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This document provides very good information about RAM testing in embedded system. As far as location of the code is concerned ideally you should run the code from FLASH memory as you are going to test the RAM itself. This can be achieved with the help of linker scripts. unfortunately exact method is diffe
i have done the same project using nokia mobile but the same controller . ok now for alert i didnt use any alert method i just keep checking the inbox for sms after every 20 seconds . after i read an sms the controller deletes it itself,so the inbox remains always empty, now whenever a new sms comes it will be always on the memory location number1
Buses are used to consolidate a group of nets into one connection. This eliminates the potential clutter of many nets going from, or to, the same location in the design. 1.Click the Add Bus button. 2.Click to start the bus, click to add the corner and double-click to finish the shape. Tip: To remove the corner you just placed, press Backspac
culture depends on location and job. in general its a good company with nice culture.. famous for luring engineers with carrots. eg: to make the engineers stay at night.. they provide free dinner :)
Hi, it is actually quite simple. Let's say you want to create a 4-bit wide, 8 location ROM. (Let's store just the address of the location + a constant 8 ) Here is the code in VHDL. library IEEE; use ieee.std_logic.all; entity ROM is port( ADR in : std_logic_vector (2 downto 0); --ROM Address (0 ---7) DATA out :
Hi.. Can anybody help me on how to write the PIC programmer, Below is intel hex file format generated from compiler, :10010000214601360121470136007EFE09D2190140 :100110002146017EB7C20001FF5F16002148011988 :10012000194E79234623965778239EDA3F01B2CAA7 :100130003F0156702B5E712B722B732146013421C7 :00000001FF Do i
Frequency response of centered boxcar-averaging system. Consider the frequency response H(e^(jω)) of the centered boxcar-averaging system (averaging overN points). (a) Determine the location of the first sidelobe. (b) Determine the sidelobe suppression. That is, evaluate the ratio of the amplitude of the first sidelobe relative to the amp
Hi I am using Modelsim_xe ver6. When I try to compile some design I get this error "Error: (vsim-3043) C:/Xilinx/verilog/src/uni9000/FDCE.v(31): Unresolved reference to 'glbl' in glbl.PRLD." How to overcome this error? another note: Xilinx library is not @ that location "C:/Xilinx/...", and even after copying the Xilinx library to that
use the #byte or #locate directives. The #byte directive allows the compiler to use the same location (overlay) if it is a local variable in a function that has not been called by another function that has already defined that same space with a #byte directive. #locate does not allow this.
you need to copy your PDK to library location first. And just follow cadence source link help to proceed further. But it is not a difficult process to be done. rgds raags
can anyone explain me about module plan with clear explanation, how it Improves wire length, timing, relative module location, and congestion results during the early phase of global placement thanku
what you need to do is to edit the file in the location: /etc/fstab and also create a directory to mount your traveldrive in /mnt/ one you do this, just copy the command for mounting any fat32 drive in linux, you can get this command from google by searching"mounting a fat32 drive in linux", just copy this command and paste it and your d
Hi, I want to design a vehicle tracking system using GSM. This is to estimate the approximate location of the vehicle. The transmitter in the vehicle should collect the nearby tower (mobile phone tower) location and transmit it. I am planning to use 89c51. kindly advice thanks in advance Tamil
Can anyone please give me a solution of the following problem? Thanks! Implementation of a filter in C ------------------------------------------- 1.) Realize a transversal filter routine such that for every input an output is created. The length of the filter is to be provided by #define ... . When a new sample is input, no shift o
Hi all, I am having doubt that suppose you wants to verify IP of any RAM (or any other memory) than how you willl verify ?? you will go for randomization method or you will check all location of that memory ? Thanks in Advance .. Regards
the transfer function of any system is determined by the location of poles and zeros
Hi role of HADDR is to provide the address of slave to/from which place data transfer will occur.. about ur second question : if your starting location of ur transfer is 0038 then If wraped burst of four beat is used then ur address will be 0038,003C,0030,0034.... means after address 003C it will go to 0030 but in case of increment burst it
The bee transfers its message by dancing in a '8' shaped trajectory. The 1st bee who find the flowers dances and inicates the location of the flowers. If some 2nd bee sees the 1st bee dances, it repeates (forwards) the message by doing the same dance. And if a 3rd bee sees the 2nd bee dances, it repeates the dance either. By this mechanism, the
Hello Sir, This is Arun from India, I am B.E in Electronics and very much interested in working on layout design as I have already done an internship from Germany. If you find my profile matching of any kind of short term projects or long term work I am ready o go with...any information you can contact me at my mail ID it is "
I received certain e-mail from a stranger, and i would like to know the location from which he sent that e-mail. I think there's some way to know from the e-mail sent to me the IP address of that person (assuming that he's not hiding it with any other softwares), then knowing the international IP map, I can know from which country is that guy from.
Was it a legitimate call? If the caller was a shady salesman or scam artist, maybe he simply lied about his location. Or it could be Caller ID spoofing, as flatulent suggests:
Have you ever wondered shashi ,why when you provide reset pin of AT89C51, code execution begins from location 0x0000 .Its bcoz of this firmware running on AT89C51 chip.Firmware is nothing but a startup code permanently stored on uC chip which runs before any of the user program. In some chip you can reprogram this firmware also. I hope this wil
If you don't want to use a UCF file, you may be able to specify your Xilinx constraints as VHDL attributes. However, some constraints don't work in HDL. I'm no VHDL expert, but this example seems to work in ISE XST. It's a 4-bit counter with LOC pin location constraints, and a clock PERIOD timing constraint. library ieee; use ieee.std_lo
Hi All I am a student from India doing research on UWB.I need to clarify some doubts regarding UWB and case of an indoor wireless tracking environment, how to specify that an identified WLAN object is the same that the identified location by UWB sensors? Can i know about the interworking of W
Hi Sree205, The procedure you said is corect, but it also need to add the location of the IO pad as a seperate constraint.
How exactly are pin locations decided for a given block with say given frame size? And how is this information used by Place and Route guys ?
hi, I have a question about stability criterior in negative feedback circuit, i hope somebody who have read "Understanding delta-sigma converter",Temes,G.C. can tell me the answer.. In circuit theory, we know in a nagative feedback system,the loop gain L1(f) is stable if |L1(f)|<1 at 180 degree phase shit location,say f=f1, my question is:
I dont know about ur location. But I am sure in India, the institutions dont have enough knowledge to teach in Vxworks. My kind suggestion is, learn by ur own. Lot of online materials are there. Go through the below link, Tel me ur location. ------------
My fault! What i mean is :when you calcurate the location of zero, it will depend on some parameters ,such as gm ,R. that will drift with process,temp..and then the zero will drift,cause stable problem!
Patch feeding point location should not significantly affect the resonant frequency. The feeding point position gives the desired input impedance.
In my design i am using9x14 segment LCD. The microcontroller used for this particular application has reserved memory location for LCD display,40H-4FH. How do i do the coding , or is their any site where i can get help on this. Also what is twidle table for LCD , can twidle table be helpful in my application
For mass production, a plated-through hole method is used. Basically, a CNC machine drill the holes in the desired location for you accurately. Then you place the substrate into a tinning tank where side walls in the hole are tinned, at this point you have connection between the top and botton layer. You can fill up the hole with solder to block th
Confusion will be there if there are questions to procedure not to content . For your case imho better to find someone near you - can write down your location info. And "EDA Jobs, Promotions, Advertising" subforum is more relevant for your topic. Good luck
The exact location of lock bits in 8051-derivatives which have them is undisclosed .. They are somewhere in the program memory (Flash, EPROM or OTP) and you can find in data sheet of a particular derivative how to program, read or erase (only together with program memory, if applicable) them .. see example below .. Regards, IanP
The example file "" runs without problems in my computer. If you ask to LabVIEW to explain the error code -1073807202, you get the following explanation: Error -1073807202 occurred at an unidentified location Possible reason(s): VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF009E) A code library required by VISA could not be locate
It means you have a variable named DELTEMPL and it uses location 36 (hex) of the chip's DATA memory to hold values allocated to that variable. Looks OK to me. What's the error message?
Are you using an xc2s200 chip? I don't know VHDL well enough to successfully compile your code, so here are two Verilog examples that synthesize fine in ISE 9.1i. Notice the BUFFER_TYPE constraint in the first example, and the IBUFG instantiation in the second example. For VHDL constraint syntax, search your XST User Guide for "BUFFER_TYPE".
Just rm -R the whole directory of the product you want to remove Won't be any traces to the tool in any place other than the installation directory ?? This means that I can easily move the installation directory as a whole (if I want) to some other location and just change the environment variables .. am I correct ?
Hi,pls have a look at my code below: ......... reg modD,txFlag; inout mod; .......... ......... assign mod=txFlag?modD:1'bz;//tri_state. ....... ---------------------------- I code as above in Q2,but the fitter says:'Error: Node "modD" of type Logic cell has no legal location', why? the device is EPM240. thanks!
Understand the wraps are genrallly used to fill the cache lines. Suppose your cache line is 8 words long . Then first line of cache line would have address of 0- 4 - 8 -0xC - 0x10 - 0x14 -0x18 - 0x1C Suppose the processor wants data in memory location 28 which is not there in the cache. The cache controller will ask for a wrap-8 transaction of
see teh code in main.... #include int main(void) { char buffer="$GPSACP: 140754.999,0714.0826S,11244.0902E,1.6,30.2,3,351.22,0.25,0.13,010707,05"; char *u,*w; int pos,i=0,*vec=NULL,k=0; w=buffer; while(k
Try check .emacs file and find the location for your verilog mode lisp. It could be something in your verilog mode lisp script.
what information is sent after floorplanning? DEF file? indicating location of hardmarco?
Hello Everyone, i want to established a VPN connection.i have DSL connection and have ADSL Modem and i have a real Ip Address,what i need to create a VPN so that i can Access my System only from remote location through this real IP Address. the ip address of my system is guide me how can i established that link.. waiting f
To hide parameters from Schematic: Edit > Component Display > Parameter > then select the component that you want to hide/show parameter.. This will apply on all similar instances from that component not only it.. So use it carefully. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
you mean an internet cafe. it depends ons your location. look around in telephone directories and advertisements in your area. who knows, you might get a good deal. 4 pcs is a good start. u also need an application for managing these.
Hi all When I trying to save a plot output from simulation in cadence tools as an image i have this problem. I save the plot using : File>>save as image>>OK I choose location, extension and the name of the file. like /home/snapshot.png The output is very strange :cry: The output is an empty file with file Size=0KB
I'm totally new to this semiconductors. I have read a few books but when i am trying to solve the problem, i cannot understand which equations should i use. Pls tell me the equations/ final answers to these questions. Thanks Silicon atoms are added to a piece of gallium arsenic (GaAs). The Si can replace either trivalent Ga or pentavalent As ato
Hi i want to store a table of data in specific address location ? so whn i burn my microcontroller the table is stored on the memory.. Note : __at keyword doesn`t support initlization so u must make initilize function in the main ...but i don`t like i want to store my data on memory directly..........CAN u HLP thx..?
hello, where is your location? Is it in Singapore? Thanks.