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how to generate the channel matrix in matlab for multiuser mimo scenario.If my channel is large scale fading and having a path loss.
Plz mail soon.. coding for mac protocol ieee802.11
Greetings engi's! I'm currently working on my masters (802.11 wlan receiver with matlab/USRPN210). After creating all the important stuff ie: -symbol finder -time synchronization -coarse and fine frequency compensation -symbol demodulator -deinterleaver -Viterbi decoder -descrambler layer decoding i'm looking for any test
Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help on implementing "cross layer protocol" or "UW(Underwater)-mac protocol" in matlab? What kind of algorithm could I use? For example: Comparing BER and SNR? Thank you
hi friends.. kindly hlp me out.. my thesis area is mac layer protocols in wsn using matlab.. i am not able to define problem..whether i should i work on enhancing an protocol. kindly suggest any protocol on which work has done and i can develop my own anothr protocol.i am not able to access IEEE papers so not upto date with latest research on prot
Your question is not clear. Do you want to simulate the mac level protocol in a wireless sensor network, using matlab?
Im using a DSP book (DSP using matlab 3rd Edition) that provides a toolbox called "student dspum matlab toolbox" from their website The toolbox is needed to follow some of the examples in the book. Without the toolbox some of the script can
Hi guys, I'm new here and also new to matlab, but I have to develop a mac layer model on matlab, specifically for LTE wireless networks. Any help in accordance to mac layer will be really really appreciated, because this thing's new for me and I don't really have a clear idea about the parameters and what to measure in (...)
Hi Am doing My PG project in WSN mac protocols. Can anyone Help me to simulate WSN in matlab
hi check this link: matlab Central - File detail - WiMAX 802.16e PHY and mac (beta) maybe it would be useful !
do you mean ZigBee baseband processor (mac + PHY layers) ?
i heard about OPNET it seems perfect but scheduling algorithms are found in mac layer , just go to mac and have a look
Please find LIBSVM package, that contains some implementations in some languages. LIBSVM -- A Library for Support Vector machines It is the firs step to begginers at this algorithm. +++
Hello, I am in final year medical engineering and would like to have the matlab codes for tdma mac protocol for one receiver at the earliest as it is my final year engineering project. Thank you.
Hello, Can someone help me with a matlab code for a simulation of TDMA mac protocol (Wireless networks) using the Poisson Traffic Disytribution? Thank you :|
Hello All I have implemented some image processing algorithms in matlab.Which generates images after the process is completed.I want to transfer this images on Ethernet. How can i do that? And my receiver does have only SDRAM and Ethernet interface implemented with the help of FPGA and mac IC Is there any particular function in matlab (...)
i would like matlab code for simulation of 802.11 mac layer
i want to help me to find good paper about implemention of wimax phy layer and mac layer using dsp
hi guys, I want to simulate the mac channel with rayleigh fading using successive interference cancellation showing that the pantagon region is achievable. Pantagon region is the the capacity region achievable by two user sending information at the same time to common destiation. I want to use matlab for this. Thanx
Are you planning to simulate PHY layer? Then matlab could be a solution. But if your project is for simulating network layer or mac layer, then NS2 is the solution.
How to carry the coefficients of digital filter from matlab to the program for PSOC. I calculated the coefficients of digital filter in matlab (2 order passband). They are need to translate in an integral type for the use in mac (that is in PSOC). Who dealt with an example IIR Filtering AN2312? This code does not want to work. (...)
How to carry the coefficients of digital filter from matlab to the program for PSOC. I calculated the coefficients of digital filter in matlab (2 order passband). They are need to translate in an integral type for the use in mac (that is in PSOC). Who dealt with an example IIR Filtering AN2312? This code does not want to work. (...)
How could i implement Network Parameters in matlab; such as mac Protocal used (CAN, CSMA/CD, .... ), Packet Dropout Rang, Data Rate, Induced Time Delay. I need this toolbox to implement it in matlab/Simulink for my thesis about Networked Control Systems. Please help me :) regards
Now i'm developing com-1000 board, i want to realize a FIR FILTER ad hoc. I'm using matlab for create a .coe file and xilinx ip core generator filter compiler v3.2 for implementing filter. I have write vhdl code for communicate with connectors J1,J2 etc, actmel micro controller and other componensts in the board, now i'm adding filter.xco created f
Hi Nitin, Normally you can get lots of simulink related material on the web... here are some... go through these links...
For full simulation of mac level, i think, it should be better to write a simulation program on C or C++, because there are a lot of structures, like a QoS parameters, Service Flows parameters, mac management packet's data etc. As for me, it's too difficult to implement pointers, structures and arrays of structures in matlab. By the way, (...)
matlab currently runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and mac. System Requirements:
Blutooth 2.0 uses 8 PSK to increase the data rate. You need find the bluetooth 2.0 specification and study the Phy and mac layer.
it occured to me that to find out I could run emulators of each other an run a commun program , ok why not run the same matlab version and demo under Virtual PC for mac an later run an mac Os X 10.3 emulator running in a PC .. Both machines have to have similar frequency CPUs and 512 megs of memory.. i will do (...)
Hello, Do you know some code in matlab or some opensource aplication that can be integrated on matlab to read some values on a wireless card, like received power, mac adress of all the APs it find, etc...? Tankyou!
Hi, I'm about to commence a thesis on WMN. It would involve some simulations using matlab(preferred) or ns2. I'm intereted in PHY layer or mac topics. Could someone tell me a topic of interest within the scope I have stated above.
I am working on a project for which I need WiFi*, WiMAX and Bluetooth mac** Implementations. 1. I would aprreciate any advice on finding open-source implementations for these. Ideally in an HDL but even pure functional implementation in say C/matlab etc would help be shave off some overhead time from my project. 2. I would also appre
Does anyone know if the UNIX version of matlab will run natively on a mac (not requiring any emulation)? I am considering buying a macbook and matlab is essential software for my university courses. Yes I know that I can install windows xp on a macbook then install matlab, but this way would (...)