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Hi, I am working on cooperative communication system. Anybody send me the matlab codes for: * Generation of unifrom node distribution according to homogeneous PPP, *select any random node as relay from these nodes, *select the nearest node as relay, and *finally derive the outage probability for the end to end system. (...)
i have a project in matlab and i have to do a communication system based on DQPSK. the transmitter and the receiver must be simulated in Simulink. can anyone help me?
I want to Design a communication system with Distributed arithmetic Filter, So I required Any communication system with matlab code which inbuilt a filter. so that i can compare the performance after applying the DA filter...:?:
please can someone giv me a matlab code for mimo ofdm wireless communication system
:D Hi to You all! I've developed at my second degree studies a simulation to a digital communication system in matlab 6.5 The system include : TX unit using 8FSK modulator AWGN simulation function RX unit an option for phase delay good luck
Usually I use Simulink (Subsystem of matlab) for system level simulation of electronic circuits.
why not use matlab or python? pricinples of communication system simulation with wireless aplications William H. Tranter, K. Sam Shanmugan, Theodore S. Rappaport, Kurt L. Kosbar is a good book.
Hello people. I want to know how I can implement a digital communication system to transfer voice over a short distance. Do I need to make a circuit like in analogue or just a micro processor and a software will do? If so, which software can I use (matlab)? If anyone has a link to some materials it will greatly help. Really need some good (...)
I am trying to model DDO-OFDM Long-haul optical communication system diagram on page 36 of the link below using matlab only. This is the link I understand that a VPItransmission maker is needed to effectively develop the OFDM simulation of this model but due to the c
Hi , Iam Vinod sajjan , doing Mtech in VLSI&Embedded system i'm doing mini project on matlab with simulink tool And i'm beginner for this tool. therefore i want to know ,how to design simple communication system in simulink tool. help me please.
hello,everyone! I'm studying about Direct digital synthesizer,I want to simulate a DDS using matlab or system View. But I feel it's not easy to make model, So I'd like to know how to make a DDS model. thank you !
Sorry Anyone has an FM receiver of good quality I wana use it as a part of a communication system which is a data transform FSK receiver will be useful please somebody help me.....
hi, everyone: I'm working on a communication system. It must communicated via some "bad" communication channel such as power line, which have horrible noise and heave attenuation and non-linearity transmission function and other disadvantageous conditions. Forunately, the system has no requriment on speed, it can (...)
I want to build an ultrasound communication system. Any references you can provide will be appreciated. Added after 2 minutes: Some person used DSP to decode the signal. But what i consider is power consumption. Can you recommend one low-power solution? Thanks.
hi mate, i'm doing my final project right now, got some trouble because i'm doing with myownself.. need guidance from ur, mate regarding this title. can anyone help me..,please?
hii guyz .....plz give me the link of Solution manual for Electronic communication system by "Willam Schwaber" 4th edition ...plzz as soon as possible .....
I want to build a simple wireless communication system. Can anybody suggest me where should i start. i have a good background of DSP. Can somebody also suggest the technology easy to work with. The system should be able to transfer voice signals.
Hi Sir, i'm a final year student implementing a two way short range wireless communication system using ofdm in hardware. Could any one be of help
Hey guys I need some help... I haven't found Haykin's solution manual for communication system 4th edition... if someone has it I'll appreciate it.... thanx
Hi all, Could u tell me why UWB communication system is resistant to multipath ? thanks
hello i need to download electronic communication system by kennedy and devis kindly help me thanx
i need the SOLUTION MANUAL OF communication system BY gibson/stremler/couch these are very good books for communication system.
i want a simulation about mobile communication system (TETRA system) can any one tel me from where can i found it if any one Knows abuot this system Please send to me on
What kind of dsp processors are better for communication system implementation?
can any one tell me about free books of communication system for starters
where 's the best book analog communication system
I want to make a "mini" communication system on fpga and transmit by rf. is there an FPGA with RF modules?? ,what prices? availabilty? if not , then what to use?? could I use a wireless usb IC as transmitter and receiver?? or will it be difficult and need a lot of work??? please write any related information. thanx in advance
Hello, all! I want to simulate communication system using C language! Could anyone introduce some useful books for me? I want to learn how to simulate the whole communication system using C programming Language. Thanks for everyone!!! tiannho
Resently I would like to learn how to simulate a communication system according to communication protocals with ADS. Is there any good books for referrence? Both basic system design knowledge and actual appliacation are OK. Thank you.
I want to make a RF based full duplex audio and text communication system plz can anyone help me
can anyone help me plsss....i want to design a wideband amplifier design for 10MHz to 2GHz for communication system..
Hello : With TRF2443 IC, I want to built the schema of a radio communication system on UHF band.... who is interrested ?
Currently i doing project based on Design a bluetooth communication system using simulink . If any one know how to do it Pls give me some links regarding this project as soon as possiable... Thankx....
Hi, I'm just wondering in what communication system is isolated ADC chip used? anybody has any idea? thanks, Kev
hi,i'm working with that hw in loop co_simulation in matlab xilinx system generator and i encounter an unacceptebale error that"s (("Illegal Period, This blocks attempts to set period that is a non-integer multiple of the system rate Error occurred during "Block Configuration" Reported by: 'figgg/puls/puls'. .that is not a non _ (...)
I found a good book want to share the title advances in communication system and electrical engineering by Huang Xu and c regards dhruva
plz help what is the block diagram of microwave communication system and its function..
Hi, I am working on a communications system, and I wanted to confirm the tests to be performed on it. I am listing down some high-level indicatives for the probable tests. It would be great if anyone could tell if there are any new tests that are to be added to this list. Note that these tests are detailed for a satellite system so there (...)
Consider a SIMO frequency flat wireless communication system with one transmitter and two receivers and with channel knowledge at the receive antennas. Derive the relation for the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the receiver?
I'm an undergraduate trying to figure out my final year project. I have in in mind a hospital communication system.. which connects the doctor,nurse and patients... it should also indicate in the nurse room the bed number and the ward the signal is coming from.. I intend to use a simple but intercom circuit that is based fully on transistors.. i.e
how the decoding error happen in communication system?
As simulator for communication systems, which one is more efficient: ADS or matlab?
Hello everyone.. I am a newbie in this forum.. I would just like to ask if anyone have already work on modeling powerline communication system using digital modulation in matlab? Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Dear freinds, I'm looking for some special materials-recent useful workshops or courses-that help to learn DSP basic and advanced concepts and communication system concept using matlab via m-file simulation or SIMULINK tool. does anyone know where can i find these stuff ? Thanks in advance
OK! want the model for AWGN, and fading channel, matlab, simulink provides complete simulation model for rayleigh fading channel and for AWGN. After finishing your simulation with simulink you can make a exe file from your structure. Also you can tell matlab to give you it's C source code. And I think this is really enough.
if any body have multipath fading matlab code and there category specification (A,B,C) for wireless channel please send it urgently or suggest any link
i am a dsp disigner. but now i deed to simulate rf communication system including adc,dac and digital modulation. waht book i should read? i have read razavi and h.lee about rf. Could anyone give me a practical mixed design example (i mean a design includes RF and DSP) based on @DS? how to simulate system including adc and rf receiver?
i have thos [project and my dead line in two days pleas can any one help me for doing this project i could also understande my pro need it to be written in matlab Project 1.2. Consider a communication system that transmits a positive (negative) rectangular pulse with length T to represent 1 (0). Assume 1. p(1)=p(0)=1/2 and AWGN (...)
i habve this project and i need to finshed it two days pleas can any one help it should be written in matlab Project 1.2. Consider a communication system that transmits a positive (negative) rectangular pulse with length T to represent 1 (0). Assume 1. p(1)=p(0)=1/2 and AWGN channel. 2. The capacitor is completely discharged before the (...)
i am doing simulation of communication systems for development of acoustic modem now. Can anybody suggest me some good books related to this field. Also information regarding COTS SDR Kits. I am using matlab for simulation. Planning to do hardware in loop simulaions also. Can any body give me the book Simulation and Software Radio for (...)