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I need an FPGA Advantage 5.5 licence file if you can help me plz do
Hi I have a problem running the modelsim SE 6.0d. I can'nt run the software because it wants me a licence file,I copy the licence file and the setting as is requested.but it is useless. Is there any special settings? Thanks
Hello there, I hope while u created ur project, u did specify the simulator as modelsim, SE XE or whatever version u have, And i hope u have proper licence from modelsim as well, ie the starter edition licence or the hardware lock drivers properly intalled and so on... Then i again hope that u have included the (...)
U can try pasting the licence request string on to your browser's address bar to get the licence mailed to you. Thats what we do on windows based modelsim, U need not do it from the very same Linux machine that u r using, U can copy that string from the text file in the modelsim folder and try pasting it on any (...)
wether u are you are using trail version of 3o days or licenced version. if u use licence d version the mail ur details . to the admin of the site of technical support team. if u are using trail version then u should choose the option 30 days evaluate version.
Is questa is licence free Tool?? Can we do Coverage analysis in modelsim.
SkyEye is an Open Source Software Project (GPL licence). Origin from GDB/Armulator, The goal of SkyEye is to provide an integrated simulation environment in Linux and Windows. SkyEye environment simulates/emulates typical Embedded Computer Systems (Now it supports a series ARM architecture based microprocessors and Blackfin DSP Processor). You can
hi i am facing problem in running modelsim 6.5 on windows 7. the software has been installed properly but the licence is not being recognised by the OS. Has anyone any idea about what to do? Regards Usama
Hello Friends, I am looking for modelsim 6.5 software for my own use for rtl coding verification, and i need the details how to install it and update the licence file. if any body have the same.....please help me in this issue........... thank
I have a problem with my modelsim license.I have recently(less than a month) intalled a student version of modelsim,more exactly modelsim 10.1 PE student worked fine for a while,but now when i try to simulate it says it cannot because the license has expired. I'm surprised because in the mail i received it says that the license is avail
Nope, for that you'll need a licence with any version.
1. Make your testbench self checking so you do not need a waveform. 2. Remove the clocks from the waveform, or hide them inside signal groups. 3. dont use the -novopt switch 4. only simulate the logic you are interested in. Replace other modules with behavioural models. 5. Pay for a more expensive licence (the cheaper licences have a "go-slow" buil
What are my options for simulating verilog-a code using the cadence software. I have full licensed cadence version 6.1.6.You can use Verilog-A in MMSIM(Spectre). Does NC-verilog support verilog-a?If you have licence of AMS for NCSim, you can use Verilog-AMS in NCSim. This
You need to go to the mentor website or see your local distrubutor to upgrade your modelsim licence. It's not cheap - a few $1000
Hi, In the past 2 years I have worked with modelsim SE 5.3 to 5.5a . All these versions gave me practically the same performance in VHDL. Every major new version has promised 2-4 times gain in performance. Why don't I see it? May be it's only for Verilog ? Please share your experience. P.S. (I tested on PII-450 with 256MB RAM) Buzkille
Hi, Can anyone give me a modelsim's license? thanks.
License.dat for modelsim 5.5D (on 00crks00) is NOT working? Only the license.dat generated with EFALicGen.03b, altough it is for version 5.5a is correct, but lot of features is missing there comparing to license.dat in 00crks00?! Can anybody confirm or deny this or give some clue what to do?
Anybody knows were i can find the licence key for CACI COMNET III Release 1.3. I am interesting and for the new version if there is. Please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot..
I would like to know which FEATURE are necessary for this prog. I have a "general" license whith a lot of feature I think I don't need and it take a lot to load. If someone can tell me which are need would be better. Thanks!
I installed modelsim 5.6 and it does not recognize the xilinx verilog lib? how do I convert or get the library? thanks ahgu
I am trying the modelsim55x NT version. The dump file in ".VCD" might be a large file. Does anyone know how to dump ".fsdb" in modelsim NT version?
Hi 1. f*p://download:oday@ * -> t tnx
Hi, I just heard aldec's riviera. who could tell me which one is better that riviera & modelsim. Are there any more asic design tools for mixed language (verilog & vhdl) simulator? :roll: Thanks.
I run simulation in batch mode with modelsim and the source code is verilog. On some conditon, I use "examine top/sub1/subx/signal1(3:0)" to capture the lowest 4bits value of signal1(63:0) and output it to a file . But every time I got all the 64bits, that is not I want. How can I do and who can help me? Thanks
modelsim 5.7a Hello xxx, Thank you for downloading modelsim's latest release, 5.7. Unfortunately we have discovered a problem with 5.7 that has now been fixed in 5.7a, available today. Due to a time related problem, the GUI was unable to detect double-click events in a number of windows. Therefore, certain debug functionality appeared to be
hi. i work whit modelsim 5.6b in win200 sp3. the license is ok alla chek is good but when i tri to simulate modelsim shoutdown whitout error. can anybody hel me? thanks. g.
Hi, at the moment I'm using modelsim 5.6f together with Translogic Ease/Eale 5.1R2. If I'm compling from Ease out with modelsim, modelsim creates a Directory work and a modelsim.out file on my desktop. What have I'm to to to change that so that modelsim or Ease don't create this directorys on my desktop. (...)
Any idea how to do this?
I have a problem with using VPI in modelsim(version 5.4). The error message below appears when I try to get a handle on "vpiProcess". Kindly give suggestions on how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance. Error Message: :( # Module INFO: Module Name : test : test File : mod.tst, line no : 0 (mod.tst) # An error occurred during vpi_iterate(
I found modelsim Ver 5.6f in FpgaAdvantage 5.4 but I know that there is no ver 5.6f in standalone version,hehe,why?
Hi, Who can tell me ? thanks for help !
modelsim 5.7 Quick Guide
Hi, How to do post-sim in modelsim with quartusII? step by step ! Who can tell me ? thanks fr help!
HI, how do I link modelsim and cygwin. also help with linking debussy and modelsim. I cant get *.fsdb file from after modelsim for Waveform viewer in debussy
modelsim 5.7c released.
How can I compile protected verilog file using modelsim?? :(
Your should register in metrowerks site and received e-mail with licence.dat (avaliation version - 4kB c compiled source code).
I tried to use modelsim under Linux. Compile works well. But when I tried to add signal to wavewindow, exit from modelsim. Following message printed. **Fatal: (SIGSEGV) Bad pointer access. Closing vsim. **Fatal: vsim is exiting with code 211. What's wrong ? How can I use modelsim under Linux ? TIA,
Yesterday I generate modelsim license using ef@licgen. It can't works. I changed pc's date backward and regenerate license. Then change pc's date now. modelsim works well. I tested another pc. Same problem. Anyone have the same problem ? Sorry my bad English.
I always meet this error when I simulate in modelsim: # Iteration limit reached. Possible zero delay oscillation. See the manual. what this mean and how can I do ? Thanks.
Error at using modelsim SE-EE 5.4e with ISE4.1i # vsim +maxdelays -t 1ps -L xilinxcorelib_ver -L unisims_ver -L simprims_ver TestBench glbl # The checkout of feature hdlsim has been disallowed. Failure 83. # ERROR: Failure to obtain a vlog simulation license. # Error loading design But modelsim Licensing Wizard set license is OK. Who ca
Hi, This is a very useful link to learn modelsim.Just check out.... Thanks, Regards, - satya
Hello. I am looking for modelsim training materials that is used for modelsim Basic and Advanced Training Classes. I did gathered few modelsim PowerPoint SLIDES from modelsim User Conferences 2002 and 2003. I think some formal training material on the tool is USEFUL and EFFECTIVE to refresh my skill using (...)
I have installed Flexlm 7.2 and the Modeltec daemon and generated a valid a modelsim license works ....But the daemon starts to multiply. An pretty soon i have hundreds, and the computer cant'handle it .. And i have to shut down ...Has Anybody Out there experience such a thing and how have they fix it?? Thanks
I'm confused... I've instantiated altpll megafunction as an Stratix's Enchanced PLL and simulate it in Quartus. All ok. After that I generate .vho file and try MSim 5.7c. But in MSim 5.7c simulation PLL isn't locked. It doesn't work. Is there anybody who successfully simulate Stratix PLL with modelsim? Where is obstacle?
How to create the SDF & VHDL netlist for modelsim SE 5.7X in Xilinx ISE5.1i ? :cry: Who can teach me ? If you have some info doc,please tell me! :D have a nice day! :D :D
Hi, Can anyone tell me why though the modelsim SE 5.7d license wizard reports a good license file, when i'm startin modelsim I get the following message? "Unable to checkout a viewer license necessary for use of the modelsim graphical user interface. Vsim is closing." What is going on?
For my current project, I am using modelsim 5.7c for simulation purposes. I am also using Xilinx ISE 5.2 as a design environment. Yesterday I have compiled Xilinx's libararies (unisim_ver, xilinxcorelib_ver ...etc) and then mapped them. But when I simulate my code, after compilation and linking to the compiled libraries, modelsim quits without