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lte is not 4G, no standard is 4G
hey engineers am working on my graduation project on lte, and i need the TTI bundling matlab code, or any related code that could help me to start my simulation.. am working on the coverage improvement, and TTI bundling is one of the methods i used.. best wishes omar:D
helo guys am doing my project on lte downlink performance analysis so any one with matlab code and any idea how to do it please forward
HI : I need a matlab code for "Performance evaluation of lte physical layer using SC-FDMA and OFDMA" : I need to show the simulation for OFDMA AND SC-FDMA. Kindly if any one have please e-mail me at this id.pls its urgent. Thanks
hi, can anyone give me some idea on implemetation of Cyclic Redundancy Check( CRC) in 3gpp ( lte)
please need to know about how calculate CRC in downlink lte that before segmentation its matlab code
Hi All, Does anybody worked in constructing a soft output sphere decoder for MIMO systems, If so please help me in understanding the sphere decoder and how to do LLR clipping and single tree search.. Is there any books/paper/tutorials/matlab code which explains MIMO sphere decoder in detail... ??? (...)
@jarnailsinghmasand, my project for my final year is same to your project(INTERSYSTEM HANDOVER BETWEEN UMTS AND GPRS), contact me on facebook : me also I find how to lte network similator - - - Updated - - - please help me to simulat
Hi Guys, I need simulation on lte downlink scheduling... regarding my final year project. the simulation can be either in ns2 or matlab. Please any help would be much appreciated. my email address is regards, Omar
I'm tryong to make an lte system and i have a problem with alamuti to the received signal to the 2X2 MIMO.. Can anyone helpme?if yes i can send him the code :wink: Alsalam alikom here u r a matlab code for alamouti of nr antennas at the RX
Hi, I am working on my MS thesis lte signalling I need the code of Paging procedures in lte can any one help me. Thanks,
Hello there i finally managed to finish my project about lte system!!!But i have a really big BER around 50%....Can anyone help me solve it??? If yes please tell me an e-mail to send him my m-file!!! Thanks in advance!!!:razz::razz:
Can anyone help me???I have the following code and i find the problem with the large BER ~ 50% is my OFDM can anyone help????? SNR=15; car=512; bits=4096; a1=randint(bits,1); t = poly2trellis(,); a2=convenc(a1,t); a3=pskmod(a2,4); bit2=length(a3); a41=reshape(a3,bit2/car,car); for i=1:bit2/car a4(i,:)=if
Hi guys my final year project is about lte and we are making the DL simulation on matlab and i need to know how we do layer mapping for codewords . i don't want the matlab code , i just want help from someone to make me understand how we do the mapping process. thanks.
I have matlab code of Pipeline ADC model. Also, i have matlab code of lte System without ADC. These 2 codes work without problem. How can i add to ADC code in lte System. Block Diagram of lte System ---> 71428 Kindly help me for this. (...)
i need the simulation of vertical handoff between cdma and lte. Anybody please tell me in detail or please give me the source from where i can learn matlab simulation. Also, I would be really thankful if you can provide me the code.
can u tell me a bit abt the code . 1. why u have used k1=1:4*N+1 and k2=1:2*N+1. 2. how did u train ur filter coefficients?
Hi all: Could anyone please let me know In WiMax, Resource allocation is done in Time domain or Frequency domain? HOW ABOUT ENCODING AND DECODING? in which domain? Thanks Zakaria ---------- Post added at 22:05 ---------- Previous post was at 22:03 ---------- and why 3pp adopted OFDMA for lte?
Hi, to all I am final year student at the University of Bristol doing Electronics and Comms. My final year project is on 3GPP lte Physical Layer testing. I have made a matlab code to test it, but its not working. I am in deep trouble as my submission is due next month. Can someone please help me with this!! Any help will be much (...)
Hi all I need the same help but in lte my simulation is in matlab and C,,,,,but i am concerned with matlab more
hi,can u sent to me your code matlab about mimo and uplink lte? my email is Thanks
I only know that lte has a 4.69 ?s cyclic prefix and that it uses 2048 point FFT, I don't know whether the number of FFT points is changed with channel BW like WiMAX or not.
helo there.. i need help in simulating algorithm uplink power control lte using matlab.. there are several references from IEEE journals mentioned system level simulator and link level simulator.. what are the differences between them? and what are the major aspects simulating uplink power control.?? and last, is anyone has block diagram or fl
About Fast power control (inner Loop Power Control) as one of close loop power control method, you can read thesis "Outer Loop Power Control in a Wideband CDMA System" by H?kan Silfvernagel or "Closed loop power control for lte uplink" by Bilal Muhammad. They simulated it by using CURT (CDMA UMTS Radio network Tool). May be you can reanalyzed it by
hi i have a project to do on matlab and i have to get a function for radio link budget for both uplink and downlink in order to use it after in calculations with proragation models! my problem is that i dont know how to put the parameters on the code and if i have to give the values they get !! please if anyone has done something similar it would h
dear all, i need help on how to get a code on matlab about uplink and downlink pathloss!! i need to make a function for the link budget and then call it for different propagation models!!! For lte, the basic RLB equation can be written as follows (in units of dB): PathLos = TxPower + TxGains - TxLosses - RequiredSINR + RxGains - RxLosses - (...)
Hi, If you go to google and search under "least mean square" you can get a lot of information and some video lectures on youtube for LMS and MSE. Also, the following book has an entire chapter on channel estimation using LMS and MSE with some matlab code for these two algorithms. I used them in my own implementation of the lte PHY layer (...)
i want to simulate a case of mobility load balancing in lte network by matlab .. So i want any code for this case as it is a part of my graduation project .. i get a code of system level simulator and i want the code of the load balancing algorithm .. my case in attachments
hello we're working on out graduation project titled "An FPGA design of OFDM modulator for lte networks" using XILINX's SYSTEM GENERATOR to download the code to the FPGA chip "SPARTAN 3AN" there must be some sort of comparison in the results chapter and we still cant decide what the reference model "ideal simulation" should be? some advised tha
HI . i am study in communication and computer and my thesis in Carrier Aggregation In lte-A and iam looking for code to help me in my study so ,I want simulate carrier aggregation with OPNET or matlab,i really need it for my thesis, i hope you could help me. thanks!! if you have any code about it pleas sent to me , thanks (...)