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hi, rician random variable is nothing but squared sum of two normal variables. You just need to implement the sum in matlab (you may need to add some DC to it) brmadhukar
Maybe you can try the mathworks web. There are so many 3rd party compancy or some engineer who provide 3rd party matlab code or tool.
Hi all!!! I really really need the matlab code for OFDM...... Can neone mail me the code or provide a link....
hello i need to matlab code for space-time coding(tarokh) regard
Hello All, I am lloking for 1D FDTD matlab code for transmission line simulation... Please any one have it or know where I could find it .. let me know. Thanks.
hi, i need matlab code and algorithm for the generation and correlation study of maximal length pn sequences for applicabilities in cdma mobile communication systems. plz help me. Mangal Added after 4 minutes: guys, can anybody tell me that how can we calculate max. no. of users in a particular cell. i
does any one have got a matlab code for head shap as i study the effect of mobile antenna radiatios on head and human body if any one have something please upload Thanks Amr
checkout.. file exchange of matlab central forum..
Hi. All, can anyone provide me matlab code for implementation of Extended Kalman filter for tracking incoming ballistic missile.
this is a matlab code for upml i need to convert it to c d=8; %depth of pml region (d in number of cells) % NXA=100 x NYA=50 original computational domain NXA=100; NYA=50; NX=NXA+2*d; % y dimension NY=NYA+2*d; % x dimension EY(1:NX,1:NY)=0; % Ey component DY(1:NX,1:NY)=0; % Dy component DY1(1:NX,1:NY)=0; % previous time step (...)
hi again.... Does anyone have matlab code for MoM over a cone and a cone with rounded edge? Also, any paper with the integral equations for these pec structures in order to implement them by MoM? thanks
Can some one help me with matlab code for rayleigh fading channel . Thank you
Chk this out ...maybe this helps... %------matlab code for simulating the spreading using Walsh codes---------- clear all; close all; no_of_users=64; data_length=50; user_data=randsrc(no_of_users,data_length,); user=(1/64)*user_data; %----------Generating the codes and its timing (...)
Can i get the matlab code for calculating the radirtion pattern of the single layer Microsetrip Antenna and its smith chart.
Can I get the matlab code for mobile call (GSM) processing?
Ca I get the matlab code for echo cancellation?
Hi Friends ! I need matlab code for image averaging. My aim is to select 10 files from database & find average among these & we get output as a single imae. Iam eagarly expecting your reply.
ok. Here is some Octave code for a full GSM simulator. If you don't know Octave. It is almost like matlab. some real minor changes to make it run in matlab. This is from our University. look under Prof. J.C. Olivier for the code for the simulator. AFAIK this is a (...)
hai, please any one give me the matlab code for generating CRC(cyclic redundency check) for a digital data of size 300000. thanx in advance.
Hi, Anyone have the matlab code for rate equations in laser diode? Thanks
i am looking matlab code for generating Gold sequence, for DS-CDMA.please help me....
hi, how to write matlab code for RC 1st order low pass filter?? i saw many matlab codes from internet , like butterworth, chebychev... but don't have the one for RC low pass filter?? pls advice how to do it? i was stuck in RC filter matlab design in my project.. (...)
need the matlab code for evaluation of SAR (specific absorption rate)distribution in human head due to cellphone usage using FDTD method
Can ne one plz give me the matlab code for the simulation of 4QAM with SNR vs BER graph? Waiting.... cheers
I need a matlab code for the MBROLA algorithm. Can you help me?
I need matlab code for the MBR-TDPSOLA algorithme. plz help me!
I want to design an equalizer for a channel the is IIR and with equation error method.can anyone help me with the matlab code for equation error method??? please i need it really soon and thank you in advance
Can anyone please post the matlab code for QPSK modulation? Please help.:cry:
If you want to design a digital filter, one of the most important things is to get the filter coefficients. You can use matlab Signal Processing Toolbox rather than hand calculation.
the model in these links other need go to mathw
type >>demo in matlab command and then you will find the BPSK/QPSK demo in communication category. Or directly >> type basicsimdemo.m to open the demo
Please provide me basic OFDM matlab code for trasmitter and receiver side with channel estimation (any method pilot based, latest, or new) part implemented in it. I need it very urgently. Thanks
Can you give me your matlab code? My Emai is you very much!
Hi, i want to make a matlab code for Encoding and decoding of touch tone signals anyone who have the code or like to help me in making the code please reply.
hi can anybody help me getting matlab code for ditgital beamforming?? its most urgerntly required thanx laseetha
you can just use matlab tool boxes and Simulink to accomplish this. BRM
Do anybody have matlab code for Gaussion Distribution generation?
I need a matlab code for fading and diversity. who has one?
I require matlab code for different modulations with monte carlo simulation.
doing my project on CPM transceiver... can anyone plz post the matlab code for CPM transceiver
hi anyone have the matlab code for Adaptive noise cancellation algorithm please send to me or upload it immediately... best regards
can any one plz fwd me following matlab code for cooperative MIMO 1) analog and fwd 2) Decode and fwd. thanks
Hi, I'm working on final project about the vulnerability assessment of a large sized power system using a new index based on power system loss. This project will be based on 3 formulations;PSL(power system loss),ALL(anticipated loss of line) and GVI(generation vulnerability index).I'm having problem to produced matlab code (...)
Hi All, Can any one provide me with matlab code for 1D inverse scattering using riccati algorithm Best regards
could any one send me the code for CDMA multi user detection tecniques .... in matlab....... advance in thnks my mail id is :
I need pll matlab code for a single sine wave carrier. I receive over an antenna a sine wave of 20MHz, but this signal sometimes change his phase behaviour and i want to displax this phase change with a pll. Did anyone know where I can find some good explained matlab code (not simulink) ? Thanks very (...)
here is the matlab code for GSM simulation. I got it from
matlab code for Dijkstraw Shortest path algorithm for routing in mobile network
I want matlab code for sound anlaysing and email id is