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If the question is actually intended as Electromagnetic design problem, you have to analyze the internal geometry of the motor, permanent magnet properties etc. But I guess it's only posted in the wrong section.
PMSM = Permanent magnet Synchronous Motor? (As interpreted by a search.)
The magnet in the handset should be more than 1-2 cm away from the earphone. You should use some sort of acknowledgement (say one LED glows for 2-3 secs) to ensure that the hook has been activated.
How will the led get power? Every tender will have exclusive battery? If power comes from the first one, then you could use jack 2,5mm monophone male-female connectors on front-back of the tender. The female connector have 3 pins, the 2 are shorted together except if a female jack is entered. So if pins are shorted, power will light the led on t
Lp will be around 1mH Turns ratio such as 2:1 depends on primary voltage if much higher than Vg and has the advantage of boosting current. You will need magnet wire and tape insulation to withstand a surge of 3kV or 2.5kVdc L*dI = V*dt must be well under the core saturation limits. Bipolar drive gives twice the current ove
The guys at fieldlines dot com have all the answers for you. Anyway, for a three phase PMG, you should use 3:4 coils-magnets ratio. For example, for 9 coils (3 coils per phase) you need 12 magnets (actually, 24 magnets, for both rotor plates). And yes, you SHOULD use iron plates for rotors (they help to close and concentrate the (...)
Can anyone explain about different between hard and soft surfaces in electromagnetics?
Hi I was trying to capture the component from hspice model for magnetic tunnel junction using orcad capture design entry CIS tool. which I did, but the problem is with the simulation since the tool has pspice simulator which cannot detect hspice model. Is there any way we can capture hspice macro model and simulate it. BTW, magnetic (...)
In Gieras/Wing, Permanent magnet Motor Technology - design and Applications, I find a paragraph about single phase BLDC motor design. They are made e.g. with non-uniform air gap to generate a starting torque. They are basically suited as a replacement for single phase AC motors (e.g. shadow pole type) with considerable better efficiency. Sim
Buck Converter design for PMDC Motor Introductory Notes: The design article followed in this post can be found here: This circuit will be used for a motor controller. The batteries used to powe
If you can mount a magnet onto the wind wheel you easly can use a hall switch or small encoder to get x pulses per rotation. Then you need to calculate the speed with a microcontroller. You could use also an air flow sensor. The simples methode I think is the bike computer. Enjoy your design work!
A single chip encoder plus a magnet could do the job easily giving an absolute position with 12-bit resolution: or a tooth or you could use a tooth wheel and a Hall sensor like the iC-MZ: . Enjoy your design work!
Hi I am using ANSYS 13.0 and I want to see the magnetic field of a permanent magnet which is surrounded by stainless steel.. I have designed the body design in SolidWorks imported into ANSYS, now I want to know how to see the magnetic field lines?
hi, I want to buy multipoled ring magnet as shown in the link please c
A very good encoder solution for your small size would be the AS5145H-HSST from Austria Microsystems. It is a magnetic Rotary Encoder; (Meaning all you need is a rotating 2-pole magnet); Resolution 0.0879deg; got 2 Digital Absolute Outputs; Serial/PWM & 3 Incremental Outputs and comes in a 16-Pin Shrink Small Outline Package. You can find its d
can any one help me to design a magnet charger for 10" to 18" speaker through mains voltage. I need it very much. thanking all. yugal
Are you trying to generate three phases from the brushless DC motor magnet/coil assembly. I would work on an energy transfer of 10%. "also to what extent the armature of the motor should be extended????" , unless you are an expert mechanical engineer I would leave the armature alone. Frank
Galvanized wire is iron wire covered in a layer of zinc, very good for farm yard fences, absolute rubbish for winding coils The poster may have meant standard enameled wire, also called "magnet" wire. For the primary winding, a strand of multiple enameled wires or even "litz" wire would be preferred to get an acceptable level of ski
I would see if a magnet strapped to the shaft of the steering column down in the engine bay would actuate reed switches placed either side of "a head" - say 45 degrees. This way you would not destroy the cars interior. I am a little bit worried what happens when you go down a curvy road. Ideally by the time the car's wheel has been turned the car i
hiiiii, i want to design BLDC with speed control of output : 200 watts,rotor construction permananet magnet,driver 6000-7000 rpm, 2-pole stator so please give calculations of all parameter. Regards
Maybe this page can help you.
just mount a magnet on the table refer these links, you will get an idea. Hall effect sensor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hall Sensor High-Voltage Testing
Hi everyone, I am using Infolytica magnet v6 to simulate magnetic fields, more specifically the flux density of a circular coil of rectangular cross-section that is excited by a current source. I have posted an image of my design
well...i think that better solution than PWM in DC electromotors speed control doesnt exist...but i would appreciate if you could write what kind of motor is it..if the rotor and the stator are in series or they are paralel or if there is a permanent magnet...because if you want to control the speed you need to know the characteristic of turning mo
Ok here is a diagram of what I'm trying to do. Basically I need an electron magnet to be able to pulse on/off now at what speed I am not sure, I was sort of hoping that it could be in direct relation ship with the input power and along with that the torque/strength of the magnet would also directly increase as well as I "power up". So how do you
Hello, I am the new one to design of magnetic cylinder. One of this portion, I used magnetic coil and NdFeB magnet. I need to get the maximum force (nearly 2000N) for this magnet. But i didn't get the force. I did this procedure. Correct???? For coil, external , internal and length are constant. (...)
bro...I'm still doing my design for small wind turbine (expected only >100watt output)...the problem is.. which suitable generator for 100 watt output ??(stepper,induction,or permanent magnet ??? coz I'll use the small generator) I budget to use stepper motor(coz it relative small)...but how can I simulate the stepper motor as a generator in sim
Hi Can anyone tell if RMXPRT can be used for design of Permanent magnet Alternators and is there any forum of RMXPRT or MAxwell 2D/3D USers
hussain_kiet, perhaps this can help you: bye !!!
You can design two kinds of Rogowski coils (also known as the coreless coils), You can take a toroid core (doughnut shape) and wind magnet wire around the core. The technique is not that simpler. The windings need to be perfectly uniform, and the core must be non-metallic. The output of this kind of coils are very small, so you will also need an am
Case Studies in Superconducting magnets design and Operational Issues Yukikazu Iwasa Francis Bitter National magnet Laboratory and Department of Mechanical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts Kluwer Academic Publishers NEW YORK, BOSTON , DORDRECHT, LONDON, MOSCOW CONTENTS (...)
I'm in the process of writing a Model for a electromechanic Device which is basically an air coil in front of a ceramic magnet .Now i know the residual Br of the magnet .. When the coil is ENERGISED it develops a force F that is in function of the physical aspect of the COIL and the current .. But also proportional to the flux density B from t
Hi a amateurish tool for loudspeaker magnet design. ynhe