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sounds like you are interpreting the register values as binary instead of BCD. Exactly. In addition, please review what's told in the RTC-8564 application manual about masking out unused bits.
I checked the LRM but didn't find anything that was specifically SV about bit masking? bit masking is usually just some and operation with a mask to remove some bits from consideration e.g. parameter mask 8'hF0; assign decode_c = (addr & mask) == 8'hC0; In this example we are looking for the addresses that fall between 0xC0 - 0xCF
Although the use of instructions that performs bit mapped access to ports is available to PIC core, in order to provide some code portability to other cores, I usually prefer to do that using bit masking, so that could migrate the program with minimal changes.
105428 Microcontroller: MSP430 ( ) I'M NEW TO MICROCONTROLLER AND STUCK ON THIS PROBLEM FOR AWHILE. Along the way, i know how to bit masking using OR/AND operation. But i have no idea how to convert 12 bit ADC to 9 bit ADC through masking ( as the questions asked) and how masking h
hiii all, How to do via masking in altium designer???
Whether you have subnet masking.?
From a good loudspeaker, white noise sounds very shrill because it is mostly high audio frequencies. Pink noise sounds more pleasing because the high frequencies are reduced by 3dB per octave, something like interstation noise heard on an FM radio (where de-emphasis cuts the high frequencies). When I worked with a few office sound masking systems,
The use of masking can be in a scenario where you have connected two or more devices onto a single port. As you asked about the LCD case, why mask 4 bits and doesn't it work without masking..? The answer is it will depend on the connections. We use 4-bit mode to reduce the no. of pins used, and then if you connect some other device to the remainin
PORTB = 0b11111110; // assigning a value to PORTB unconditionally PORTB &=0b11111110; // reading PORTB and masking OUT the LSB bit ONLY PORTB = PORTB & 0xFE; // same statement written differently PORTB &= (1<
hello everyone 1.Why do we mask the silicon wafer and distinguish the chip into exposed layer and unexposed layer? 2.what is photolithography? (It uses light to transfer a geometric pattern from a photomask to a light-sensitive chemical "photoresist", or simply "resist," on the substrate) couldnt understand this line. thank you
Understanding of masking and i am not use WinAVR. In fact it's just plain C. But you need to know how the register bits are defined in the processor specific header files.
Hello, what is the issue - in my GLS run I see many timing violations, now on selected port/module I wanted to disbale/mask any setup/hold/recovery/removal violation. Question is how do I do that? what command I use? and how I use that command? In VCS I have checked related site, and internet, I came across notimingcheck. But is this c
Looks like a round robin arbiter. Why don't you run the testbench and look at the simulation waveforms. It will become clear what it's doing, which is priority encoding the requests and masking off the most recently serviced grant, then going on to the next request etc. rinse and repeat.
most of the times we need to work with specified bits of registers . most of the times I see in examples the use of masking its an unreadable way . now see the form below: masking for setting GPIO2.1 as output LPC_GPIO2->FIODIR |= 0x2; equivalent of the form above with structures #include "myGPIO.h" GPIO2->DIR1 = 1;
1. Don't start multiple therads on the same topic. 2. The necessity of masking out some RTC register bits (e.g. seconds.bit7) becomes obvious if you read the datasheet.
The port registers P0 to P2 are already defined in reg51.h and you can access it in C expressions. This should answer your question about nibble access, simply think about C shift and bit masking operations. For an optimal implementation you may want to utilize the SWAP A assembly instruction, no idea if the compiler can infer it on it's own.
#1. SCAN Chain is a Serail Shift register structure...where in you can pump in/out data from Chip pins, and with scan_enable control you can bring the data into FLOP from D path instaed for SI path, i.e. known as Capture cycle #2. Compression s is nothing but comressing the data pumped into/out of many registers and masking is if we see any X on
How create green masking to the pcb? can anyone give me some information...
I'm not aware of bit fields supported outside of structures. masking the bits of interest is the usual way, if you intend to suppress unwanted bits.
whether the number gsm can be replaced by the sender's name when making outgoing calls .....? example: if my phone to a friend, then the number who received the form of the name of a friend (my numbers are not stored previously used by my friend) if you can, how the numbers are masking?
Hi, Lets say we are writing to DDR3 DIMMS in burst8 mode and initially when the burst starts,all bytes are masked. Can we unmask some of the bytes after say 4 or 5 beats of data?????If we do that ,will that data be written into memory(DDR3)??? You can also reply me on Thanks, Suyog
Green masking is not recomended for hobby PCB fabrication as it requires print-out of a solder mask layer to be applied to the PCB. Screen printing is usually used for the same. Regarding PCB raw materials sourcing in chennai, you may refer local yellow pages or take guidance from a commercial manufacturer. For preventing single PCB's / home made P
can anybody tell How to hide the microController name on an Integrated Circuit like masking or painting????
When you want to check for specific bit change then use masking to check only that bit. An example while (PORTB & 0x01) (.....) //this will execute while bit0 of PORTB is 1 or while (PORTB & 0x08) (.....) //this will execute while bit3 of PORTB is 1 I don't know the if MicroC gives access to individual bits of the port but if RB7_bit r
i m using mosfet irfp460. its dimension in datasheet is TO247AD. i m using orcad 9.1, in this drill size is 1.8mm. after printed the pcb (non masking board),drill size in my pcb is below 1mm only. like this i give 3mm drill for my capacitor but in my pcb, it is 1mm only what can i do to increase drill
The lithography process for 0.8um almost certainly uses UV wavelength of 365nm. The optical wavelength is used to pattern a photoresist masking layer between 1.0um and 3.0um thick on the surface of the wafer. This resist is patterned then developed using a weak alkali to leave the photoresist in the pattern of the mask. Photoresist is normally posi
At the same time, make sure there are no "scan-shift" paths you end up masking in STA. That can lead to disaster even if no-faulting the modules.
sole purpose of masking is a. Protect tracks from environmental effects suc as corrosion b. avoid between two electrical components during soldering, testing. c. Protects PCB material from environmental effects. I hope, it may clear your point.
Hi, This warning at "0 ps" is due to signals not initialized at this time. You can remove it by initializing all signals at declaration, or by masking it (check this link : Modelsim Tips and Tricks ) Yours,
What is 3G masking? in what way is it used in avoiding Spectral regrowth? does it have any relation with Adjacent channel power ratio?
Generally, at the lowest frequencies JFET is lower, then at higher frequencies BJT is best and at still higher GaAs is best. Ordinary MOSFET is generally worse than these three at any frequency. They are used because the IC process on silicon has the smallest number of masking steps for MOSFETs. This smaller masking steps causes or results in lowe
hi all, I want to see know how shift and hold registers are loaded with values in EDT mode. When i open in the design i am seeing the values in the first shift register is the result of edt_update and edt_channel input. But in the reference guide it is given the masking bits will be padded in the pattern along with the test vector values. Ca
I would think yes this is possible. It would require masking of external layers during plating process. This does add to cost of fabrication however. Another issue that might arise from doing this is warpage. Eda
I am trying to simulate using matlab chaotic masking,binary and direct modulation any Idea pls help. I am a master student.
what is the teachnical reson to used diffrent types of i.e red,blue,green solder masking on pcb it has any relation with emi-emc or performance of product?
masking off for black background for contrast lay material for the array (ground plane): i34.phot
Hi every body can any one tell me 1. how to cover the pads for solder masking? 2. what are the materials used for solder masking? I had seen on some PCB painted with green paint. even if i have to paint the PCB with green paint how to cover up 300 pads. because for prototype paint is the cheapest solution but is there any cheap and easy
yes, masking effects impedance.
The implant layer is a physical masking layer that is imaged onto the wafer by photoresist. The wafer is then subject to implantation to change the silicon into N or P doped. Where the resist is in place, the implanted ions are trapped in the resist and never reach the silicon. At the end of the process, the photoresist etch dissolved away and no
8051 BIT masking: I have to use same PORT (SAY P1) for BCD to 7-Segments and other for four different Switches. My Question is: How to mask BITS/PINS which does not cause any effect to other pins when i have to acces PORT for BCD to 7 -Segment Decoder. Please Clear me concept of BIT masking using ANDing and Oring Opertion in 'C'
no_pichange -- no change of Primary Input. It will be there at the previous value. set mask_po -- masking the particular primary output.. that means the value will be X.
hello... Please tell me about Time Frequency masking.... thanx
The economics of compression is just part of the story - what you can and can't do with compression is very design dependent, and tool dependent. Less well-behaved designs cause unknowns to be propagated through the scan chains, which require masking them in the compression circuit (usually a bunch of xors). The more masking that is done, more
Hi all, Can anyone of you tell me the concept multi layer masking ?? I came across this page: I was wondering how Via arrangements are made between two metal layers in Multi layer masking concept .. Thanks, sp3
Hi, the above mentioned process is absolutely ok and will not result in any shorting of pads. solder masking is used only to provide the masking of etched copper from solders the packages you have mentioned are so small that even if you provide the individual masking for each rather than complete rectangular box it will be so thin that it (...)
->why we go for upper layer for layer hopping is because during fabricatin masking is going low layer to top layer,antinna violation is main b'use of charge deposition on long nets if u go for lower layers charge will be continue flow b'use lower layer already there,if u go for upper layer change will be dischaged when upper layer layed.
Question 1: Let?s deal with operators whose function is to compute the sum of pixel values in a small sub-image area, S. Show that these are linear operators. Question 2: Show that subtracting the Laplacian from an image is proportional to unsharp masking. Using the definition for the Laplacian r2f = [f(x+1; y)+ f(x ? 1; y) + f(x; y + 1) +
a pn junction formed by doping a single semiconductor wafer by masking one side while doping the other.... then the mask is etched and the side which was doped is masked and the other side is doped.....
This might not be the right forum but I post this topic just because I was so proud of my achievement today. This might also be helpful to other and for some this might not be of interest. I'm no biginner but I usually use masking tape and sticker for my prototype. It was not new to me that some are using lazer printer for transferring patter
I post this topic just because I was so proud of my achievement today. For some this might not be of interest. I'm no biginner but I usually use masking tape and sticker for my prototype. It was not new to me that some are using lazer printer for transferring patterns to PCB but I just discover which process is better. Transparent Fi