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I did that. Used x100 analog amplifier based on cheapest LM358. But the mathematic was a bit complex. Calibration needed with linear aqualization. Cold junction was fake - used 20 degrees (indoor use only).
atan function has some simple symmetry properties that helps you to make the table. Unfortunaterly an important relation isn't mentioned in the above wolfram link. But you should find it in any good mathematic handbook. Or e.g. at Wikipedia:
I am currently working on cooperative spectrum sensing . i want to implement a network of secondary users in which two types of user presents, one is honest and remaining are malicious. they sense primary user signal and then take decision about its presence or absence and How can each user effect its neighbor? what would be the mathematical model
Hello dear guys and dear ladies; I am getting convergence error whil using FDTD method in FEKO. When I searched in the internet I reached very theoratical explanations and I am not numerical mathematic expert, just using FEKO. Can you explain me what is convergence in FDTD method ? Why may I be getting this error ? What can I do to prevent this
The first thing I imagine is a FSM where in the first state you get the number, then in the second you do the operation and third you display the resul. On way to do it is by getting the complement of the number (e.g. 10010 --> 01101) and then add 1 to it (so the final result would be 01110). I'm sure there is a more complex mathematic procedure to
It's quite simple mathematic in any case. But before you jump into conclusions, you should specify the load behaviour. You are assuming a constant P load. That's rather unlikely, except for a view electronic devices.
The mathematic can be found at Wikipedia Rogowski coils have no magnetic core. HV capability is a matter of insulation, which can be chosen according to your needs. Several application notes and basic literature can be found here See also:
You are presenting a lot of mathematic expressions that you apparently don't fully understand. But you don't tell what you exactly want to achieve. E.g. what's the expected output of the signal analysis? Is it a "static" spectrum, or spectral distribution versus time (a spectrogram) or something else? In which regard do you want to model musica
Both 991ES and 991MS are good and perform all possible operations for Engineering mathematics. You have quite good advantages in 991ES. Its like you can view decimal point numbers in fractional form. eg: 1/2 instead of 0.5 This is a good advantage when u need final answers in fractional form. The above mentioned feature is not actually a di
Hello everybody, I'm simulating a circuit in Pspice. I need to optimize 2 different parameters in the same time and alsolink others to them trough a mathematic expression. The parametric AC simulation permits only to change one parameter or other Elemet values if theres a mathematic expression that links them to this Parameter. A nested
Hi I would be glad if help me to find a good subject about RF circuit&System for analysis and simulation from mathematic base , for example volttra series analysis of power amplifier
It is " MMANA-GAL " and not Malagal. It is free software. And is used to analyze the design of an antenna using different mathematical processes. You can download it here: Download MMANA-GAL Free - A program to analyze the desgin of an antenna using different mathematical proces
hi: I have a mathematic equation 'A' to demonstrate: 1? + 3? + ...... + (2n+1)? = (n+1)(2n+1)(2n+3)/3 I have a known equation 'B': 1? + 2? + 3? + .... + n? = n(n+1)(2n+1) /6 how to use 'B' to demonstrate 'A' ?
Hello guys. I am looking for a way to derive a mathematic formulation of PML in the x direction for the hyperbolic equation: Ut + Ux + Uy =0 and for the hyperbolic system : Ut + AUx + BUy = 0 ; where A= B= [0 0 1; 0 0 0; 1 0 0
i have written a C code for my expression. but i am not sure if my MCU could run it or not... can my MCU support to do this mathematic expression? the C code goes like this... void EQUA (void) { for (x=0; x
i want to programme a mathematic expression into a 8051... the expression is... y = 0.002151*exp(-((x-0.5624)/0.0253).^2) + 0.02408*exp(-((x-7.086)/6.804).^2) + 0.002172*exp(-((x+0.0006227)/0.08174).^2) + 0.0006227*exp(-((x-0.4409)/0.06945).^2) + 0.0009454*exp(-((x-0.2971)/0.1107).^2) + 0.0005545*exp(-((x-0.1982)/0.06293).^2) +
how does equation 9.3 come out(the last equation in attachment)? Is there using any mathematic theory?
I have a system as above. I need help with mathematic equations for analyzing this system. As far as i understand: Forward Loop transfer function will be Gfl=K3 Feedback Gfb=K2*K4 Open Loop: Gfl*Gfb CLosed Loop = Gfl / (1+Gol) But how i can measure noise from K4 b
what is diff between device simulator silvaco and hfss?both are 3-d Simulator The fact that simulator is "3D" just tells that it solves equations in 3D space (e.g. x-y-z), but the equations can be quite different - both from mathematical viewpoint (e.g. elliptic, hyperbolic, parabolic), as well as from physics or applica
How do you do use mathematic simulation? I tried it, but could not find the blocks, my analogLib library is only components, as far as I know
who can we get the rang of IEEE 's digits that is showable by doing the mathematic operation on it ???????? (i wanna know the operation that will be dont not just the rangs of digis)
Hey guys , i am designing a project which requires LM35 temperature sensor , generally the output from the sensor voltage is in analogue form and the reading is in LCD, but till now i confuse about mathematic to confert in celcius, I using assembly with pic tipy is 16F877, is have any idea to this, what should i do? thanks u
I think Both is on concept of calculation on positive axis and both have long time development so sometime It call to be physical model or perhap analytical mathematic formula, too. But more accurrate & proper model should be explored rather than to be modified equation for error limiting. Phongphan
Hi members, Can someone tell me how to implement this function in VHDL: A*B Where: A is a signed 16 bit data B=∑dij.(2^i) Thanks in advance
Hello, I'm working on a DCDC buck converter with hysteretic regulator , and I'm looking for a mathematic formula of the ripple, or any equation for minimizing this ripple Many thanks
Hi All, The phase margin is given by the relation below. Who can demonstrate how we found T1 and T2 ? I calculated secΦp and tanΦp like shown but I couldnt find the result as it is provided.
used with straight forward mathematics with no special syntaxes. Gives instantaneous and exact results after calculations.
Hi I'm using this ISD2590P IC for voice recording as you can see below :) are two methods to use this IC: 1) Using the Mode function 2) Using the Addressing function [
In Meyr book, it state that: if we use rael mathematic, like cos(wt), it only one dimension signal space. if we use the complex exponential mathematics, like cos(wt) and j*sin(wt), it represents two dimension signal space, then we can carry more infirmation in a symbol time interval.
Hi guy. I want to calculate the Q factor of my resonant circuit ( asume that abitrary) In some material I see that Q=pi*freq*S.delay(1,1). BUt I did not understand the mathematic meaning of this one. Any can help me . In some case we will have S.delay(1,1) is negative, so must be used abs(S.delay(1,1)??? If I calculate Q=imag/real so in the res
Can u raise some examples that mathematic model is 1 degree ODE?
Define Slew rate in mathematic term.
Say A is proportional to the time derivative of B, e.g. Faraday's law states that induced emf E = dΦ/dt = Ldi/dt. When A and B are represented in phasor diagram, why phasor A leads phasor B? Anything to do with 'mathematic' theory? Thanks
yes, agree with above. but you should also have a solid knowledge on mathematic. you will find that is so important that if you want to be a good analog designer!!
HI Draw->Eqution based surface->and you will find it is easy to do if you are very familiar with mathematic. Regards! Edmund
Does somebody have ebook for preparing for mathematic or physic olympiad? What is the best book for physics? Thanks
for calculating sin & cos , you can use "Taylor expansion" , then you can calculate sin & cos with only + , - , * . / , this is the way used in computers . refer to mathematic books or ask from whom knows it ... to find what it is .
Hello, I have a question about mathematic equation at the Microwave Office v.7. How could be 2d array defined directly at the equation window? For example 1D vector is simply to defined as vec={1,2,3,4,5} or vec={"a","b","c","d"} and for this definition vec: 1 (a) But I would like to define 2D array, and arr={{1,2,3},{4,5,6}} is incorr
Hello..guyss... I just found the form of mathematic press and i want too pass it in matlab or(c,c++,)expression... (x1+x2+x3..+xn)^k.. if n=2 and k=2..the type is become to.. (x1+x2)^2=x1^2+2x1x2+x2^2 but this is simple i want this identify with more terms..(more xn)and more (..^) Thanks again.. The type is more analytically described in th
Image processing is the process which can manipulate the digital image in terms of pixel of the images. You can enhance the quality of image, compress image, and many other modification. This can be done by using filter, or other mathematic equations. If you have Matlab now, you can try explore the Image Processing toolbox, then you can understand
Do you know a mathematic formulation that relates these quantities??
I have find lots of paper on improving linearity of LNA, but they are mainly focused on the mathematic analysis of intermodulation distortion while giving no detailed circuits about how to improve the linearity. Who can give me some documents on how to improve the linearity
mathematic it's easy: Take the 8-bit number and divide it by 100. Display the quotient according to what is called lookup table (where is stored the status of each of display segment a-g according to your physical port)) Take the reminder of the previous operation and divide it by 10. Display the quotient as above. Take the reminder of the pre
find the book "mathematic foundamental of inverse problems"
hi, you have to use computer arithmetic ,not mathematic. in digital world, only adder exist. so you have to implement your algorithm to adder&other control logic. there are so many books describing "computer arithmetic", you can find them as reference and very useful.
hi Nimer there are many books about Partial differential equation.for example "Advance engineering mathematic" by Kreyzic "Advance engineering mathematic" by wiley you can reffer to and visit many books in there. hamid
Hello all!! Does someone use mathematic??? I have a question about mathematica code ----- ""Table[Plot[Sin Cos"" What this code mean ?????? Thanks Thanks
Hello everyone If let in=input and out=output in:=(2+I)^5 out:=-38+41i then in:=%^(1/5) out:=2+i the answer 2+i=2+i------right, but the following have some problem in:=(5+6I)^5 out:=-9475-27474i then in:=%^(1/5) out:=(-9475-27474i)^(1/5) in:=N out:=7.25142-2.90118i the answer 7.25142-2.90118i ≠
This isn't really a mathematic proof, but does explain. u(-t) is always 0 for all positive values of t, and 1 for all negative values of t. -u(t) is always -1 for all positive values of t, and 0 for all negative values of t. - Jayson