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While I burn a hex file into a PIC16F877A, The program is correctly entered in the FLASH memory location .But my problem is, i could not edit EEPROM memory locations. While verifying the program ,am always getting error at the EEPROM location. While reading data back from PIC, i it always read the EEPROM data as 00 00 00 00 00 (...)
Hi all, I am just getting started with partial reconfiguration. The next step is now to find a location from where to read the partial bitstreams. I was thinking of having them on an SPI-ROM that is connected to my FPGA. Since I have more than one partial bitstreams, I am wondering if it is somehow possible to "glue" this partial bitstreams to
Hello! What do you mean by "I have my (0,0) point at 63H? (0,0) looks like coordinates of a point, and 63H looks like an hexadecimal number. Is it (0x63, 0)? (0x63, something_else)? Does it mean that when you start writing, it's not from 0,0 but from another location? I mean: you have something displaying on screen, right? Now a few more questio
Tektronix TDS3054B (Used) Digital Oscilloscope is on sell With and without Active & Differential Probes New one. If somone is interested, contact me.... location - Bangalore
hii friends, plz help how to wriite vhdl code for block core generator for virtex 4 to access memory from 0000H to AFFFH . iam new to vhdl .. plz help me
Sir, I think variable location start from 0x20. If you use PIC simulator IDE you can see the location details
Where can i see the student guide of IC compiler and Astro in solvnet?
Goto Project -> Select language tool location. From here, adjust the compiler to the installed location. ---------- Post added at 07:47 ---------- Previous post was at 07:43 ---------- Once your project in MPLAB, Click Project -> Build options -> Project. You can set the output directory where you want, and
helleo everybody the way i define my ports is by using a lable in a special layer (whith pin purpose) it turns out that the extracted netlist will depend on the location i will put my label in is there any good recomandation where to put my label in ? many thanks
Initially do store two values @ a time in two different registers.Compare both of them.Check for the reminder whether +ve(>0) or -ve(<0). Then store the greater values in a location & compare the lesser values with the next number & so on.This sorting is known as BUBBLE SORTING in refer to it.This will help you a lot. Regards, Jerin. :-)
Here we do not accept any IEEE paper request (read this announcement ) but some universities have an access to IEEE papers so you may find such universities from your location or you may get a paid subscription form IEEE Alternatively you may search Google, some authors they published their papers in th
Hello, I have 4 the cells there are integers. Those values represent x1,y1 and x2,y2. I need to draw circle on every location. For example my first location will be (x1,y1) the center. I also want to put those values inside of a for loop because the cells have more than 10 values. Thank you . I plotted my points with plot function. Therefo
if you scroll down to the end of the Program menu, the last location stores the OSCCAL data. This value is invalid because it should be of the format 34XX where XX is an 8 bit value whose top 6 bits are used. It looks like the PIC is not being programmed by your programmer. what happens when you erase the device? If you are using the PIC KIT 2 clon
Dear sohailabbas4, Any way can compare lef vs gds to find pin name/size/location mismatch and blockage mistake? also could you provide more scripts to do liberty/timing/documentation or others check for virage mem/stdcell?
Hi: I need to know if I can to connect two triacs like I show in this schematic, and I need to know if the location of the Ground (1 and 2) is correct for my application. I triggered one of them (the triacs with ground 1) without the other (closing the circuit in ground 0) and I dont have problem, but when I connect two triacs like this circui
You can change your profile and update the contents anytime. Whenever you login and get the index page, on the top most location, you'll find your profile where you can add or edit any entries and then save it. Cheers
Hello Freshers, I need few fresher resumes, Could you please send your resumes to the mail Job location: Hyderabd. salary : should not be a concern. Regards, Kushagrak
Even using natural intelligence will not work without a coordinate system, somehow you have to define A and B! Avoiding GPS without a sound reason seems silly - it is there and working - at nearly no cost! Any other attempt to define your robots location and movement will cost more and will be more complex.
I am a target of GPS-stalking. It appear that my former roommate put a GPS chip is to my personal belonging. It appears that the GPS tag is being linked to a faked profile which continuously broadcast my exact location. I did some research regarding RFID (such as credit card) and Verichip chip that can be used for locating people by emitti
Hi everyone, I am trying to load soem data from EEPROM to RAM in 16F877A. I have used some RAM variables to store the location start and end addreses of the EEPROM. The problem is actually with tha RAM location where I want to store the address. I am trying to define a name DATA_LENGTH_SHADOW on second page of the RAM at location (...)
+CREG notification includes the location information of currently "connected" cell in numeric form. More information, particularly neighbourhood cells and their fieldstrength can be requested by special manufacturer private AT commands or through the BCCH function of the SIM toolkit (GSM 11.14). The AT commands to access the latter are manuf
Can any body convert this attached BIN file in to Assembly File? Or confirm the location of this numbers 1231962 that are in this BIN file because I won’t to replace this number to 1974101 (this bin file use in 24LC04 EPROM) Best Regards SK
The only location related information available by some GSM modems is a list of basestations with respective field strengths. A more accurate location of mobile stations can be performed by the network provider. It's used for rescue services and may be possibly offered as supplementary service to mobile customers.
Hi everyone, I am working on an application where Atmega8L is interfaced to SIM300 and the purpose of the application is to send SMS on trigger. After the communication setting is done, i am waiting for a trigger to come and then am sending "AT+CPBR=7\r\n" which means the required no is at 7th location of the sim memory. To send SMS [
Where do hook up the DUT (device under test, which your circuit provides load for)? Does V3 simulate DUT in your schematic? C1 in its current location is a good idea, because it helps prevent oscillation of the current sink. - Nick
Hi ppl when I read an image in the matlab environment it will be as a matrix in the command windows and as a matrix in the can I store this data of image to a file.txt? first open the image using let o=imread('image location\name.jpg')...... the assign this value to other variable using p=i; and store dis as
Hi, I have designed a SRAM using Cadence Virtuoso. I dont know how to test the memory. Basically I want to test each and every memory location, but I am not sure how to generate the input signals. I tested every cell using the stimuli option in the ADE, but when it came to system level, I cannot generate the signals I wanted using stimuli. Al
Even in ADS1.1 you will find these directories/folders in ADS installed location.
Experts, What is the size of a location in 24c08? Using mikroc I2C library and some of your help, I can write and read characters. But when I write integers or floats, I cannot retrieve the correct values. thanks
i shall send the detailed error 2orrow. it was saying that u cant branch to a location whose address exeeds from present by 24 bits. when i wrote that piece of code in main it was cleared. i would like to know is there any alternative way to handle such situations
In ananlog Fractional-N Synthesizer, For Nfrac=1/8 , Nfrac=3/8, the location of fractional Spur is the same?
Hi I made a block RAM and loaded a coe file in to it. Then using wires i connected the douta of my bram to wire w1 so i could load the values in an array. Problem is that ISE does not let me part select the vector array. what i want to do is load the decimal values from my coe file in to an array, location wise. Eg Adress 0,1,2,3 from bram should
I am not sure what kind of information you are looking for, but I implemented a simple kalman filter in c a few months ago. Here is a brief and very simple insight: You use information from two sensors. For example for a more precise positioning of a car you use the GPS signals to give you an approximate measurement of the location of the car a
Hi guys, i generate a file named kaka.def,and part of the words like this: ----------------------- - instA PAVDD_18 + SOURCE + DIST +FIXED ( 414000 0 ) N ; --------------------------------- and i do defIn in encounter, in the GUI, i find that instA's location is not 414 yet, while the location is 414.134 . I thinks this co
is touch dimmmer ic TT6061A and TT8486A same are these available?plz tell me quickly When you know the said devices, naturally it should be available some where. When you ask "are these available?" You should have mentioned your location for a better reply. Cheers
hi all, i have a ddr2 controller that works on 4 burst mode. ddr2 dq width is 16. i must provide 2, 32 bit data to the controller before writing it to memory. As well as when reading from a memory location it gives out 2, 32 bit data out. my processor is a master AHB, has a 32 bit address and 32 bit data bus. How can i connect these 2 togethe
To detect a human body, the PIR suits well. But for determining the location?...May be one or more may be used...I guess...This system is implimented in a popular brand of Airconditioners which effectively cools in the direction it finds a human body...But never studied how this is done.
which is your location?
Can anyone answer me the following questions? 1. Who(RTL Desginer or Back-end Engr) will add the spare cells? My guess is RTL Designer. 2. Do we place spare cells during placement? 3. Does these cells placed at a particular location? If so, who will provide the location detail? Again my guess is front-end Designer 4.
Hi, Hope you are doing well!!! Source One ( ) one of the fastest growing company from India needs many candidates for PCB Layout Designer for Bangalore work location. Only those candidates, who can join us in 10-15 days notice period after offer, should apply. Your employment with Source One would be permanent after
I guess you need to give address gap of 4 for each write. you cant write in the immediate address location
Hello, I am in need of magnetic sensor which could sense the change in magnetic flux. Please tell me if any sensor of this kind is available or not. My purpose is to get the exact location of the magnetic material which has fallen in between the magnetic field.
Hello Does any one has work on Virtex-4 FX12 MiniModule? I need to interface this FX12 mini module with an adc ic(cirus logic cs5368) and send digitized data to remote location using Gigabit ethernet interface real time.Kindly guide me Best regards
If the IR drop is concentrated at one particular location, spread out the cells in that region if possible.
Can any one help me out for design of waveguide to coax transition adapters basic theory mathematical calculation for coax pin location , depth of pin, diameter of pin, so that one can go for any band adapters design I am deadly waiting for any good suggestions
Hi I am writing a simple program in java which is simply: an panel with one button on it, when you drag the mouse over the panel, the button should follow the mouse ( it is very simple ), the program is working fine, but when I minimize the window or maximize it, the button jumps to its original location ? may I know why this is happening? and
Hi, u r 1st question is quite interesting one.. one option will b symbolic circuit analsys.. there are few tools/algorithms available for it.. nvr happen 2 try it myself... the othr alternate is... draw the ac small signal model of the ckt ... this should include the parasitic devices (Rs & Cs).. thn do approximate the time constant for each
I want to make a tracking system for my car so that i could see it on the computer on Google earth. I have a Taiwan made GPS which i attached to the PC and by interfacing it with franson GPSGATE v 2.6 software that send data to franson website and then i checked the location of the GPS on fransonGPSGATE website map server. But i don't know how t
Hi My Dear Friends, I want to store an string on a location of FM24C256 FRAM and then retrieve it and display on a alphanumeric LCD. As this memory uses I2C, I have used CodevisionAVR's I2C example to implement my project. The problem is that it seems write operation is done correctly (I am not completely sure) but when I read the memory startin