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What is the function of lithium battery internal circuitry? I mean when you open a lithium battery pack there is a small PCB with a couble of SMD ICs and some other components. I beleive this is used to record the state of charge of the cells and control the charging in case the temperature of the cells rises. Is this true or it offers other
I have a circuit running at 3.3 volts it is powered by a LM2576 with 5v output and this 5 volts will power a lithium charger chip and a 3.3 regulator(LP3962) The problem is when the battery is charging or ful chargered the voltage can be from 3.0 to 4.2 volts... what regulator i need to put to in the place of the LP3962 in red after the (...)
High volt CMOS is more and more applied in various power supply system. process with high volt option provide the mothed integrated power deive in single chip .for example, 7-12v for lithium charger application, up to 40v for LCD. 18-40 DC/AC ...
Good flashlight... I am worried how you have connected the 3.2v lithium batteries to achieve 15.6Ah. Most probably in parallel, right?? If yes, then advising you to use the batteries and charge them in parallel condition will be not good. If you can charge the batteries individually then have a look at this....
I have just rebuild my laptop battery and the cells that i replaced with new ones still hold a good charge. laptop used to give me 20 min backup when i took out the cells. I want to utilise the cells in a backup charger circuit for my cell phone and I-pod. i measured the voltage in the cell charger and it was about 6 volts. i want to use 2 (...)
Hi guys, I have a simple question, is it possible to create one charger who could charge 10 lithium-Ion batteries in parallel (each capacity 2400mAh - "DealExtreme: $9.57 TrustFire Protected 18650 3.7V True 2400mAh Rechargeable lithium Batteries (2-Pack)") - source would be wall-socket (Europe - 230V) ofcourse with trans
hello; Can you use a standard circiut without a chip to charge lithium-ion battery?
Hi. I am designing a power supply where I will also need to use a backup battery. The choosen battery type was a Li-Ion (lithium) type, which has a nominal cell voltage of 3.7V . I have little experience with battery chargers and protection circuits (using dedicated ICs). --> I searching for dedicated charger ICs and I think MCP73812 (...)
Do you just need the name of an IC??? CT3582 is a DIP 8 IC, used in 3.7v lithium battery charger. I think it is easy to charge.
I am looking for some support for a new battery charger design. The battery has 4-cells, and there are very few charge management ICs that handle more than 2 cells. Can anyone recommend a relatively small and low-cost charge controller for 4-cell lithium batteries? Thank you, Angelo
Take a look at this: ..... DO NOT use this 12V Ni-Cad battery charger to charge a 3.7V lithium battery cell. A Ni-Cad battery is fully charged when its voltage rises and this circuit detects it. But a lithium battery is fully charged when its charging current drops low that this circuit does not detect.
Elektor have great charger maket with LM3647 from national here is pdf Hello, Is a single .pdf published at Elektor for lithium-Ion charger? Thanks Nick.
You really need to find out what kind of bettery you've got first. lithium Polymers can only be charged/recharged a certain number of times before they have to be changed. Most mobile phones I have examined have NI-MH. Good luck
Hello, Looking for Nikon MH50 and MH52 battery charger service manuals. Anyone have them? Service manuals of any other lithium Ion battery chargers will also do. Thanks in advance.
If your volume is huge and space constraint, may as well go for a single chip & single-cell lithium ion standalone charger. You may refer from texas instrument BQ24010 Linear Technology (LT4058) Cheers,
I know this has been asked before.. but I never saw schematics or a follow up as to how it came out on some of the projects. So I was wondering how to go about making a solar panel battery charger for say a parallel of four 3.6-3.7 volt lithium ions. I know some say a microcontroller should be used, some not.... any ideas? ok sorry.. let me be a
see section " 2 Cell lithium Ion charger " on the following link: and very simple circuit: Regards, Davood.
Hi guys, I have browse through several battery charger IC with dual input (AC & USB) from Maxim and TI. I'm wondering on how to know whether the IC can provide faster charging time compared to others. Ussually, handphone charger are fast charger, what charger IC they ussually use...? Thanks.:D
Hi, I'm now designing a charger. Is there anyone can tell me the equivalent cuicuit of lithium-ion battery? Thanks!
simple! the charger is just as a charger of a lithium polymer batteries; (if your mobile is not so old) all you gatta do is to just charge it with a simple fix 3.9v voltage source with the current half of your mobile battery mAh.
I always considered AA, AAA, R14 as a size. lithium is chemistry. It has no relation to size.
Need a NiCd/NiMH/lithium Polymer battery charger and equalizer for three Lipo cell used in a Electric Fly. May be with or without a microprocessor or ASIC. charger current 5A. BTW This charger will be used in the field powered by a 13,8V x 160W car's power plug (old cigar lighter)! Regards, Fernando
I am looking for someone to design a 3 cell lithium-ion charger and battery monitoring circuit. I can send specifications if you feel that you have the correct skillsets etc...
Hey Guys, I heard a guy told that we could use hand phone charger & battery on a EXIT sign. The idea is 10~15 LEDs, the charger charge the lithium polymer battery if voltage dropped, circuit cut off charging hwhen its full. Battery start working when AC is out. The circuit use LM317 to operate. Any comments on this idea?
hi, can any suggest the model of rf to av converter? and where can i buy it? can any show me the circuit and design of a stancard lithium battery charger set? i need it urgently.. thanks
Ni-Cad batteries are obsolete. Products use Ni-MH batteries or lithium ones now. Where have you been for the last 10 years??
You forgot to say what is the chemistry of your batteries (lead-acid, Ni-Cad, Ni-MH or lithium) and did not say the charging instructions that are printed on it. We don't look for or design circuits for people. Instead we help people who are confused about a circuit design or its constrruction. We talk about circuit designs and how to improve th
You must limit the charge on each cell to whatever is the max shown on its datasheet to prevent a fire. When the voltage of each cell reaches the max allowed voltage then the charging should continue until the current drops below what is said on its datasheet. Then the charger must turn off. Usually a battery charger IC is used. It can pr
Sorry I misunderstood. you could use something like a 7805/6 regulator, if the bike is negative earth (should be) you could bold it direct to frame to act as a heat sink. A fuse in line with the input is recommended. You would also need a series resistor to limit current, you could of course do this direct from 12v supply instead. Not a great way o
refer this link Its not that safe to charge Li-ion batteries without knowing their properties, they may explode if overcharged. the circuit is not smth which yuo can play with or experiement. pls take a good look at the li-ion properties before going ahead. Also check t
hi I want to design a 4 cell (16.8V) lithium ion battery charger. The normal chips available have built in buck (reall buck or halfbridge buck) or at least control circuitry for buck with external mosfets. This is necessary as wall adapter/source input voltage are higher and unregulated. what I want to say is if I already have regulated 16.8V the
Hello Guys, I want to understand more about lithium Ion charging with CC-CV mode. what is the main difference b/w CV mode and CC-CV mode charger? Microcontroller is good solution for CC-CV mode charging? What ckt i have to use if i will do CC-CV charging with micro controller. Battery will charge with solar panel & grid with ac-dc adop
Your lithium-Polymer battery will catch on fire if you charge it wrongly like you said. The very hot fire is spectacular! A mobile phone has a charger circuit inside that prevents its lithium battery from catching on fire. You lost your charger circuit. The charger must measure the cell's voltage and (...)
Dude, you DO KNOW that lithium batteries can EXPLODE and cause major fires, right? Take those expanded batteries outside right now and put them in a pail of sand for a couple of days. A swelling battery is a clear indication that it is ready to explode. A safe lithium battery charger makes sure the battery is not overcharged. The (...)
You can buy one in market its cheap, even with builtin lithium battery. I make solar charging system for my SMS alarm, I use solar cells from garden lamps, this works great.
The extremely old Indian circuit was designed to charge a 7.2V antique Ni-Cad battery, not to power the 5V charger circuit in a modern phone that uses a 3.7V (4.2V when fully charged)lithium battery.
Two lithium rechargeable battery cells are from Nokia and they are fully charged when they have a total of 8.4V and their charging current has dropped low. Six Ni-MH cells are also 8.4V when fully charged. Some stores sell a Ni-MH "compatable" battery because it is cheaper than a lithium battery. But the Ni-MH battery has much less capacity.
Hi there! I am currently working with a system that we are going to make portable for the first time. Hence, are we in need of a battery and a battery charging system. Can you give advise on an IC for charging, a battery and charger? Requirements: lithium Ion battery (4.2 V), about 1500 mAh or more, USB connector is preferable. Thanks in advan
Hi everyone, Could somebody please share their knowledge about laptop battery charging with me? I'm just wondering how a laptop or a mobile phone (let's say an iPhone) determines the capacity of the battery while it's charging? Most of these devices show the charged percentage of the battery, while it is still connected to the charger. Wh
Hey guys. I am trying to built myself a battery charger for my cellphone, powered by my moped. It is stated on the moped that the output is 6V, which is 6Vac. So far I have rectified it by making a bridge of 4x 1N5819 so the voltage drop is as low as possible. Now about the charging. I know that a 3.7V lithium battery can be charged up to 4.2V
The C8051F120DK is a nice dev board, I've use them for development quite frequently. What are the four types of batteries your design will support? Here are some links to appnotes and projects concerning a 8051 battery charger: How to Design Battery charger Applications that Require Exter
A simple charger for lithium-ion (Li-Ion) and lithium polymer (Li-Pol) cells here: simple Li-Ion and Li-Pol cell charger ---------- Post added at 16:36 ---------- Previous post was at 16:33 ---------- A charger project using the MCP73841 charge management controller
seems that you trying to charge litium with constant voltage. if your voltage won't go higher than max charging battery voltage it will work. but as u said it is taking ages. it will be that way. for max voltage alowed for lithium it depends on chemistry, so to find out look for battery characteristics from manufacturer, or google it. For normal l
You should buy solar charger with builtin lithium battery. Price of this is about 12-15eur with 2000mAh battery and about 7eur with devices GPS navigations, mobile,.... my opin
Hello Guys..!! I have designed a lithium ion battery charger board which uses the BQ24201 IC. Now i need to know whether the board has any defects or need enhancement to it. If you guys can inspect the board and provide your opinions/suggestions I'd be very thankful to you. Please see attachment below... Thanx...
I am wondering why there is no many fabricated battery chargers ICs published, I can guess there are some difficulties with the low voltage battery charger IC fabrication, can anyone tell this right or not ?? thanks in advance There is lots existing solutions and dedicated IC for this purpose, nothing new spec
Each cell in the li-ion battery must be charged individually and isolated, or remove all cells from the battery holder and charge them simultaneously connected in parallel as in another paralleled cell holder. The power supply to recharge those lithium cells should be constant voltage at 3.7000 volts, and everything will go well and safe. The t
With this battery charger you can use lithium battery for your projects very simply. All you need is to solder wires from battery and load to the board. Then if you want to charge battery, just plug USB cable in. This board is compatible with almost all modern smartphone chargers. You can run the load and charge the battery at the same time. (...)