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you need a 4 quadrant power supply - magnet power supplies - Preston Consulting Ltd what voltage and current are you looking for?
Did you placed the magnet in stator and winding on rotor? These hall sensor used to be small. You need to place the sensor in 120 Electrcial degree . Better to place them at starting point of winding/magnet. Umesh.
My final diploma project is about the above written subject. i have done some research on it but the most difficult part comes in through the programming part because i wanted to use PIC16F84A and L293D in controlling the motor. i would like to do this application on a car using 6V PMDC.The power supply is a 9v of batteries. (...)
the following circuit (just quickly drawn in paint) is a great solution to get a very linear high-current motor control. by op-amp golden rules, the inverting input of the op-amp is driven to equal the +input, therefor your current through the motor is set by Vin / R. I used this in a MagLev system to drive a high-current electromagnet coi