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is anyone know how to make a line follower's program using at89s51??? i'm still newbie...
Salam, May be this help you. line follower ROBOT Using AT89C2051 & C SphinX
Hi every one........... I have project build robot line follower with AT89C2051 and i have list program on C language like this : #include d:\mc51\8051io.h #include d:\mc51\8051reg.h extern register unsigned char speedleft,speedright; register unsigned char high,low,flag,time; main() { P1=0x40; P3=0xff; high = 80; (...)
sirs' need help regarding line follower mobot using atmel at89c2051.... can any1 give mo source code for programming the mobot preferrably in C.... mine would be using 3 RS05FS.. photo reflective sensor... can any1 help me wid the program...that would follow the black line any help would be greatly (...)
hi i'm new here, i want to know about how to build a fast and accurate line follower with microcontroller 8051 assembly code... is anyone know??? thank you RGDS jandreas
which one is best c or assembly language for line follower robot?
Hi friends, i wish to do a line follower robot using at89c2051... for that i want to write assembly language program.. can anybody help me:?:
I need a line follower robot using IR+LDR+Atmega(8/32/48)+c code urgently. As t have all the components above.
pic micro controller AS i m making line follower Robot i need help about pic micro controller ..................i need to rotate one motor fast while one one motor slow ........for rotation of my robot.............For this i need .help ........about pic micro controller ..and pwm pin ..........plz guide me
Hi semicondutor, Here your robot line follower Robot Movie1 Movie2 You will find schematics + hex codes. Bye SphinX
HI GUYS can any one gave me the full project material (code, slides and etc) in C Language. PROJECT:"line FOLLOWING ROBOT" I USE PIC16F84 MICROCONTROLLER IN C-LANG IN OUR LABS THANX TO U PEOPLE
What kind of sensors do you have (one LED and five phototransistors, five LED-transistor pairs)? Are the outputs of sensors analog or digital? How are the sensors arranged geometrically? If you manually place the robot on the line, what do you read from the sensors, when the line is 4cm? 6cm? 2cm?
am asking on how to make a circiut for linefollower connect to two dc motors& how to connect them to plc so tht i can program plc on a task i want to do it automatically just push start bottom please if u can help reply me
Hi... I'm in urgent need.. i got this program somewher from the net and i've edited it for my line follower which i'm building....but the program shows some errors(the microcontroller used is atmega16) and i'm totally confused about the header files 'delay.h' and 'mega16.h' i tried using the header files provided in the (...)
Hi i'm getting two errors in this program "Warning: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\line follower.c(178): function parameter 'delay' was not referenced" "Warning: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\line follower.c(178): function parameter 'power' was not referenced" i'm using (...)
can any one help me... i feel the following program in not complete...the program executes with two warnings...but i don get any out put from the mc....some one pls tell me whether the program is correct and if it is complete(htis program was not written by me i got it from the net)... thanks in advance this is the (...)
Hi, It makes a change to see someone moving from C to Assembler - will try and help make things clearer. First the 16F84 /A chip used in so many web based projects is almost obselete, so whenever possible try and use a 16F628A or 16F88 which should run the same code with only the smallest of changes which the complier should soon point out
Hi everyone...... I have to design the line following robot for my final year project.... I need help..... I also a beginner in pic programming.... so may someone help me to write the line following program..... I am using CCS C compiler, pic16f886.......and used 3 infrared sensor.....and 2 DC motors, digital method (...)
I have made the following program for a line follower, But it shows the following error for AVR studio. can you help me out? Below is the program /*Connect the Sensors to PortA Pin 0 (Rightmost Sensor) to Pin 4 (Leftmost Sensor)*/ #include #include #include //#include"stepper.h" (...)
hello ALL , I build line follower robot -based pic16F877A and ULN2003A when i made the program it is work with isiss, but when i put it in the pic 1 motor rotates and the other 1 no pls check it fot me , i write it with micro pascal , pls help me . This is the program : program Robotsuiveurdeligne; (...)
Could anyone please help me make a program using MPLAB for a line following robot using 877A? I'm kind of lost on where to start or how to start. If anyone could please help me out, that would be great. We're still in our Microcontroller class and I haven't got a single clue yet on how to start the program. Thanks in advance. :)
Hi, I have a robot with 2 Stepper motors connecting to a PIC16F877A and I am adding a line follower application on it... I got the circuit done with 3 pairs of Infrared Sensors for Left, Middle and Right but now I don't know how to program it. Preferably I would like to use Micro C. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.
Hi all, I am having problems with the programming part of my project. My project consists of an autonomous book locater (working on the principle of line follower). I am using VB6 for the student to input the barcode of the required book. once the barcode is there, the data has to be sent to the PIC16f877a via RF transmitter (...)
Anybody help to me. I had Moc 7811 ic. I want do a project using that component,like speed measure and line follower. can you give any circuit for that components
Principles of a light tracking robot: The LM324 Quad Op-Amp line follower Robot with Pulse Width Modulation | ermicroblog
Does anyone can explain this code, i am doing a project regrading to color ball tracking with MATLAB image processing toolbox im=getingdata(vid,1); imshow(im); default=0; %Image converted to ycbcr format from rgb since this format separates %intensity from color im_new=rgb2ycbcr(im); sz=size(im_new); m=sz(1,1); n=sz(1,2); %Creating a
line follower ROBOT line follower Robot
Hi everyone, I want to design a data acquisition system with data logging with graphs of the sensor's output. I want to design it with an ATMega8(L) microcontroller. I already have an Atmega 8 microcontroller development board that came with a line follower kit. In that board i can program the microcntrlr with the usb cable. How to use (...)
please dont encourage or divert people of forum by offering complete help. only guidance will be given and home works not done here. if it exists anywhere in web, give the link to learn. this code is similar to line follower robot, am i correct in this assumption. then it will be very easy program. put your circuit diagram here.
To be honest, i need it for line follower robot... for example voltage between 0 to 1.6 it activate port0.0 as high for upper than that make it low. I just want to have this sample for expanding my algorithm as line follower robot. Can u help me with that? Also i've written a program which has problem that (...)