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I tried to simulate a phase locked loop circuit in Hspice and then in matlab. When I simulated the PLL, designed in Hspice, in Simulink, I copied the parameters such as lpf transfer function, vco input sensitivity, vco quiscent frequency of the Hspice circuits onto the blocks in Simulink. Yet the capture range was very different from what I got fro
It is not clear for me if the signal has a sinx/x shape in the time domain or in the frequency domain. If you wish attenuate the side lobules with a low pass filter use y is you signal in the time domain fl=100; % lpf length fbe=; damps=; % design of lpf parameters, analyze
Hi, Can anyone please tell how delay and multiply affects a speech signal. I was trying to implement Harris algorithm for Vox in matlab. It was a simple one in first look with a delay and multiply and an lpf after that. But i could not get the expected output. I am newbie to DSP. Thanks, RTV
hello, i have designed a lpf using fdatool, now i wanna use this filter to filter an input signal x , so i use filter(Hd,x) ,in the generating m file with the designed filter but it turns error, what should i do, use export instead or what? how to use the filter designed to filter my data within my m file code ? thnx
I am having a wave file. I have to implement this operation on it. the picture is attached I have read the wave file in matlab. Now i want to down sample it.kindly help me to implement second part of picture. the lpf should have 6 KHz
alz help me in doing this problem.............. "Make an m-file to low pass filter a signal x(t) consisting of two cosines at 5 and 20 rad/s using an RC lpf. Choose suitable values of R and C to allow the cosine at 5 rad/s to pass through and suppress (filter out) the cosine at 20 rad/s. Plot the spectrum of the input and output signals, as we
Hey, i've line in matlab example code: lpf = lpf_b*lpf_prev + lpf_a*mixer_I + lpf_a*mixer_I_prev ; This is part of 'for' loop where is signal 'mixer_I' filtering. I see this is IIR but I dont know how could I write its transfer function. This is one of lpf in (...)
Hi, I'm a licenciate student in Finland. I am looking for Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF IC Design Job in Europe or US. I have about five years IC design experiences. I designed DAC, lpf, PA, Opamp. I'm familiar with most popular EDA tools like composer, virtuoso, hspice, hsim, spectra, spiceexplorer, calibre, xcalibre, protel, matlab/simulink etc. I ha
I wish to implement a discrete High-Pass-Filter (HPF) in matlab/Simulink. I found a discrete Low-Pass-Filter (lpf) in one of the Simulink examples as z Denominator: z-exp(-2*pi*fc*Tsc) fc: cut-off frequency Tsc: sampling period Could some
Hai everyone, I have an i/p signal x = 1 +0.5* sin(pi*t) where t = , basically a signal sampled at 100 Hz. I need to filter out the d.c. component i.e. get 1 as a constant output so for which I have to design a low pass filter. can any one tel me how to design low pass filter in matlab Thank you
I have used it, well certainly not to the most possible extreme, but to my knowledge, I have created a lpf, and had my resuts succesful, but had some issues with the cut-off frequency range. You first need to add FDA tool into your design. use the matlab tool to design your filter. After your design, just drag a n-tap FIR Filter block from DSP. Upo
I want to design a efficient filter for QPSk in matlab's simulink DSP block set. I know that i need upsampler+lpf+Interpolation filter but i am looking for such a filter which can do all thses together. Is it possible? If yes or not, please suggest me and give me some IEEE paper where i can get the design. Thanks in advance.
Hi All, How to measure the SNR of SC lpf in cadence and matlab...Can anybode tell me the procedure for measuring SNR of system in cadence..? thanks
Use FDATOOL in matlab. If you type >> fdatool in command window, Fda tool will be opened. There you can select FIR or IIR filter, order of filter and cutoff freq. of filter (either HPF, lpf or BPF). That code will automatically generate .m file for you.
i wan to impliment the filter(lpf,HPF,etc) in matlab ihave tried but can't done any one who done it plz help me
hi thank you for sharing the files Added after 8 minutes: how to design -a lpf(fir) by window method sampling freq=100hz and cut off=20khz..without using FFT builtin function. plz can u give me a code(program) to implement this using matlab softwear.please. u can use thes
Hi, Iam trying to do some analysis for a redar system that uses Linear Chirp modulation. I have a problem mixing the Tx and Rx signal then lpf. RX is a delayed version of the Tx. Normally after mixing (muliplying Tx and Rx) i dont get the low freq part!!! I tried matlab Help but i cannot get it! Any help Please? Ho
Don't use lpf.
Hi all, I am newbie in wavelets.. Just read the matlab wavelet tutorial as I found it the simplest amongst others to understand.. I want to ask that during the DECOMPOSITION phase in the DWT, when a signal is convolved with HPF and lpf to yield details and approximation.. Q: How are the co-efficients chosen for the HPF and lpf so (...)
Hi the best way is to read matlab help. see the matlab entries for commands: "butter" that u can set it as a lpf . "filter". a glance will guide u through.
I am trying to design a low pass filter using butter filter in matlab I am confussed how to od this. If my carrier Fc is 20000,( but can be changed if needed) and Fs is 44100 (MP3 file) what do I put in the matlab function below? Please help me I can not get htis please?? I need to filter: outfm = Ac * cos(wc.*t + 2 * pi * kf * cumsum(snd)); Fc