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I need an FPGA Advantage 5.5 licence file if you can help me plz do
i have modelsim6 se with all necessary files i also have the floating license but i dont know where to put the licence in need help
Hi I have a problem running the modelsim SE 6.0d. I can'nt run the software because it wants me a licence file,I copy the licence file and the setting as is requested.but it is useless. Is there any special settings? Thanks
Hello there, I hope while u created ur project, u did specify the simulator as modelsim, SE XE or whatever version u have, And i hope u have proper licence from modelsim as well, ie the starter edition licence or the hardware lock drivers properly intalled and so on... Then i again hope that u have included the (...)
U can try pasting the licence request string on to your browser's address bar to get the licence mailed to you. Thats what we do on windows based modelsim, U need not do it from the very same Linux machine that u r using, U can copy that string from the text file in the modelsim folder and try pasting it on any (...)
wether u are you are using trail version of 3o days or licenced version. if u use licence d version the mail ur details . to the admin of the site of technical support team. if u are using trail version then u should choose the option 30 days evaluate version.
Is questa is licence free Tool?? Can we do Coverage analysis in modelsim.
SkyEye is an Open Source Software Project (GPL licence). Origin from GDB/Armulator, The goal of SkyEye is to provide an integrated simulation environment in Linux and Windows. SkyEye environment simulates/emulates typical Embedded Computer Systems (Now it supports a series ARM architecture based microprocessors and Blackfin DSP Processor). You can
hi i am facing problem in running modelsim 6.5 on windows 7. the software has been installed properly but the licence is not being recognised by the OS. Has anyone any idea about what to do? Regards Usama
Hello Friends, I am looking for modelsim 6.5 software for my own use for rtl coding verification, and i need the details how to install it and update the licence file. if any body have the same.....please help me in this issue........... thank
I have a problem with my modelsim license.I have recently(less than a month) intalled a student version of modelsim,more exactly modelsim 10.1 PE student worked fine for a while,but now when i try to simulate it says it cannot because the license has expired. I'm surprised because in the mail i received it says that the license is avail
I get a # 0 0x0057ac02: ' + 0xd2b52' # 1 0x0057adc2: ' + 0xd2d12' # Corrupt Call Stack ** Fatal: (SIGSEGV) Bad pointer access. Closing vsim. ** Fatal: vsim is exiting with code 211. error when i'm invoking modelsim from FPGA-Advantage. It works on its own so there is no licence iss
If you are a student, you can go to @ltera's education development section. Just look for the UP-2 development board. The UP-2 board contains a MAX-7000 and FLEX10K70. The price is around $150 (US) for students. Just check around for their board. If you use their search and type UP-2, you should find it. The kit comes with a book to get y
Simply save all your files, (.v) or(.wvf) and then start a new project and follow the instructions that will nclude the addition of modelsim and that it, for any further help or full licence just email me :-)
Hi In all the above , you will get evaluation version ONLY You should buy a licence if you want to get full version
cadence IUS has support for almost all the constructs. check ur licence
Hi. Add the file poller.vhd or poller.v into your modelsim project and complile that file. Now compile the top block. If you cant run modelsim, check your license. Run licence wizard. Hope it helps Thanks
Hi, How is the future of the "E" and "vera"when everyone is moving towards system verilog? As all verilog simulator is going to support system verilog now or in near future so no extra licence is needed as in case of specman or vera? Even system verilog has almost all features of OOPS like vera,e. Now most of companies are reducing their cost
That is not possible. They are two completly different things. You can do a VHDL co-simulation with simulink though. You'll need the HDL coder licence, which is around $10,000 I think.
First of all, you need a simulator with a mixed mode licence (Minimum modelsim PE) second, create a component in the VHDL architecture that matches the port description of the verilog module, and make all ports std_logic. Instantiate it and it should just run fine.
In addition to what Gong said - if you have Simulink and an HDL coder licence, you can stick modelsim in the loop. It can take a little time to set up but well worth it if you already have a good similink test setup - you can just swap out the image processing matlab algorithm for your HDL code.
I thought I replied to this last night - I guess the forum broke: Basically, for each co-simulation block you put in your simulink model, you need another instance of modelsim running - and you need 1 licence for each instance!! The answer is to create a VHDL wrapper that instantiates all of your VHDL blocks in 1 file, and connects to a single mode
If you are a student, you can get modelsim with basic SystemVerilog. That will give you all of the synthesizable subset, plus the object-oriented class functionality in SystemVerilog. i have tried and downloaded software also. but after installatio
Your file type declaration isnt needed because you're reading std_logic_vectors from a text file. It is only required if you want to read from a data file (and I wouldnt recommend doing that). A SIGSEGV is usually a modelsim crash. So I would highly suggest upgrading your version of modelsim. You licence should cover all versions. The error (...)