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sir, please send me the code for real time object tracking. i have webcam and it is connected with the computer. please help in acquiring the video from the cam and to track the object(hand) which i am selecting from the video. please help me. this is my final year project. email id::: adhikarikiran1 @ gmail thanks in advance
How do you get the code into matlab ? If you use the Mic input (codec) the bandwidth is from 5 Hz to 20 KHz ( that is with 40 KHz sampling)
You can call functions in a DLL from matlab. Google inpout32.dll for interfacing the parallel port.
hi, i would like to request for help on my fyp i need to write program to acquire ecg signal via soundcard using matlab and then demodulate it i have no idea how to start i search matlab tools that can acquire sound/signal from soundcard directly but not really understd how the code works isn't it will automatically (...)
Hello, I NEED help please. I am working on a project for an experiment. I am using a matlab camera that can be interfaced on mattlab. The Device is a Dfx31BF03 and resolution is 1024x768. I am trying to write an mfile or code that can log 10-15 (GRAY scales) frames per second and log all the frames of the subject on disk. If you can help me (...)
looking for code in matlab
hi all i have put a code in an fpga(spartan 3e). now i need to get the data from the board and simulate it. how do i do it without using chipscope cos i have an eval version only. any ideas with matlab data acquisition toolbox. i have a USB cable given by xilinx for download and debug. thanks in advance
You can most probably find the program/algo in matlab data acquisition help. Hope this helps
GBIP is verry easy to use with matlab! It works without any problems :-) I have used it with a spectrum analyzer. best: ricy