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One of the simples methods of sensing loads is to use a low-Ω resistor (0.1Ω or less) in series with a load and connect 5/230V transformer with the 5V winding in parallel with this resistor. By doing this you have gain of ≈44, and now this signal can be used by an ordinary comparator to acitvate something (relay, LED, ..) .. (...)
I am in need of a circuit which can sense a preset load on Ac line(mains) and when the load exceeds the preset value it automatically turn on a 12v relay to shut down the ac mains circuit.and when the load falls bellow the preset value it again turn off the 12v relay to turn on the ac mains (...)
I don't understand the connection between a darlington pair, 4 LEDs, and a dark sensing circuit. It migh help if we knew what you were trying to do.
may i ask what is a thermal sensing circuit? can someone provide a sample thermal sensing circuit? what is its purpose in semiconductor device testing?
may i ask what is a thermal sensing circuit? can someone provide a sample thermal sensing circuit? what is its purpose in semiconductor device testing?
Can anyone educate me how to design such di/dt sensing circuit ? thanks
anyone can help me to search a simple current sensing circuit with the input voltage 12V and the output voltage 5V
hi i wanna make current sensing circuit for my 24 V bldc motor driver. i wanna use high side current shunt measurements as AN894 mentioned, but still confused about calculating the components value (Rsense, R1 and R2 for the op amp). this is my power inverter circuit images.elekt
while designing light sensing circuit consisting of LED and photo transistor L14g2 , is it really necessary to connect capacitor to VCC part for noise reduction?what is its importance?what if we dont connect it?
hello, anyone.i am designing an ac current sensing circuit for my motor control. and my problem is: how to convert the ac current into dc voltage which can be processed by mcu? can anyone give me some advice? by the way , i want to design the circuit with integrated ic ,such as isolation amplifier.. and the ac current maybe: Vrms=15A, (...)
Having trouble with a current sensing circuit used to detect if a break light is out (automotive.) The attached is what I managed to trace from the card. 59508 The highlighted chip is a 5 pin op-amp that I cant cross reference. I am not certain of the polarity of either of the transistors, nor of which pin is base an
Hi, I am designing a circuit for my University project which involved measuring the current drawn by the load. I am using LT1495 rail to rail opamp. I have attached the circuit here. It's a simple differential amplifier with 4 resistors. circuit works fine when the current is higher than .34 A. Whenever the current goes (...)
I want to make a current controller circuit for a DC Brushed Motor. Can anyone suggest circuitry? You may start from the circuit shown in the attached figure. The load in the figure can be replaced with DC Brushed Motor. The output of the current sensing circuit is connected to an ADC (...)
Hi friends i am working on sine wave off line ups.I have written the code i am sine wave at no load as i am loading the inverter its shape is changing to square wave at 60 W bulb load initially its shape is changed to "D-shape" as i am loading the inverter it is complety going to square wave.I dont know what is the cause. (...)
I have a question regarding this circuitry. From the attached diagram, if switching regulator added in between sensing resistor and the load, would it works? If not, how to monitor current for the load? (the switching regulator is essential before the load)
Hi, I'm designing current sensing circuit for my non-inverting buck boost converter as shown in the diagram. May I know what amplifier to choose for the circuit? Also how should I design for the current sensing circuit? Appreciate your feedback. :-P
Hi, I want to design a circuit which can detect current pulses and give static voltage in accordance with current passed. For example if a current pulse of 10ms duration passes through my circuit than I want my circuit to give voltage and hold it there. I have tried using sense circuits for dc power supply in which a (...)
Need PIC16F887 IR remote sensing Receiver circuit and 2 opto isolated input to pic16f887(i'm having opto isolated circuit but not able to find resistor value) . . .
Battery load Tester: circuit Project with LM3914 Display Diagram
Hi, I need to provide a high side load switch for a power supply coming from a battery... i.e. 12V Battery > High side switch> DC voltage at load rated at 5A The load switch should be able to detect open/short, over load conditions. My question is if I?m using an N channel device then I should use some sort of charge (...)
OK. circuit was actually copy of simulation ckt from M@cap. My intention was just to give an idea. You must also ommit generator, generator resistor and load from circuit. Power supply can be placed within the amplifier housing or the amplifier can be powered through the cable, input or output...
HI, guy's! I need simple current sensing circuit on descreet elements. Thanks in advance!
Hi. Anyone has circuit for overload current sensing for DC Motor with operating voltage = 12-24V. I have seen few circuit using one bjt transistor and few resistors. Is this circuit reliable?? Thanks in advance.
In SMPS design of attachment file, I found that Overvoltage and Overcurrent are sensed from secondary of Flyback trasformer.Overload current sensing is from primary.I would like to know some questions about the circuit like this above. 1.Can current and voltage sensing circuit be connected to either side (...)
If the frequency is the mains a transformer or autotransformer is the good solution; if the voltage is a signal, a resitor divider ( even compensated ) is also OK. If you don't want to load the circuit, an ooperational ( as voltage follower ) followed by a voltage divider is good. Mandi
I need a little help with a circuit to run a motor attached to a threaded rod in 3 diffedrent ways. This is kind of hard to explain so I attached a simple drawing that I hope will help. Any questions let me know. Thanks for the assistance.
I am a beginner of analog circuit design. If some one know books or articles about self detect circuit,i do wish your reply and help! Thanks
Any one can help me in 4ms backup circuit design or can give link from where i can find it (input -48v) contact me: bye
Does anyone have experience with sensing primary colors (RGB) or knows where I can get more information? I need help with sensing the colors: Red, Green, Blue, as well as yellow(blue+green). I am more interested in using leds and photocells, etc..; purchasing an IC is reserved for the last resort. Many thanks and Best Regards, atc
i've uploaded a file below and this file contains reference to how to sense current of a buck converter... around 7 ways have been given in it.... this is mainly to avoid the method which involves the loss of power by the usage of a series resistor to measure current using the voltage across the series resistor...
I need help designing a DC-DC converter circuit based on IC UC3524. The circuit should be designed to obtain a frequency of 3.5KHz. SPECIFICATIONS: ?Power supply to the circuit = 10V DC. ?The output of the circuit should be PWM (Pulse width modulated) waveform. ?The chopper frequency = 4kHz ?15%. ?The duty (...)
The reason of this high current when you disconnect the load is because your amplifier starts to oscillate. This is not very unusual for RF amplifiers without proper load. To fix this problem have to redesign the input/output matching networks.
hi, i will suggest you a test method. in the start-up if your controller makes the dutycycle %100 your igbt will dead and you con not even notice it if it wolud not explose :) so i make my own tests with a "series lamp" always. there is a picture of it, sorry for bad drawing. but you can test your circuit even if your dutycycle %100 at start or
I am currently working on a project but I am stuck at it. My project is working on a foot pressure circuit which we need to detect foot pressure. What kind or type of foot pressure sensor should I use for my circuit? Do anyone of you has circuits/schematics on foot pressure circuits? I am stuck in what are some of the (...)
I need some help here.. I have a voltage sensing circuit that is supposed to operate an AC contactor (solenoid type) when the voltage reaches a certain threshold. This portion works fine but the AC waveform to the coil looks terrible. Very distorted at the zero crossing and top looks chopped. The contactor is also chattering. I selected a zero
hey friends.... I am working on a solar project at college level... i read somewhere that where solar lamps and fans are distributed/sold with separate batteries, the people temper with the battery and connect some higher power devices to it like- television set, CD player, Irons and heaters... so the batteries get drained e
What is wavelength range of IR light?whether 400 to 900nm range comes into IR part.we are making the circuit which detects the white LED having wavelength 400nm to 900 nm which phototransistor should i use?
can i use following phototransistor for sensing white light emmited by white LED with viewing angle 15 degree. L14G1,G2,G3 FOR LED OVLEW1CB9 i am attaching the datasheets.
what is the use of base terminal in phototransistor circuit?
Dear all, I am designing a battery backup circuit for my microcontroller based device and need your help. according to me i've designed a circuit(attached) which iam not sure whether will work or not.please help. thanks in advance
I need to design a load cell circuit that gives me a programmable gain and a resolution greater than 16-bits with an output rate > 100sps. My load cell gives me 3.29mV/V and the excitation voltage is 10V. There are plenty of IC's from Analogue Devices (AD7730) but there is always a tradeoff between resolution, output rate, etc. I have (...)
hello sir, we r doing heat sensing ckt ,,, using thermistor , pleae tel us wt triggering pulse to connect d thermistor..... if u have any heat sensing circuit please give ... thank u,
Help! Can someone clarify to me how sense current with EI current transformer ? it o\p we for over load sensing ..... pl help me
Hello everyone, I have a Wep emerge 500VA PC ups which i usually used for my pc. But often I want it to charge my mobile using charger when mains power is not available. But the problem is, when the load is very low, the ups automatically turns off after a few seconds (from cold start). Do you have any ideas sothat i can tweak any parts to work
Hi guys, I am trying to make a simple sensefet design for a buck converter, the problem is that my Vsen amplitude does not vary with respect to the inductor current of the buck. I have used a Folded Cascode Amplifier (A=91dB BW=8Mhz phase=78) for the OpAmp. Is this enough to be used in the sensing circuit? Can anyone suggest on what may be th
If you want any accuracy the voltage drops across the recitfier diodes will be a problem. The diode drops will be nonlinear and vary greatly with temperature. I would place the load resistor (fixed + small variable in series) directly on the secondary of the transformer. Then I would use an op-amp rectifier if you want to get DC out. Maybe you
Hi, These diodes you referred are not Zener Diodes. These are New Generation Power Diodes (Super Barrier Rectifier). They have an edge on Shottky Diodes in low voltage usage. Here your referred circuits working as snubber network. If you see the Solenoids are fed positive supply voltage directly and the controlling FETS are m
A difference amplifier or even better an instrumentational amplifier is suitable for this purpose. Still you could use the RC circuit at the outpout of the
Hi, I have to design a digital pwm controller of the buck converter. The first step of my work is obviusly to simulate a buck converter with my calculated L and C value. These value like you know, depend on the current drawn by the load, frequency, duty cicle and output distorsion. Well..... I have a problem to simulate on the eldo simulator a var
Don't you want accracy. Consider voltage drift due to load and temperature of a zener. You can divide 10V by an operational amplifier and make center point virtual earth to connect to mcu.