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if you need to do please understand manchester encodeing and decoding. Then you can directly attach to the controller, without the decoder/encoder. Sometimes the teachers may be false. "If you decided to run even you cannot stop."
Always use these type of modems with HT12E(encoder) and HT12D(decoder). These chips will look after (manchester)encoding and decoding. For more details and circuit look at the datasheet of those ic.
Practically using rf modules through serial port is not reliable. ht12 series uses manchester encoding technique. It can be implemented in 8051 controller. Here is a tutorial Data Encoding Techniques, manchester encoding, 8b/10b
HI, I need to code manchester encoder - decoder . I am very new to this . Can any one provide the manchester encoder and decoder code in VHDL please . Thanks in advance ! Niraj
i m workin on my final term project ,i need to implement 1553 bus interface card on fpga , i have done with the encoder part of it and now workin on decoder , can sm1 help me for the logic , or even the verilog code for the decoder .
Guys, I am trying to do manchester encoder and decoder by using AT89c2051 microcontroller in Keil C.... Can any one help me out.... How to Encode and decode? I want to implement the logic 0---->01 and 1------>10... Please guys.... Its very important to do in Embedded C only.... (...)
you need manchester encoding to make it reliable. OR You can use a hardware encoder/decoder pair (look at holtek 12e & holtek 12d). Without some kind of encoding, it may work, but it will not be reliable. (sometimes it works, other times it does not) have a look at my post here:
The encoder is straight forward. You just xor the data with the baud clock. The output of the xor gate is the encoded data. Here is an article on a manchester decoder...
manchester encoder or decoder? The encoder is really simple to do just change 1-> 01 and 0 -> 10 so for every 4 bits you produce 8 bits the decoder is also simple . depending on how you will sample the received data If you are using a ADC or just logic .you need to detect zero (...)
I want the part number of ICs for HDLC controller(single channel for 100kbps speed) and manchester encoder/decoder IC,does anyone have it? ---
Hi all, I need an NRZI and Mancester encoder decoder documentation. Please if anybody have docs on implementation of these module share it. I'll be very thanks full. Regards, Master_PicEngineer
U can search on Xilinx site for manchester encoder and decoder implemented in VHDL. Search on the site for their application with included source code also. Regards, Sachin
You can have a reference to some sample code about 8b/10b and manchester endec from you can also try some ampp core from if you are altera user.
I am not have the source code, but i have the single solution for Your case: * For transmitter, do You need: - manchester encoder (The most simple!!!) - The code for crypt the data with will send * For receiver: - manchester decoder - The code for Decrypt the data received Search in internet, some app notes (...)