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alz help me in doing this problem.............. "Make an m-file to low pass filter a signal x(t) consisting of two cosines at 5 and 20 rad/s using an RC lpf. Choose suitable values of R and C to allow the cosine at 5 rad/s to pass through and suppress (filter out) the cosine at 20 rad/s. Plot the spectrum of the input and output signals, as we
I am trying to design a low pass filter using butter filter in matlab I am confussed how to od this. If my carrier Fc is 20000,( but can be changed if needed) and Fs is 44100 (MP3 file) what do I put in the matlab function below? Please help me I can not get htis please?? I need to filter: outfm = Ac * cos(wc.*t + 2 * pi * kf * cumsum(snd)); Fc
Hi, Iam trying to do some analysis for a redar system that uses Linear Chirp modulation. I have a problem mixing the Tx and Rx signal then lpf. RX is a delayed version of the Tx. Normally after mixing (muliplying Tx and Rx) i dont get the low freq part!!! I tried matlab Help but i cannot get it! Any help Please? Ho
for example in a communications system the the signal band may only be narrow, KHz wide, but the signal band could be centered at RF frequencies, at many MHz. If the signal is sampled according to the Nyquist criterea, i.e. twice the highest frequency, then the data rate for the RF signal will be very high. Processing the data at this high rate is
I designed a circuit to detect the ecg signal. I applied it to pc through the mic. input, then i applied it to matlab using the wavrecord function. I can select my sampling rate and the number of samples to record. Now,first i want to plot the signal against time. Can this be acheived by just the plot command, or i need to create a time vector.
I wish to implement a discrete High-Pass-Filter (HPF) in matlab/Simulink. I found a discrete Low-Pass-Filter (lpf) in one of the Simulink examples as z Denominator: z-exp(-2*pi*fc*Tsc) fc: cut-off frequency Tsc: sampling period Could some
HI... I need to simulate an ABS (antilock Braking system) in matlab. But i don't know how i can do it?? IF any body can send me any Books (PDF) or sites learn me about Simulation ABS in matlab, Or you Of course.... Thanks
HI... I need to simulate an ABS (antilock Braking system) in matlab. But i don't know how i can do it?? IF any body can send me any Books (PDF) or sites learn me about Simulation ABS in matlab, Or you Of course.... Thanks
how can I use matlab to send and receive digital data through parallel port
Hi How to use matlab write a Low_pass filter .. I can use simulink for simulation , but I want to know how to write a matlab code.. simulink file can novert to matlab code or not ?? a low pass filter = 1/ (s+1) = e^(-t) but how to descript expt(-t) in matlab code ?? thank you
Firstly, I am a newbie to use matlab. So I have some problems to ask you: 1, If I want to simulate the PLL's behavior model, is the simulink in matlab proper? If not, what 's it? 2, How do I build the behavior model to obtain the behavior model that is close to the actual situations? 3, Where can I get some useful articles to introduce related
hey.... i want to develop some code for voice recognition in matlab...but i cant get how to do it...can any one of u help abt it?!.... bye
hi to all, I?m trying to sythesize RDS data waveform for given bitstream in matlab but without success. the process is explained here RDS formulae but i can?t understand it clearly. Can anyone help with some matlab code. Thanks and best regards
i need some suggections for a small project to be implemented in matlab...
hi I need a program in matlab or C for 8psk demodulator thanks
can somebody tell me what should i do for sampling discrete time signals in matlab
i need to know how can i use "Data Acquisition Card" in matlab or any visual programming,i will thank anyone who can help me to do my project
how to register the step response of a motor in a matlab file or another? thanks.
hi how can i write an s function in matlab simulink that can be translated to c code for loading in tms dsp's
How to realize the symbolic math operation in matlab?
Who have fdtd program in matlab?
I want to read some gps receiver data via serial port and use it directly in matlab, i have tried help files of matlab which explains how to read data via serial port but it didn't work. Can any body help me on that? and if you know some sources explaining this issue please forward...
I want to install sysgen 6.1.1 in matlab 7. But when i install sysgen, flllowing warnings occured: **************************************************************************************************** Welcome to the Xilinx System Generator Version 6.1.1 Installer. Warning: PATH2RC is deprecated and may be removed in a future release. Use SAVEPATH
I want to ask about Neural network OCR program in matlab , please would you help me I want this for Arabic Font (Simplified Arabic) ....... Thx alot my regards
I'm simulating a QPSK receiver in matlab. How can I use extrenal data file to use as a data input to my receiver?
Hi I see in matlab 7 very long initialization time, up to 1 minute. I have toolbox cache enabled. In version 6.5.1 this time is about 2-3 secconds for my computer, also with toolbox cache enabled. Messages after caching are almous the same: Toolbox Path Cache read in 0.16 seconds. matlab Path initialized in 0.28 seconds. for both versions
I'm dealing with the curve-fitting using the function--nlinfit in matlab. Here is the syntax : beta = nlinfit(X,y,'model',beta0), and I don't know how to define the term 'model'. Can you give me some advice,thanks.
hi hi, i'm a beginner in matlab and have been having problems regarding the "ss2tf" function. i type in: A= B= C=eye(2) D=zeros(2,1) find ss2tf and it gives me: ans: 1 2 3 4 5 instead of: NUM= 2 2 DEN= 4 which i'm expecting as the ans. can anyone out there help me?
Hi, I am dealing with a digital resonator filter in matlab. The transfer function is K (z^2 / (z-p1)(z-p1*) ) where K is the gain. It is simplified to K / (1 - 2 r cos 2pi f0 z^-1 + r^2 z^-2) Given that samplig rate = 128kHz, resonant peak at f0 = 48kHz and 3dB bandwidth is 4kHz with unity gain at its resonant peak. I was asked to plot the
I generate a sequence of random variable in matlab, and sketch its histogram using function hist(), but now I want to sketch its histogram envelop, not only histogram, how should I do??
Does any one here know how to extract results of HFSS to use them in matlab and then go the way back. For example how to extract the S-parameters curve to matlab, and then work on it to get RLCG model and go back to HFSS or Designer.
Dear members, I need to create a non-modal dialog in matlab which could have at least a button, so that once clicked on, it would call a function to change a parameter, which might be used by a running matlab code. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance
Hi all : I'm working with matlab for my projects , but I've encountered with a problem . please help me. that problem is : i must write some large equation in matlab but I usauly make a mistake and how can I recognize the number of parenthesis. thx for your attention.
Hi everyone, I'm currently writing a matlab problem that has one of this command line x^4+c3*x^3+c2*x^2+c1*x+c0=0. My aim is to come up with the values of x. All the c3,c2,c1,c0 parameters have been properly defined. However it keeps showing the Error File that the assignment statements cannot produce a result. Could I ask why is this so?
i have a question: i want to check if some values are inside a matrix in matlab.... how can i do this without writing loops ... does there stand a find command (i wish i could right find(this number, in this matrix) ).... thanks in advance!!!
i have thos [project and my dead line in two days pleas can any one help me for doing this project i could also understande my pro need it to be written in matlab Project 1.2. Consider a communication system that transmits a positive (negative) rectangular pulse with length T to represent 1 (0). Assume 1. p(1)=p(0)=1/2 and AWGN channel. 2.
i habve this project and i need to finshed it two days pleas can any one help it should be written in matlab Project 1.2. Consider a communication system that transmits a positive (negative) rectangular pulse with length T to represent 1 (0). Assume 1. p(1)=p(0)=1/2 and AWGN channel. 2. The capacitor is completely discharged before the arriva
Please how can I filter a signal in matlab using a filter impulse response not as a polynomial but just as an expression h(t)
I'm working with 30-bit TIF image captured by a camera. The camera outputs 10 bits/pixel for each of the three channels. The captured file is saved as 'Test.TIF'. When I try to open it using 'imread' in matlab, I get the following error message: QUOTE ??? C:\matlab701\work\Test.tif: Cannot handle different per-sample values for field "BitsPer
I simulated my signal using FFT (Blackmanharris window) in matlab which gives me 16-bit reolution (96dB) but when i import the same signal to using sam FFT window in SPICE, the result only became 80dB left. Can any one answer why this happens and how should I avoid this problem. Thank you very much!
I think it is the voice band, 0 to 4khz. sampling rate 8khz ok! but what is that 40 ms duration? one more doubt i have.. u say sampling rate is 8khz, it is the sapling rate of the wave file. then, for it to be effectively reconstructed, the largest frequency must be < Fs/2 = 4khz. then u are applying a lpf from 0 to 4k
Use matlab draw a function, there is a minimum. How to find the minimum point's cordination in matlab? ex. y=f(x) how to find ymin and corresponding x by matlab?
I just conducted an experiment on DC Magnetization characteristics and noted down all the values... I thought of analysing the values using matlab... I entered the field current in one matrix and the voltage in another matrix... I could plot the graph... Now how do i find out things like critical resistance, critical speed and more from the graph u
Hi I hope to answer to this question! In matlab Simulation for 4 stage CIC ( Cascade Integrator Comb filter ) filter ther are 4 stage Integratot and 4 stage Comb filter . these stage connect together by 1 sampling switch which decrease the sample frequency rate under Decimation factor. in my project sampling switch should switch every 2
I've read somewhere about the evolutionary computing in matlab... I've heard that you'll have to give the input and output and it'll give you the transfer function... Can someone please tell me where i can download the addon... I have matlab 6.1 with me... Please help....
hi, pretty easy code. there are functions in matlab. the "find" function along with "max" and "min" can be employed to get what u desire for. even find is not necessary unless u want to get the index of those values.. suppose ur matrix is a = magic(5); then max(a) will list out 5 values, with each value the max of the columns of "a". c
I have done a code for modeling a square-shaped inductor in matlab(it has been done using a possibility of interaction between matlab and FEMLAB),and now I would like to make a plot for s-parameters of inductor because I need them for calculating Q-factor and selfinductance. How to do this?
Hello: I need to compute derivatives of complex discrete data in matlab, anyone here can tell me how to perform it? (Build-in functions?) For example, I have the following frequency dependent data: f X f1 x1-jy1 f2 x2+jy2 f3 x3-jy3 ... .... Where fi,xi and yi are real numbers with particular value. How should I compute
Hi, I have a matrix (size n x m) in matlab. And I want to enlarge the matrix size to n+2x, m+2y) by adding zeros around the original n x m matrix. Example: original 2x2 matrix 1 2 3 4 New 4x4 matrix 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 4 0 0 0 0 0 How can I do it in matlab? Thanks in advance!
I need to model LNA/MIXER and their no-linearity behaviour in matlab there anyone who could give me a link or books name which might help,,,especially matlab ?