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I recently came across an article proposing the implementation of WCDMA using mac protocol. Could someone tell me presently how WCDMA system is being implemented? And what are the advantages of using mac protocol?
Hello, Can someone help me with a Matlab code for a simulation of TDMA mac protocol (Wireless networks) using the Poisson Traffic Disytribution? Thank you :|
Hello, I am in final year medical engineering and would like to have the matlab codes for tdma mac protocol for one receiver at the earliest as it is my final year engineering project. Thank you.
hi can u help me in writing a c code for multi level multi access mac protocol?
Hello. I need a little help. I have to do a packet size optimization for a mac protocol. It is a TDMA-based mac protocol. I began with PER which is equals to 1-(1-BER)^l where l is the packet length. But I don?t know what the next step is. Is there a general way how I can do this? I?ve checked some article but those don?t (...)
can any one give tips to design a tdma mac protocol in verilog ? i have a source code from open but i couldnt understand it
need help how to implement ,two level clustering in WSN to implement a cross layer mac protocol ,each level cluster head decide through the threshold high and threshold low,which is compared to RSS.First level CH will have RSS>thr-high,for the messages send by base station(BS-msgs).This first level CH sends CH-msg,whose RSS is compared to thr-high
yes there exists UWB mac protocol.
hi i need help in writing code for multilevel multiacess mac protocol
Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help on implementing "cross layer protocol" or "UW(Underwater)-mac protocol" in matlab? What kind of algorithm could I use? For example: Comparing BER and SNR? Thank you
I want to implement my new mac layer protocol in real IEEE 802.11 network cards. I think it is not so easy and I should have the WLAN card firmware source code. Do you know where can I find any WLAN firmware source code (to any card, any mac processor)? Maybe you know where to find any other informations that can help to solve my problem. (...)
Specific questions: 1) Modulation employed 2) Data carryed on the channel (digital/controlling or analog) 3) Bandwidth required 4) A general idea of the protection need against blocking and intermodulation (or at least the operating environment) 5) Sensitivity (or Tx power and operating range indoor/outdoor) 6) Need to use channel protection
Hi, I am looking for a commercial product that implements the 802.11 protocol. Moreover, I want it to have the possiblillity to overcome the existing mac protocol and use another one, created by me. As I have searched to the net I haven't found such possibillity. If anynone knows such a product I would be very grateful. Thanx!
MII interface is between PHY and mac for 10/100 ethernet and GMII is the interface between the two for Gigabit interface. The PHY will be differeent for the both and the interface signals widths are different for both , PHY is different with respect to decoding and encocoding it does.
Dear Abu Ammora, Layer 2 consist of two (media access control) and LLC (Logical link control), The mac sublayer controls how a computer on the network gains access to the data and permission to transmit it. The LLC layer controls frame synchronization, flow control and error checking. Anyway.... protocol between switch and PC me
hi!I have gone through an ieee paper titled ' FDD mac protocol FOR MULTIMEDIA NETWORKS'.the paper says that bifurcating mac into layers reduces congestion and improves QOS...can someone elaborate on the layers in the present wireless channel and how is it advantageous to further split mac into diff channels.
Hi friends, In mac layer we ar coming towards two words MSDU(mac service Data Unit) and MPDU(mac protocol Data Unit).What is the difference between these two? Please help me. Thnaks in advance, Goud
hello, i am MSc student currently working on my project named "Evaluation of energy saving mac protocol for wireless sensor network". i need to simulate Smac, Tmac and Gmac. could you please tell me which version of opnet is best to simulates these mac. from where or how can i download (...)
Hello mahimahi A hardware adress is not 12 bytes long, it is only 48 bits (=6 bytes) long. You can see this also in your ifconfig line: you define it with 6 8-Bit values, this gives 48 bits. The length of this HW-address is fix in the low-level protocol and can not be changed. It is possible, that you set the first I will say 16 bits to zero
Hi, I'm completely out of my depth here, with little or no experience in designing Wifi...or any wireless systems, but I'll give it a whirl. My question is what is bit rate at mac level and why is it less than at physical level When information is sent wirelessly, information is added to the 'useful' information to allow t
I'm working on a WiMax project, one of the tasks is to implemenent some of the functions of the WiMax mac layer. There are Many functions that are listed in the Standard and every field of each PDU message. What i want to ask about is: (1) How can i model these functions and their fields in a C++ code "using OOP of course"? (2) Is there any too
I'm working on a WiMax project, one of the tasks is to implemenent some of the functions of the WiMax mac layer. There are Many functions that are listed in the Standard and every field of each PDU message. What i want to ask about is: (1) How can i model these functions and their fields in a C++ code "using OOP of course"? (2) Is there any
I am working on a project for which I need WiFi*, WiMAX and Bluetooth mac** Implementations. 1. I would aprreciate any advice on finding open-source implementations for these. Ideally in an HDL but even pure functional implementation in say C/MATLAB etc would help be shave off some overhead time from my project. 2. I would also appre
The address range 192.168.x.x is private, it's not allowed on the public internet. You are probably connected to a LAN behind a router that uses NAT (network address translation). Ask your network administrator how to properly configure the router and your server. Or maybe you can disconnect the router and connect your server directly to the intern
The full name of the standard is: EEE Standard for Information technology?Telecommunications and information exchange between systems?Local and metropolitan area networks?Specific requirements?Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (mac) and Physical Layer (PHY) specifications?Amendment 1: High-speed Physical Layer in the 5 GHz band and
i am working on vanet , i have implemented routing protocol for connectivity dynamics, is any body to guide me how network and mac layer will be coded in program, i want to implement mimo at mac layer and routing on network. how mimo can be deploy with routing protocol. i have my density estimation model and routing (...)
Hello Guys I'm a beginner in Communication programming. I need to program a mac Layer in the 802.11 protocol and simulate. I need the generation of network traffic at the nodes. Please help me on this. Thanks in advance!
Hi, If we have two bluetooth device with same mac address and if we are sending data to that address, will both device receive the data ? Is there any possible issues like channel collision on air or some thing like that?
hi friends.. kindly hlp me out.. my thesis area is mac layer protocols in wsn using MATLAB.. i am not able to define problem..whether i should i work on enhancing an protocol. kindly suggest any protocol on which work has done and i can develop my own anothr protocol.i am not able to access IEEE papers so (...)
Anybody know where I can find info on the RDS protocol?
who have the 802.112 protocol?
Hi, Does anybody have any information on the exact protocol & data format / sequence used by Credit Card terminals (like Verifone, Hypercom, etc.) to talk to the bank / verification server ? I know that the link is set up on a low speed (V.22 or V.23) dial-up connection. I have also learnt that the basic method is a Synchronous protocol. I ne
I need for protocol Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Someone has it ? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks Any other replies are always welcome via PM.
I've got a mac and a PC and I really couldn't face using eda software under OS X, OS X is too slow at the moment...although it's always going to be slower due to the power pc chips...the sooner apple release os x for intel the better.... A I really don't agree with you ! (about the speed) you are certainly talking of ear
Look at:
Hi, I search informations on the negotiation protocol of the V23 standard after dialing. What are the data sended and received, what is the format and timings, how does the transmission baudrate on the line is selected ? Thanks. Beuch.
I want to build a battery charger for my nokia 6185 phone. The style of charger would be like the ones that plug into the acc. jack. Also, I am looking for the protocol for the phone to be able to talk to it. Any help? Thank you.
Does anybody have any information on the Wiegand protocol used in security systems? I have noticed that there are a few different implementations of the protocol but I can't find any information on the net. Is there a specification available, and where can I get hold of it? Can somebody please help? Thanx TheBoss :(
If your Network Card chip is Realtek RTL8139C,You just only using New Version Driver for edit mac address. :lol:
Hello! Does anyone have CAN OPEN protocol books or code in C? Regards!
What's SMS ??? Short Message Service (SMS) is the transmission of short text messages to and from a mobile phone, fax machine and/or IP address. Messages must be no longer than 160 alpha-numeric characters and contain no images or graphics. Once a message is sent, it is received by a Short Message Service Center (SMS
Does anybody know sample implementation of OSI Q3 protocol stack ,which can be used as refrence design ?
View this state machine.....
Hello! Surfing on web I have find this description of NOKIA protocol. the best i have seen until now. Best regards!
hi we developed our own RF protocol based on the free S.N.A.P i think is to big to fit in a pic it was designed to run on avr mega 323 and mega 128 the latter being for a pc link and the 323 used for a handheld monitor unit and a loadcell telemetry unit. it uses a low level hard ware driver so we could drop
Do somebody knows how to communicate with a Motorola cellular phone,i.e. Motorola StarTac 7867,Motorola Tango 300e(Motorola 325 Wireless Phone) to dial numbers, and make a normal communication, through your communication protocol ???? Regards!!!!!!
Hi ALL! The modern network cards which have been switched - off from a network, at inquiry FlexLM such as HOSTID give out mac-address =0xffffffff, INTERNET= (local host). Many software protected FlexLM, are based on mac-address of a network card. For correct transfer of mac-address in absence of network connection it is necessary (...)
Anyone built adapter for conection to S7. Does anyone know S7 MPI protocol? Regards!
Hello, I'm looking for information about the SMPTE timecode. I found a lot of stuff in google, but the most was about the protocol and not the physics. Here are my interests: SMPTE timecode protocol(s) -> detailed description SMPTE timecode physics -> which hardware do I need for in/output. Thank you in advance, cube007 PS: En