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Hi All, I need help on the IR Sensor circuit using lm324 comparator~the distance between transmitter and receiver is 20cm. 1) How to combine both circuit together? Is the circuit design correct? 2) How to measure the output voltage when the IR sensor is in blocking condition and non-blocking condition? (...)
Hello All. I would propose that you switch to TL074. It is probably cheaper than lm324 and offers many advantages. Lower offset, output short circuit protection, etc... I have also successfully used it as comparator and output driver for 50 ohms load (it doesn't give very high output voltage but it is still usefull....). Greetings S.
I want to make an infrared sensing circuit. This is the idea: A LED will emit light to a paper for example, this paper have black and white line next together. The light beam will reflext different (weak or stronger) when meeting black or white light. The reflext beam will fed into an infrared sensing diode next to the LED. By this method, the ou
I cannot see any component values, but I think the problem is that with lower supply voltages, the output cannot trigger the comparator. That could be because the lm324 output is about 1.5V below the supply rail. So if you power it at say, 3V, then the output can only go to 1.5V. If the comparator's threshold is higher than 1.5V, then the (...)
IanP May I know what is the function of this circuit. I have used lm324 in my circuits before but never came across this circuit configuration. Thanks you in advance.
To control logic for 4066 switch which is fed of symmetrical supply (+/-5V) must also operate between -5V (for 0) and +5V (for 1) .. This, however, shouldn be difficult to realize .. For example, if you take the lm324 opamp (it contains 4 opamps in one enclosur - one opam per one ? 4066 switch) and use it as comparators - means, you will connect
LM 741 or lm324 these are commonly used and easily available comps which does your job.there are even more and better ones.
hey i tried the circuit with saw toothed wave and ua 741. Then with lm324.. Find the document attached. Also refer The +vsat is not acheived .. that i have to look into why.. do some study n share the analysis...
Is there any way that I could introduce some delay around IC1 (lm324) with just some capacitance and resistance? Not really, if, for example, you "experiment" a little bit with C10 by increasing its value you'll see that the circuit will stat missing claps .. IC1-D is a comparator with hysteresis that switches when i
hi its better to use single power supply op amp like lm324,lm358,etc or use comparatore like lm393,lm311,etc if u want to cancel that 2volt just add zener diode around 3v with output u have enough signal to drive base of bjt transistore then use circuit like this may be help u
how to remove noise from the output of lm324 comparator? what values of capacitors must be used to get dc output?
Only now I noticed the pin numbers... They are not for LM339... right? Sorry I confused it with lm324 :sad:
Hi All, Actually I have a 12v 14AH SLA battery and I was wondering :-? that if I can make a auto-cutoff charger for the same, I can easily make a simple charger for the same but I don't know how to get that cutoff section work for protecting the battery to get overcharged. I guess I'll require a voltage comparator (lm324
I have build a project using AT89S51 and comparator lm324. The input to uC is from comparator that the inverting input is connected to infrared sensor and the non-inverting input set as the voltage reference (Vr). For certain distance the output voltage from infrared sensor is higher than the Vr so that the output from (...)
The 3V Voh is specified in the datasheet of the lm324 with Vcc=5V and RL=2kohm. Normally the input level requied is >2.4V for a HIGH level. If you connect 5V to the PC input port and the program does not start - you have problem with the program. Enjoy your design work!
Rahdirs i want to convert an dc current source input ie. say 0- 75A to voltage of 0-5V using lm324 and i also want the circuit for for using the lm324 as an voltage comparator.. i.e. keeping an reference voltage of 2.5v and comparing with the the voltage which i get it from the current to voltage converter (...)
Hi I want a op- amp(lm324) based one second time delay startup circuit with regards satya
These same questions are on so many websites that I lost count. Get rid of the lousy old very slow lm324 quad opamp.
dr all i completed the circuit for square wawe generator , variable frequency from o hz to 5 khz , i used lm324n ic for the same , now i m looking for the delayed output for some application (one circuit output is normal and other circuit output is delayed with same frequency and magnitude) i attached the photograph of (...)
Unfortunately, the circuit doesn't work with TL082. You need an OP with common mode range down to negative supply voltage, e.g. lm324, TLC082 or a recent rail-to-rail OP.
Instead always swicthing on the heater when the inveter is off, you may consider to design it in a precise way, so that you switch a heater coil, through a relay, when the temperature in the Inverter cabinet decreases below a certain point. This can be easily done with a comparator IC like lm324 or LM358 or so. Cheers
Hello, For this you need to understand,i fyou have not done about two basic circuitrys. 1. LM35 Refer Data sheet 2. OPAMP as comparator Refer this link Now, you will know that the LM35 would give a DC voltage at the output with respect to the temperature. And you have
Generally speaking, no, there aren't good circuits to reduce the ambient interference. One of the primary sources of anguish for the students when I was in school, doing a similar project, were the fluorescent lights. Their flickering (too fast for human eyes to perceive) was significant, and generally made coding the contr
lm324 is supposed to work as a comparator for 50 Hz, even with only 10 mVpp input. There's a apparently a problem in your circuit.