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can anyone help me how to set the static bias magnetic field in microwave CSt studio??. thanks, sai gummadi
Hi every body I'm supposed to simulate a rotary field ferrite phase shifter in HFSS. in the phase shifter, the transverse magnetic bias field is rotating in continually around the ferrite material. the rotation of the bias field causes changing the polarization of the output wave compared to the input one and . for example when the (...)
in general any switcher regulator will work. Since a gate typically draws no dc current, u might use a switched capacitor type regulator (no pesky magnetic field to shield). A simple R-C filter with a whopping big C should filter out the noise enough for most applications. Of course, if you are looking for very low phase noise, linear supplies
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i have the same error ,(magnetic bias assigned only to ferrite 3D object) can any one help me? thanks
Here is the idea - I have a P core ferrite and I wind two coils on a bobbin sitting inside of it, one is the main coil that will pass the signal and the other is a bias coil that I'll feed with DC current from a high impedance source (to avoid transformer effect), the higher the current in the bias winding the stronger the magnetic field, (...)
Hello, I am currently working on the fluid antenna. Now i want to see its nature in the presence of permanent magnet. Can anyone please help me out in assigning magnetic bias in Ansoft HFSS to the horse shoe shaped ferrite material. -Thanks in advance-
Hi, I am using Lg optimus 2x smartphone which contains gyro and accelerometer sensor. I want to get correct orientation using gyro, while in motion. How i can get rid of gyro bias and drift?and get correct yaw pitch and roll values. regards ravi Dear sir or Madam : We are a company specilized in accele
Are you sure you have set all the gyromagetic properties for the ferrite, e.g, saturation magneticzation, Er, line width.... Looks like the error only happens when you attempt to set the magnetic bias for an un-ferrite material.
I have designed a Microwave isolator that is a resonance isolator in fact. Till now i ha ve been trying to get isolation but cud not acheive any results . m working for more that 2 weeks.magnetic bias field is also applied. Can some one help? Any results?
I need to design a circulator using strip line, and i use ADS to design. help me Not quite sure whether ADS could provide magnetic bias.. We normally use HFSS or CST.
Hi, the answer is simply NO! In Vacuum there is no direct interaction between fields (principle of superposition). The only possible interaction would be via matter. Circulator work in this way. You have a static magnetic field to bias the ferrite and the HF wave is deflected by the biased ferrite. F.
bias 1. Any parameter of which the value is set to a predetermined level to establish a threshold or operating point. Although it is common to think of bias currents and bias voltages, other parameters (e.g., capacitance, resistance, illumination, magnetic intensity, etc.) can serve as biases. 2. In a (...)
Dear Sir, Could anyone provide some example of 3-port circulator simulation using HFSS? We need to know how to set some parameter of magnetic bias and excitation...etc. best regard.
Hi All, Has anyone sucessfully simulated ferrite circulator with hfss. It could either be waveguide or coaxial. I'm not sure about specifying the magnetic bias. Thank you in advance.
Hiiiiiiiiii all, I've designed an equal power divider on ferrite substrate of dieletric constant 14 and magnetic bias of 10A/m, but the power division is not equal, the S21 and S31 from the plots are at -3dB and -4dB, which is quite unconventional, Although I implemented another Wilkinson equal power divider the results are t
Hi, I'm looking for a magnetic field sensor (on-off) with very low power comsumption. The Hall sensors I've seen use some current to bias the device and so are not suitable. The low power hall devices switch internally this current, so suffer from maximum frequency of operation. Somebody can suggest an interesting device or technique? MM