. And these are my quest
i am trying to run tetramax after compiling my design using a DFT compiler but i cant figure out what are the library modules i need to use. the only format it supports are EDIF, verilog and VHDL but there are no such files in the synopsys library. help me
Hi frnds, If some one have tried using lsi_10k or other lsi libraries in synthesinzing design using synosys DC he might have faced the problem either dring the time of simulation using VCS or may be during the time of test pattern generation using tetramax. I am facing the similar kind of problem while generating test unsing T
we have license for PrimePower Pathmill tetramax Formality Pioneer DC Ultra Design Analyzer HDL Compiler Verilog library Compiler Module Compiler Power Compiler VHDL Compiler Physical Compiler Ad DesignWare library DesignWare Developer System Studio
currently I encounter a problem regarding tetramax test simulation library, but I only have Mentor FastScan ATPG library. could somebody introduce me how to model ATPG primitive for Synopsys tetramax especially Bidirection PADs. -- or somebody could give me experience or example. how to convert FastScan ATPG (...)
When i read in the library model netlist, it reports that there are unsupported construct. and then there are a lot of Unconnected module internal nets What should i do with such problem? thx