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I guess you need to give address gap of 4 for each write. you cant write in the immediate address location
Hello, I am in need of magnetic sensor which could sense the change in magnetic flux. Please tell me if any sensor of this kind is available or not. My purpose is to get the exact location of the magnetic material which has fallen in between the magnetic field.
Hello Does any one has work on Virtex-4 FX12 MiniModule? I need to interface this FX12 mini module with an adc ic(cirus logic cs5368) and send digitized data to remote location using Gigabit ethernet interface real time.Kindly guide me Best regards
If the IR drop is concentrated at one particular location, spread out the cells in that region if possible.
Can any one help me out for design of waveguide to coax transition adapters basic theory mathematical calculation for coax pin location , depth of pin, diameter of pin, so that one can go for any band adapters design I am deadly waiting for any good suggestions
Hi I am writing a simple program in java which is simply: an panel with one button on it, when you drag the mouse over the panel, the button should follow the mouse ( it is very simple ), the program is working fine, but when I minimize the window or maximize it, the button jumps to its original location ? may I know why this is happening? and
Hi, u r 1st question is quite interesting one.. one option will b symbolic circuit analsys.. there are few tools/algorithms available for it.. nvr happen 2 try it myself... the othr alternate is... draw the ac small signal model of the ckt ... this should include the parasitic devices (Rs & Cs).. thn do approximate the time constant for each
I want to make a tracking system for my car so that i could see it on the computer on Google earth. I have a Taiwan made GPS which i attached to the PC and by interfacing it with franson GPSGATE v 2.6 software that send data to franson website and then i checked the location of the GPS on fransonGPSGATE website map server. But i don't know how t
Hi My Dear Friends, I want to store an string on a location of FM24C256 FRAM and then retrieve it and display on a alphanumeric LCD. As this memory uses I2C, I have used CodevisionAVR's I2C example to implement my project. The problem is that it seems write operation is done correctly (I am not completely sure) but when I read the memory startin
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Hi there, I am learning RF antenna design. I want to design a circular patch antenna with coaxial feeding method. I have read a book Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design edited by Balanis. However, I could not find how to define the location of Coax feed point for circular patch. In chapter 14 Balanis only gives a sample for rectangular anten
hi i set the location to each transmitter, by giving co-ordinates like (0,0),(lambda/2, -lambda/2) like that for remaining transmitter. i am facing problem that how to link location and transmitter. plz help
I need to write a char(say "a") at location (0xFF01) of flash memory,read the same character from the same location and then display it on the LCD.Then,at next location I want to write another character(say "b"),read it,and display it on LCD.Likewise,I want to display a particular string on the LCD of varialble length.Please could any one (...)
Hai I want to design a square patch.... But i dont understand how to place the feed......... can anyone help me in calculating the feed location for dual band patch antenna I have searched many papers, but i dnt get any particular equation to calculate coax probe feed location. So if you know any method, please explain me in detail.....
here is the step by step at commands AT+CMGF=1 ok,send by cell at+cmgr=1 'read sms at memory location 1
To read array from test bench use: initial $readmemh("data.txt",mem); In above case you read hex data from data.txt file to read memory data. You can use for loop to traverse through all the location. To write data to text file use: $dumpfile("data.txt"); Hope this helps
Hello, We have been working on DC but now we are evaluating the RTL Compiler and I need template scripts for RTL Compiler. Can somebody suggest the location where I can find the template or share templates of RTL Compiler. Thanks,
Hi I'm trying to get hold of Technics tape deck service manuals/schematics for the model RS-B705... Any help would be useful, even if it's only a schematic. It would be great if someone knows of a download location to grab free PDF versions of the above manuals? Thanks in advance Boris
If you are interested with these job positions, please email your resume/CV to, with your preferred title/role. Thank you for your time and patience. Design Consultant Requisition Number 245BR location Beijing Synopsys Professional Service concentrates on SOC/ASIC design service and design methodology con
You can declare a memory buffer equivalent to your image size and copy the binary data of image to that location. This would put it in RAM.
Hello, I need to undertake a initial power pilot channel coverage to a specific region usin ASSET 3G. I need to justify location of nodes B, sectorization, power distribution, and check the coverage when i vary antenna tilt, azimuth, etc. I need some help. How can I use ASSET to justify my work. How much power should I use, how far should
Depends of location and ambient light.
IN THE LAST PROGRAM STORING DATA IN ARRAY ONE AFTER ANOTHER IS CAUSING PROBLEM .. DATA HAS TO GET STORED IN ONLY ONE location BUT IT IS GETTING STORED AT MULTIPLE locationS AFTER FIRST ONE. PLZ HELP ME... mistake could be at process statement library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; entity fulladder is port( a,b,c: in std_lo
Hello! I want to create a text file from a dsn files that lists all parts, the schematic page where the part can be found, and the position of the part on the page. So far I have explored that using the Bill of Materials menu I can add {location X-Coordinate} and {location Y-Coordinate} properties to the property string, so I can get the XY c
The error message: "VHDL Unsupported Feature error at <location>: cannot synthesize non-constant real objects or values" points out what exactly the problem is with the code. Objects of type Real - floating point numbers cannot be mapped to hardware and therefore are not supported. [url=www.
Consider total location is take first 9 locations and the we know the center location is 4th location. In this location I have write any data. Similarly for every 9 intervals up to 999 we will get the center location as 13, 22, all these center location I want to (...)
As revealed in your second post, the problem is about precisely determining the tag's location rather than "detecting" it. That's far from an usual RFID application. I guess, only a multiple receiver UHF or microwave RFID system could accomplish it. You may want to start with considering available antenna positions and calculating required p
Hi In most of the IC pin 1 located under the company logo (lower left corner of the IC ) In the IC mechanical section you can see the mark of pin1 location All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
Hi, In the ADE Window Choise Setup and then Simulator/Directory/Host. A new window will pop up. So you can change the Simulator as well as the location of simulation directoriy.
Hello everyone, I need this IEEE paper please : A synchronous DRAM controller for an H.264/AVC encoder This paper appears in: SoC Design Conference, 2008. ISOCC '08. International Publication Date: 24-25 Nov. 2008 Volume: 02 On page(s): II-113 - II-116 location: Busan Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-2598-3 INSPEC Accession Number: 10
i want to fabricate the low noise amplifier circuit. i had design the circuit by using CST-design studio. after finish simulating and get the parameters value of low noise amplifier, i would like to transform it at fr4 material. so that, i must locate the dimension of each component in the board of fr4 fabricating material. So the question is, how
Hey! Good day to all forumers! I am currently developing an SD card controller for my school project. So far I have already establish everything but im uncertain of how to specify the start address to read the txt file that i saved in my SD card. My program uses single block read. I used winhex to check where is the location of my file saved and
I want to do the Monte carlo simulation to see the effect RLC variations of the circuit on the output delay. I dont know how to write the script files and in which location they are available. Can any one give the complete information to do the montecarlo simulation from the basics in Cadence. Even I have tried using cadence user manual and I was n
Are you sure it is displaying "Hello Wor". I think it may be "Hello Wo" and "r" will not be displayed. It happens because the 16x1 lcd will behave as 8x2. That means the 9th character will have different memory location Nandhu
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Data logger is a device which automatically collects data and send it to a remote location or store it on its own memory for analyzing purpose in future.
extracta is an exe that lives in allegro install directory. I think you can simply copy extracta to working directory. You can run the extracta from command and manually extract database. Or fix your paths to point to extracta location in mentor.
Most likely the origin of library part is way off. What you should is edit library part and check where the reference is. Likely this is the issue. After changing reference to pin1 or center of component you will probably have to adjust part location in pcb.
You need to generate a new device file from librarian. You will have to make sure device file is in correct location. check your paths.
Read the compiler documentation. There is usually a directive to do this. For example, using Freescale Code Warrior, to locate a variable at a specific location and initialize it, you could write, unsigned char variable_1 @0x00000555 = 0xaa; unsigned char variable_2 @0x00000aaa = 0x55;
Sara are you sure that RSSI is implemented in your device? If not, it will be very hard to find... From what I have understood talking to some customers, RSSI is commonly used with the algorithm you mentioned (i suppose) in WIFI systems for asset location with an accuracy that hardly goes below 2 m. Any more info about the device you are
hello everyone, i try to find location by using more than one antenna, so i need to place them in a suitable locations. Now i'm searching a software that do this job. Does anybody know a software something like that?
Dear all, I've downloaded the FPGA design tool, ISE 11, from Xilinx web site because they offer 30 days evaluation. I madethe following steps to install and run the ISE 11 tool: 1- Using the shell, I pointed to the location where the installation is located /home/Sameh/Ise_src 2- I typed ./xsetup, the the setup window appeard (I was so happy at
Hi! I have desinged a patch array antenna with sidelobe level less than -16 dB and return loss is better than 13 dB over the designed bandwidth (center freq. 13.7 GHz). Now the antenna need to be positioned inside a housing where the location of the antenna is fixed, i.e., nothing can be changed like distance from the radome (or cover). Distance
hi, anyone have example of ldmos PA ? i have question about how to determine the location of bias on the in\out matching lines and design of RF choke for DC. Why the design in the datasheet use two symetrical decouple path?
Some factories make such modules.You could get location information via RS232 interface with it.Their outer circuits is quite easy also. I give you two websites of them here.You can take a look. But if you want to send its information to your computer,it should be added RF modules.
Hi, Non of your code actually shows what chip you are using, but assume it is a 16F type. When you use ' PIN_I equ 0Eh ' it actually places PIN_I at memory location 0x0E which is normally a system register area. Most 16F user registers start much higher. If you allocate it as a normal user register, then loading in the value 0x04, the ide
Hello, First let me apologize if this is the incorrect location, I am new to these boards. I am working on a diagnostic problem right now and I am in need of a SPICE model for the SN75176A Differential Bus Transciever. I have googled around and can't seem to find any SPICE models for the SN75176A, or atleast something equivalent. Any a
Hi all, I need to make some rcs simulation in cst and i am a beginner. The setup is the following: Radar SSR f=1030 MHz. vertical polarization. Radar location is 5 km from a cylindrical structure on the ground (20 m tall, diameter 2m). The altitude of the radar is 150 m. Earth curvature and 4/3 diffraction to be used for local incidence angl
I regularly access and recently he has included a new player in his site. It is xcellent to use and i have a small question in it There is a comments section in which if i enter i comment, it automatically shows d location from which post is done. For example, if im 4m hyderbad it shows d same...... how is dis possi