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Hi, The book of "Antenna and EM modeling with matlab" could be of great help to you. It serves as a complimentary material to "Antenna Theory" By Constantine A. Balanis. All the source codes have detailed explanations and the algorithm used is MoM based on RWG basis function. See the following for a glance of the book:
You can use matlab webinars ... I think just one best book is not exist... I think you need get few books about matlab.
hi aze, do you know a.tafloves book 'computional electrodynamics' sec. ed. 2000? there you can find a cd with fdtd code in matlab :-) best: richy Added after 2 minutes: hi aze, do you know a.tafloves book 'computional electrodynamics' sec. ed. 2000? there you can find a cd with fdtd code in matla
why don't you try the book "Antennas and EM simulation using matlab". It has matlab code for mom
Basics.Of.matlab.And.Beyond is quite good
Hi Also you can use the online webinars on mathworks and the shared code Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org
start with book like Lyons. Implement lot of matlab/octave code. get clear of the concepts
To just refresh your memory, it is hard to beat Schaum's outline on feedback and control systems! Also agree, it is hard to knock a classic like Kuo! If you have access to matlab or mathcad, you can fool around with the control systems libraries.
hai, any body can u plz suggest the best book regarding the histograms.
matlab Central is a very good resource centre in web. matlab Central
Digital Image Processing Using matlab by Gonzalez, Woods, & Eddins. is one of the best book according to my experience.
Hi, feynman, Do you have the book? I mean e-book. I found that "Rf microelectronic" from UCLA is better than Lee's "RF IC" because the former one gives you a lot reason. Another one I like is the book RF circuit design with matlab program(try to find @
some matlab scripts for full wave (method of moments) solving of antennes including microstrip antennas can be found on the following seems microstrip antenna is not included.
Here is it! Most of them is in Fortran, few in matlab.. Eirp
Try This is the site of Makarov's book about Antenna and EM modelling with matlab. Regards.
little matlab demo of fractional derivative..enjoy N=256; t=pi*/N; f=exp(-(t.^2)/(0.5)); f=f-mean(f); F=fftshift(fft(f)); figure(1);clf;set(gcf,'Renderer','zbuffer'); for n=0:0.1:4 Fn=(j*t).^n .* F; fn=ifft(fftshift(Fn));fn=fn/max(abs(fn));plot(real(fn)); text(20,1.0,sprintf('%0.2f',n)); grid on;axis( [0 2*N -1.
Look at IS-95 (CDMA standard) and search for the Polynomial Generator for the Noise Generator RNG. The moment you know the Polynomial, it is a simple LFSR implemenation with matlab.....
hsim / nanosim / aditspice is fast than hspice , but I ever try it I find no initial state , 3 tool have difference locking time , and hspice will "un_lock" (postsim include many RC ...) on worst case MODEL who can provide matlab simulink code about PLL model ? I am learn simulink know , but I want to get some simulink model example
Hi Do anybody need the code provided along with the Third Edition of Taflove's classic book (Computational Electrodynamics: The FDTD Method, 3rd edition, 2005)? It has a matlab implementation of UPML FDTD as well as a Fortran implementation of CPML FDTD. Really useful. best regards Jithesh
I use this material for teaching DSPs And i find is the best hands on in dsp book out there . DSP applications Using C and the TMS320C6x DSK by Rulph Chassaing John Wiley & sons, inc The book comes with a CD with the code for all examples . This book is a solid material for learning DSPs using the C6711 top of (...)
Hi abhigopal, Do you have the book "DSP using matlab"? Can upload to the forum ?
can anyone tell me which is the best language to program windows xp? is it vb.........can we do anything with matlab....err i mean can we access windows memory in matlab environment/////////////?????????
eltonjohn scientific community still use these VAX,UNIX super computers. Actually they use them a lot. Open some antenna book and find a lot of codes are done in Fortran (Balanis book for example). They are now trying to move to matlab and C/C++. Commercial and Academic communities only! See these laboratories operated by US (...)
hi, i would recommend u to go thro this one.. which is the best book i have known till now,, i would say! its a Wiley-IEEE press and would contain all the concepts u learnt in ur course but the amount of info u get from this book... it s immense than u learnt from ur course and also it self-readable!
Please can you help me, I'll have a stage on analysing antenna microstrip with matlab, can you show me some documents about, I wanna also if there is some tutoriels or examples. thaks a lot Check book Antenna and EM Modeling with matlab, Wiley 2002
Hi all, Just a question, while designing a neural network, how does one go about deciding on what particular transfer function to use for the network. I did go through some literature, but I could not find a document, that explains this. I mean, having a look at the transfer functions supported by matlab, how does one know, that "tansig" would b
Hi MK28 For filter design techniques, i used Digital Signal processing using matlab by John Proakis and Vinay K Ingle. You could search around in the forum and see if you can find it.. Also its a good book if u need to just learn matlab as well all the best abhi
Anyone used HVS(human visual model) to evaluate the color image quality? Does it good? Where can I get the HVS matlab Sources Codes so that I can evaluate my color image processing algorithm?
Hello, i think you should try to read "digital signal processing with examples in matlab" by Samuel D. Stearns. Other good books for beginners are "understanding digital processing" by Lyons and "Scientists and engineers`s guide to signal processing" available at www.dspguide .
"Mastering matlab" and "Mastering SIMULINK" are the recommended books to master it.
Which one is the best tool for Radar System Simulation / Analysis (RF End)? 1. Agilent ADS/Ptomely 2. Mathworks matlab/Simulink 3. AWR MWO/Visual System Simulator Give your experience & may be some examples to demonstrate!
hi all , i am supposed to implement an Am modulator and demodulator using matlab i have finished the modulator already but i have a problems in the demodulator i make an envelope detector ( i make it manually ) but then i want to make low pass filter and i don't know how i know fir1() and filter() but i don't know how to use them so
Hello Check the attached picture.. It is a collection of figures captured from different positions in Behzad Razavi 'Design of Analog CMOS Circuits' book During my work, I was drawing many schematics, block diagrams, ...etc. but i use traditional tools (Cadence, @DS,OrCAD,...etc) but as you ofcourse know, they give non
Read books uploaded on the EDAboard. You should try on your own and get help when u are not much sure about the expected output / results. " A Guide To matlab For Beginners and Experienced Users " is a good book to start with and its uploaded on this forum.
hi i have book computational electrodynamics the finite-difference time- domain secind dition Taflove but i don't have cd code matlab i want necessery code matlab about ch -15 p15-1 , p15-11 , p15-12 , p15-13 please do you have any link for downloading it or may be you can upload it. thanks again
Hi all, I have got a Rayleigh Fading Channel Simulation code by matlab. The code list below: % Rayleigh fading a = sqrt(0.5)*( randn( 1, symbols_per_frame) + j*randn( 1, symbols_per_frame) ); % complex noise noise = sqrt(variance)*( randn(1,symbols_per_frame) + j*randn(1,symbols_per_frame) ); % in all code_fade = a.*code + noise; Is
I'm have developed a 3D FDTD model with a second order ABC in matlab. I wish to replace the ABC with a PML. Does anyone have some sample matlab code for this? Thanks, Martin
Hi You can using the Smart antenna for wireless communications with matlab Author Frank Gross I have no Ebook for this That book my professor give to me
Hi all, I am interested in Audio/Speech region. Are Audio/Speech use different algorithm? And can you recommend some book on Audio/Speech (I prefer book with matlab code). Thanks! best regards, Davy
hi, i have a task that involves the use of a FDTD in matlab, but i do not know how to go about starting to code it. could anyone tell me how?
Anyone, pleaz post a code (i. matlab or ...) of FDTD analysis. Thanks
Hi all, I am new to this site.I want to learn DSP. The main thing I wanted to know is, for what purposes matlab and Simulink are used? As a beginner, how should i proceed to learn using DSP for Audio/Video processing? Thanks, sureshk
hi please suggest me a medium level of matlab, because i m at moderate level. in which ther is implementation on the level e.g AM , DSB and the the use of buildin functions in matlab. please suggest me ,if anybody knows best regards
hi to all before some day ago i had download one GUI from the board...also its mat code is included in that i would like to know that is it necessary that matlab must be installed to run my GUI...and also that GUI is might not working can anybody help me regarding that????????? Popatlal Panjarawala
try to search on this web site
Hi, I am studing the LDPC codes and I need a LDPC software in matlab. Does anybody could help me? Thanks!
Hi The best book to learn FIR filter is "Digital Signal Processing" by Oppenheim and schafer (chapter 5) Digital signal processing - a computer based aprroach by Sanjit. K . Mitra is also a good book which contains matlab examples for FIR filter design
Attachment is matlab/Simulink pipeline ADC Model.
halo everyone.. I would like to ask what book best explains and illustrates matlab... If you have the book can you lend me.. thanks alot..