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i think that your mixer has a very low IP3.
I know that Peregrine is designing RF switches in CMOS process. The performances depend by application. For example for a GSM mobile where the switch requirements for p1db could be up to 38dBm, would be a challenge to do this in CMOS process (at least today). The compet
Hi, I'm working on a low power UHF LNA. First I designed single ended the power consumption was around half mW. I had p1db=-15 dBm. Then I designed differential LNA. gain etc. seems similar. Power consumption ~800 mW. However p1db= -30 dBm. I increased tail current until 1.2 mW but only couple dBm imrovements occured. This is an (...)
Hey Guys, I have been designing a low Noise Amplifier from 1 to 3 GHz. I am searching for a transistor for my work. Earlier I had used ATF54143 for the design. My goal is to achieve 30K of noise temp throughout the band and its p1db should be +20dBm atleast. ATF54143 works fine till 2 GHz (~30K from 1 to 2 GHz). The noise temp in a two stage LNA
I need to design an wideband amplfier with the primary characteristic being low distortion (e.g. all 2nd & 3rd order products below 55 - 60 dBc). The gain is approx. 30 dB, bandwidth (-3 dB) LF - 1,5 GHz, where LF is a sufficiently low frequency (say 5 - 10 MHz). The amplifier will be used to drive a differential ADC input with power of (...)
Dear All : I design a 0.13um LNA design , The Band is about 100MHz. Now I meet some questions about linearity (p1db) . MY Design p1db is about -20dBm. But the specific is about -10dBm, How can I imporve it ? My design inlcude high ? low gain. Do I need to care the p1db is the high /low gian, Or (...)
p1db -10dBm is high? Maybe you want to say is low. low gain for LNA you can have turning OFF the LNA Vcc. The insertion loss through the LNA with Vcc OFF it will give you the low gain mode. Beware that some RF system designs do not require big delta between high gain and low gain mode. A good number for (...)
Just look on minicircuits site or google, and find an Amp w/ p1db ~= 40 and the rest should take care of itself. But 12V might be too low! Come to think of it this amp has to almost be 100% efficient from DC to RF power conversion! 12Vdc Max Amp Rail ! Assuming a 50Ω system ! You highest possible Pwr = P= 12^2/50 = 2.88W = ~34.5dBm
Overall gain seems a bit low but power-out is probably about-right with 15v and, perhaps, 100mA Ic. You would require a larger heatsink than the one that I used;
LInearity parameters are rarely measured on a low-noise amplifier with a gain below 20 dB. You never indicated what signal level your LNA should handle. In a good receiver, stages AFTER the LNA are important in linearity considerations. With your LNA, you should indicate the typical signal power at its input. Depending on application it may be so
RealAEL Sir, As you said without nonlinear device/spice model, we can't obtain IIP3,OIP3, p1db, thirdorder harmonic. For my low noise amplifier at 1.3GHz( transistor is AVAGO ATF 54143) which nonlinear device is suitable. which nonlinear model/spice I have to choose. Shall I choose NE71300. I have shown
Hello, i search for my amp project a preamplifer circuit with ultra low THD, this circuit are including the tone control and he make a Vu = 10 for the amp and i will use ops. Have everyonea idea for a circuit the have a ultra low THD? Thanks a lot Dark Angel
Linear non-recursive filter design tools using matrix and other methods. Maximally-flat FIR low pass filters via optimal whitening and FFT. Uploaded file: FIR Maximally-Flat low Pass Filter.mht
Hi PPP is a Web-based environment for low-Power Design. Its Graphic User Interface is a set of dynamically generated HTML pages that can be accessed through any Web-browser. Three sets of tools are available: Synthesis for low-power, Power Optimization and Power Simulation. File Transfer utilities are also available to upload input files and dow
i need complete and low cost GPS Cheap or module for work mcu can anybody help me ?
I Have noticed a problem regarding the use of LDO regulators in very low noise rf designs. It seems that a LDO regulator from say ROHM or NJRC under normal conditions, (decoupling caps as manufacturers recomendation)give a very low ripple (or possibly a damped oscillation) when placed under load, say 100 - 300 mA. The ripple is around 150mV for a
I'm asking for the best micro. low cost, available tools to develop with, easy to develop small designs (16 I/O)
Hi, Although I have not built such multiplier for low frequency, I found two such topics at and on the last page of the paper at ---there you may find some hints on the loop filter and the counter is a 4040 IC. This same text in pdf form
I need information on design(sch is better) of wirless digital voice and video transmitter 100 meter range low power minimum parts thx
Hello, I'm trying to introduce very low bitrate data into speech band frequency. I'm thinking of doing this in the form of BFSK. I've choosen the lower frequency band, ie between 250Hz and 300Hz. Example is to inject a 280Hz sine wave to represent '1' and 250Hz to represent '0'. Any idea on how practical this might be and what is the maximum bit
I am looking for a low noise inverter chip (8pins) to generate the negative voltage for biasing GaAs Fet's gate. I tried the Maxim and Linear Technology chips. They performed good but they did'nt accomplish with the temperature range requiride. Does somebody suggest me some other manufacturer? Thanks in advance NandoPG
Where I can find schematics of simple and low cost FSK transciever ??? Thanks
hi,try: they have all kinds of high speed low power srams. some chip from IDT is ok,too: hope can be helpful.
ARDF technical pages (homebrew stuff) ARDF timer 3.5MHz transmitter 3.5MHz receiver 144MHz transmitter 3.5MHz low power TX 144MHz low power TX
hi,if you only supply a cpu ,it will consum small is is good mothed of using a LM317.but the LM7805 will be better,you can save two resistences.maybe this is the cheapest way to slove this problem. what you need is to get ride of noise from can : 1:use a LC filter from input,the cap must be a low esr ,big capacity one,such as
Hi All, I think bimbla is right in the sense that it is not too difficult to make a 1mH low resistance coil but I would expect a much higher number of turns. I could be wrong but in the past I made several coils for loudspeaker crossovers and they had many more than 20 turns for a 1mH inductance. If you want to try here is the formula I
There is another way of making low phase noise oscillators. The resonator capacitive element consists of a loosely coupled varicap (meaning high Q and low noise) and fixed capacitors. In reality the fixed capacitors are switched capacitor bank, where the value of the fixed capacitor changes digitally, through diode switches. Tuning will mean
Problem is always we don't find correct packages..., seem always the chip package is the smallest available ie Spartan II XC100 with a PQ208 package, this reduce the user IO blocks available count dramatically it's easy to find AVNET boards, or INSIGHT boards. BUt it might be possible to find some more little companies who are targetting low cos
see the link for 5,000 system gates, $17.95 for the 300,000 system gates in volumes greater than 250,000 units. Regards, Ejean
Many GSM, DECT and Bluetooth has used low-IF receiver in the state-of-art technology. Are anyone has experienced on the design in chip level?
There are many trends exhibited by some research groups: 1. multiple or variable voltage supplies (transistor-level) 2. application transformations that infer differentiations at the system level e.g. the memory subsystem organization and the update rules for these memories. (RTL and system level) 3. adiabatic switching (transistor level)
but ftdi product some expencive and some low speed !
low-Noise Microphone Amplifier The signal from a microphone is too weak for a standard line input. This low-noise DC-coupled microphone amplifier provides a solution for anyone who wants to connect a microphone to his or her hi-fi installation.
Hi International Workshop on Very low Bitrate Video Coding 1. -> t tnx
Hi low Power VLSI Design Automation 1. -> t tnx
hi, A low Power RF ID Transponder article.
Wideband and low-Noise Microwave VCO article
I recommanded the RCC circuit. I think this lowest price solution in the market.
Does anybody know a low noise CMOS mixer for 2.4GHz. Linearity should be as high as possible
a low phase noise , low cost vco design
Hi ALL! low cost Altera FPGA Configurator is here: FoxB PS: Sorri, if Offtopic.
A low-Noise Amplifier for 2 GHz Applications Using the NE334S01 Transistor Cross
Here are some of my C routines for 8051. The basic idea is to make code more portable. For example I test my code under M$ Visual studio and, when code is OK, just recompile it using K*eil. (Of course under VC++ low level routines are different but interface is the same.) Hope this is helpful. Do not forget to set OSC_FREQ in timer.h Tom P
Does any one know the detail of the low power digital IC methodology?Especailly on the system and logic level?
low-Power Transceiver Targets Wireless Headsets article
low-Power Real- time Clock
Hello friends, many e-shops are selling Graphical LCD displays with integrated controller but it seems to me that they are still too much expensive (30-40$ for a simple 128x64). I'm looking for low cost LCD with integrated controller (with basic commands) starting from 128x64 pixels and backlight. Do you know a good LCD brand and a place wher
Hi all, Does anyone know of an inexpensive, low-cost way of measuring "jitter" on a USB bus (fot the D= and D- signals)? Any help is greatly appreciated. I know that Tektronix and HP have solutions. I mean low cost. Thanks
Designing a low-noise VCO on FR4 article
Hi! Need help to locate a source for low cost custom designed backlit LCD panels for instruments. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bye!