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sir, please send me the code for real time object tracking. i have webcam and it is connected with the computer. please help in acquiring the video from the cam and to track the object(hand) which i am selecting from the video. please help me. this is my final year project. email id::: adhikarikiran1 @ gmail thanks in advance
hi.... i m doing a project on FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION USING matlab....i m new to matlab and following WUZHILI (99050056) thesis...i m not getting enough help ... :cry: well i need some SIMPLE SOURCE code to understand the whole project and all the relevant information about each step in the source (...)
hi all i m working on processing a image in real time but i dont no how to connect the webcamera with matlab and how to get image in real time plz help me thank you in advance
please give me the code for extracting the part of audio files that are not hearacle to human beings such as between 0-20 hz and above the 20khz in matlab ---------- Post added at 19:33 ---------- Previous post was at 19:23 ---------- can u please send the.m file to
I used RTW of matlab as xPCTarget. You can generate code from Simulink mdl file and use it with either PC with matlab or without it. It is easy to do, if your have interface hardware, that is included into xPC target Simulink library. Test, is it possible to conect webcamera with this h/w? You can find xPCTarget library in Simulink
GBIP is verry easy to use with matlab! It works without any problems :-) I have used it with a spectrum analyzer. best: ricy
Assalamo Alaykom How are you all my matlab friends :) here you are another problem in matlab : I wanna learn how to communicate with PORTs ? Please help as strong as you did before .. thank you
You can most probably find the program/algo in matlab data acquisition help. Hope this helps
coding for video capturing? maybe you can use the data acquisition toolbox. Hmm.. "data acquisition toolbox" provide interface to sound-card & digital IO (e.g. LPT) In matlab version 7 (and later) exist 2 subjected toolbox: "Image acquisition Toolbox" "Image Processing Toolbox" Both with (...)
looking for code in matlab
Hello, I NEED help please. I am working on a project for an experiment. I am using a matlab camera that can be interfaced on mattlab. The Device is a Dfx31BF03 and resolution is 1024x768. I am trying to write an mfile or code that can log 10-15 (GRAY scales) frames per second and log all the frames of the subject on disk. If you can help me (...)
u can record ur ECG signal with matlab sound card. but for that u will need some extra amplifing circuitary for the input signal, also the ECG signals are of low frequencies but by using sound card as ur data acquisition card, the sampling frequency must between 8KHz 44 KHz whic is very high. I can write some sample (...)
You can call functions in a DLL from matlab. Google inpout32.dll for interfacing the parallel port.
I'm working on the project of data acquisition system in which using microcontroller I'm going to collect analog data, convert into digital and save those values in PC. for sending values from microcontroller to PC I'm going to use matlab Serial communication... The values will be sent continuously from controller to PC using RS232. (...)
hi sachin i have matlab code to track object .Can i convert it to verilog to implement on FPGA or i have to write new code in verylog ---------- Post added at 16:01 ---------- Previous post was at 15:58 ---------- thanks sachin for replying i have matlab code to track object can i (...)
we are having a problem with matlab, it cannot detect the webcam we are using. by the way, we are using linux OS.
hi all i have put a code in an fpga(spartan 3e). now i need to get the data from the board and simulate it. how do i do it without using chipscope cos i have an eval version only. any ideas with matlab data acquisition toolbox. i have a USB cable given by xilinx for download and debug. thanks in advance
You can implement the idea by installing a camera (may be a webcam) and use matlab for a video acquisition. In this case your robot has to be attached with computer hence it will lose flexibility in locomotion. You can also go for some onboard DSP processors for the same like TI DaVinci digital media (...)
hey JJ thanks for reply. Motion detection is not from video its from the Images taken at regular interval. Also the shape of object is not fixed. also i'm working with matlab. plz do not post the ready made code just show me the path.