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I am using lm324 as comparator. I wanted to make output voltage 5V when I receive signal greater than 4V but in fact I just got 3,7 V. My Vcc is 5 V. Whats the problem?
with external is another issue I want to use internal ones. If I use lm324 for comparator making can you pleas provide the complete circuit including PIC? What do you propose;what will be the conversion used for detecting that voltage from the condenser?? Please help. Thanks.
Rahdirs i want to convert an dc current source input ie. say 0- 75A to voltage of 0-5V using lm324 and i also want the circuit for for using the lm324 as an voltage comparator.. i.e. keeping an reference voltage of 2.5v and comparing with the the voltage which i get it from the current to voltage converter (...)
Hello, Can Op amp in open loop be used to generate a square wave from sine wave. I am giving a sine wave (10 mV p-p) to an op amp (lm324) in open loop and trying to get a square/rectangular wave. But no luck. In concept, the open loop op amp should saturate/ unsaturate and there should be a dc pulse of nearly the same period as of sine wave (5
Hi All, I need help on the IR Sensor circuit using lm324 comparator~the distance between transmitter and receiver is 20cm. 1) How to combine both circuit together? Is the circuit design correct? 2) How to measure the output voltage when the IR sensor is in blocking condition and non-blocking condition? (...)
These same questions are on so many websites that I lost count. Get rid of the lousy old very slow lm324 quad opamp.
Hello All. I would propose that you switch to TL074. It is probably cheaper than lm324 and offers many advantages. Lower offset, output short circuit protection, etc... I have also successfully used it as comparator and output driver for 50 ohms load (it doesn't give very high output voltage but it is still usefull....). Greetings S.