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up to my knowledge .. u still can't get a good design if it's automatically generated .. good designs need to be designed by a designer .. not only entering coefficients to a system level tool (like matlab) and press a button to get a corresponding vhdl .. and though this may work sometime .. it's not recommended for (...)
what is the difference between labview and vhdl vhdl is programming language for hardware say FPGA/ASIC. where as Labview is higher lever language to design complete system. Labview project may contain some block with vhdl code also. It can be compared with matlab for instance.
Hay All, Can anyone help me with a matlab/simulink/vhdl GSM modulator and/or demodulator design? I need to implement a basic GSM modem for my DSP project and I need some help. 10x
Hi, I am a design engineer working on VLSI and vhdl.I am interested in learning matlab as it will be useful in vhdl programming. Is there any particular area that i have to concentrate in matlab or should i learn complete matlab. I heard that simulink and system generator (...)
Hello everyone, I need to run the following Mathworks tutorial. Simulink and ModelSim Tutorial :: Linking Simulink to ModelSim (Link for ModelSim) The tutorial is simple. It simulates an inverter written in vhdl and compiled by modelsim, and the test patterns are generated us
sir,for what purpose we combine xilinx(vhdl/veilog) with matlab for particular image processing project. this is for speed or accuracy ?
Numerical Analysis Using matlab and Spreadsheets, 2nd Edition TiTLE : Numerical Analysis Using matlab and Spreadsheets, Second Edition AUTHOR : Steven T. Karris PUBLISHER : Orchard Publications iSBN : 0974423912 PAGES : 570 Pages EDiTiON : January 23, 2004 LANGUAGE : ENGLISH FORMAT : PDF Product (...)
Dear Group, My project use mixed-language in Modelsim. Now I can dump waveform for debussy. But I don't know how to load verilog(*.v) and vhdl(*.vhd) files into Debussy? It seems Debussy only accept one language at a time. Thanks. James.
the problem with developing in mathlab is that matlab codes are not portable and it always needs matlab to work. this is not true with C++ since it can be ported easily to other tools and environments.
What is the difference between these two? which one is useful or popular? verilog HDL means verilog or vhdl? it might be a stupic question, but thanks for your answer.
I want to ask are there any softwares used to convert C program to vhdl code? thanks a lot
I'm doing something so COOL! .That i can't tell you because then i have to kill you! Ok i will tell you i want to map a fingerprint to a PIN NUMBER ..get it now i will kill you ! Anyways i needed a way interface matlab and mathematica . Mathematica symbol manipulation is really great ! ,but matlab opens door to so many things DSPs (...)
Hello I'm trying to program a simple pld using orcad express v 9.1 I've some problems when I work on a machine state system with more than one output: when I run "compile" command everything is OK, but when I run "build" compile I get an error. I think the problem is in how I write the program in vhdl Is there anybody who can help me in working
what is the difference between verilog hdl and vhdl
i also need to know how to convert c to matlab and viceversa
hai, how to interlink matlab and ns2.
Hi all, I am new to this site.I want to learn DSP. The main thing I wanted to know is, for what purposes matlab and Simulink are used? As a beginner, how should i proceed to learn using DSP for Audio/Video processing? Thanks, sureshk
Hi, Can there be mixed verilog and vhdl code? and if possible would the compiler support it. If there is a possiblity can anyone give me a sample code.
Hi, Try superNEC it is numerical code for matlab and there is GA optimiser :D
hi folks.......... well day before i attended a seminar on vhdl and Verilog Programming and their usage.......... in that discussion one person made a statement that "as we can merge Verilog and vhdl with respect to eachother..........."blah blah blah i have this doubt of "Can we merge Verilog (...)
Hi everyone, is it possible to build an interface link between matlab and STK codes? I explain : part the output from STK are given to matlab code. It elaborates them and gives a feed-back to STK that continues its iteration. It's an iterative process. Is available a program like that? Any idea? Thanks in (...)
Hello, i need a very quick tut on DSP in matlab and labview, if anyone has some links, please post them for me, thanks!:D
Hi friends, I need to link matlab and Spice in my project. Is it possible to link matlab and Spice? Please tell me the procedure. Thanks in advance Regards, Goud
dear one any body who can e-mail me a nice book on DSP with matlab my e mail is
i made FDTD program using matlab and C langs i use PML and it gives me un symmertic fields i.e un equal reflections can any one help me in correcting this problem
dear all, what is the different between labview and vhdl? what is the benefits of both? and which better?? thanks
dear all, I tried to convert this schamtics into vhdl code. with schmatics simulation it works fine. but vhdl code it gives wrong result in simulation. can any one check if schematics and vhdl code are equilent ??? thanks in advance, mirza library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use (...)
do you need some1 to write the code for you or do you need help with the implementation!!!?? there are efficient algorithms for implementation available in the IEEE proceedings, you could look up the algorithms and start coding in matlab or C++ and post your difficulties here... It would be the best way i guess. cedance.
not too much..both r simulation softwares.... But matlab is more rich in case of toolboxes...
Hi, Can someone tell me if we can synthesize Verilog and vhdl files together into a netlist in Verilog using Cadence PKS tool? Thanks, Sujith Chakra
Hi, I am designing a decimation filter for sigma delta ADC. I have read some materials, and my design consists of 3-stages. 1 CIC filter, 1 CIC compensator and 1 halfband filter, with oversampling rate 128, input bitstream (1 bit). The output will be 16bit. I designed the filter in matlab, and with (...)
hello, Is anyone out there expert in both verilog and vhdl?? i really need help!! thx in adv regard, bruno
Digital Signal Processing Using matlab and Wavelets/2007 Added after 1 minutes: ignal%20Processing%20Using%20matlab%20and%20Wavelets.part2.rar Added after 1 minutes: groups
Hi friends, I am working to realize HSP50110 / 50210 architecture, used for demodulation in matlab and FPGA. I started with matlab's inbuilt example "symbol timing recovery with fixed sampling" and extended the design for HSP50110. I tried to replace Squaring loop method with either Gardner or Early-late Gate algorithm, but (...)
hi I dropped this question in some other forum, but not in detail as I asked it as an extension to some other thread. In altium, i want to do both circuit simulation and vhdl simulation together. The altium guys said it is not possible in altium. I have a vhdl code. Is there any way I can convert it into equivalent Pspice (...)
Could someone convert the boolean formula AB'+C into verilog and vhdl code for me? Thnks.
i want to know vhdl coding of mac and vhdl coding of look up table.
I have an SV interface definition. (Used both inside RTL as well as test bench top) (PS: this is only a tiny bit of the entire code) interface bus_if(input clk, rst_n); `include "bus_params.v" logic cfg_slave; modport slave_port(input clk,rst_n,cfg_slave); modport master_port(input clk,rst_n,output cfg_slave); endinterface -----
hi i am new to matlab and wand to simulate communicatin system on it help me with this thanks regard dhruva
Hi, it sort of speed and easy to use trade off. for more check links below matlab vs. C++
Hi, The synthesized netlist from Cadence RTL Compiler is in Verilog whereas the library cell definitions (used for gate level simulations) are in vhdl. Can cadence use both vhdl and Verilog files together? Thanks.
I want to connect matlab with a plant in my Control System Lab. Anybody can tell me how I can setting in matlab and What kind of OPC which I can use to connect the matlab with the plant?
We are looking for someone who can program our new FPGA board with USB3.0. Required skills are: C/C++ and vhdl Good understanding of Eclipse and Visual C++ IDE and ARM GCC Good understanding of Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGAs and Xilinx ISE Good understanding (...)
dear there are some methods avail able in matlab to solve differential equations please study following examples and demo of matlab odeexamples, odedemo ode45 etc
I have a model in Sysgen and another model in vhdl code. I need to combine both of them together as 1 entire Project. The vhdl inputs come from the Sysgen output. The eventual output is from the vhdl block. I need to clock my Sysgen at Ts, but clock my vhdl code at Ts/2. However, when I do this, I can't get (...)
i have five samples of "zero" enunciated speech, i have taken all the sample of same word zero and find the MELCEPSTRUM analysis and each of the sample yield a matrix of dimension of 5499x1 (actually i have converted into a column matrix in matlab); Now i am using neural network for pattern recognition: now input is given as follows (...)
In matlab you need FDATool. Type 'help fdatool' in matlab command window. If the input to the created in fdatool filter will be 6x1 vector, this represents 6 channels and each of them will be filtered independently.
hi all I design sigma delta modelator by matlab and hspice but output of noise shaping not correct in hspice!!! there are images of noise shaping outputs. can help me? [img
sir i have an code of matlab of gender voice reconition. i want to change this code in vhdl language. plz any one help me.. m beginner in vhdl...
Hi all, Since I have a problem in my work (I work on matlab and ImageJ) I think it is because of a thing that I just spotted : It's the difference of intensity of a pixel between matlab and ImageJ. Why is there this difference ? Is it normal ? I work on bruker image format (This is a set of .tif images) You can (...)