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lte is not 4G, no standard is 4G
hey engineers am working on my graduation project on lte, and i need the TTI bundling matlab code, or any related code that could help me to start my simulation.. am working on the coverage improvement, and TTI bundling is one of the methods i used.. best wishes omar:D
helo guys am doing my project on lte downlink performance analysis so any one with matlab code and any idea how to do it please forward
HI : I need a matlab code for "Performance evaluation of lte physical layer using SC-FDMA and OFDMA" : I need to show the simulation for OFDMA AND SC-FDMA. Kindly if any one have please e-mail me at this id.pls its urgent. Thanks
I'm a beginner in FDTD programing. Anyone have a matlab code to solve the irregular grid problem?? THX
Dear Friends, Please help me to get matlab code(.m) for the following analysis(just example)..... Need your help to get the codes/paper/thesis/project....Any parameters analysis(such as gain/impedance/return loss..etc..) Circular microstrip antenna/patch antenna Ring microstrip antenna Anular patch antenna.... Thanks in (...)
Are there anybody have a 3D FDTD matlab code with PML ???
Hi How to use matlab write a Low_pass filter .. I can use simulink for simulation , but I want to know how to write a matlab code.. simulink file can novert to matlab code or not ?? a low pass filter = 1/ (s+1) = e^(-t) but how to descript expt(-t) in (...)
Hi , I am doing a project and i need to simulate in matlab the pattern of one patch panel antenna (microstrip) when it is mounted to a wall . Does somebody has some information to help me, because i dont know from where to start. Thanks Theo
Maybe you can use saleh mode.Or Volterra series to build this mode? Search in google,can get some papers.
if any body have multipath fading matlab code and there category specification (A,B,C) for wireless channel please send it urgently or suggest any link
i am trying to write matlab code to find fft using cooley tukey algorithm. please suggest some good reference
Well I need a matlab code for generating the rician random numbers since matlab does not have the command for generating the rician random numbers. It is needed for me in my project.
Hi here is a matlab source code. I used it (PROCLPC.m) in my speech project. I have done a speech project to get LPC , PARCOR and LSF coefficeints for (L=4 , 12 and 50 : L is the order of all pole filter ) to compare the effect of channel noise on different presentation of LPC coeffients. let me know if you want to see that. best (...)
Is there anyone here have a simple MC CDMA matlab code.... With any specification.....I just want to have a brief idea.....thanks a lot
Hello I need sullivan 3D FDTD, plane wave on a dielectric sphere matlab code, already I have the correct version of this code in c++. My e-mail address
Hi, all. I am looking for MC CDMA in matlab code or other languages. Is there anyone here have good informations? Thanks.
can anyone provide me matlab code for crc_ccitt calculation
hi i need the matlab code for lempel ziv the code should compress a text file using lempel ziv please help me with this thanks
Hi All, I need a matlab code which cud plot data smith chart. If someone cud provide me the link or code tht wud gr8 help. Sincerely mstripman
Hi all!!! I really really need the matlab code for OFDM...... Can neone mail me the code or provide a link....
hello there... I am really desperate, frustrated and totally freaked out on my project... How will I going to integrate the functions given in matlab like the NLMS non-linear processor, the adaptive filter the double-talk detector into one matlab code and be able to come up with my sole objective which is TO CANCELL (...)
dear all if anyone has the matlab code of the sidelobe canceller in the adaptive array, please sent it to me
hello i need to matlab code for space-time coding(tarokh) regard
Hello All, I am lloking for 1D FDTD matlab code for transmission line simulation... Please any one have it or know where I could find it .. let me know. Thanks.
hi, i need matlab code and algorithm for the generation and correlation study of maximal length pn sequences for applicabilities in cdma mobile communication systems. plz help me. Mangal Added after 4 minutes: guys, can anybody tell me that how can we calculate max. no. of users in a particular cell. i
Here is a simple but good matlab code to obtain the Power Spectral Density (PSD) plot of Sigma Delta Modulators. It also computes de Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) in dB. An example data is included with instructions on how to use it. Any questions please let me know. George
does any one have got a matlab code for head shap as i study the effect of mobile antenna radiatios on head and human body if any one have something please upload Thanks Amr
guys plz need the matlab code for 4.31....5.22....5.23 frm TS rappaport -wireless communcations 2nd edition Added after 1 hours 3 minutes: no one to help
downlad matlab code after register.
Dear All Im attaching a paper and need help in the mathematical analysis of the whole paper . i confuse how to derive its decoder can any body help me and guide me how to write its matlab code thanx this is the link to the file
Dear all, This is a part of sigma-delta modulator code in matlab. tr = 1024*4; % points for transient pt = 1024*32; % FFT points tt = tr+pt; % total points osr = 64; % osr=64 fc = 20000; % signal bandwidth = 4k fs = 2*fc*osr; % sampling frequency
Hi all, I'm looking for matlab code: 1. The algorithm SAGE which is used for channel estimation (DoA, TOA...). 2. The algorithm Matrix of Pencil for DOA estimation. Thank u for ur help. Nice day
Hey anybody got matlab code or a SIMULINK model for a 10bit pipelined ADC?
I think that, I saw in "Kalman Filtering" by Mohinder.
Dear all does anybody have matlab code of V-BLAST MMSE,V-BLAST Zf,VBLAST PIC,VLASt SIC I need.
hello frnds!! can anyone tell me the way where i,can obtain tha"matlab code of convolutional coding and viterbi algorithm". any link or any site about that one. i want matlab source code immediatelyso that i can use it for my wimax project... plz help......... rag_perfect, hyderabad.
this is a matlab code for upml i need to convert it to c d=8; %depth of pml region (d in number of cells) % NXA=100 x NYA=50 original computational domain NXA=100; NYA=50; NX=NXA+2*d; % y dimension NY=NYA+2*d; % x dimension EY(1:NX,1:NY)=0; % Ey component DY(1:NX,1:NY)=0; % Dy component DY1(1:NX,1:NY)=0; % previous time step EX(1
hi again.... Does anyone have matlab code for MoM over a cone and a cone with rounded edge? Also, any paper with the integral equations for these pec structures in order to implement them by MoM? thanks
Hi all I've a question about ADC TEST. I received matlab code for logic analyzer's data in MAXIM Homepage. But I'm confused about that. In code... . . . figure; plot(,code); title('TIME DOMAIN') xlabel('SAMPLES'); ylabel('DIGITAL OUTPUT code'); Dout=code-(2^numbit-1)/2; (...)
Dear I found a simple code for fft in below address and converted in matlab code.(this is easy because matlab is as same as c code, but indeces start from 1 in matlab) but my matlab function is not same as fft matlab fuction. function (...)
Can some one help me with matlab code for rayleigh fading channel . Thank you
can any one please send the url of following matlab code SITES NEEDED FOR FIlteR BANK APPLICATIONS iam working on ISI-Free FIR Filterbank Transceivers for Frequency-Selective Channels, how can i proceed with this paper ,where can i find the matla codes for filter bank applications iam (...)
I need matlab code to calculate curves between Ioc/Ior(dB) and frame error rate (FER) for different modulation & coding scheme(MCS).
Please can any one send me the matlab code for simulate the CDMA (IS-95) Transmitter and Receiver?
Does anyone have a matlab code for "Echo cancellation using LMS algorithm"? or if someone know how can u please help me? Pls..thanx its really urgent.
Can i get the matlab code for calculating the radirtion pattern of the single layer Microsetrip Antenna and its smith chart.
Can I get the matlab code for mobile call (GSM) processing?
Ca I get the matlab code for echo cancellation?