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I am attaching a non-CMOS based comparator circuit. Can anyone analyze it and lemme know it's functioning? Can we replace this circuit with CMOS based topology? It is a very high speed comparator with latch n hysterisis added.. Regards
How to simulate a comparator circuit? Which parameters should be measured? Anyone can give a spice stimulus netlist for example?
Can any one give an idea or for current comparator circuit.
I want to design a comparator used in a SAR ADC. The SAR ADC is 8bits 50k/s ,under 3.3v power supply, 0.18um process. Can anyone recommend a comparator circuit ? Thanks a lot. 1.which topology should i choose? 2.use latch-type comparator or opamp-type comparator? 3.should the offset-cancellation be (...)
hi i am looking for an 8 bit combinational comparator circuit diagram.......... if u have please help me.....
hi i using lm339 comparator.the circuit diagram is attached.using this diagram i cant get the output. i dont konw this circuit is correct or not.if it is wrong pls give me the correct circuit diagram
hi can anyone help me describe this CMOS comparator circuit. this comparator is used for flash ADC. thank very
Hi, I came across this multi-stage comparator circuit. Is anybody familiar with this structure? What is the purpose of the cross-coupled nmos load (M3, M4) under the diff pair? Also, what is the purpose of M6~M11? What is the advantage of this structure? Thanks!
I am constructing opamp comparator circuit uing single opamp741.simply by giving two different DC volatges to Inverting and nonInverting input. Here I had biased the opamp ith 0v and by +5v(V- and was giving +4.5 V for high and +1.5V for low.But as per the circuit it should swing between 0V (low)and +5v(high) right? Now I had shorted bo
Output of my charge pump is between 8.2V and 9.8V. I have 16 such charge pump outputs. How do I design a comparator circuit that will give me a digital output on whether the charge pump output is between 8.2V and 9.8V or not. 1 if between the limit and 0 if not within the limit. Thanks in advance. Cheers, S'paw.
Hi, I am new to analog circuit. I have to design a circuit for ADC input. ADC may b 10 bit or 8 bit. Now according to ADC input output of the circuit should be 0v from 1v-8v, and from 9v to 13v output should be 6 v flat. How to do that plz guide me.
Hi, the comparator circuit i am using is given below.. 96509 When the non inverting point is at 3.3V and inverting point is at 8.5V i was expecting a 0V at the output where as i got it as 5.3V. What is the problem with this simple comparator circuit using LM358? Thanks, Murugesh
I need a simple comparator circuit that can monitor voltage drop and latch a relay for few seconds, i have tried one but input detection part is not working as desired. Scenario is like i have a output from an alarm clock that is 1.3-1.4 volts, when alarm is activated it fluctuate between 0.9 to 1.3v. can some one help in this ?
99306 need comparator circuit used in adc circuit
hi, i am thinking about design of comparator,which has 5v source supply. Input voltage of comparator varies from 0 to 5v. if we consider PMOS or NMOS transistor as input, the output will not be right respective. We should consider pmos and nmos transistor as input synchronously, but i have no circuit schematic. Could you have designed (...)
Hi all, can anyone explain to me how this comparator works? with formulas? any recommendation on which type of softwares suitable to simulation this
Hi guys, I'm new here and trying to look for some info about this comparator. Any references would be helpful of some tips about the circuit operation. Which is each clock phase intended for? I also would like to know the minimum signal that this comparator can resolve (or why it's limited). It seems to me it could be infinitelly (...)
Hey guys, i need some help on a little project i am doing for fun. I have a warming strap which I took from a mothercare bottle warmer. It needs 2A to 12V to warm. I am using a comparator circuit with a NTC thermistor to detect the temperature of the strap and compare voltage at this temperature with reference voltage. Then the comparator (...)
I want to have a simple comparator operation using AD8561 since my application needs faster operation. I tried with simulation and it was working . when i go for the implementation it doent work. I want a operation like when the reference voltage goes below 400mv the out put should go high. i will attach the circuit i am using . Pls correct me
I am using 2 stage amplified load cell signal. First amplification from AD624 and then from non-inverting op amp. Now i need to compare it with a threshold. But the problem is that when i give amplified output into the comparator, the change in weight on load cell does not affect the output of amplifier rather it remains constant. Why it happens
Hi All, I need help on the IR Sensor circuit using lm324 comparator~the distance between transmitter and receiver is 20cm. 1) How to combine both circuit together? Is the circuit design correct? 2) How to measure the output voltage when the IR sensor is in blocking condition and non-blocking condition? (...)
Hello. I've got a circuit that I can't figure out a solution for, its a part of a current sense/limit circuit. A current sense amplifier produces a voltage between 0-1,5V and that voltage is being compared with a LM311 to a 0-1,5V from a DAC that is used to set the limit, when the current sense voltage rises over the DAC voltage the (...)
I am now designing a degital frequency measurer,the digital part is completed ,and the analog channel is now under process,and I have some problem ,the input signal is from 1hz-10Mhz,and I must make the sine wave to rectangular wave,but the frequency below 1khz is mesured rong,(the last two digital is random,5 digital total),but if the input signa
Sir, In my project I have to set a reference value of current in micro-controller.Now,current will be measured at the o/p of Transformer which will be then converted into its Digital equivalent.This value will be compared with the reference in the Micro-controller. The problem here is that what I am measuring is ANALOG & what I am wi
how would u make this circuit into a vibration sensor? When shake, i want it to activate a relay so would I need a microcontroller to detect teh voltage spikes from the vibration?
I want to make an infrared sensing circuit. This is the idea: A LED will emit light to a paper for example, this paper have black and white line next together. The light beam will reflext different (weak or stronger) when meeting black or white light. The reflext beam will fed into an infrared sensing diode next to the LED. By this method, the ou
Hi, What I want to do is take the AC signal from the speaker wires of my car and then use this to turn on an aftermarket amp. I am thinking about using a comparator circuit. I have two concerns with this though: 1. All the comparator circuits that I have looked at use one wire as input, whereas, it is two wires that (...)
we all know how to m,ake a window circuit using comparator circuit with opapms but how to do design antiwindow circuit with opamps?
Any one can help me in 4ms backup circuit design or can give link from where i can find it (input -48v) contact me: bye
Can anyone help me with designing a window comparator? Where can I get any resourse for this problem? anyone?
Hi. In the pic below I have a comparator circuit which I want to use to convert a sine wave into a square wave. As you can see, the circuit converts the sine wave and gives the resulting square wave the same frequency. But the square wave has a larger amplitude. What is causing this? What can i do to fix it? Thanks for the help.
and another question is the signal is inputed in the positive terminal,maybe the output signal is positive becase of the positive input signal but the output signal is negative,why? thanks
Hi, ALL Did anyone know how to define the Sigma Delta converter's comparator gain and simulation it by Hspice in differential mode? Thank you!
Why you need lm324? Old awful amplifier! You need 3 stage. Because this amp has low GBWP, only 1 Mhz! In 20 dB configuration bandwidth of you amplifier will be only 1000000/10 = 100k. You need input impedance at given frequences or dc only?. For determinated input impedance neccesuary know configuration of schem (inverting, non-inverting, different
Hi, Can any body suggest a circuit of a Pulse generator with following spec. Frequency: 0.1Hz to 100kHz Duty cycle: 10% to 90% Amplitude: 5V Regards Itp
3V-0.6um cmos process, less than 20uA quiescent current and switch-c comparator cannot be used. SO which comparator circuit should be better? An OP without compensation is just OK? And under the restriction above, how about the limit of the comparator performance? And how to measure the comparator speed? (...)
hello, i'm simulating a comparator in Ltspice. now i'm having a problem to determine the speed of comparator (in MS/s)..any hints?
Have anyone implemented the comparator circuit from Uyttenhove? I have few question regarding this comparator..thx
Hi everyone, I am designing circuit for Battery monitoring in which i want to switch off battery using relay when battery voltage will go below lower referance i have used comparator LM358 to compare input and referance voltage.When out put is open,Comaprator gives out put high(=Supply voltage of LM358) when input voltage is more than
Hi i learnt that schimitt triggers can compare an input voltage with an reference voltage and emit a High when the input > reference voltage. I have been searching around and dont know of any ICs that have this type of schmitt trigger, some are just hex inverters, NAND schmitt triggers and stuff Anyone knows which IC has the schmitt trigge
Hi all, I need a crowbar to protect my HAM rig so was thinking to use the classic SCR+ZENER but looking ahead this circuit is very sensitive to RF then a prefer something more accurate like a voltage comparator (e.g. LM311 refered with TL431) driving a power MOSFET instead of a SCR. Is there any problem? Thanks, Fernando
HI, i am wanted to know how to use opamp as an under and over voltage cut off circuit for the Lantern. I am using 6V,7Ah batery, but i am new to the hardware design so please help me out how can i do this...
Hello I need your help in designing an Operational Amplifier with these conditions: The i/p signal changing from Vmax= 80 mv to Vmin=60 mv, the o/p must be Vout = + 5 V when Vmax= 80 mv and Vout = - 5 V when Vmin=60 mv thank you very much
How can i design a 4-20 mA to 0-10 Volts circuit? (I don't want to convert it to 0-5V or 0-10V using 250 or 500 Ohm resistor) Can i do it by converting 4-20 mA to some voltage signal using operational amplifier e.g. 2 to 12 Volt and then convert it to 0-10 V using comparator circuit? Assume 4 to 20 mA X k = 2 to 12 Volts (where k is t
Hey, I'm trying to do a sun sensor circuit which uses several photodiodes and AD820s, anyone knows how I can do a comparator circuit for the input of atleast 4 photodiodes?
Hi, I am designing a SAR ADC with 12 bit and 2kS/s rate. The structure is general and simple. But when I am considering the comparator(preamp+latch+buffer), I found it only can sense about 5mV voltage difference. In 12bit ADC it needs to sense about 0.3mV voltage difference, so how to increase the resolution of this comparator? The figure belo
Hi I want to build a small circuit which will alert me once the temperature in my fridge goes up. (its an old fridge and it stops working once in 2 or 3 months). I thought to use a thermistor that will be in the fridge. as shown in the image 54094 I'm still not sure about the values of the thermistor. So I'll calc
I used multisim to simulate the attached circuit. Why Led 1 and led 3 is ON When I close SW 3. Please advise. Thanks for your help Jey
Dear All, I have made a high/low voltage monitor circuit for my 6v, 4.2Ah lead acid battery using LM358 IC. I have used 3.3v zener - resistor for reference voltage and connected to Inverting Pin. Battery voltage connected to Non-Inverting pin thro' 100K potentiometer. I know that if Voltage at Non-Inverting goes above Inverting Pin, then Output
hello everyone i have designed the analog schematic of a comparator circuit in CADENCE . now i want to measure the following parameters of the designed circuit:- 1) clock to output delay 2) input voltage range 3) diffrential voltage swing 4) power consumption 5) load capacitance Can anyony please (...)