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Hi, I was wondering if someone could play with my project and tell me why I can not get S11 better than -10.1 dB ? Is it because of the radiator geometry or the project is set up wrong. I have parametrized my drawing and I have been varying b and probes location radius during parametric sweeps but... all I get is -10.1 dB (@ 49.89 Ohms of por
Hi all, i'd like to download IEEE 802.3ae-2000 specification. i heard that this is freely available from ieee, but i'm not able to locate the link. can anybody point me to the right location? Thanks
During LVS fixing or for some reason if you want to do texting the gds/layout you will use the above statement. VPORT named text is placed in the location "170 7864.1" on the layer 125 Hope this answers your question.For more info related to texting you can refer to texting section in the calibre student guide and lab..
Dear All, We want to purchase a S band TX RX feed system and looking for professionals who can supply us the design and validation methods. Here are the requirements: location: Prime focus of a Reflector Antenna with specified F/D S-Band operating frequency 2.2-2.3 GHz for S-Band Rx 2.04-2.12 GHz for S-Band Tx. S Band prime focus dua
Hi all, how to clear this LVS? WARNING:Label VSS at location (7100,8360) is unattached and has been ignored WARNING:Label VSS at location (7100,8180) is unattached and has been ignored WARNING:Label VSS at location (7100,8000) is unattached and has been ignored Thanks
The "CREG" command returns the location Area Code and the Cell ID. You need a command that returns the"ARFCN" (Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number). There is no standard command for this so it varies from manufacturer-to-manufacturer. For SIMCom modules you can use the "AT+CENG" command. For Telit modules use the "AT#MONI" command. Other
Hello there.. i have one question and need some opinion/suggestion from others about my project.. my project is about RF.. What I'm try to do is, I need to design a FM receiver that can tune the channel radio by itself using electricfield.. For example, I'm from location A and I want to drive to location B. At location A, I listen from (...)
there is no AT commands for cell info display or tower location Of course there is. - you get connected cell information with extended +CREG messages - manufacturers have self defined commands for monitoring connected and neighbour cells. Siemens has e.g. ^MONI and ^MONP. For the translation of cell numbers to locations, you h
To demonstrate the Watchdog in the 89S51 all what you have to do is to include the following sequence: MOV 0A6h,#1Eh MOV 0A6h,#0E1h where 0A6h is the location of the WDTRST .. and repeat it somewhere in your code so the processor is fed with it more often than, say, 15ms (Q=11,0592MHz), otherwise the “dog” will reset the uP e
I would possibly split the memory into two sections, one for your current code and the new code. You would have to create a bootloader to write to these locations. You would have to allocate a dedicated byte address for the bootloader to determine which location to write the new code. On a GPRS command when downloading new code, the micro should p
hi it's known that using couple of antenna it's possible to detect the location of some communication device (like the cell-phone). i'm looking for the algorithm or for some other information about it (if having some implemented code it may help too)
Scan the system with a updated antivirus software. If the software cannot neutralise or delete the virus, you'll get the location where it is located. Boot the PC in safe mode, go to the said location and delete it manually. If your PC is running on XP or vista, you'll have System restore by which you can restore the system to an earlier date. But
Hi all, I am designing a small embedded device which will be installed in a remote location and visited by human who knows how often. Once installed it has to connect to a server via HSDPA, GSM or Ethernet once a day and send some data. The device is based on a small microcontroller (uC). In a case of the device SW upgrade I need to design a bul
I have two questions, :?:first, i want to map the current location of a mobile number from which i receive a call.i want to do this using the location on a google map. plz help me....... :?:second, my NOKIA 6300 mobile phone didn't support the AT command for read and list received produces an ERROR .plz help me .....
Hello! Since you don't tell what GLCD you use, I guess nobody can give you accurate source. So here are a few hints. If you can write a string on your LCD at a given location, then you can write a menu system. I wrote something on that subject some time ago. Look at this URL ,
there are many training institute which can help you get the extensive training. Can you tell me your location?? cos it can help me to help you if i can thanks :D
To control the delay externally, the values of R2 and R3 are to be changed under external control. If this is the issue then the approach could be to to load the value from some ram location into R2 and R3. The ram locations could be modified during run time under external control.
Hi, Template is the pattern you want to find in the image. For example if you are looking for circles in an image, a smaller image containing only a circle is the template. Once you calculate the cross-correlation between a template T and an image I, you obtain an image X. The location of the pixel with the highest value in X will give you t
The easiest way for you to generate a ROM would be to use Xilinx's Coregen tool, which is a part of the ISE design suite. It will create the VHDL code for you. Xilinx uses .COE files to indicate the initial value of a memory. Examples of COE files can be found in the $XILINX/coregen/data directory, where $XILINX is the location of your Xilinx
Hi all, can any body help me how to write and read the particular location on external RAM (accessing the memory address ). I am trying the Code: #define POSITION 0X12000 void main() { unsigned char xdata chr; unsigned char str; chr='A' ram_writep0(POSITION,chr); str=ram_readp0(POSITION); } void ram_writep0(unsigned c
Hi, there I am trying to parameterize reference plane of a port. I set the reference plane manually in the perturbed layout. but My modification has no effect in the generated xxx_work layout and the results remains the same. Does anybody here have a clue on how to achieve my goal? TIA. Julian
I am working on a project which deals with finding out position using GSM/GPS modems. we have set of modem and a server running. The modems work as client and send data after a particular interval. All this is working fine Now i want to treat each of these modems as server so that when i request a location from my machine(now client), it will co
Hi, I'm looking for a decoder that will allow me to invert the value of a single bit. I know I can use a 3 to 8 bit decoder to locate the bit and could add an inverter at this location but how is it possible to introduce the original information into the picture? Can anyone help with this please? Thank you
to edit title block you have to open the template file(*.SchDot) from the location you have saved it and make the necessary changes. You cannot make changes in the template file during schematic capture. Regards, Ricky
Hello dears! I wana display user defined functions on Alphanumeric LCD(20x4). For this, i have to use CGRAM of LCD. I think CGRAM address starts from 0x40 to 0x7f. So i have to store the user defined characters in these locations, then to display at LCD.. When I wrote a code and stored a user defined character at location 0x40 to 0x47, t
try at It is very near to your location:D
I need some help in locating a design for a Voltage regulator to run various instruments and camera's on location from a set of 4 x 14.8V Lithium-Ion battery's. The output is several (11) outputs, some 12V some 24V An extra requirement is that the unit needs a switch, to switch on and off the unit. I'm still in the process of establishing
Hi, I'm newbie and was running SoC Encounter on toy example. while placing the std cells.. I got following errors: Placement tweakage ends. **WARN: (SOCSP-2020): Cannot find a legal location for instance 'FE_OFC0_Logic0_'. 2 out of 3 have not processed **WARN: (SOCSP-2020): Cannot find a legal location for instance 'U4'. 1 out of 3 hav
It depends on your application, so for example if you are building cnc drill you will need to position drill head on specific location, in that case you will need position control ... in application like elevator, you will need to adjust velocity of elevation to make it persistent no matter how much load is in box, but also you will need to positio
The 'EQU' simply means the name on the left is associated with the number on the right, it doesn't reserve or define memory at all. This means you can use it as a reference to a memory location or you can use it as a constant or even as part of a math calculation. For example: myvalue EQU 0x100 means wherever you use 'myvalue' in the progra
Behavioral model engineer; schematic and some verilog as input; verilog models (vmod) as output; the models are mimic ANALOG functionality. The preferred individual would be an analog designer who can handle verilog design. US work permission location: California, Arizona Starting Date: Nov 2009, immediate Contact: sophia@synapse
Behavioral model engineer; schematic and some verilog as input; verilog models (vmod) as output; the models are mimic ANALOG functionality. The preferred individual would be an analog designer who can handle verilog design. US work permission location: California, Arizona Starting Date: Nov 2009, immediate Contact: sophia@synapse-da
hi frnds i want to design a combline bandpass filter using tapped line input..... the problem coming here is the location of tappedline on the first resonator...from my specs my external quality factor is around 182... by parameter extraction for determination of external quality factor. ..... i changed the tapping position onto the first resonator
Hi ALL, When i ran the nc drill in expedition pcb its get move to its original location were it located in the pcb but i want to move that in the locations I want, so please help me to fix the nc drill location. (Change the nc drill location) Also please tell me that How the nc drills get generated for the Blind vias (...)
25 lines..... 2^25 yields 32MB location
Hi All, I am going to start work on a Tracker project that will use GPS to locate the car and send the location via GSM. I will need two Serial ports PIC for this project. Can anyone please guide me for the right selection of PIC? Also, i am trying to get a low cost solution, so any suggestions for simulating serial port without UART?? Plz
hi frnds iam desinging a combline bandpass filter......i want to know the spacing between the resonators and the location of tapped feed line..... for extracting coupling coefficients between a pair of resonators using EM simulation how should be the resonators be placed( like they should be placed as they are in the actual filter or in some other
HI friends How do we get tower info using GSM modem? im using sim300 modem and wht is the command for tower info? so we can find the location. thnks in advance.
use a proper cshrc or bshrc file which has information regarding path location. much like bat file of dos. search the net or PM me. hock
hi For regulators and mosfets, the amount of heat sink to be provided is usually given in the datasheet. the datasheet says how much copper area should be poured for that component. it usually says what ounce of copper to be used. Besides the datasheet information, the copper area info. will also depend on the component location on the board.
CST worldwide locations are listed here: Pick your nearest location and you will find an email address, mail and ask for a quotation and/or a loan license.
Hi, AHB sklve give 4 kind of responses - 1. OKAY --> when everything going smoothly 2. ERROR --> READ or WRITE failed may be because the location targeted is not available in slave or somthing else error in slave. 3. RETRY --> slave can not complete transactin how but can compliete after some time so master can try after some time 4. S
i use calibre PEX for layout post-simulation, but relative to the pre-simulation results, post-simulation results diff very much; in some cases, it even can't work. why? what is the reason? and how to find the problem in layout, and fix them one by one? how to find the relating net or location in layout? i have not any experience about this, p
help me! I want to find book R.O.Schmidt " a signal subspace approach to multiple source location and spectral estimation" if you have it,please send to me. My email : thanks very much
Hi all, I had finished a tutorial on how to draw a patch antenna in agilent ads. However, the drawing of feedpoint location is of a different topology as what i had learn. I wish to include the feedpoint at the back of the patch antenna instead of running alongside with the patch surface. I have the location of the feedpoint. Can anyone advise
Does anyone knows where i can buy MAX2986EVKIT? Any retailer or third party distributor, not maxim or avnet. Please mention your location when you have such questions, as it will always facilitate getting better replies, suggesting sources nearby. Cheers
Hi, I am a newbie in Linux, currently trying to explore the various software that I have been using in WinXP. I have a problem when KompoZer trying to open a web location. Under Microsoft frontpage, I am able to select the website folder which is located in my network storage. For this KompoZer, when I try to open the web location, I can o
Use a chroot with the centos 4 files, work very well for me, no more problems about wrong library versions or wrong location.
A.o.a Is there any online site from where i can edit ,compile and check the output of my C++ programs remotely from a location where i d'nt have Administrative access to install Softwares. Thanks in advance.:|
Hello Chironex, Answers to your questions... Yes, you have to write equations for each component parameter every time... Yes, you have to enable Optimize check box to optimize this parameter discretely... Usually it diplays same location which value from the index it is using, say fro example Ck=Cv=8.2 ---manju---