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Hi fever16 Refer to National data sheet on the LM2907-lm2917 Using the lm2917-14 in place of the LM2907-8 2907(8) pin no. 2917(14) pin no. 1 1 2 2 3 3 & 4 4 5 5 8 6
Hai Anybody Got Experienced with lm2917 as Tachometer.. DataSheet Seems to be very Poor... and i want to use 14 pin LM2197 (pulsed DC input)... if anybody has experience in this, please share circuit diagram for 14 pin lm2917....
Hi, Here is an example of 2917 used as an Engine RPM meter: 61413 And here is the link for datasheet of the same. lm2917 pdf, lm2917 description, lm2917 datasheets, lm2917 view ::: ALLDATASHEET :::
Hi, this is the my first time posting here, but I'm in a hurry and I don't know anyone who can help me. If this isn't the correct board to post this, I ask the moderators to move the right one. I'm a Brazilian college student, and I'm trying to build a tachometer and a speedometer for a vehicle with lm2917N 14pin version. I'm study to be a mec
Hi Navid, Here is the spec of LM2907 from National. ~Kalyan.
Hello every one please send me a working Frequency to Voltage circuit using TC9400 or LM331 or LM2907/lm2917 with pcb and schematics for 0 to 5MHZ (500KHz). Please send the details also and tell me which capaciters to used (mica, papper or electrolite etc).
I think its an lm2917 thats a special freq to volateg converter, they were common in rev counters and as far as I know still available, google for a datasheet.
For the resistance to voltage converter. make an oscillator (TTL gate and RC filter) and you can use the lm2917 The same thing with your temp converter, you can use a varistor in the RC filter of the oscillator ... do you want more information aboute the logic oscillator ? For the voltage to voltage there is not a better solution as an Op-Am
Hello all, I have inpute of 0-10Khz and i simply want to convert it to 0-10Volt using pic microcontroller. Can any body help me with idea . what component will be involoved. Regards Dani just used chip LM2907 or lm2917 and LM331 then give the output to pic adc to display the value on digital display or lcd this is eas
set up a separate test circuit for lm2917 , and get to know it first. but why you not just get say a PIC and read the resistance change as a voltage with ADC on a PIC , say.
It's not understandable, how the two observations are related. A lm2917 f-V converter can't directly interface the sensor. Thus lm2917 problems are a different topic. You probably have a wrong circuit. Generally, a variable resistance or capacitance sensor signal can be directly converted to a voltage variation by using two 555, one as an astabl
lm2907 or lm2917 are good there are several circuits in the datasheet choose the one suits you i have tried all. if you need more help give your spects of the design lm331 also good good luck
Frequency to voltage converter (e.g. something like this ), then threshold comparators. Microcontroller would be another natural choice, if you know how to work with microcontrollers. Another way to address the original issue would be to make an small LED light for illuminating the LCD at night. Th
The lm2917 has an internal 7.5V zener diode between the power supply input (pin No.9) and ground and that's the Vcc value that should be used for calculations. In the circuit you linked to, the 12V supply is first down-regulated to 9V by the 7809. The 9V is fed to the internal zener diode via R4 (470 0hms). Regarding your other questions, I've u
Hi, I want to design a frequency to voltage converter. Input frequency if from a motor 1rpm to 1800rpm. Required output voltage is 1-10V. I have looked for the LM2907/lm2917 do they work? a Any help would be appreciated. Does a micro controller based solution is good for this purpose?
LM2907/lm2917 Frequency to Voltage Converter