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There are many designs on the internet for this. I suggest you use a sync stripping IC such as the lm1881 and use the vertical sync output to reset a counter. Clock the counter with it's horizontal sync output. It will then count the lines starting from the vertical sync and at the line number you want, send a pulse to your oscilloscope external tr
Look lm1881
lm1881 generates composite sync, vertical sync, odd/even and back porch sinals. The back porch is very different from composite blanking signal. How can we use back porch instead of composite blanking?
Hi all, I need to build a RGB Sync on Green to VGA Converter. Was thinking to use a lm1881. I have a SIEMENS 605NC with RGB video output. The VSync and HSync signals goes togheter with GREEN analog signal and I want to use a NEC MultiSync VGA monitor. Is it possible? Regards, Fernando
hello i am in need of video sync separator but i m unable to get it from gujarat. may be this ic is now out or order can anyone give proper option on exchange of lm1881, which is easily available.
If you need to detect/extact Hsync and Vsync signals there are inexpensive ICs which can do this for you: lm1881, EL4581, GS4881 - to name just a few .. Regards, IanP
use lm1881 sync. separator
Hi First look at that : I remember an old project from elektor, maybe in 1990 - 1991, using a lm1881 without microcontroller : "video line selector". If some one has this article. * = t
can anyone tell me if exist equivalent component of lm1881 (video sync separator) of national semiconductors and ad 810 (low power current feedback video amp with disable ) because in italy I don't found it thank's for all
lm1881 is not a good solution. Better to use Elantec sync separator. You can find the complete schematic in the Elantec datasheet.