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I m doing microwave filter synthesis . I m very new to coupling matrix? Anyone here can share his or her matlab code of coupling matrix? Billion thanks.Or maybe some hints or some section of his code?
Dear all, I am in urgent need of matlab code of second order volterra filter for noise reduction.. Please send me if code is available or link for the same.. I will share 500points for the same.
how to write the matlab code for decimation filter...consisting of one comb filter followed by two fir to start ...and which points to b considered for the design...
plz....... any one help me to get the matlab code to implement the gabor filter I am very much in need sneha
hi all, here by i need the matlab code for kalman filter in speech enhancement.. also pz tell the threshold methods in wavelet packet transform for enhancement of speech.......... regards, deepa..
dear all if anyone has the matlab code of the sidelobe canceller in the adaptive array, please sent it to me
try this (qam): and this link for match filter:
Dear All friend, I need the matlab code of Sullivan for the 2-D and 3-D dimension problem.Who have that code would you please send to me in e-mail : Or anyone can share me the sample of matlab code for dielectric material place in the rectangular waveguide. Thanks and Reagrds, (...)
i want matlab code of lms and rls algorithm for smart antenna.
Hi, I'm looking for matlab code of STBICM scheme! Can anyone help me? Thanks
Hi, Could anybody please provide me matlab code of channel estimation and finger searcher algorithms used in WCDMA(UMTS) systems. thanks, Shameem
Hi, Could anybody please provide me matlab code of channel estimation and finger searcher algorithms used in WCDMA(UMTS) systems. thanks, Shameem
Need matlab code of discontunty in waveguide(MoM/MM)or(MM/FE)or(FDTD)
we have our design and we are using sound wave files and we want to convert this files into a binary and we will using matlab. .for this,what is the matlab code of a negative value such as -0.0425?. . thank you!!. . .
Hi boys I am an Italian student, I need to know the VHDL code of a filter finite impulse response FIR with parallel trasposed form architecture where x(n) is an input signal and output y(n)=∑ck*x(n-k) ck are the coefficients of the filter a 8 bits clk,res,en: in std logic x: in signed(7 downto 0) y: out signed( 7 downto 0) what (...)
hi to all i am workeing on equalization of ofdm. can somebody send me matlab code of MMSE equalization in ofdm. how matlab inbuild function mmsepred works in frequency domain as in ofdm
Hi! please anyone can help me...i want to use mmse-dfe equalizer in ofdm and i want matlab code of mmse-dfe equalizer. thanx
hi, plz send me the matlab code of any simple convolutational encoder and decode the same code through viterbi decoder...and also send me the software in which we put the reading of encoder and it shows result as well as code in (...)
hi everybody I need a matlab code of AES(advanced encryption standard) 256bit !! plz help me :( thnx best Regards
can anyone help me with matlab code of qpsk demolator with carrier and clock recovery?I need to use it in a part of my project if anyone have a code it would really be helpfull. my mail :
Hello, I have written a matlab code for fsk using bandpass filter but I m not getting correct code is as follows: clc; close all; clear all; no_of_bits=1000; M=100; no_of_samples=5000; threshold = 0.5; snr=; Tb = 1; % Bit duration fc = 3/Tb; % Carrier frequency t1=linspace(0, 1, no_of_samples); f1=cos(2*pi*1000*t1);
sir/mam, could u please help me in building my project. my project title is "IMPLEMENTATION OF FIR filter USING TMS320VC5416". For now i have generated the filter coefficients of the filter in matlab. i now need to program the filter in code composer version4 software using c language. (...)
u can find some matlab code from the software ToyFDTD,I think you can get it. It is free.
Hi all, I'm looking for matlab code: 1. The algorithm SAGE which is used for channel estimation (DoA, TOA...). 2. The algorithm Matrix of Pencil for DOA estimation. Thank u for ur help. Nice day
hi frnds.. can anybody plz provide me the link from where i can get the matlab source code of Very early ? very late correlator used for code tracking of GPS signal of GNSS (Galileo Receiver ANalysis And DesignApplication) project. its urgently reqd.. plz help.. thankx...
I am working on a fingerprint verification system using gabour filter ,i need any simple description for gabour filter and codes for matlab thanks alot to any one would help me
my Rf signal is 102.3 Mhz and it is fed to mixer and I need IF as 5Mhz so i set the local ocillator to 97.3Mhz to obtain the 5Mhz that is my IF. I have to pass this IF through low pass filter and then decimation and obtain the same IF frequency as 5Mhz. But my sampling frequency is 409.8Mhz for filter so i have to reduce to 20.49Mhz. so i hav
hello everyone....a humble request to all...plz suggest a code for wiener filter in image processing in matlab without using the built-in function...its urgent...plz do help
Dear, please can any one help me to write matlab code for 6th order low pass buther filter. Bye.
hello... I have to write a matlab code for fsk transmitter. I have generated a binary data sequence. Converted those bits into frequencies of 10000 hz and 8000 Hz. if input bit=1 ten the signal will b a cosine wave having frequency 10000 Hz and if the input bit=0 ten the signal will b a cosine wave having frequency 8000 Hz. after this wat needs 2
Hi everyone, I have a project about Kalman filter and its application in GPS. I need the source matlab code of ""Introduction to Random Signals and Applied Kalman filtering with matlab Exercises and Solutions" -Robert Grover Brown v? Patrick Y. C. Hwang, and "Global Positioning Systems, Inertial Navigation, (...)
I need a matlab code of ROC curves of energy detector(Cognitive Radio-Spectrum sensing) and Probability of detection Vs probability of false alarm for my project ...........Pls kindly help me soon.......
Hi I want extract some features of GSR signal but for some feature i couldn't write matlab cod if someone help me , i'll be so grateful . i need matlab code for this features : GSR_freq : The total number of orienting responses of a segment for GSR GSR_mag : The summary of the startle magnitudes of orienting responses of a (...)
I am sudiying an article "partial Relay selection in underlay cognitiveNetworks with Fixed Gain Relays" but i am facing some diffuculties in the simulation and analytic performance curves. if someone have matlab code for this article or any other partial relay selection which can help me please I am in great need of matlab (...)
Dear all does anybody have matlab code of V-BLAST MMSE,V-BLAST Zf,VBLAST PIC,VLASt SIC I need.
hello frnds!! can anyone tell me the way where i,can obtain tha"matlab code of convolutional coding and viterbi algorithm". any link or any site about that one. i want matlab source code immediatelyso that i can use it for my wimax project... plz help......... rag_perfect, hyderabad.
does any one is havin matlab code for matched filter used in communication systems?? if so, thn plz mail thm at
Hello, I need a matlab code of STBC CDMA or STBC MMSE
I am trying to extract the cutoff frequencies of a circular waveguide using 2D-FDTD matlab code.Can somebody help me?I would be grateful if somebody can upload an FDTD matlab code. My email is:
hi, i need matlab code on RADIO FIBER SIMULATION, nonlinearity test. can any body help?
Hi, Can anybody please provide me matlab code of turbo equalizer for mimo ofdm system. thanks Shameem
Hi, Can anybody please upload matlab code of turbo equalizer using MMSE or MAP algorithms. Any help will be highly appreciated. thanks, Shameem
hi does any body have solutions manaul of the following book static and dynamic neural networks by madan gupta and also matlab code of the examples in the same book
Hello Anybody have the matlab code of Fingerprint recognition from Luigi Rosa. Please if you have then shared it to me or send it to naresh850 at Regards NP
i need matlab code for bandpass filter. Let f(k),k =0, 1, ??? ,K, be the normalized bandpass filter with Σ|f(k)|?=1 ,k=0->K
plz i need mpls over wimax matlab code if any one can help me plz?
I need a matlab code of an adaptive LMS Channel Estimation method...... plz help me......... Just try this link 1. This paper will give you a good view ... Just Comprehend the algorithm and try to write your own code will be better ..
I need a matlab code of channel estimation for a zero forcing equalizer. If d(n) is channel input and h(n) is the channel then we can easily get the output y(n) form y(n)=d(n)*h(n) now if i do not know the channel h(n) where I know the input d(n) and output y(n) then I have to estimate the channel and find h(n). now =[do 0 0 ; d1
Hello everyone Please help if anyone have matlab code of Stepwise linear discriminent analysis(SWLDA), please share it . I need it very urgently. Thanks alot in advance Regards