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THis is a broadband Op amplifier controlled by C ratio with DC blocking breakpoint at R19//C20 on feedback. Since the diode is anode grounded with reverse biased PD the cathode is at V+ with null current and drops input voltage , inverts to a positive peak AC amplifier with detected light.
- Visible light is OK but IR may be better. - Steady IR may be OK but pulsed IR is better. - Narrow emitter pattern is OK but narrow detector aperture hole is mandatory to prevent reflections off axis. - Detector with AGC is best to compensate for variations in intensity with 50% threshold and pulse detector to confirm sender light. - IR (...)
In contrast to the transmissive sensor that relies on the presence of ambient light, a simple (DC) reflective sensor requires ambient not to exceed a certain intensity. No idea if this can be assured in your application. Reflective sensors are available as single component comprised of an IR LED and a (...)
The eye can see over 10 decades of light intensity, but you may be only interested in a narrow range with 3 levels. Can you specify this? Also do you need to diffuse the light sensor to detect average light level? A good design always starts with a good spec. You can surf
You didn't specify range and intended resolution. Reflected light intensity can only give a very rough distance estimation
One BIG assumption is that there is no interaction between the three lamps and sensors. If there is, you've got problems. For example, if you increase the light intensity from the back lamp, and that causes a change in the sensor for the middle lamp, well, you can see what's going to happen. Depending on timing, etc., you (...)
Use a basically linear sensor, e.g. a photodiode. Attenuate the light to an intensity level that gives validated linear sensor output with continuous light, using a grey filter or by increasing the sensor distance. Monitor the intensity waveform with an oscilloscope. (...)
Using visible light intensity as a measure for UV should basically work. Lamp wear may possibly cause a reduction of UV intensity, e.g. absorption by sputtered electrode metal. If you want a precise exposure control, a dedicated UV sensor fitting the photomask sensitivity characteristic may be wanted. I remember that besides (...)
try using a green filter and a regular light sensor like a photo diode. Not stupid, just a matter of reasoning. By nature of fluoresence, it has to be measured at the emitted wavelength (green) rather than the excitation wavelength (UV). The fluorescense intensity is however low and the safety feature is the specfic pattern, not
Hello sir, My project is control the light in an room depending on the light intensity for which i am using the PIR sensor and LDR resistor.. my question is that the LDR output ll be analog how to interface the bulb to that using and MSP430 launch pad kit.coz we need to set some reference value to LDR o/p i.e even
The variable resistor allows you to set the point at which the light intensity turns the transistor on or off. Just to mention transistor turns on when voltage between base and emitter rises above arround 0.6V.
Hi to all, Is it suitable to use OPT101 as my sensor for measuring the total insolation (W/m2)? Actually, my plan is to use the output voltage of the IC as my analogue input for my PIC16f877a. The analogue input voltage varies as the light intensity changes absorbed by the photodiode inside the IC. I worked previously with BPW34 (...)
Hi all, I want to use light sensor,with variation of light intensity number of "on" LEDS should go on increasing,let have five LEDS.What should i use?LDR?
can anyone help me with my coding..i have create a c coding for my light intensity analysis. different intensity will light different LED.i used photodetector as sensor.but when i compile the code, there are errors.. :cry: can anyone tell me whats wrong with my coding. #include <16f877a.h> #device adc=8 (...)
I want to design a circuit to detect light intensity and display it on a 7-segment LED i need a sensor circuit, AD converter and a display circuit.This shouldn't involve any microprocessor, and just fooling around with TTL IC chip. any idea?THx.
Hi, im Thavamaran and currently in final year of my degree, so im using TCS230, its a CMOS color sensor whereby im doing various types of test. TCS230 output is frequency and its digital. so i was doing a test recently whereby i place my sensor about +-5cm from a surface, which the surface consists of a particular color paper. So from 5cm when i
Dear all, I have a photoelectric sensor whoe's out put varies with the intensity of light from 100 mAmps to 800 mAmps. I want to read this input from PIC Microcontroller. Simply it is possible but the scale is very narrow so i want to design a low noise opAmp circuit which can amplify the sensor output 10 times or at (...)
ei y'all... i'd like to make a room/enclosure having a simulated environment. a light sensor would be among the sensors we'd be using... will the temperature in the enclosure have any effect on the light intensity reading (provided that the light intensity (...)
I am looking for light sensor for measuring the sun light intensity (range from 0 to 1000 W/m2). Any idea what sensor can i use? I found TSL sensors, but the range is not suitable.
hi..i have a project..about sending information through a beam of light....for the reciever it will be photodiode detecter...can u tell me what parts i should have...for both side" transmitter and reciever" can i carry electric signal..on a beam of light? the modelution..and demod... help pleez with articals or links..
If you want to measure the intensity of light falling on LDR, you need A/D. But there is another (Low res. slow) way if your controller has PWM and comparator. check out : You can also use software PWM and external comparator if your controller does not have them.
Hi, how can I detect a color -( square) from LCD screen?.which senzor should i use? i try with taos tslg257 but it seem to be oveload becose of too high light intensity from LCD screen? any other idea? thx and regards,jože